Tuesday, July 5, 2016

change . . . always change

A couple of years ago we bought 2 chaises at IKEA

with plain old black cushions.

The first thing I did was make covers for the chaises out of a pretty striped fabric that I had on hand.

I loved the colorful stripes, but they faded quickly.

I replaced the striped covers with new covers made from an old duvet.

I really love these covers, but I thought it might be nice to have a fresh look for summer.

I found my old childhood chenille bedspread in the attic and cut it in half to make new slip-on covers for the chaises.

All the pillows were borrowed from a garden bench and

the nice thing about the white covers is that I can use just almost any of the plethora of pillow covers I have cluttering the attic.

These pillows covers will be what I use next on chaises if I can just find the second red floral pillow in the attic.

A sad change in the garden is the clearing of the jungle.

The Matilija poppy plant that was nearly as tall as the windows had to be trimmed back, but things are slowly growing back.

Last week I showed you how I used my father's old pitchfork in the garden.

This morning I dug out more of my father's old tools, stuck them in the flower bed and decorated them with last year's beach toys.

I know it's silly, but we look at the wall of studio when we sit by the fire pit at night

and the colorful toys combined with the vintage tools make me smile.

You might be surprised to hear that I like this little change in the garden - I asked Steve for a tall, skinny painting for the living room.

He brought his easel and paints into the yard to do a bit of plein air painting of the view from his favorite bench.

This change is only temporary for the garden, but it will trigger some changes in the living room soon.

The one constant in our house is CHANGE!
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

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  1. Great !!!...enjoy summer......on your lazy chairs......love love love Ria x

  2. I love the new slips for the outdoor chairs. Can't wait to see the painting by Steve!

  3. Love all your creative things!!!!

  4. I love the changes you make! The white covers are great and then any pillows will work. I have more pillow covers then places to use pillows! That painting looks like it will be wonderful and more changes to come!

  5. I love your chaises. I had the same problem with fabric fading on the deck. I can't wait to see the finished painting. How fun that he is an artist! I love your dad's old tools. Cute.

  6. I love the old beach toys as decorations! Clever use of your Dad's tools ~


  7. CAROL! I love that painting Steve did! And from the comfort and muse of your own garden! What a perfect plein air experience!

    Change is awesome. I make it a point each day to be thrilled by something NEW, even if it's small. It keeps our minds fit and our hearts happy. Your home is so darling with the blue timbering and those casement windows. AHHHH!

  8. I love seeing these changes and the fact that you are so willing to make them! We can all become so used to seeing the same things each day when really, it's time to shake them up! Just charming!

  9. Wow! You are talented. I'm lucky to sew on a button...
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  10. Your sweet and colorful toys on your dad's tools make me smile too. Love the new covers too, a perfect backdrop for your pretty pillows.

  11. White is a great outdoor colour - the sun can't bleach it out!! Can't wait to see what you're up to! I'm loving that painting too.

  12. You have the most innovative ideas, Carol. I love what you did with the chaise lounges. Very clever idea with the garden tools, especially your father's pitchfork. What a great place you have here! :)


  13. I do like how you're always changing things. Constantly!!

  14. Love all of your covers but especially the chenille ones with all of the brightly colored pillows. Great painting by Steve.


  15. You are so creative Carol and EVERYTHING always looks terrific. Love what you did with your fathers pitchfork. Looks great.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  16. very crafty reusing the old quilt! Loved the stripes, but understand how bad the sun can fade stuff.

  17. Because I don't want to drill holes into my cinderblock wall near the pool area, but I want to hang my buoy's, I like the idea of using old yard tools to hang items. I am going to see if I like anything I have to use this weekend! Can't wait to see Steve's new painting (finished)! Blessings, Cindy xo

  18. Clever to use the tool as hangers. I came across a vintage rake sans handle at the antique mall. Trying to think of way I can use it. It would have to be hung and not sure where I could do that. Sure is cute though in its chippy green paint. '-)
    Like your changes. You and I share a thing for pillows. Ha!

  19. I like change too.
    Moving furniture, different covers on the lounge and chairs always brighten things up.

  20. Some great ideas - and I the cushion covers and pillows are attractive changes :)
    I've always liked changing up things in and around the house, but haven't been doing so much lately (except in my head)!

  21. You must have a big attic! Love how your place always looks so cheerful!!

  22. Change it good, Carol!! I love how easily you just whip up new slipcovers and such. That would be a daunting task for me!

  23. Love your loungers Carol. I think my fave is the new ones. Love the white with the pops of color from the red, white and blue. Very summer and very beachy. So pretty. The new painting will be awesome. I cannot wait to see the changes in the living room. You go girl!

  24. Hi Carol, Everything changes and evolves over time and these new covers for your loungers are beautiful. Looks like you are having lots of summer fun!!

  25. Love all your changes, Carol! But, using your Dad's old tools and your bedspread warms my heart! I know you love the memories! Happy Wednesday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  26. Change is good and in your case Carol FUN ... I applaud your enthusiastic decorating style, full of whimsy and playful energy that inspires all of us in Blogland. Phew, all those sewing slips, I'm lazy I guess. I would of purchased sunbrella fabric and called it done!!! The painting will be exciting and looking forward to your living rooms changes in enhancement.

  27. I am in a changing mood too and finding things in my attic! It is fun and you always come up with a great new look!

  28. Carol, funny I was going to ask you how Steve's painting was going today and here he is with another great job. Love it and I think what you have done with your dads pitchfork is super

    I enjoy seeing your garden, fun


  29. I remember you changing out the cushions last year! :)

  30. I know the sun wrecks havoc on outside cushions so your yearly fabric change keeps those comfy lounge chairs looking spiffy, Carol! You husband is also a talented artist--love his painting!

  31. I love change Carol. It keeps things fresh and interesting. Love, love the new chaise covers and Steve's amazing art work!

  32. Your changes look so much better than the original cushions. I love the way you have used your Dad's tools in the garden, it is such fun! Sarah x

  33. Every thing looks lovely!! There is a saying that the only thing constant in life is change!
    Thanks so much for all your visits and kind words!! I always appreciate you taking the time!!

  34. You make the simpliest change look so awesome. I love the pitch fork.
    Now did you ever watch Tim the Tool Man on TV. Steve makes me think of Mr Wilson because we don't see his face. LOL