Monday, November 4, 2013

My Short Attention Span

I have a very short attention span which can be detrimental to my productivity, but sometimes it's a good thing.

This morning, my plan was to CLEAN the house from top to bottom.

I got as far as cleaning the entry way, ironing a table runner and cutting flowers for the dining room.

My first distraction from cleaning was deciding that the display on this shelf in the dining room needed refreshing.

 I looked in cupboards for  anything yellow to put on the shelf.

I was happy with the results, but this little plate drove me further off track from cleaning.

The plate has holes for a ribbon and I found some THANK YOU ribbon in my stash, but ended up going with some cute little bee ribbon.

The THANK YOU ribbon made me think that I needed to get with the Thanksgiving program so instead of moving on to clean the living room, I headed to the garage to make some question tags for the family to use on Thanksgiving.

I looked for rubber stamps with words that could lead to questions.

I used two different sizes of tags.

First I stamped the cards.

Then I rubbed colored chalk all over the cards.

And finished up with a snip of baker's twine on each tag.

The little yellow heart shaped bowl is now holding the colorful tags

Steve came into the dining room to ask me two questions -

Are you done with the vacuum?


Do you know it is about time for you to leave for your volleyball game?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions was no.

I tore through the house finishing the vacuuming and made it to the game on time.

Unfortunately my girls had a heart breaking loss of 14-15 in the third game - we won't be going to the playoffs.

My short attention span got me sidetracked, but the house ended up clean and I created a fun little game for Thanksgiving dinner.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. I like the cute little shelf with YELLOW! so bright...
    the cards were a cute idea too. I'm sure your family will love them. Some of your questions gave me consider.
    so in due course of the season 'THANKS'

  2. I love that you have the TIME to follow your muse and then, you DO!

  3. So cute! I love the cheerful yellow and of course the pink mixed in. ~Angela~

  4. I like the idea of your tags, and they look pretty.

  5. Your short attention span was just enough time to create those very inspiring and thoughtful question tags! Isn't it funny how our attention SPANS from something we really DON'T want to do to something we can't WAIT to do?!

    Very pretty and perfect for this upcoming day of thanks!


  6. Well...I'm sorry your team didn't win but your house looks very pretty and I love your Thanksgiving signs

  7. the tags are a lovely idea! i'm like you.. easily distracted especially when it comes to cleaning the house.

  8. What a cute idea, and they look so nice, too. The house will just get dirty again, right?

  9. Oh, do I ever get sidetracked when I clean the house! I get ideas on how to rearrange the furniture instead of cleaning up the dust bunnies and scrubbing floors. But the results ARE wonderful and I think that now, my furniture is where I'll keep it for a long while; I pulled my back the other day moving urns in the garden!

    Your cottage is sweet as ever, Carol. LOVE! Anita

  10. I can relate to being easily distracted! I was eyeing the patchwork tablecloth, I think? in one of your pictures. I have been looking for something like that.So pretty!

  11. omigosh I love that shelf! and how you've styled it too. Everything you do is so bright and fresh and pretty. Great job!!

  12. I love all your nice yellows. The tag idea is wonderful. That could be a nice game for the older kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Cleaning can always wait another day! I love all the pops of yellow on your baker's rack and the tags for Thanksgiving are a fantastic idea...great way to get the conversation going and perhaps get some family members that are more quiet and introspective to speak up.

  14. Carol,
    The shelf looks so cute with the yellow. So cheerful and bright. Love it. Love all the tags so cute.

  15. Your yellow display is bright, cheerful and cute! I'm always amazed at how quickly you pull together a new look. I love the cards you made. They're really creative, cute and sound like fun! Great idea!

  16. That score was heartbreakingly close! Too bad. Love your Thanksgiving tags. Another wonderful idea!

  17. Love, love the yellow!
    And the tag idea is wonderful.

  18. You may have been distracted but you were certainly focused on the crafts, so a productive day indeed! xx

  19. distractions can be such a good thing when it leads to a burst of creativity and beauty in the result! I do it all the time where I start one thing and end up making something totally different - awesome!!


  20. I can relate to your day. Love all the bursts of yellow, so bright and beautiful.
    Also how lovely the tags are.
    Happy week

  21. What a great idea for Thanksgiving guests and i love your cute yellow display!


  22. I had to laugh...I always get distracted like that!! Your yellow shelves display turned out so cute, and I absolutely LOVE your tag/question game-so fun and interesting!! I just might have to 'steal' that one!! :)

  23. Sorry about the playoffs, but it sounds like your team had a great year. Your Thanksgiving questions are a wonderful idea!

  24. I do this all the time!!! I start on one proect and before you know it, I've got five going! Your shelf is looking good and you got your vacuuming done in a hurry, so it's all good. Except for the game loss.

  25. I love the changes to the little shelf...the yellow is so cheerful and sunny! The tags are great...and such a wonderful idea! I might have to copy the idea...:) Sorry your girls didn't make playoffs, but it sounds like they were so close! Have a blessed evening! Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  26. The yellow is so pretty. Love the little question tags. You will have fun with that.

    I kept getting distracted from my cleaning today. Some days are just like that.

  27. Love the yellow on your selves and those cute little question tags!! It is always a heartache when your team gets so close to the playoffs, but then don't make it there.

  28. So many things can sidetrack us from cleaning! I'm glad you were sidetrack, the new shelf display is eye candy!

  29. O, I am sooo glad you found my new blog. I was blocked out of the old one, for some reason I am unsure of...
    your yellows just cheer my heart. It all looks amazing...and those tags are to die for. You are so creative.

  30. That is heartbreaking to lose by 1 point. I have to pin a lot of this of course starting with my Yellow Pinterest Board and DIY board for the clever tags. Thanks for a bright and happy post today.

  31. I always get side-tracked too, especially when cleaning, it's so easy to get distracted.
    Your distractions lead you to make some very pretty tags, and your questions have me thinking again.............

  32. I get really side tracked while I am cleaning the house as well. Your tags are very creative and you are going to have a fun thanksgiving!

  33. Carol, why does this post seem so familiar to me?? I'm glad you were able to accomplish everything you set out to and your shelf looks lovely. I have just read Kris's post about paying it forward and I think she made such a good decision. The colors will look lovely in your home, just like they were made for you. Congratulations..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  34. awww...sorry you guys lost!

    Love the idea of the question tags! What great conversation starters.

  35. I love the question ideas. I'm having a combo open house and dinner party at my home soon to celebrate all of our home renovations recently completed, and inviting many new friends who know us (of course), but don't know each other. This would be a great fun game at that party. Also, if I were a betting man, I'd say your white cabinet was once the top piece of a stepback cabinet or once hung on the wall as a kitchen cabinet?

  36. I love the yellow pretties on your very charming shelf. The Thanksgiving question tags are a brilliant idea. I like coming here and seeing so much color. It lifts me up and inspires me. Thank you.

  37. I like that you can keep re-using them too! Things change from week to week... you'll always have something new to dive into!

  38. The yellow is so vibrant and pretty. I love the tags......what a great idea for Thanksgiving dinner conversation.