Sunday, January 7, 2018

Off to a Good Start

It's been ages since I wrote a blog post, but I do have a good excuse.

Our family went to Kauai for Christmas 

and with 4 computers, 4 iPads and 6 iPhones competing for the weak internet connection, I was not on my computer for 8 days.

Added to that, my computer started making odd sounds as soon as we got home.

While waiting to see if the noises went away, I slowly started decorating the house after Christmas.

Colorful flowers

and greenery 

seem to be a recurring theme for January.

 I'm still struggling with ideas for the "post Christmas" decor

so I'm grateful for Trader Joe's

and my local nursery for helping me out.

The flowers have given me ideas for the rest of the house.

By the way, the noises on the computer didn't go away so I had to buy a new computer.

And now I am back reading blogs and actually writing a blog post.

I'm off to a good start.


  1. A good start for sure. Lots of color and cheer.

    Have a wonderful 2018 ~ FlowerLady

  2. Happy beautiful...colorful new Ria x ❤️

  3. Good morning dear Carol!

    Well, I hope I'm off to a good running start tomorrow, our first day back at school. I've had two weeks to sleep more, read more, think more, and prepare for a blank slate to be written upon.

    Bummer, that you had to buy another computer; I had my own issues here but it was just a matter of updating the operating system, but that changed everything. Since Photoshop was no longer an option on my new OS, Lightroom was the alternative, and I'm thrilled to be exploring it. I'm writing more, I started a new but private blog for my writing exercises, and I'm hopeful that this spring will be another opportunity to see my "childhood" come back to me. I mean, every year, after a harsh winter, spring comes back even more wondrous. I see more than I ever saw, those my eyes are getting worse. I see more because time is rushing forward, and I want to see more than I ever gave time for. I think I'm off to a good start too.

  4. The spring flowers look so pretty - We have been snow-bound for 3 days and If I don't get out of this house soon I will go crazy!! I might try to buy some fresh flowers today to cheer me up!! Our next vacation might be Hawaii - and that sure does sound heavenly right now!

  5. Carol, This blistering cold winter has made all your flowers more welcome than ever before. Today, our weather may break at least this morning was 14 degrees instead of below zero. Your Christmas trip had to be the best time. I see a snuggle bunny there with you. :):) Love all your pictures. Blessings to you and Steve for a new year of good health and happiness. xoxo, Susie

  6. i am still putting away my Christmas decorations and sure love seeing your ideas! Such inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Glad you are back, Hawaii sounds like a wonderful idea! I visited Kauai years ago, it's a beautiful island!

    I find the time after Christmas hard to decorate too... it's a little depressing taking down all the Christmas decor. Maybe you didn't even put any up since you were gone?


  8. Looks like a great holiday and with that little one what could be better! A new computer is always a bit fun to me! Love all the flowers! I'm off to a slow start this year.

  9. Oh my!Wonderful pictures!Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year, Carol. ;)

    I'm just so jealous that you had that wonderful time in Hawaii! To be off the internet for 8 days was a good sacrifice, right?

    Your little ocean cottage looks amazing. As always.

  11. How nice to jet off to Hawaii for Christmas. We have been twice, but hubby hates the flight. If we lived in California we would probably go again. Loving your colorful cottage.

  12. How wonderful for you that you were able to spend some time with that little baby! You seem to have cleared out Christmas very quickly and brought in a breath of Spring with the green and flowers.

  13. Hi Carol,
    Love seeing all the pretty flowers. So nice. Love that picture of your new little grand. Adorable. Oh so nice to escape to Hawaii.
    What a beautiful Christmas. We are not seeing anything but snow and cold here in Illinois. I am just hoping that January and February fly by and we see an early Spring. I love living in the midwest for the seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall but not so much winter. After Christmas it can all go away! Enjoy that nice California weather.

  14. Yes, you are. How could you not be with all of those gorgeous flowers? I am just now going to plant my paper whites. I bought them before Christmas, but decided to save them for some after Christmas cheer.

  15. your cottage looks lovely with all your pretty flowers. I just love Trader Joe's. they always have such pretty flowers.

    Sounds like you had a great time in Hawaii and the little guy looks so cute with his sun glasses on.


  16. Love all the flowers.

  17. Yes, you had the best excuse in the world to unplug! Happy New Year, Carol! I do love your pretty flowers and greenery.

    Ricki Jill

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  19. Your after-Christmas decor is perfect. I'm looking forward to spring. Taking a break from blog writing, but enjoying visiting others.

  20. What a wonderful trip you made. Kauai is a beautiful Island, we were there many moons ago. Sorry about your computer. I had to do that last year when my screen just blacked out never to return! January sure needs some help with Christmas now a memory. My home looks so bare except for a few winter vignettes. I love TJ and buy flowers almost every time I shop. Love your fresh look for January.............

  21. You are off to a FANTASTIC start. Your home looks so fresh and welcoming. Happy New Year!

  22. Welcome back it's looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas, your litte one seemed to be enjoying it on the beach, so cute! I envy you with so much choice of lovely flowers to decorate your home. I must buy some daffodils to cheer up our interior! My computer has been playing up too since the last Windows update, it is so frustrating and wastes so much time! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Sarah x

  23. Those flowers are so pretty and cheerful. Love your pictures.

  24. Your home is always so pretty and light-filled and colorful. Looks like you're off to a good start, for sure! Could your grandson be any cuter? (I didn't think so.)

  25. Have a great january now! I hope 2018 will be a happy year...
    Lovely pictures from your lovely home too :)
    Warm hug from a grey and rainy Sweden Titti

  26. Hi Carol, you certainly are off to a good (great) start :) All the beautiful flowers scattered throughout your charming home are lovely. We are having a milder winter than last year; our days are rainy, icy and grey . . . your cheerful flowers are a welcomed treat. It gives me hope of a warm and bright Spring. Thank you:)
    Please come over and help me celebrate my 6 years of Blogging.
    Connie :)

  27. YES, I too got a new computer for Christmas and I did not want one but OH MY!!!
    Much FASTER and BIGGER!
    The flowers are lovely.......I look at them at SAFEWAY and keep walking............
    I feel I need to DO a REALLY GOOD CLEAN NOW after the pile of ironing is GONE!
    CUTE BABY!!!!!
    I hope you are not affected by the MUDSLIDES and FLOODING.........I hear MONTECITO has been EVACUATED AGAIN!

  28. Gorgeous photos, C! And wonderful excuses for being away from the blog!

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