Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eat Drink & Be Merry

Some days I am more creative than others and today, my creativity was simply in setting a nice table for Steve's meal of beef stroganoff - one of my favorite of his dishes.

Over the last few weeks, I have been organizing the attic and I came across remnants from the summer I made the slipcovers for our sofa.

I took a couple of remnants and tore the fabric to make fringed place mats and painted words on them.

I didn't have fabric to make a third place mat so Be Merry had to be written on a sign.

To add blue to the table, I used my very favorite polka dot Sabre flatware.

With the table set, I had time on my hands before volleyball practice so I headed to TJ Maxx to browse.

I found some really fun tea towels.

Steve doesn't like me to cover up the table he built with tablecloths so the yellow striped tea towel will be used as a table runner - I love the fringe on the edges.

I bought three sets of the Wine Is Happiness tea towels - one for my next door neighbor who shares the same color palette as me and the other two for me to cut up to make placemats.

The aqua set of tea towels will go in KC's Easter basket because they are perfect with her color scheme.

I will leave you with my disaster for the day - making lemon bars from the bag of myers lemons a friend dropped off.

The bars were delicious so I made three plates - one for my next door neighbor, one for my volleyball team and one to take across the street to a neighbor.

I took the plate of lemon bars across the street and when I got back, this is all that was left of the other two plates - 7 lemon bars.

This little face looked up at me - covered with powdered sugar - I guess Lulu thought she should Eat Drink & Be Merry too!

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  

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  1. All the bright colors look so happy! Love the lasts picture :)

  2. So I am up late drinking a glass of pinot, and yes, wine is happiness. Just sayin'. Those are some cute towels and your new place mats are well done. Such a cute bouquet on your table. I am glad you didn't bake something that would make lulu sick. What a cutie.

  3. That bad doggie, so glad that it wasn't chocolate. They sure looked good.
    Your table is so very pretty and a favorite meal too, oh how great is that.
    The tea towels are really very nice. Great score to find such nice ones.
    Have a terrific weekend, Carol.

  4. The table looms great and the placemats are perfect! The new items from TJ Maxx are very nice. Great idea to make placemats! Those lemon bars look so yummy.....I love lemon. Love the Lulu story...sounds like something Sadie whould do. Have a lovely, creative Thursday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. i love your post Carol
    I am sitting here smiling all over .
    Eat Drink and be Merry .....Lulu too
    You will keep that in mind now ....
    happy almost weekend to you .

  6. LOL she has good taste - love all the colours in your home!

  7. Oh no did the dog eat your lemon bars?

  8. Sorry but that is hilarious! Our big lab we had years ago ate all the icing off a cake once. She licked it clean!

    I love your table and the little placemats you made. I was in TJ a couple of weeks ago and picked up tea towels to include in Mother's Day gifts. There's just nothing better than a pretty new tea towel. :)

    I'm always excited when you post something new. Love your cottage!

  9. i love your blue polka dot silverware. so cool!! so fun. ( :

    i guess you will have to take that as a huge compliment from your pup - they must be delicious!! right?

  10. Morning Carol,
    This was such a cute post. I can just see your doggie (if he could talk) going no mommy it wasn't me,
    I don't know what happened to those lemon bars....what's that you say??
    What is that white stuff on my mouth, uh uh sand, that's it...sand.

    Your simple table with the eat drink and be merry placemats and sign were very cute.........
    and looks like LuLu took you up on it. so cute, but sorry about
    your lemon bars, your neighbors really missed out........

    Have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. I throughly enjoyed your post! Lulu is a cutie and apparently a happy camper after the round of lemon bars. I always enjoy a good trip to the Home section of TJ Maxx too. It's a fun store!
    Have a fabulous day,

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA - you have your hands full, chère! HAHHAHAHHA That Miss LULU is one sweet toothed gal! Oh dear, first of all, I love lemon bars, and I thought you were going to tell us that you had a disaster making them, like I DID ONCE! I must have read the recipe incorrectly, for I was left with one huge buttery mess. But no, with you, it was LULU that ate up your treasures! Give her a hug for me, will ya?

    Sounds like you are having a blast. I am home sick with vertigo! I had it on Sunday night but went in to work on Monday and Tuesday - yes, I drove in like a fool. But yesterday was too unbearable and the rest of the week, I have a sub.

    Enjoy! Anita

  13. Sweet Lulu! I wish I was your neighbor!

  14. How can you be mad at such a sweet face?! I bet the lemon bars were delicious and I love the placemats you made!


  15. Oh my, Carol I am smiling at sweet miss Lulu! After all who doesn't love lemon bars ... One of my favorite cookies. You my friend are one energetic woman. Miss Lulu is such an angelic faced pup! Too cute. Enjoy your day packed with activities.
    PS Love your new score/find of towels.

  16. The table looks so good with these wonderful new placemats. Oh Lulu all those lemon bars at one time? Not good for a girls figure! Love the cute wine kitchen towels. Fun post!
    hugs, Linda

  17. Dearest friend,

    I will never leave blogging. You all are too important to me! I will blog only once a month for now, until I can get my bearings; I am writing for a magazine now and then with school and my poetry group - it is very tough to keep up! But I am always here to visit new posts, and again, will be posting once a month. Thank you for coming by, Anita

  18. Who can blame her, I'm a sucker for lemon bars, too! ;) Cute towels!

  19. You always come up with such great projects...cute and fun! I like the towels you found too. They're really cute! Lulu is adorable...although...maybe not so much yesterday. ;-) lol Did all those lemon bars upset her tummy?

  20. Thank you for naming your flatware. I've been looking for polka dot flatware and crochet hooks for forever and usually when I see them they are from Greengate or the U.K. I love polka dots!
    Love your "treasures" and your pretty table setting. Lemon bars are one of my favorites and my girls would be in "deep doo-doo" if they ate mine! LOL! (not really) And will you look at that innocent face? Ha! Ha! I may have to make some lemon bars now you've got my taste buds wanting some.

  21. Oh dear naughty Lulu! I'm not surprised she was tempted they look so delicious! Sarah x

  22. Oh- I love your placemats...and the towels you picked up are just gorgeous! I thought for sure you were going to say that Steve ate the rest of them. You just can't TRUST those lulu's!!!! lol xo Diana

  23. Oh gosh...Lulu! She sure is cute...I bet it's hard to stay mad for too long at her! Carol, your home is such a beautiful and happy place. It exudes your heart and soul! xo Jen

  24. I love your the printed words! How delicious those lemon bars look, no wonder Lulu couldn't resist them :) We used to have a dog just like Lulu...lovely to see the pic showing her little teeth!
    Helen xox

  25. LOL Carol those Lemon Bars must have been really good. LuLu what a little stinker but smart LOL! I love the yellow striped towel with the fringe from TJMaxx very cute and so perfect for your table setting. Have a great day.

  26. Lulu knows something good when she tastes it eh? Love how you created this tables cape! Great placemats. And how you arranged the cutlery! Very cute I should try that sometime! But it looks much snazzier with the polkadots!

  27. Who knew Lulu had a sweet tooth! It's a good thing for her that she's so cute.


  28. Lulu is a girl after by own heart . . . if I were there, between the two of us you might have found an empty plate, LOL. Your new tea towels are wonderful and you are such a lovely neighbor to share your great finds. Last but absolutely not least, is your place-mats. Carol, I have been enjoying your posts with painted fabric so much. I have never seen it none before seeing your creations . . . and I am in love with the many possibilities. You have opened up a whole new crafting adventure for me. Your place-mats are A+. I am a huge fan of your blog and the enormous talents that you and Steve share.
    I'm taking a break this afternoon from working on the new place. I missed a delivery from the UPS truck yesterday, so today when he comes back I need to be here. It sure would be nice to be able to be both places at once :) So, it's a good afternoon to catch up on laundry :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  29. Love your creative placemats and those wine tea towels are too cute. I may have to run up to my TJ Maxx sometime this weekend and see if they have any! Love cotton tea towels. Too funny about the lemon bars. Did LL get sick from eating them?

  30. I love your table settings. I like that you appreciate the table your husband made. Next time the dog should just go with you..LOL. xoxo,Susie

  31. Hi Carol,

    How lovely your tablesetting is and the new tablemats you made.
    The lemon bars look delicious and how nice for your neighbours to get to eat some too.
    Lulu is a sweetie.

    happy day

  32. I love the look of all the things you have made, how could you be cranky with a sweet little face like that.

  33. Love the tea towels!! You see...I have a thing for tea towel. I embroider on several of them for each of my shows and they sell like crazy. And of course...I keep some for me too.
    That sweet Lulu must of thought that if those lemon bars were good enough for her human mom...they were good enough for her to have some too.

  34. A counter cruiser! I'm laughing so hard right now!

  35. I love receiving your posts in my in-box. You always bring a smile to my face. Thank you!


  36. Oh no! Bless her heart. Hope they didn't make her sick! Love those yellow towels.

  37. Happy to see Lulu's sweet and naughty little face! Did you see Hungry Girl's post yesterday? She featured healthy treats for dogs with a recipe!


  38. Such a beautiful tablescape. The actual table is beautiful!

  39. Well, I like your new placemats, and the towels look just like something you would make! I can see you had a lively time at Craftcation. How fun to meet Jo Packham. Oh your miscievous little pooch! I wonder if she got a tummy ache!

  40. Oh LULU!!!! Ha!!! Let me just say that I just love that you put time into the table! It makes for such a beautiful meal in more ways than one! And Those tea towels you found are fantastic!!!! I like the fringe too! Happy weekend to you all...maybe you can make another batch!!! Nicole xoxo

  41. Lulu likes lemon??? She's the weirdest dog ever! Your tablescape is lovely and I understand taht Steve doesn't want to cover that beautiful wood!

  42. Well, she obviously enjoyed them !
    I love your new finds and the table mats are great. How do you do the negative lettering, do you have stickers ?

  43. Placemats are beautiful, love them. Did you save me a lemon bar? I have a Meyer lemon tree planted in my yard, but we had some freezing temps in SC and I don't think it made it. Time will tell. Have a great weekend.

  44. I saw those tea towels at TJMaxx tonight, now I wish I had bought them! Your daughter will love them!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes too♥

  45. I am laughing at the misadventures of can you be upset with that little face and those big eyes. Just hope she wasn't sick from it.

    Love the new napkins and your table setting.

  46. Your tablescape is so cheery and fun! I thought you were going to say your hubby ate all the lemon bars! I would have been horrified, but probably also laughing at Lulu covered in powdered the kid caught in the candy jar! Poor puppy. I hope she didn't get sick. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week! ~Deborah

  47. the pooch!!
    Many years ago, my then FIL passed away. When we returned from the funeral service, a neighbor called with her condolences and to tell us that she had left us a pie on the kitchen table. After a fairly long search, we decided she had the wrong house....until.......we noticed a completely clean pie pan UNDER the kitchen table.....and a pretty guilty looking German shepherd nearby :^)
    Blessings to you,