Saturday, May 16, 2020

Making the Most of My Time

Due to my age and severe asthma, I'm "Sheltering In Place" for the long haul, but I'm making the most of my time at home.

I feel badly for all the small shop owners I have gotten to know, so I've been trying to buy from those who do curbside pickup.  

I was excited to find out that Karen of @whimsyantiques still had the blue buffet available and we picked it curbside- boy would I have liked to stroll through the shop.

Another friend with a shop, Donna of Lily Fields Vintage, posted an old newel post in her stories and I have wanted a chunky column for a long time.

I spotted the large urn at @abeautifulday.ventura a week before the SIP order and was so happy to see on Instagram that Jocelyn was doing curbside pickup - I didn't know she had 2 sizes.

I just love the big urn - this is the view I see from my window seat perch when the door is open.

The smaller urn is perfect for flowers from the garden.

I miss going to Trader Joe's for fresh flowers, but this greenery I purchased from Purple Rose Home paired with dried roses is keeping me happy for now.

I also bought this Lamb's Ear garland from Purple Rose Home to dress up the headboard in the guest room.

Within days of staying home, I decided it was time to replace our Rugs USA jute rug - the Boss agreed.

We went with navy jute this time and of course furniture got moved around.

As you can see, the Boss likes the new arrangement.

My set of bistro chairs got bumped to the hallway when I was rearranging furniture in the living room.

The newel post from Lily Fields Vintage is standing by the chairs for now.

Yes, I'm aware that birds don't have 4 legs, but in my attempt to do 3 things at once I broke one of the rockers off the bird - I guess even a rocking bird is strange.

I have spent most of my time the last 9 weeks working in the garden and we were excited to buy a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree.

We moved the tree around the garden to find the right spot and yesterday we finally got it into a pot where it gets sun about 10 hours a day.

Today I plan to play with these seed packets and our old wheelbarrow.

The blooms in the wheelbarrow are looking pretty scruffy.

But with this view from my chaise, it's possible I will just sit in the garden and read.


  1. Lovely vintage treasures added - thank you for sharing the changes you have been making, nice color change with your navy jute rug.

  2. I love all your new purchases and how you've arranged things.
    Lulu is just too cute all sprawled out on your sofa.
    I hope your Meyer lemon tree does well and produces some lemons for you!

  3. Beautiful, Carol. You're lucky to have so many neat shops close by. I love what you picked out.

  4. I always enjoy visiting your home and seeing all your vignettes

  5. Love all your new treasures found. How great you are helping your shops that you enjoy. It has been so hard for so many small business people. I worry when this ends a lot of my cute shops will not be opening anymore. Your sweet cottage looks beautiful with all the new finds. Glad the "Boss" is loving the new rug and all the new decor. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh so fun to tour with you. Glad you found such wonderful treasures. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. that was a relaxing tour. That was truly a relaxing tour and now that school will be over soon, I hope I can make a tour of my home and garden on my blog and invite some Instagram folks to come on over. Carol, I could literally feel the baking California sun as I look at your photos, I can feel the salty mist. Well my friend, our times have changed and maybe our lifestyles too. But when we have a home and garden as charming as this, we feel blessed and safe. AND YOU have a BOSS of a chocolate muffin to make you laugh; she sure gives me a chuckle!

  8. Love the new treasures especially the white urns trimmed in red!! So pretty!! Your garden looks spectacular..Everything here in NEPA is a bit behind schedule because we actually had snow ad ice last weekend!! This week, I think it may actually be safe for me to buy my annuals and plant them without the threat of frost...
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. It looks like you all are handing SIP quite happily! All of your changes are lovely, especially your gardens!

  10. Everything looks just great. You have been a busy little bee. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Madeline

  11. So beautiful Carol, lulu is adorable! Love the post you scored and chest, perfect color.

    I'm not doing much either with my MS for safety plus my new biologic.

    Great to have a hubby that doesn't mind helping.

    He went and bought a few pieces from our thrift store curbside.

    Great pieces too!


  12. Those are fabulous finds and they fit in so perfectly with your beautiful decor. You certainly have a good eye. I love every inch of your home. Well done!

  13. You've had some wonderful finds and well done, supporting friends at the curb. When their pieces are that nice, what's not to love?

  14. Oh, what a beautiful place to be sheltered in place, Carol! This and your last post both caught my attention. Your cottage always does. It is so crazy cheerful! I love all your new things in support of small businesses. The Meyer lemon tree would be a dream come true for me to be able to nurture and harvest! Lemons are a staple in my everyday water drinking, am never without. If I had a tree I would be be baking and cooking with them too. Enjoy your oasis!

  15. I love seeing that you are supporting small businesses in your area. They need our help. Just before the shelter in place order, I began part time work in a doctor's office. I have continued working during this time. Consequently, I have a little more money to spend than I did before. I look forward to doing a little sprucing up on our house. We've lived in it for a year and I haven't done much yet. I always love looking at the pictures on your blog. You have such a way with decorating. I love how light and bright it is. God bless you dear. Hugs from Harvest Lane Cottage, Laura

  16. You are making very good use of your time! I adore your pretty new things, especially the urns. I was so happy when our local Indie bookstore opened back up. they've had curbside pickup the entire time, but it was nice to go inside and look at the books!

  17. Wonderful post Carol and as always, beautiful pictures. Oh my heart goes out to our small business owners. Our small county has surely went beyond the beyond to help them in our area and what a blessing that has been. I hope that you have a great week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. You got some really nice pieces. So fortunate that some of your favorite shops offer curbside pickup. Those urns are adorable and the buffet looks great in it's spot.

  19. I agree with the Boss! Surprised he/she had nothing to say about the other great changes...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  20. Love your post Carol! As people talk about getting back out there now that things are starting to open back up, I too will be spending my time at home because of my asthma. Be well my friend!

  21. OH my you are doing your part to keep the small local guy open. And I love your choices as always. LOL
    Our Boss likes to hoover over and around my Husband now that he's working from home. She lays under his work table or in his office door way to make sure he doesn't get away. She has left me to my own devices. lol

  22. You did find some goodies, Carol! We are still mostly staying least it is finally warm and nice outside so we are able to spend a lot more time outdoors!

  23. You bought some nice items. The lemon tree is great and I love how pretty the inside and outside of the house looks.