Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Cottage Christmas

I am honored to be part of the Christmas Tour of Homes this year with 25 dynamic and creative bloggers.

I love our house year round, but especially at Christmas.

Since 2003, our tradition is to take a family vacation at Christmas so there are no real trees in the house.

I bought this tree in 2003 and even after 14 years it looks fine adorned with a wooden bead garland I bought in 1987.

Our step back cupboard provides a nice background for the tree and the vintage look shopping cart is a fun container.

I've been purging and limiting my purchases due to the lack of space, but I couldn't pass up the cute wooden horse candlestick.

The dining room is my favorite room to decorate-

  the wall of windows,

the shelf above the windows,

and our new plate racks are all perfect spots for both old and new treasures.

The kitchen is Steve's domain, but I get free reign on the open shelves.

All my red and white dishes came out of the cupboard

to fill up the shelves and the few bits of jadeite I received as gifts last Christmas fit right in.

With a background of white, the living room is easy to decorate for Christmas.

All the "beachy" decor was moved to the bedroom and a few new pillows were added to the sofa.

Our home is Steve's art gallery so the paintings don't change (until they sell), but Christmas trees, greenery, sparkling ornaments and of course Christmas stockings make the mantel festive.

I looked for a Charlie Brown tree for over a month and finally found just what I was looking for.

I had fun decorating these shelves in the living room

and it smells so good in this corner with all the different scents of the candles.

The old typewriter is one of my favorite items to decorate seasonally and this tall candlestick might be a new favorite decor piece.

The guest room is decorated 

and ready for this little guy who's coming with his mommy today.

 Andy won't even notice the decorations in this room,

but next year I bet he will want to play with all the pixies

which gives me an excuse to keep adding to my collection of Maileg toys.

Yes, I have a bit of a problem - I blame my Scandinavian roots (grandma was born in Norway) that draw me to all the pixies.

The bedroom has a nautical theme going on because my sweet daughter-in-law recently bought me fun pillows.

 I popped a mini tree with shells and starfish into an old beach bucket.

My sister has the magic touch for gifts - Neptune Santa was a gift the year we moved into our beach cottage.

Stop by again on Friday to see my "Christmas Outside" post as part of the Cozy at Christmas blog tour.

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  1. WOW this is SOOOOOO beautiful I, love your cottage And your gram babe is adorable
    Have wonderful Christmas full JOY An many blessing!!!!

  2. THIS IS ADORABLE.............I bet you got RAVE REVIEWS from the TOUR!
    THAT GRANDSON IN THAT OUTFIT with those LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That should be their CHRISTMAS CARD!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and do tell where in the world you will BE!

  3. Your cottage is decorated so beautifully for Christmas! I just want to soak it all in. You are so good with details. But I think Andy is the cutest Christmas decoration of all. ;-)

  4. What a wonderful magical Christmas! I love the red and white and of course the Maileg pixies! My collection is so much smaller but I do love them and I blame my Norwegian roots also!! You are my inspiration if I ever really let go of my vintage Christmas cubbies, I would love to decorate so simply but beautifully!

  5. I love love love this! All the vintage touches make my heart happy. And I adore your eat in kitchen! So beautiful! So glad to have been in this Christmas tour of Homes with you!

  6. Good evening Carol, your home looks beautiful. I love how you have used so much red and green in you Christmas decorations as these are my favourite Christmas colours as well.
    As beautiful as your home is, I have to say Carol, it was baby Adam who stole my heart. He is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Best Wishes

  7. Your house is lovely, bright and cheerful! Andy is growing quickly and before long he'll have lots to investigate at his grandma's house! I love that black candlestick!

  8. Carol, I am so glad that you decided to join us for the Christmas tour of homes. I always love seeing how you decorate for every season in your cozy little cottage by the sea. This year you did a splendid job! Love it all!

  9. I always, always love your cottage! The Neptune Santa is gorgeous! His colors are so pretty and perfect for your cottage. Of course, I still want to collect some of those pixies. Off to look at that link. :)

  10. Carol, You have made your home so festive for the holidays. I absolutely loved the starfish on the tree in the old pail. That is so charming. Oh that sweet snuggly baby. What a sweetheart. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. going to check at some of the other bogs.:):)

  11. It's all so wonderfully pretty and festive. You have a real knack with decorating.

    Happy Christmas holidays to you and yours ~ FlowerLady

  12. Your decorations are so unique and displayed so well! I adore all of your little trees! Enjoy the holidays!

  13. Gorgeous yet simple, festive yet homey, vintage yet exciting! I LOVE IT ALL! LOL. Your backdrop of white and the beach are something I would love to achieve someday after the hubby and I retire. Plus, I just got some good ideas for displays in my brick and mortar shop. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Carol, your cottage is so warm and welcoming and I'm ready to book my visit into your guest room! It is just lovely. I was not familiar with those Maileg dolls before today, but I can so see why you are smitten with them...stick with the Scandinavian excuse...in fact, I may need to invent some Scandinavian ancestors too so that I have an excuse!

    I am so thankful that you joined us for our Holiday open house!!

    Merry Christmas Carol.

    Hugs, Lynn

  15. Absolutely wonderful Christmas on display at your home this month! We saw on TV there's fires in Ventura today so am very worried for you today! Hoping everything goes well and you're not near the fires. Kiss that sweet baby an extra kiss for me, that's the perfect age.

  16. This is all so darling! I absolutely love your Charlie Brown tree and your kitchen area!! Your grandson may not be interested now but one day he will. I hope you all stay safe during the fires and have a Merry Christmas!

  17. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home as part of our blog hop! I bet you can't wait until that sweet little boy arrives. Nothing like a new little one to remain us of the joys of the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

  18. Carol,
    It is all so beautiful and festive. Love love the Charlie Brown tree. Most of all love little Andy helping with the lights. There is a Christmas card photo right there. Just adorable.

  19. Oh my golly, can I just come live with you? Or at least come house sit while your on vacation?! Just kidding. If I ever did set foot in there, I wouldn't want to leave. Every detail is perfect and fun and festive and A D O R A B L E !!!

  20. Oh, my dear!!! Your home is perfectly wonderful!!! I think your house is my very favorite in all of Blog Land! Is that an advent elf?? Such creative juice flows through your veins!

  21. Hello dear friend! I LOVE SCANDINAVIAN EVERYTHING! And you pay great hommage to your roots. Those dolls, the slender trees, the white....YES! Enjoying this tour very much. Thinking of you all out there!

  22. Carol, there is so much to love about your adorable cottage at Christmas! What really stood out to me are: the pops of jadite among the read and white lovelies in the kitchen, and the pixies! I love them!!! Your collection is fantastic. Our youngest daughter would love to see your collection. She loves fairies of every kind!

    I look forward to seeing your exterior decor on Friday.


    PS That photo of your grandson is so cute!

  23. Carol, what a treat to be invited into your beach cottage all dressed for Christmas! Your collections are fabulous! Andy is so adorable! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  24. Sorry I have been MIA for so long but I am so happy to be back. Your cottage looks adorable with all your treasures. Love your red and white dish collection. The Charlie Brown tree is too cute. Love the touches in the bedroom too. I always enjoy your old typewriter.

    Now little Andy playing with the lights ADORABLE!


  25. That little Andy is so cute. Bet he loves to come to grandma's house.

    Your decorations are terrific and look so good in your cottage. Love all the red you have around. Really stands out with your white.

    Enjoy your wonderful vacation Christmas in Hawaii.


  26. Carol, your cottage delights me so, and your Christmas decor is such a feast for the eyes! I love all your vintage details - of course! - find myself wanting to be there. I'll just have another look or two or three...thank you! PS your baby grand is so cute with the strand of lights. The creativity in photographing children just keeps getting better and better through the years. Better than it ever was before!

  27. Your decorations are so pretty. I love all the red, green and white.

    Your grandson is adorable. (We are having a grandson next May :) ).

  28. Your cottage is just perfect! Your home is so bright and welcoming - every area is just lovely.

  29. Your cottage is such a bright happy place and it absolutely shines with the way you've decorated it for Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. Of all the home tours I've seen, yours is hands down my favorite. :o)

  30. Carol, I absolutely love all the bright red decorations. They really pop again the white background. You have an amazing collection of precious Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing on the Christmas blog hop.

  31. Carol, I am swooning over all of your pixies! The advent one is super cute and I love the little guys. Guess I may have to buy another one after Christmas. :) Your home is always so warm and inviting, and oh my has that little guy grown! Love the photo with the lights. So very sweet!

  32. Carol,
    Your cottage by the sea is amazing and your careful attention to detail and styling is a joy to behold. Thank you for the inspiration and beauty. Your tiny tot is one adorable bundle of precious babyhood!

  33. What a lovely decorating!!!...love Ria x ❤️

  34. Carol, I just love your cottage by the sea and all the ways you decorate it. I've followed you for awhile and I've been in love with your pixies since the first time I saw them. I'm still waiting for one to come to our house...lol. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for joining our Christmas Tour of Homes this year, and how much I enjoyed seeing all your special touches. Keep safe from the fires around you and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  35. I really enjoyed that tour and the way you decoarted your cottage for Christmas. All the red make it so cheerful!