Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making Necessary Changes

I have been trying to come up with a solution for the living room after two actions left the room bare.

First, I moved this cabinet from the living room to the entry.

Second, the truck painting sold and left the wall bare.

Yesterday I went looking for something along the lines of this table I saw on The Virginia House.

I found three possibilities (sorry for the iPhone pics).

All three have the right measurements and a little extra storage would be nice, but I didn't leave the shop with any of them.

Last night my dreams had bits and pieces from the house flying around my head trying to come up with a solution for the living room.

We moved another large painting, this one of my garden, to the empty wall.

Since I couldn't find a table, I decided to use what I have.

This is sort of a family altar because my mother's cedar chest is topped with an old box of my father's.

The green stripe on the box is actually the original color - I left the stripe when I painted the box with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White.

The bottles were gathered from a vignette in the hall.

The spoons were discovered in a cupboard when I was looking for something else.

You can't see it clearly, but the top spoon is engraved with Bates - my maiden name.

The bottom spoon is engraved with Carl so I assume it belonged to my Uncle Carl - close enough to Carol.

The mantel got an update for Thanksgiving with a quote about LIFE in the cast iron urn.

GIVE THANKS is spelled out with some of my favorite blocks, dried flowers team up with candlesticks to give the mantel slight symmetry.

A colorful cabinet that came from the entry had its shelves updated with books, clocks and hands.

I was planning to paint the cabinet in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White this morning, but time got away from me.

I also planned to paint this old oar a neighbor found on the beach.

The oar has hung over the window for 15 years so I guess it can wait a few more days for a paint job.

With the white cabinet gone, this wall was bare so Steve added a few paintings for a gallery wall look.

The green table was moved from another wall and a little white cabinet came down from the attic to hold some of my hand collection.

The tweaking took me all morning and even a little of the afternoon, but I feel a little bit like a car mechanic.

I am finished with the living room, but what do I do with all these left over parts?

I will end with a photo to keep me honest.

I always wondered how people kept their white sofas clean.  

I have to keep a quilt on the white sofa at all times because of this little one.

. . . . . . . . 

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  1. You have the coolest things! All of the paintings are gorgeous! Good job on the arranging.....looks great!

  2. I love the way you have arranged it - keeping with your colorful palette - it's so cheerful and pretty. Love the gallery wall... And the bits and baubles left over - I'm sure will find a new home soon.... Cathy

  3. SO pretty! I love the idea of a family altar! Family mementos are the best! We are looking to expand our bookshelves in the living room - Charles' books are overflowing his little table. Miguel said it is starting to look like the Berlin Wall!

  4. Ha! I have always always always wanted a white sofa but fear them with my beans! Thanks for being honest with that one! I have always wondered too! I just love the way that painting of your garden looks there! And the boxes are spectacular with their overall form and of course the sentiment behind them. Amazing what you can find under you own nose!!! And that gallery of Steve's paintings is fantastic! Such a richness there on that wall now!!! Well you did it again! Knocked another one out of the park! Happy Wednesday friend!!

  5. Cute little cuddle bum. We have blankets on our couches too. I love the oar and would keep it natural! I also love the chest and box stacked....it looks perfect!

  6. Your husband is so talented....I love the art gallery wall! And I always end up with things that just don't go. I have 2 bags ready to donate right now! Hugs!

  7. You've been busy but I can understand your delight in it. I love to switch things around. It looks good and how nice to have so much art to choose from. I can see why the one sold that was in your third picture. You and your hubby both saem to love color!

  8. It looks great - good job! Your husband's paintings are just gorgeous. Where does he sell them? I love the old spoons but, I have a thing for old silverware.


  9. The white couch looks really nice with the spread for Lulu. Next to my chair, I have a bench a friend gave me recently and I painted. And on top of that I have one of my painted picnic baskets to make it tall enough to hold my cup of coffee. If you don't have one thing that will work, it's easy enough to just look for several.

  10. i love love love your art work. that old truck is great. what a fun place you have. i am sold. when can i move in? do you need a roommate? or a house sitter? i'm free ... just let me know. ( :

  11. You never cease to amaze me with your treasures! I love the colorful cabinet you moved from the entry. I have never seen it before and I think it is so sweet with the colored drawer fronts. Your hand collection is one of my favorite collections in blogland and Steve's gorgeous paintings make me wish I had his talent! Your house is always so welcoming! Oh yes....I almost forgot, I love your front door. the shape of the window and the beadboard look are perfect! Enjoy your new look!

    Blessings, Vicky

  12. I always love to see pics of your home. It is so colorful (which I love) and bright but oh so cozy. You should come by on Friday and share on the hop. Such a gorgeous little beach cottage.

  13. It must be hard to see a painting you love leave, but you are so lucky to have others take their place. I love the 'tweaking' and the make do for the table is nice an very sentimental. Love the old spoons. You live in such a happy home!

  14. Your cottage by the sea makes me happy, happy, HAPPY! I love the large painting of your garden. I agree with Linda…your home is so happy!

  15. How wonderful to be able to have such fabulous paintings waiting in the wings to hang when one of Steve's paintings sell. And congrats to Steve for selling!!
    Mary Alice

  16. Your cottage should be in a magazine. Period.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your charming home with us at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday. Luv that truck painting.


  18. Please, please, please DON'T paint the oar! It looks perfect just the way it is...
    I'm sure you'll find good 'homes' for the bits & bobs left over ~ you excel at that!

  19. I could bunk down forever in your little lounge room. It completely de-stresses and captivates me! HEART. Hx

  20. Carol,
    It looks so good. I love the garden painting. Beautiful and the family alter of your mom's chest and dad's box is so special love that. Ha ha little LuLu on the white furniture I have one of those furry friends that likes my white couch too!!! I have to keep a quilt on mine too!

  21. The art work is phenomenal! I really wanted a white couch but now that I have some white furniture, I have found it to be high maintenance. Your room looks great!

  22. Your sweet home has so much eye candy I don't know where to look first! The colorful little armoire really caught my eye, and of course, your husbands art work is stunning!

    Would you hate me if I told you I have no trouble keeping a white sofa clean? We have no pets and of course no small children which makes all the difference, but I think your quilt is a perfect way to add color and practicality.

  23. Looks like you moved the whole house around ! I love the solution with the cedar chest and box and all of the paintings are so beautiful !
    That quilt is gorgeous and perfect for the couch.

  24. It all looks fantastic. How great to have original artwork!! I love how colorful you house is, so bright and cheery. No idea about the white couch, that would just be asking for a mental breakdown from yours truly if I tried that.

  25. Carol, you are amazing! I started to switch around one little vignette in my living room and managed to clear off the shelf and then stalled out at the "what do I do with the left-overs" part. That was 5 days ago and so far I carry them from room to room and the shelf is still bare. Big sigh.

  26. Congrats on the sale of that awesome truck painting. I can imagine it was hard to see it go. I love that painting! Looks like a great one replaced it though and I noticed a lot more great ones in your home. Your husband is so talented! I have a cast iron hand just like the one you have! Your doggy looks so happy on that pretty couch, next to that awesome window with the beautiful light beaming in. Such a lovely, happy home! :-)

  27. You give all of your leftovers to me. ;)
    I love this post. Great job.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm so glad you have been inspired!
    And, is your sofa from Pottery Barn?
    Fondly, Tami

  28. Gush, love it all. Wonderful to see Steve's paintings too. The texture on your living room wall is beautiful.

  29. I would rather spend a day tweaking my house than almost anything else. I love how you moved things all around and used things you already have. It's like getting new spaces for free!!! It looks great.

  30. Carol...it all looks wonderful...love it!!! I have a brown suede sofa and I still keep a blanket or quilt on it, because the little Yorkie girls love to sleep on it. Guess I should get back to the sewing room to work on goodies for my Christmas show.

  31. It all looks amazing my friend. Just beautiful. I will stop by those blogs too. HUGS ...

  32. I love that painting of your garden your husband did!

  33. Gee, I don't know how time gets away from you, Carol! lol You are always so busy with your beautiful rearrangements. Steve's paintings are beautiful...I love the colors he uses. I actually think your couch looks great with the quilt on it. Lulu is getting so big!

  34. Beautiful art work! Thank you for sharing your post at the Cottage Style Party :)
    Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla (Guest Host)

  35. Your rooms always look so cozy no matter how you arrange them. I love what you did with your mother's cedar chest and your father's box, very clever to leave some of the original paint. You've created a beautiful art gallery...and Steve had something to do with it too, lol.

  36. Carol,

    The three different console tables you saw are all very pretty, but I LOVE your own ''what I have", the best! Steve's paintings are
    so vibrant and you can count on them for those hits of colour and interest. I LOL when you said you used spoons you ''found'' while looking for something else! How I'd love to sit in the sunshine, by the window, on that cozy, quilt-lined couch, basking in the warmth and light, sharing amusing stories and sipping on some hot coffee...enjoy it my friend!


  37. First, your husbands art is awesome! He is very talented.
    I like all of the rearranging you did. It sure would've taken
    me more than a day to do though! Your eclectic style makes
    your home fun and cozy looking, both. Love it.

  38. All your 'tweaking' left your home looking just gorgeous! I love the stacked chests-I have 2 similar to those stacked in my sunroom! And that huge painting is fabulous!! :)

  39. I love a room that has a "gathered" look and your is just beautiful. You have my mind racing with changes for our little cottage. I love the truck painting!

  40. You always pull things together so beautifully! I love the collected look of things. OMG!
    You have a hand collection?! Me, too! I'd love to see more of it.

  41. Love all your changes, especially the family altar under Steve's wonderfully large garden painting.

  42. I had no doubt that pick up painting would sell. I see an old car with plants has replaced it on the wall too. I seem to have a thing of pictures of old cars. The picture I took of the old red truck is now framed and ready to hang. Too my surprise my husband actually said we could hang it in the den.
    I like the changes you made as usual.