Thursday, October 6, 2016

It Makes Me Smile

If you are on Instagram, you know about the variety of daily hashtags you can join.

This morning, the tags #makesmesmilethursday and #myowndrumdecor , got me thinking about how I decorate and what about my decor makes me smile.

You might wonder what it is about this shot of my bathroom door that
makes me smile - our painter is finished, our walls are a pristine white and I love the original 1920's glass knobs on our doors.

The mantel makes me smile, not just because Steve hung a recent painting, 

but because Cindy of Consider It All Joy came to visit in August and she brought me the cute ceramic pumpkins that are finally on display.

People have asked where my primary colors are and I told Cindy I blame her.

The windows in this photo are what make me smile - they were custom made to exactly match the 1928 windows (that are now a headboard) and we love them.

The vignette doesn't just make me smile, it makes me laugh, because who has this many 2's? - definitely decorating to "my own drum".

In August I posted this picture on Instagram and it didn't just make me smile, 

Steve loved the photograph and just finished his rendition of my photo.

Last week I bought a bouquet of orange flowers at the grocery store and I'm still smiling because 1 little $5 bouquet filled not one,

not two,

not three,

but four containers of flowers.

While setting our bedroom back to rights after painting, I came up with a silly night stand for my side of the bed - a striped wooden box turned upside down holds a bunch of my favorite books and it definitely falls into the "my own drum" and "makes me smile" category.

What is making you smile these days?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. This post makes me smile...pure fun and whimsy! Love the beautiful new painting!

  2. Lovely post with lovely pictures...
    Friday again, let´s have a beautiful weekend now!
    Love from Titti

  3. WOW. Well, I am smiling at the colors of fall, my high school students (THEY ARE TERRIFIC), and just the fact that I am alive. I am smiling at your gorgeous renovation with paint and new windows, and just for the fact that there is kindness to be found and given in the world!

  4. Everything in your home and gardens makes me smile! I love how artistic you are and all of your beautiful, unique vignettes. That lastest painting Steve has done from your photograph is gorgeous. I would love to have that hanging in my kitchen. ;-)

  5. I think everything in your home makes me smile. Today being in CA with daughter #1 makes me the happiest!

  6. That was quite a bouquet to fill that many spaces. I am loving all the decorations you've displayed and the painting your hubby did.

  7. Visits to your blog make me smile as does the fall weather here in TX and all the colors of autumn.

  8. Awww...reading your post made me smile- Good health makes me smile- Cancer arrested and knocked down makes me smile- puppies make me smile--as do kitties. My grandkids in a pumpkin patch make me smile- my granddaughter at her first homecoming 'court' makes me smile. I could just smile myself silly.

    LOVE the painting your hubby did of your vignette. xo Diana

  9. Ah Carol, I say Fall makes me smile and is the Perfect time to let go of primary colors and enjoy the warmth and beauty of fall colors for awhile! Love how those pumpkins smile on the mantle with Steve's painting. Blessings, Cindy xo

  10. Your post makes me smile Carol. I am enjoying instagram and getting use to this new area!!!!!
    Love always seeing your pretty pics.

  11. Your "my own drum" ideas "make me smile" too.

  12. Carol, your vignettes are always unique and fun and they make me smile! The season of autumn warms my heart! Pam @ Everyday Living

  13. I so love your and just plain FUN...I try hard to do the same in our Summer House..I don't think a lot of seriousness belongs in our homes...I like smiling too much. :)

  14. How did I miss this post? First up I love your nightstand, fun and unexpected are always the best. I need to explore new hash tags for my IG photos and shares, What's making me smile? Well today we purchased our Grand Gabby her first car ... she wanted an SUV and she got it,
    That's put a big smile on our face, sure is better to give then receive. Loving your white walls.

  15. I just decorated my home for turned up loud, arranging and rearranging and creating for a little bit brought big smiles. Then late at night, staring at my "autumn-iced" kitchen...more smiles. It's the little things. Isn't it? Ps- lucky lady to have such a talented artist finding inspiration in your work. I love how the two of you play off of one are his muse! ;)

  16. Your posts always make me smile. You have so many wonderful vignettes - everything is wonderful.

    Have a great week.


  17. carol, the constant evolution of your home is such an inspiration!!

  18. Love seeing your gorgeous pictures here Carol.......they always make me smile :)
    Helen xox

  19. This post is making me smile! Also the beautiful weather here in Central Alabama!!!

  20. Your post is a delight as always and I always leave smiling! My new to me vintage mercury glass pumpkin on my mantel is making me smile currently....a Restore find!

  21. Smiling from ear to ear!

    Cheery, charming and fun vignettes, as always!


  22. Your "own drum" teaches all to find happiness in our own style. I love that! I'm smiling today because it seems we have a contract on this big house. ;)

  23. Carol
    I can easily see why your surroundings make you smile! Your home is so uniquely yours.
    I love Steve's painting of the tugboat?,well all of his paintings really....
    What's making me smile? My memories of a recent fun time spent with the grands.

  24. Carol, everything you do makes me smile! You have been so busy after your cute cottage got new paint and windows. I love the fact that you march to your own drum, and I adore that collection of 2s! Miss you hosting, but so happy to have you joining in SYC.

  25. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love Steve's painting!! Beautiful!!

  26. No such thing as too many twos! Love your decor because it is so You!