Thursday, January 25, 2018

2018 Goals

January is nearly over so I decided I had better write my "2018 Projects" post before February arrives - I like writing my goals on the blog because it holds me accountable.

Last year I wanted to have plate racks built for the dining room and despite it taking 7 months, it happened.

 The racks make so much difference in the dining room

 and I have fun styling them in different colors throughout the year.

Another goal was to make new covers for the chaises in the garden - this fabric wore thin from the sun.

Just like the old covers, the new covers were made from an old duvet and cost me nothing.

They are so easy to make that I ended up making a second set in plain white to use for the patriotic holidays.

About 8 years ago we had the front porch covered in stone and for several years repeating the stone on the back porch has been on my list of goals.

As you can see, it hasn't happened - maybe this is the year.

So what's up for 2018?

A new window seat cushion cover to replace the red and blue striped one I made in 2013.

I made this cover out of an old quilt, but I only had enough fabric to velcro it on and it was always slipping.

The fabrics in this stack of pillows shared on Instagram by pure_michigan_gal is my inspiration and I just need to make the time for the hunt.

I love the old door in our guest room and have fun changing it with the seasons or holidays,

but when I saw this picture on Instagram from Dreamy Whites Lifestyle, I decided I wanted to paint the other side a color so I can switch them around.

I'm torn between Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue or Provence - I think Provence will win out because I actually have a sampler can of it on hand.

Also on my list is fixing this "fail".

I absolutely loved this little table in green and yellow, but didn't like the colors in our bedroom and so I painted it.

I actually painted over the white right away, but it doesn't have the pizazz that the two tone table had.

These are the colors of the bed pillows now so I think I'll leave the legs blue and use teal or aqua for the drawer, table top and shelf.

How about you, is there a list waiting to be checked off?

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  1. Lots of To Do's on our list. Maybe the blue "fail" table just needs a lot more distressing? I noticed the green version has a lot of distressing. That stack of blue patterned pillows made me long for summer even though I'm not a summer person.

  2. I always have a to-do list waiting for me with things to be checked off! But, nothing as exciting or fun as yours. I love the long shelf above your bed and how you have it styled.

  3. I haven't set goals for 2018 yet but I need to give it some thought. I want to do more downsizing but I think I need some specifics! I am loving the blue and whites. So fresh.

  4. You will be busy!! Have fun with your projects! xox

  5. I need to seriously get on with painting our bedroom - right now it has long swaths of various paint colors from when I was deciding on a color. This has to be #1 on my list. As soon as everyone in my house is completely over this dreadful flu!

  6. Love so much about all of this Carol. First please please say you will make those lounge covers to sell. I wish I could sew but do not. The lady that made one for me and my friend does not make them anymore. I think these would be a great thing for you to make and sell. I will be your first customer!!! Love the old door and love that it is painted on both sides. I think yours will be great painted on both sides. You have lots of great plans. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  7. Carol, I love that you blog your 2018 goals to be accountable. I posted mine. You can check my featured blog post to find out what I am up to this year. I love the plate racks. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  8. Oh Carol, I'd say you were highly successful at achieving many of your goals! And I can see the teacher in you; you were probably a great planner of concrete details in your daily lessons plans, weren't ya! Me? I'm a BIG IDEA type of person, and I usually need to collaborate with colleagues to narrow down those ideas into practical activities to achieve the bigger picture. Well, you show here that you are able to get to work and make it all happen. I LOVE, and I mean, I LOVE that photo of your white door with the typewriter and the blue accents. That photo is a magazine worthy submission.

    As for me, my 2018 word of the year, "Surprise" has taken me by surprise. I'm trying to let my life just unspool as it does, but to find ways how I can surprise myself, whether through my work or art. My house? Little by little, things are getting done.


  9. What you have done and your want to do's for this year inspire me. All joy and loveliness.

    Have a wonderful time creating, & thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  10. The sun is so hard on fabrics, even here in Minnesota too. I love the pillow inspiration, and I am looking forward to seeing the seat redo. My goals? Get laundry done on a regular basis!

  11. Big always. Some things that I want to do are left over from last year and some are suddenly brand new. We'll see!!

  12. Your home is so darling. Love, love it all. I hope you are feeling well. Have a very lovely weekend.
    xoxo Jo

  13. Oh thank you! I have an old door in a guest room and painting the other side a color is a fabulous idea. :)

  14. You need to tell me how you make your window bench cushion. My daughter has asked me to make her one and it hasn't happened yet.
    I really like the Louis Blue but the Provence is my fav. And really like your dish rails.
    I guess I need to post my 2018 goals too. Yikes
    Enjoy your blog and your pretties

  15. {sigh}....Mr. P. gave me his list of things he'd like for us (read me) to tackle this year in and outside of our house, most of which require my being a general contractor to securing and supervising various repair and maintenance specialties.
    But today is a warm, sunny 60° winter day, and all I want to do is play with dishes. So, that's what I'll be checking off today. :) Happy Friday.

  16. I enjoyed all your pretty photos. I made a to-do list and today, I was supposed to get started on a "to-do" but my arm hurts...maybe tomorrow.

  17. Hi Carol, you were very accomplished in meeting your goals for 2017 and it looks like you have some awesome projects in the works for this year too. I love the door color changes for each side. That's a great idea for a changeable look.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  18. Great post Carol. You have some great project or goals for 2018.

    I have made a list also - now I need to put it into my lovely project tablet that I got for Christmas so I can check off my accomplishments.

    Your home is so lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend and it looks like we will be getting some very warm weather.


  19. dkoperski@hotmail.comJanuary 27, 2018 at 10:03 AM

    Your house and outside are so adorable! Anything you do would be just that much more amazing! does that even make sense?!
    Love it here!

  20. Carol, It's always pretty at your house. I love seeing how you rework things. Paint is a wonderful way to redo rooms and furniture too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  21. Hi Carol
    On your instagram feed from the fall :( you're showing a really cute bag.This is the bag you used when changing out of the straw. Can you tell me where it's from? Thanks, Karen

  22. I only have two goals for the year: 1. Get a handle on family photos 2. Get a handle on the books! I have my hands full, and so do you! I can't wait to see your projects as you check them off, Carol! :D

    Ricki Jill

  23. I think you have a doable list and congrats on completing most of last year's list. Making a list certainly helps me. I have a couple of projects I'm thinking of, and one in particular, reworking a corner cabinet in the kitchen to make it easier to use. We'll see what comes of that!

  24. I have a pretty long list of goals but so far I have been doing well following through with them or checking them off my list. Your goals are great and I have no doubt you will accomplish them all. I'm home sick today and trying to use this time to do some "visiting". :) Have a lovely Monday!

  25. Our to do list is remodeling our upstairs. We started on that a few days ago.

  26. Carol, you have a great list and I know you will accomplish it! You are always doing something girl. For over two years I have wanted to paint my living room floor white. Hoping to get to it soon before I am out in the garden. Your plate racks are still one of my favorite things. Sure wish I had somewhere I could do them in my home! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. I also have a to-do-list...a long one too! So much to do and so little time :)
    Well you show us some lovely pictures again!
    Lots of love from Titti

  28. YES..We all have to-do-list but never seem to get them done... There are just so many lovely hobbies ( ha ha)..It looks like you’ve got a great head start on your photography...Your pictures are fabulous ...They inspired me that maybe Spring is just around the corner..( Ha Ha)... Thanks for sharing.

  29. The plate rack was a great project and I really liked the picture of your dining room where we can see the pate rack, your beautiful dutch door and a glimpse of the kitchen!