Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dancing With History

Yesterday I was honored to guest host on the Instagram "party" #magpiemonday.

My duty as a guest host was to read and comment on every tag and then select a favorite - this stack of colorful tea towels shared by @patch_russell was my choice.

What I loved most about reading all the entries was the stories shared about the collections.

Ann of @collectingmama shared her grandmother's china.

Sandra of @vintageticking shared her thermometer collection which was started by her mother 3 years ago.

Cheri of @queenastuff started a teapot collection for her mother 25 years ago and she shared a portion of it.

As I scrolled through the Magpie Monday collections, the lyrics to the song, You Mean So Much To Me, came to mind and I looked around the house for pieces that have meaning to me.

There are lots of things on display in this cabinet, but there is only one collection that means a lot to me.

One of my childhood chores was dusting and these little pieces of Torquay Pottery were among the things I hated dusting.

Today, they remind me of my mother and as you can see one of the little pieces is broken yet I keep it on display out of love.

There are lots of things I love in this photo, but that yellow platter (another chipped piece) is what "means so much to me" - it sat in our family kitchen when I was growing up.

I vividly remember the day 42 years ago when I bought these little enamel bowls in an open market in Kingston, Jamaica - we didn't get to bring much home from our time as Peace Corps volunteers, but the bowls fit easily into our bags.

The red bowl sits on Steve's kitchen scale and is used daily.

This canvas bag goes with us on long walks with Lulu and the pink bowl is always inside the bag and ready when Lulu needs water.

I love the line, "dancing with history".

Our house is filled with pieces of history like the painting Steve did of a family vacation in Kauai,

furniture passed down from generation to generation and

and new treasures like the tablecloth and napkins from my dear blogging friend Rita, of Panoply.

"It seems to be like heaven to me, with you at the end of the day" might be referring to a person in the song, but for me it alludes to all the treasures that create our little piece of heaven.


  1. I loved this post and the words to the song touched my heart.

    Have a great day in your little bit of paradise here on earth.


  2. Having many treasures passed down from family keeps that rich family connection alive. Love it when special pieces have a story to share.
    Mary Alice

  3. Wow.

    Well, first of all, I'd love to be involved in Magpie Monday one day....

    Secondly, it's wonderful to add context to the photos we share on Instagram, that makes the whole adventure even more of a conduit of humanity, sending out links to one another so we know we share more than just a love for pretty pictures.

    Your dining room looks fabulous. You know me; I am a minimalist! And the white walls with touches of red and that gorgeous table top....OH MY! That's all that's needed here.

    Carol, DANCE my friend, with the history of your one and special life!

  4. I've loved seeing so many 'favorite things.' I've collected some of the old dish cloths and need to find a way to display them! Happy summer sweet lady!

  5. So many things in our home are made of memories, that I dread the day when downsizing and discard come into our vocabulary. Beautiful post!

  6. The most treasured pieces are rarely grand, in my house anyway. I have my husband's grandmother's small amount of china. She was a dear, sweet lady-holding a cup in my hand brings her back to me in an instant. I have my mother in law's apron which I wear often, I pretend my cooking will improve under its influence. I came late to a loving family and these pieces are a precious reminder of the kindness of these two women.

  7. This post made my heart sing! I know I have too much stuff, but I love things that have history and years on them. So much to look at makes me happy. Treasures are things from my family that hold memories and items I've gathered on my travels. Life is a long road (I hope) and as I travel it I gather things to feather my nest! Thanks for sharing some of your special things.

  8. Carol, thanks for sharing those special things that mean a lot to you. I love it when these items are part of our every day lives like your enamel bowls. They are a constant reminder to us of our history and that special place in our hearts. Sylvia D.

  9. What a lovely post Carol. I have so many things that make me smile and that I will never get rid of.

    I love your cottage and all the beautiful items that you have.

    Enjoy the week.


  10. Beautiful and very touching post.... :)
    In each piece - furniture or just a cup - there is always a history.
    You put me in a thinking mood.....

  11. Loved this post and seeing all the beautiful things in your house that have so much meaning. That Torquay pottery is amazing.

  12. It sounds like a fun thing to do on Instagram. I think you made a good choice with the dishtowels!

  13. What a great post, filled with so much eye candy and brilliant color which I love!!
    Thanks so much for all your visits!! The umbrella on our little patio is nothing but a beach umbrella and it is just the perfect sixe for where I use it!! Anything larger would take up our whole yard!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  14. That stack of tea towels is sheer perfection! I'll have to check out magpie Monday.