Friday, October 28, 2016

Finding Balance

It's difficult to achieve balance in my life - there is so much I want to do - but lately, I feel like I might have it right.

I spend a little time each day keeping up with the house

and working in the garden -

today the garden was full of little cabbage white butterflies.

I've been going through my stash of linens

keeping only those that I really love

and updating the look in the hallway.

I am doing a little sewing each night as I work on long forgotten projects - the tea towel and pot holders have been sitting in a cabinet for more than a year.

Yesterday I made 3 pillows - all started over a year ago when my sewing machine died.

But as of last week, I have a new sewing machine and I am loving it.

This baby quilt was delivered today - I met the mama-to-be when she was an infant.

Walks on the beach

are mixed with projects like the cottage sign I just painted

and setting the table for Steve's fabulous creations - last night it was a delicious fish soup with lobster.

We usually take one long drive each week - this is the view at Firestone Vineyards in Los Olivos.

We ride our bikes a lot and take a 20 mile every week that usually leads us to another beach in our area.

I take a Zumba class 3 times a week - you will never, ever, see a pic of me dancing!

And, I find some time each day to take 1 photo to post on Instagram.

How do you achieve balance in your life?

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  1. Your life is very full and balanced as you are able to find time in the day and/or week to pursue your true pleasures. I can't imagine wanting or achieving anything better. Your interests and pastimes and 'home loving' are only equaled by the simple joys you and your guy have in driving, exploring, walking and bike riding. You are so inspiring. I'll push on for sure after reading this.

    Your photos are gorgeous!

    Jane x

  2. Good morning dear friend.

    Finding balance comes with that moment we decide what is important. Since I work as a teacher, I definitely need to find balance for my work day. I have come to terms that I must go with the flow at times, and just LAUGH at the harmless shenanigans of my middle schoolers, as I remember that they are children. When I see that they are actually learning and working, I have to put aside my judgements that they are misbehaving. With my high school kids, I find balance by giving them games, surprising them upon arrival by changing the desks around so they can have conversational activities, or just by doing something UNEXPECTED. Balance takes work, doesn't it? But it sure is worth it.

    At home, I find balance when I take one project or housekeeping chore at a time. These days, I am unfortunately finding that I can't do the entire house all in one day. Not anymore. So BALANCE is also accepting your limits and being creative to get the job done in another way.


  3. I'm still working on that balance. I admire what you are doing. I want to have time each day to enjoy my home, my Mom, my Grands and let myself have some rest and quiet peace. I'm getting there!

  4. Sounds like you have a very healthy lifestyle as you've worked to find that balance. Love how thinking and doing for others is always in your mix, Carol. Gorgeous photos!
    Mary Alice

  5. Funny you should write this....I've been going through sort of the same thing. I have seasonal things I like to do, and now that we are transitioning from summer to fall, (yeah, it takes a while around here) I'm finding myself trying to find that balance again. There's so much I want to do that I feel like I need to schedule my activities just to fit them in.

  6. It sounds like you are pretty balanced. It all sounds lovely.


  7. Beautiful photos, Carol! Sounds like you have made good steps to get in balance. I'm still working on it...trying to do more of what feeds my soul...

  8. I enjoyed hearing how you keep a balanced life Carol--and seeing the photos along with your words really tells the story of your life these days. It's a beautiful one. But then again you've created it with your wise perspective on life. I find that leading a balanced life is always a work in progress, especially living in a fixer and being someone who is naturally affected by my surroundings. I've had to do a lot of accepting exactly where I am right now. Which has actually been a metaphor for my life. :) how's that for a lesson? happy Halloween weekend to you and Steve. our neighbors want us to go out and party but truthfully I'm wanting a quiet night with the hubby and maybe a good movie or book. Am I getting old?
    love to you,

  9. ha! I just did the same thing with my linens, I took everything I hadn't used in at least a year to the Thrift Shop. It feels wonderful!!!!!!!!!

    All I could think of while reading your post was Forrest Gump saying "Balance is as balance does" (of course he didn't say that, but who's checking?)


  10. Hi Carol..
    I always enjoy your posts so much. Your photos are always lovely and you always seem to have nugget of wisdom to share. Finding balance is so important. I can't say that II've achieved it. I'm glad that you're finding that place that works for you. Your display of linens is so pretty. Love your pillows and beach photos! and Zumba? Sounds fun..My daughters want me to try that together with them sometime! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Best wishes..

  11. It sounds like you have found a good balance at this season of life. Most importantly you are finding what brings you joy and doing that!

  12. Love that you are embracing your life and finding balance each day. Living your life each day to the fullest is what it is all about. Sounds like dividing your time between your beautiful cottage, garden and the beach is working out perfectly. Loving how you capture such beauty in your pictures Carol. Love to scroll down through all your pics here and on IG. Just so pretty.

  13. LOL ~ you had me at Steve's fish soup w/ lobster!!!

    I'm not sure how I'm doing it, but right now I'm balancing fall yard clean-up with house tweaking and making art...

    An exciting life? Not necessarily, but one that makes me happy!

  14. Wow! You are doing GREAT at that balance thing. MUCH better than I am- I can tell you that. It just seems I am pulled one way or the other by unexpected phone calls or someone that NEEDS something.
    I need to use you as a mentor I think. xo Diana

  15. Sounds lovely, Carol. It's funny, when the kids were toddlers, I actually felt like I had more balance. Now as teens, they demand so much more of my attention (all good stuff!!) and I am trying to take every minute they want to spend with me, because I know how fleeting this time is. All good...

  16. We're retired so have developed a habit of going to our favorite cafe for breakfast. We share one breakfast and add an extra egg. We've found we just don't need as much food as we once did. We have a late lunch around 3 pm and just snack on fruit, nuts, smoothies, or vegetables once or twice a day. I envy your energy for 20 mile bike rides! We do our exercise in 10 to 15 minute spurts, about 3 times a day. We're not by the beautiful coast like you are. If we were, I think I would be strolling the sand as much as I could.

  17. Carol, what loveliness that you described! Pam @ Everyday Living

  18. My lord, SuperWoman...your days are filled to the brim...don't forget to take a good nap every now and then so that you will still be going fairly strong when you are my age....without my short naps, I don't think I would be here at 78....well, New Years Eve will be 79 ....OH, MY...I might need TWO naps daily now that I think of it. haha

  19. I think you have balance down pat. I do some days and other days no.

    Your photos are amazing and it seem like everything you do, you do very well.

    I try to keep a balance, but at 81, I do what I can when I can. I get tired and then have to sit a while. LOL. But I get there sooner or later.

    Enjoy your time Carol.


  20. I am so in love with the look of linens in your cabinet - the wire basket is the icing on the cake. And the color of the cabinet, love it. It sounds like you have definitely found balance in your life, good for you. Life has given me peace and quiet after years of pain over a wayward child, now restored to good living. Thankful for that.

  21. I'm failing at finding balance right now. :(
    I'll have to live vicariously through you!

  22. Carol my comment is left on your past post. Loving your white walls.

  23. Balance is very difficult to achieve and one finally finds it, it's easy to loose it, but I think it's what makes life!

  24. I need to work on getting projects done

  25. I like routine and order so I balance my life by doing the same things I need to do everyday with some treats added in now and then! My upcoming week is usually full by Sunday but I really wish it had things like beaches and bike rides in it!

  26. Something I need to work on, that's for sure! How you fill up your days all sounds so lovely and enjoyable.

  27. Your posts are so relaxing to me. I always enjoy your pictures and your perspective on life.

  28. Hi Carol, I enjoyed reading how you keep your life balanced. Your photos are beautiful and you really do accomplish a lot each week.
    For me, it can be a challenge to balance all that I have to do but I make lists and try and use them to organize my days. Some items on the list rollover into another day, but overall it works for me keeping a good flow for getting things done. However, I too have many "still to be completed" projects waiting to make the list. haha
    Have a great week!! xo

  29. You really do live a well balanced life full of exercise and projects. I think I need to make some changes in my life. lol

  30. Carol,
    Finding balance in my life now includes spending time with my sister and brother. My brother lives in Alabama which means visiting him helps me change the rhythm of my life... a good thing. Retirement allows me to rearrange my schedule and visit him. I also have learned to say, "No," more, even for things I like to do and want to do, but balance requires pacing myself.


  31. Balance is so important. I've been working on that too and am trying to find time to do things that are important to me each day. Love all your pictures. Glad you are achieving balance. Happy Tuesday!

  32. Carol, you have a beautiful life and very full. 21 miles my dear that is far. I enjoy seeing your photos especially of t he beach


  33. I'm an editor so I just can't help myself letting the middle school teacher know it's spelled "judgments". Please laugh at my perfectionistic field of work. ��

    I love this blog. I only catch it periodically now because I had to force myself to find balance. So happy I came across THIS post.

    Thank you!

  34. I'm included in a Christmas Tour coming up in Dec. and remembering how sweet your cottage is during the holidays, I thought of you....wondering if you would have fun with it. Katie at is getting it together. If you'd like to do it, just let her know and she will add you to the list. xoxo

  35. Hi Carol, Zumba sounds like fun!
    I am so happy about your new sewing machine. You are going to have a ball learning all the fantastic technology that is put into today's machines :) I think it is always fun learning new things. It keep life interesting.
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie :)

  36. Carol, that sounds delightful! Love the photos. Every time I visit your blog, I feel as if I've had a mini-vacation, er, make that, a day at the beach! Balance is a constant struggle for me; I often wonder if I will ever achieve it!

  37. Lovely pictures from your lovely home...
    Balance in life is not easy, I know, I struggle with it every day!
    Have a happy weekend, take care.

  38. You are going to Zumba? You know how much I love it! My teacher moved a few months ago and I've not been back since. I miss it so much. That music is just too much fun and I love dancing like I know how. :)

    Don't you love it when your days seem to find the right flow? We really do complicate life too much. The thought that life is too complicated frequently runs through my mind.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  39. I think that you have a wonderful example of balance here in this post :)