Monday, February 18, 2019

Winging It

In most aspects of my life, I'm a planner and list maker.

Surprisingly, when it comes to blogging, I pretty much wing it.

I see all sorts of planners, lists and tips on being organized, 

but unless I have just completed a project or have joined a blog hop,

I simply snap a pic for Instagram each day.

And that explains why I don't blog regularly.

But yesterday, this pic I snapped for Instagram actually led to a blog post.

I was looking for a quote to use as a caption and I came across these lovely words from Charlotte Moss.

There are plenty of things "off-key" in my decor,

but the objects "tell our story" or as Charlotte Moss suggests, "play our song".

Grandpa's pitchfork and grandma's sewing machine base make me smile - no singing because you don't want to hear me sing!

The window was used in our son's library themed wedding.

 I found the copper container in boxes Joshua left in the attic - it's mine now.

The hand is just one in my silly collection.

Books are definitely part of who Steve and I are and tucking books into vignettes is one way I can show our love of reading.

Colorful flowers snipped from the garden add just the right touch to the table.

I love keeping the door open so I can look out at the porch.

I should do some planting, but the garden bench is calling me.

So, I'm curious - are you a planner with your blog and/or Instagram or do you wing it like me and just go with something that catches your eye at the time?

It's been over 8 weeks since my surgery and today was my first long walk and this is the view that caught my eye.


  1. I totally wing it!! (as I'm sure you are aware!) You keep up with your ways ~ they are always a delight ~
    Hope your leg is doing well now that you are behaving!

  2. Love this post Carol and I wait for projects to be finished. I actually have many posts I miss doing that are unrelated to what I am working on and I should do different quick posts. This got me thinking I should go with the flow more even if it's not a project and something that interests me. Thoughts? Live your thoughts.

    Your home makes me happy


  3. I love your view! And every beautiful photo in this post!
    My blog is an online journal so that's an easy one for me.
    I'm not an expert in anything and don't see myself as a leading lady in any manner. I simply share my life as it comes day by day.....
    So glad you are recovering from your's been a long journey.

  4. Carol I didn’t know about your surgery gosh I hope everything is ok with your health. Sounds like you’re healing well. I feel like we could talk for hours just to catch up. Sending love

  5. Hi Carol,
    So glad to hear your are doing so great now after a long recovery. That view from your walk is gorgeous. Enjoy having the windows, doors open and to see outside to your beautiful garden.
    Hugs and Happy New Week.

  6. First of all, congratulations on getting out and about!!! You are going to be totally healed by summertime (I'm speaking from my vantage point of winter, but for you, it's summer every day!)

    I WING IT. Especially when it comes to writing. I've learned that I can't control writing in its beginning stages. The words spill out then it's my job to clean up and edit the mess. Same with photography. I may have this "brilliant" idea but when I get the camera in my hands, several clicks and changes of position bring in an entirely different light into the picture, literally and figuratively!

  7. I am definitely not a blog planner! Mostly because life happens and I record life. My home, my world, the things I cook or paint or do. The only time I make any kind of plan is if I'm doing a series, like the recent travel series and that's just to keep them together, not scattershot. Or, if I'll be away a bit and want to preschedule something. Because I refuse to take on ads, I don't feel the pressure to come up with a post that has links to product. Sometimes, like you with this quote, I'm inspired by something I've seen, heard or read. I haven't fallen into the instagram trap yet. When I visit blogs I like to "know the people" not just see the images and instagram doesn't give me that so much. And besides, if I did every social media that came along, I'd never get life done! I usually have several posts in draft because sometimes inspiration comes in a clump of ideas and I have to get them down!

    I'm awfully glad to hear you were out and around. What a beautiful image you captured here -- that in itself is healing! I hope it continues.

  8. That long walk must have felt wonderful! Glad you're doing better!

  9. We have a lot in common, Carol! I am a planner and list maker too, but when it comes to my blog and IG, I just wing it by what inspires me. And as you know, I collect hands and hearts too, plus I love books and using them in my decor. I am so happy to hear of your progress with your healing. xoxo

  10. Love all your photos. Glad you are doing well and were able to get out and take a long walk. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I do make lists, but mostly on household things that need to be done, calls to make, etc. As far as my blog, I usually just wing it too! I tried a planner a couple of years ago and it lasted about 2 months! I went to the trouble to make it, print out all the pages, etc. and put it together. The pictures and pages were so pretty, but kept forgetting to use it! I may jot down ideas for my blog, but then those ideas are on notes that are laying here and there, and when I sit down to do a post, I can't find my notes! So I usually just sit down one day because something has struck my fancy, or I saw something I liked, like the quote you had today, etc. If I take a little trip, I like to blog about it and post pictures just for fun. My blog too is just "life" and "this and that"... no ads and I like it that way. I would love to make my blog into a book, but it's spendy. Sure would be a nice journal of the last few years of my life. Loved your photos today and your little vignettes. And also glad you are healing well and got to go out for a walk. I bet your weather is so nice and warm! Has been so cold here and more snow tonight. Hugs.. Marilyn

  12. Glad you are taking restorative walks Carol... definitely worth it for the view :)
    I'm a planner and a list maker, but sometimes I veer off course - lol. Love everything you do!!

  13. I pray you are doing well and sounds like you are off to a good start since surgery . I always enjoy your pretty pictures . Singing ? Girl you surely wouldn’t want to hear me . When the Lord said make a joyful noise I’m not sure he meant me 😂 I’m a planner and major list maker with most everything in my life . Blogging not so much . I guess if i used my blog as an income i would be a planner but since i don’t then pretty much no . There’s times that i do know ahead some things i want to blog about such as when i get back from the mountain trip i will share . For the most part i just share what’s on my heart or in this little tiny brain of mine . Hugs and blessings to you . Cindy

  14. I fly by the seat of my pants on most everything in my life.....

  15. Carol, I guess I wing it too. I would say I am organized but not in a way I should be. I wonder if I had the blog planner that you shared if that would make it easier. Probably not with me but maybe. You have a sweet day my friend.

  16. I love your quirky collections, Carol. I'm a planner, but not when it comes to blogging. An idea or hop comes, and I'm inspired to write. I'm still not on IG, not sure I will be, but I love it when bloggers share their links. I can see photos, but not stories since I don't have an account.

  17. I'm just like you. I don't blog regularly or follow a schedule. I blog when there's a project at Cottage...

  18. Carol, I love the Charlotte Moss quote. Quotes are such great inspirations! I plan to put out a post every Tuesday. When hubby was walking dogs at the shelter, he did it every Tuesday and I went along for the ride. While sitting in the car I would write up my blog post and it just sort of stuck. If I had to do it any more I probably wouldn't think up anything new. If an event happens during the week or I have something special in decorating then I can come up with writing pretty easily, but if nothing comes to mind then it is a little harder to do. Going through my old Victoria magazines usually sets me on a path. Your posts always hold my interest. I love all of your photography and the colors are so inviting..Keep doing what you do, it is always good..Happy Thursday..Judy

  19. Hi Carol,
    So happy you are doing better and getting out for long walks. I kind of blog when I have something new in my decor to share. I do go on IG but am not great about posting on there. I like the blog more because I feel more of a connection there. Love always seeing your pretty sea side cottage decor.

  20. I blog when inspiration strikes. Love this post. Cute copper pot. I'm glad you are feeling better. Great view. I'd love to get out in the yard but it's been raining like crazy.

  21. Glad to hear you're feeling better!! That was a long time...and I'm a wing it kind of girl. I would love to be more organized, but I post about what catches my fancy that day or week. It's much more fun and organic that way. I'm not sure I could do it any other way!

  22. Wow, I can't believe it's already been 8 weeks. Happy you're recovering so well! I enjoy your IG feed so much. I need to be more disciplined with IG and blogging but family obligations are taking most of my time these days! Cute post, My Sweet Friend!

  23. I do like scheduled and notes. I'm on Wordpress and in the dashboard there's a calendar that I would write post down. In the beginning I would follow it. This year I bought for the first time a day planner! I use it both for personal/business.

    It helped in some ways and others not! It helps me on social media but not posting for blog. Lately, like you I’ve been winging it.

    Then I enjoy doing a post instead of having too!

    I can't believe it's been right weeks..wasn’t that longer than expected? Hope you completely healed soon!

  24. Loved the verse and the topic of the post today Carol. I think about but don't plan blog posts, I edit and talk myself into or out of them quite easily. Of late, I've spent far more time thinking about them than writing them however! (Not good).

  25. Your "off key" decor makes a wonderful melody!