Monday, April 7, 2014

Five Days of Creativity

I spent the last 5 days creating, socializing and having a ball.

Craftcation has been held in my home town for 3 years, but this was my first time attending.

Just 2 miles up the beach from my home is the Crowne Plaza, home to Craftcation.

By volunteering on pre-conference days and helping on opening day, I was able to participate in classes and events for free.

The first day I helped set up for the opening night dinner and speaker by cutting every single strip of the fringe on the wall and making a bunch of giant flowers.

Day 2 had me helping to set up the Pop Up Shop; I spent more money there than I should have!

My final task of volunteering was to help Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY at the Party Hat table - work was never so much fun.

With my volunteer duties finished, I claimed my Goodie Bag (nowhere near large enough to hold all the things I made) and got busy playing in all of the fun classes.

With the ocean in the background, Kaari Meng, of French General, led a great workshop called 'The Creative Habit' and told us to be exercise our 'creative muscle' daily to strengthen it.

Alton DuLaney, a paper crafter for Craftsy

started us off with a bag full of supplies and a plain white box which we promptly turned into party decor using Scotch Expression tape.

By far, my favorite display was the set up in the Sizzix classroom - I was in the room for 5 different classes.

I wanted to make one of everything

but I had to be content with the sweet little strawberry box we made in the class.

I took classes led by  Brittany Jepsen whose blog I have been following and Amy Tan who I am now following.

Sean Timberlake of Punk Domestics taught us how to make a tea liqueur and citrus salt.

I sat in classes with sweet Cindy Ann of who just published her first book and

Michelle Black of Repurposed who donated little bags with fun stamps to every Craftcation participant.

I acted like a total dork when I realized that the woman standing next to me at the Party Hat table was Jo Packham who graciously agreed to take a photo with me and autographed a copy of Where Women Cook - I feel like I should do some cooking now.

I had a fantastic time this week at Craftcation and not just because of the pile of goodies and the crafts I made.

If you have a business,
want to start one,
are trying to get a book published,
or just want to have some fun crafting,
I encourage you to visit the Craftcation website and check out the list of speakers from this year's conference and get onto the mailing list for next year.

Check out Craftcation on

facebook or
instagram at #craftcation14

to see a better representation of the amazing classes and fun activities for participants.

I simply did craft classes, but I met people from all over the US and Canada who were vacationing in my home town alone, with a group of friends or with family while learning essential business skills or just being creative.

Little did we know that Steve was also a part of Craftcation; on the third day, I finally opened the schedule and there on page 5 was an image of one of Steve's paintings.

And now, I owe Steve some time since I deserted him on April 3, our 43rd wedding anniversary and left him to eat all by himself.


  1. Gosh, what hard work!! ;)
    Sounds like brilliant fun. Wish we had something like that here.
    I love your little strawberry box.

  2. Good Morning Carol, Oh my word, you have had fun this past week. You are such a "busy bee" that I just know you loved every minute of your time spent being part of the Craftcation experience.
    How wonderful that Craftcation was held just along the beach from where you live. I have never attended anything like this and it would be so much fun to experience a few days of crafting and nothing else.
    Steve will be so pleased to have you back home again. Celebrate 43 years together with a wonderful meal.
    Best Wishes to you,

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  4. Wow sounds utterly Wonderful and a Brilliant way to spend a few days, such fun! :))

  5. Wow!
    What a star studded event!

    I am quite certain that Steve was delighted to see his bride of 43 years return so enriched and inspired!

    How lovely of you to bring a peek at your craftcation to all of us!

  6. 43 years, Carol? FABULOUS! And this event sounds fantastic, and so close to your home? You live in a wonderland, and I know you just had the greatest time. BRAVO! Anita

  7. Carol,
    From all the photos it surely looks like you enjoyed a fun experience. Meeting so many talented bloggers and crafters certainly must of been a highlight. Your creativity and energy level are exploding in a new exciting design adventure.

    Volunteering was a brilliant idea and within 2 miles from home to attend this jam packed with craft activies must of been sheer heaven.

    Wishing you and Steve a very happy 43rd anniversary.

  8. Hi Carol, waht a wonderful week, so creative.


  9. Well you said that you'd be busy and you certainly were! What a whirlwind of a week between the volunteering work and all of your crafty creations and classes! It was fun to read about it all and happy anniversary to you two! :)

  10. Wow, sounds like a great time! I wish we had something like that on the East Coast. I expect we will see lots of new and pretty things popping up in your home after this. Can't wait!

  11. A belated Happy 43rd Anniversary to you and your hubby! You've had a very busy week and it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the event with us.

  12. Oh what fun!!
    Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!

  13. That sounds amazing Carol! Pure heaven!! I had no idea these sort of events took place. I'm heading over to check out their website now.

  14. Oh my gosh, what a fun experience and a thrill to meet Jo Packham and Kaari Meng!!

  15. Wow what an amazing time for you. You would especially thrive in such a place. I like the idea of crafting each day to exercise a muscle. I used to do so much more. I must come back to look at some of the blog links. I must say I love that last photo best of all. Happy 43rd! We got married the same year.

  16. My goodness, Carol! What a wonderful event to participate in. I love everything I see there. Amazing!
    I am heading over to that website. I would have been in hog heaven had I been attending! xo Diana

  17. Wow, what a fun event and an amazing group of talent! Congratulations on a job well done. I would go absolutely crazy!

  18. Happy Anniversary! :-D

    Wow! How did you get so lucky to volunteer for that event?! Sounds like a ton of fun helping them get ready for it. And, a ton more fun getting to participate for free! So awesome! I would have loved to have done all of that! :-D

  19. Oh how I wish I could do this! Maybe one year, when my kids are older! How neat you met Jo Packhan! My parents' anniversary is on April 3rd. It was their 50th! Happy Anniversary, dear Carol! xo Jen

  20. I am seriously envious of that view and the crafting!
    What a fabulous thing to attend!
    Your pictures are fabulous too!

  21. A very Happy Anniversary to you guys! And how cool that his painting was in the schedule! That is a hoot! Ok so let's talk about this conference!!! My goodness where do I even start! This was like a party for the eyes! Every single picture was filled with goodness and inspiration! I would so love to do something like this! I! Is there anything better when it comes to making!?!?! So glad you were able to have this experience! Happy week friend! Nicole xoxo

  22. Happy Anniversary to you guys! That looks like such a fun conference!

  23. Wow, wow, wow! I am trying to take this all in just from your blog post. I can't imagine how fun and exciting it was to be there in person. And you got to meet Jo Packham?! So cool. Happy anniversary to you and Steve. Hope you did something special to celebrate!

  24. Looks like you had a fabulous time. You are such a creative being that this must have really left you inspired. Happy 43rd anniversary. Congratulations!!!

  25. That sounds like so much fun!! I do believe that creativity has to be nurtured...therefore I'm not very creative. Ha! Seriously, I bet you had a great time. ;)

  26. Wow - definitely, a happy post. I know you learned some amazing things, which you will actually use (unlike one of us who shall remain nameless - lol!!). I am sure that Steve forgave you and I wish you both a belated 43 anniversary! I was not with my husband on one of our 46 anniversaries, but he dealt with it just fine. I went to France, Spain and Morocco with my daughter and oldest granddaughter and I think that was worth it - hahaha!!

  27. First...let me say congratulations on 43 years of marriage! What a blessing. Craftcation looks like such fun! I would ove to attend something like that. Such a variety of creative projects too! Can't wait to see some of your creations and things you bought.
    Blessings, Vicky

  28. Wow what fun you must have had it all sounds wonderful.

  29. What a fantastic experience!! And I'm so jealous that you got to meet Jo Packham! :)

  30. wow, looks like such fun. i love it all. i bet you had a great time. can't wait to see more. so perfect. everyone looks so fun & friendly. lots of smiles. ( :

  31. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Craftcation...looks like it was a lot of fun!!
    Happy 43rd Anniversary!!

  32. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your strawberry box is so sweet.

  33. Wow! Carol, you had an amazing few days. Happy Anniversary to you and Steve. I'm sure he understands since he is also very creative.

    You found some fun classes to take and it looks like you met some very nice people.

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. How fun it must have been to meet other bloggers and craft. I am sure you came home with so many wonderful ideas. Very cool that it is in your hometown as well. Happy anniversary to both of you!

  35. Wow, it looks and sounds like great fun. Love all the stuff on the Sissix display, so many interesting things to look at.
    Congrats on 43 years !

  36. What a wonderful experience and so much creativity and fun all in one place...OVERLOAD! LOL! I was inspired just by reading the venue and following your links. I needed that as I have been painting an endless ceiling and crocheting with a "yarn from hell". I loved the "create everyday" and I'm going to embroider that for me so I keep exercising that muscle! Thank you! Even though I didn't attend it gave me the "shot in the arm" I needed just reading and viewing your post. Happy both of you!

  37. Yay! So glad you had fun. I know I did!

  38. Awesome that you met some bloggers you follow and found new followers. So proud to know you and that Steve's painting was featured...wonders never cease.

  39. That must have been so interesting and fun to attend these classes. And the sea view is a bonus!

  40. What a wonderful location for such a fantastic conference. It looks such fun and you must have come away with some many ideas that will keep you busy for ages! Hope you had a wonderful belated anniversary, congratulations!
    Sarah x

  41. Oh it all sounds like so much fun! I'm pretty envious you know. You certainly deserve all the fun!Hey did you see the Easter garland that I made that was inspired by the little heart garland you sent me at Valentines?

  42. What a wonderful time you had! Thanks for sharing all of the fun with us! I love how they decorated the stipped down lampshade.

  43. Sounds wonderful!! Maybe next year I can volunteer, too ~
    Your pix show that a grand time was had by all ~

  44. How much fun, Carol! I would love to attend a conference like that. :)

    I know that you and Steve will celebrate now that the conference is over.

    Thanks for sharing the classes and your projects with us! Will you attend next year's?


  45. Carol - How much fun!!! So glad you had such a great time. Looks like you had a lot of goodies to take home!


  46. That is just TOO much fun! WOW! You met so many amazing artists and did so many great things! I know you are inspired! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  47. Happy Anniversary :)

    That looked like a wonderful place to be. The sunshine there is just glorious. I recognize some of the names from some of the magazines I buy.

    Great time for you.

  48. What a super fun week! I think that I would really enjoy an event like much creativity in one place! Happy Anniversary to you both, 43 years is quite an accomplishment. I wish you many, many more my friend! :)

  49. This sounds like so much fun!! You were quite the busy bee at this gathering. Happy you had a good time and got see many people.


  50. What a fabulous 'cation' ~ whether crafting, helping, resting etc, sounds like it was Great! Now enjoy your time with hubby :) Blessings, Cindy

  51. Sounds like a wonderful and inspiring event. Happy Anniversary! At least you set a nice table for your dine-alone spouse!

  52. sounds like so much fun. Happy Belated 43rd anniversary. We will celebrate our 43rd in July.