Friday, October 13, 2017

Using the Same Old Things

Once October arrives, I add a little Halloween decor here and there.

For the most part I relied on old favorites and odd bits to create a my Halloween look.

I made a pillow out of drop cloth I had on hand

and used an old scarf to spruce up a garden bench.

I added another scarf to a chair in the guest room

and moved this table back to the space.

A sign I found on Pinterest decorates my old Underwood and I printed out labels for an old journal and glass bottles.

The colorful strand of beads was made from old bracelets

and this garland was made from a couple of old necklaces.

The dried hydrangeas are a couple of years old and are actually from my garden.

I made the felted cat and pumpkin in a workshop and the card is one I received from Vera of Rowhomes and Cobblestones.

I added a lot more Halloween decor than I originally planned and still have a box full of unused items.

But, this view when I pass the guest room makes me smile.

And now I'm wondering, do you decorate for Halloween?

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  1. Lovely touches, that old typewriter is beautiful and how fun to decorate it!

    I used to decorate a lot for halloween - but now that the kids are grown and living in their own homes I've minimized it. Your decor inspires me to add some touches again..

  2. Good morning dearest Carol! I love recycling things, using them in different ways. I do this with my clothing! No matter what the position of your things, they always look fresh and new.

  3. Love what you have done with the decorating for Halloween. I really love love the witch pillow you made.

  4. Love how your white walls really show off the things featured on the tabletop. Can you tell I'm a real fan of your new white look?

  5. I love your Halloween decor, especially the typewriter vignette and the drop cloth pillow. Vera's card is so cute! I love her photography with the adorable mice. She's talented, too!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. I love all your décor... I love that it's a little more refined and very vintage looking. I don't like all the plasticy, glittery new stuff. And those little felted animals are adorable!


  7. Such Halloween cuteness! I don't decorate for Halloween. This year I didn't even decorate for fall. But I enjoy seeing others decorate for Halloween.

  8. I add a few touches of Fall and then Halloween decor to the living room and kitchen. Just a touch! Nothing new this year...oh wait I did order pink pumpkins from Etsy but that's it!

  9. I used to decorate for all the holidays, but not anymore... Now I only decorate for the 4 seasons, and minimally at that!
    Getting lazy in my old age!!

  10. How fun! I love your decorating. And, I have that same exact typewriter and the cast iron hand. :-)

  11. Love your Halloween touches! You are so talented with vignettes. As always, every photo totally magazine worthy.

  12. Love your decorations - they look great.

    Yes, I put up a few things, not as much as I used to do. Hope to do a post soon and will have all that stuff in there.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. Everything looks great Carol. I love all your sweet vignettes for Halloween. I love to recycle what I have each year into new vignettes too. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  14. What a talent you have! Every detail is perfect! Thanks for the idea of using scarves - mine are all just hanging in my closet and I never thought to use them for decorating! I love that idea!

  15. I love your touches you've added around the home, so lovely. Over the years since being empty nesters I' only do a few things for fall and Halloween and I think you have just the right touch! And, of course I always admire your photos.........Happy Saturday.

  16. I don't decorate for Halloween or anything other than Christmas, it seems to be an American thing to do seasonal decorating. We don't tend to do it in Britain. Looks lovely though, and maybe I will try it. Bev

  17. Carol, I am in love with that old typewriter of yours. I swear one day I will have one here. LOL You have made some wonderful vignettes. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  18. You are so clever with just a few tweaks it looks so different! Sarah x

  19. We decorate for Fall and then at the end of September the Halloween decorations go up. Love your decorations. The type writer is gorgeous.

  20. I love same 'ole, same 'ole. That means you're happy with what you have and, like you said, makes you smile. I don't decorate for Halloween, but I appreciate those who do.
    That gold & blue scarf is a West Virginia thing! Love it.

  21. Carol,
    Your handmade felted black cat and mini pumpkin are the cutest! Was felting hard to do? Did you have a pattern for the cat and pumpkin?

    No, I don't decorate for Halloween.


  22. You just have the touch! It's all just so cute. That witch pillow is just adorable but I have to say I think the typewriter decorations are fab too.

  23. Carol I love your post title, the idea of using things we already have, bringing out old items that we've forgotten about...there's something casual and easy-going about that kind of holiday decorating that I'm more inclined toward these days. I do decorate for Halloween, I'm a kid at heart when it comes to that holiday. And we have little ones in our (new_)neighborhood which I love. Right now I'm preparing a guest post I was asked to I've been motivated to make something Halloweenish. But I'm loving all the little touches you've added to your home. It looks wonderful.

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  25. Oh my goodness this is all so booootiful! I would love for you to link up over at the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link Party!

    I am not sure why I am just finding your blog for the first time, but I will be back!
    Amber (

  26. Enjoyed seeing your Halloween decorations. Especially like those little boo balls.

  27. Carol, Just a few bits of color and the space perks up. I just love that old typewriter. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  28. Your decor inspires me to add some touches again..


  29. It looks very whimsical. I love the typewriter display and the "boo".

  30. Have never decorated for Halloween, apart from a few table settings for Halloween Tea, a long time ago. Love your 'boo' beads!


  31. Love seeing your holiday decor! My favorite has to be all the cuties on the typewriter!

  32. The mice in the typewriter are my favorite but it's all adorable.