Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Softer Palette

With some of the best summer days still to come, I"m not ready for fall decor,

 but I am ready for a change

 and the guest room was my first target.

While thinking about what I wanted to do in the guest room, I came across this photo on Instagram and I remembered the old window I had in the shed.

That same evening I found this chunky wood garland in one of my favorite local shops.

My goal was a look that will take me through November when I can decorate for Christmas.

I shopped the house for neutral objects -

for now there are bottles in the birdcage, but I'll soon be adding little white pumpkins.

Next up was updating this chippy old door.

My daughter and grandson were visiting a few weeks ago and she commented that a bench in the guest room would be nice.

I am absolutely certain she did not mean a bench filled with tchotchkes.

The big basket will be perfect to gather everything up to clear the bench when KC and Andy come for a visit later this month.

All summer long, the room was decorated in primary colors, but now it's back to a softer palette.

The garland of shells strung across the headboard that drove guests nuts when they bumped the headboard has been replaced with greenery to break up the wall of white.

This room had changes over the summer when Steve sold 2 of the paintings that hung in the guest room.

I need to slap some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in pure white on the dresser but I started changing things in the living room and this happened!

I don't know why I do these things to myself, 

but I know that I need to get my body in action and finish the living room if I want dinner tonight.


  1. I like the softer touch, Carol, but it sure is different from your bright, primary colors. I like the thought of transitioning into the seasons like this. Well done!

  2. I love it! Oddly enough, my post tomorrow is about my more soothing bedding colors in my bedroom. It looks fantastic and your guests will love it.

  3. I love your guest room. One day I hope to have a guest bedroom separate from my craft/painting projects! Love the soft subtle colors! I'm ready for some changes in my living room!

  4. Very pretty, Carol. I'm using a softer choice of colors lately too. Seems a little bit soothing to me. I love your guest room and your family will too.

  5. I love the table full of treasures, Carol! Happens to me all the time!

  6. I love the softer colors, and I so hear you on the "why do I do this myself" ~ I've done that SO many times!!!

  7. I like the soft colors, but I also liked the other too. Don't feel ad, we all do the same thing. Right now I can cleaning my chandelier in my dining room and there are big towels and a old shower curtain on table. You spray the crystals and it drips down, so everything is a mess.

    House looks great Carol. How fun that your daughter and grandson will be down soon.


  8. I love it both ways. And nobody combines bright colours better than you, Carol. You're always such a great inspiration!

  9. Carol,
    Your guest room is gorgeous. I hope to come stay with you some day and sleep in this beautiful room.
    Love that you are embracing softer neutrals in your decor. Love the look of your blog too. Very pretty.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  10. Carol,
    Your old window/door is perfect over the dresser. And the door with the metal mailbox is another perfect combination. If only you could see my dining room table covered in boxes and boxes of orders for my French Country Christmas event in December. So many ideas and so little time...


  11. Carol, you've done neutrals so, so well! I love your garland, and the mix of metals and a few greens with the whites. That's my kind of neutral! I cracked up with the comment on the bench. Somehow as I was finally changing my things in the sunroom, intending more neutrals, I ended up with a little more color. Oh well...still pondering neutrals for a different room....
    And oh, the scene in the LR almost made me hyperventilate. That's a big part of my reluctance to change the looks more frequently in my house - I hate all the putting away! I do it so much for the antique booths, it just drives me crazy doing it at home. I wrap my decor (porcelains, pottery and what little glass I keep) to put it away, so I dread it even more.
    Love your home by the sea, so much cottage appeal.

  12. I really like what you did, but I also like the colors. I like to change things up too, but so far it is one room that I do. My dining room was mainly white for years and I have added color to it.

  13. The room is so pretty and Ilove the bench - even tho its filled up!! The door is fabulous!

  14. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts! I wait impatiently to see what you've changed, created, painted or otherwise done to inspire me further. Love this one.

  15. You definitely have a fall feeling with your neutrals, Carol! So pretty! I am feeling pretty neutral myself right now, too! But I always end up bringing in color for the grandchildren for Halloween lol!

  16. Wow, Carol, your guest bedroom is simply stunning. I love everything about it! I like the softer colors for fall, and the wooden garland is perfect because I love the texture!


  17. I love the softer touch in the guest room - great transition into fall. I haven't done any fall decorating yet either. I'm hanging on to every last bit of summer.

  18. Just gorgeous, Carol. This is my palette for all seasons, but for fall and winter especially. I haven't let loose yet on my full-blown white and natural elements look, but as soon as this 90 degree weather of ours dissipates, I'm on it. GORGEOUS!

  19. Love the reality of the dining room pic! And the bench in the bedroom--great idea to have the basket ready to scoop it up. How nice for you that they are coming again soon! As much as I like your vibrant color, I do like this softer look you've created. Have a nice weekend!

  20. Hi Carol, the softer look and style is so pretty. I find myself moving in this direction and swinging a paint brush to make it happen.
    Your guest room is beautiful and I love the added bench. The garland across the headboard is so pretty.
    Happy weekend.

  21. Wonderful makeover in your guest room. Love the soft colors and subdued atmosphere. Would be a wonderful place to sleep.

  22. Change is in the air. It's one of the things that I love most about this season. Your changes were are positive. It's. Nice not to drive your guests nuts. ;) The room looks peaceful.

  23. Carol, The guest room looks so nice. Yes, I love the basket being there for a quick stow away of the cute things on the bench. I laughed about the pile on the table in front of the sofa. That would be me too. LOL. Blessings to you summertime girl. xoxo, Susie

  24. I like the softer tones. It makes me feel calm and serene.

  25. Gorgeous guest room! The "bench full of tchotchkes" couldn't be more perfect. I love it.

    And just for the record, I can totally relate to the mess created by moving things around. I, too, look at it all piled up just like you had & question how I got myself into this mess. LOL


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  29. Your guest room looks beautiful, I love the wooden garland. I'm sure your daughter's idea of the bench was different to yours! Will we get so see the changes you made in your living room? Hope Steve and you managed to eat!Sarah x

  30. your guest room looks so pretty. I love the softer colors.

  31. Absolutely beautiful and so very welcoming! Any guest would enjoy their stay in that lovely room. Hope you are doing well and enjoying life!

  32. I always love your primary colour decor. But this softer palette seems perfect for a soothing atmosphere.

  33. It looks fantastic and your guests will love it.


  34. We could be soul sisters. When I redo something I end up with our kitchen or dining room table heaped with stuff.....hubby gets pretty restless when that happens. He loves everything neat and in its place. Sometimes it takes several days to rearrange just right and he gets cranky. He indulges me but would rather not have to look at the 'in between stage." I love the softer look as well.
    That is great that momma and Andrew get to hang out with you so often.