Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Remember me?

Steve commented the other day that I haven't posted in weeks and I told him that I haven't done anything worth writing about.

That isn't exactly true because I took photos (248 to be exact) of a friend's beach house in Malibu, but I am still in the editing process.

While taking a break from editing all the Malibu photos, I decided to spruce up the guest room for summer.

The inspiration came from this driftwood heart I made a few years ago - it was hidden in the garden and I decided to reuse the driftwood for a project.

The heart was taken apart and the driftwood was painted in shades of blue

 to create a summery garland for the old door in the guest room.

This is one of my favorite spots for seasonal changes.

The vintage Underwood got a new quote,

shells were gathered for the little cubby

and I always love an excuse to use a few of my clock faces.

The softer palette for the room comes from this triptych, "In Another Life I Was a Surfer".

The dresser is a new addition - it was in the living room with the drawers painted red,

 but I'm loving the soft blue.

The guest room definitely has a more feminine feel

 than the rest of the house.

Steve rarely enters the guest room, but Lulu can be found there at any time of day.

Now it's back to editing photos and I'll leave you with one of the photos that's ready for my post

and I hope it won't be two weeks before I get the post written!

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

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  1. Oh to be a guest at your house! That guest room is absolutely charming! Don't know what would be best: walking in to go to bed or waking up in it! Lovely blog post as always!

  2. A beautiful bedroom for a blessed guest! And although I absolutely love the quote, your guest bedroom is surely a cure for tired eyes!;)


  3. Such a pleasure to read your post Carol and see your stunning photos. Love how you re-used the driftwood, such a beautiful summery garland. Your guest room look very inviting and comfortable.

  4. Carol, the guest room is so inviting. I love the soft colors and breezy feel. Great quote!
    Ha, I laughed about not having anything to blog about. Me too, my friend. Even with my Traveling Tote post I had to get creative to come up with something to share. I've not been much of anywhere of interest. '-)
    Eager to see your friend's home.

  5. I have missed you greatly. Sometimes however, we do need to step back to get a fresh perspective and live our lives, and that's what I've been doing (as well as trying to finish out the school year!)

    Carol, I love your transformation from an array of primary colors to the softer combination of white and blue. Oh my, what you did with that driftwood is marvelous. A dusty blue against the chippy white, what a winner!!!!!

  6. Good morning beautiful room Lulu is so cute and look like she love that lovely room
    Have blessing day
    I'm weating for all the Malibu picture you the best!!!!!!

  7. Wonderful pictures... beautiful room. :)

  8. The guest room is charming and such a retreat! I do love all your decorating skills. Hugs!

  9. I just love your creativity! The fact that you are too busy and happy to post is a great thing! :)

  10. Carol with a guest room like that your guest may never leave. I love everything about it . . . and even though you didn't mention the quilt on the bed, it made my heart skip a beat. Gorgeous!!! You might have to make a sign that reads, Company and fish smell after three days . . . or your guests will become permanent fixtures, LOL.
    Connie :)

  11. I always love it when you pop up in my feed, Carol. Your pictures are so cheery and fun to peek at. My new obsession is blue and white, and while I will not be paining over the monster amounts of red in my house, I love to see it in the homes of others. That garland is darling...and that quote is one of my favorites. Very true.

  12. So glad to see your post. Your photos are so pretty. Love the garland and the sweetness of your guest room.'


  13. What a cute idea with the driftwood...and I love the soft blues! Your guestroom is gorgeous! When can I come? heehee!

  14. I always look forward to your photos! Lulu poses like Abi does. I find editing photos very relaxing.

  15. If I were a guest in that room, I'd probably never leave! No wonder Lulu loves that room. The blue driftwood garland is amazing.

  16. the guest room looks fabulous! and everything you do is so cute!! Love the garland.

    Have a great weekend xoxox

  17. So glad to see a post from you. I was thinking last night that you haven't posted for awhile. I am like you, not doing anything special right now.

    Your guest room is stunning - love all the light blue and white. Looks like Lulu likes it also.

    Looking forward to seeing your friends home in Malibu. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  18. Hi Carol,
    I want to come stay in your pretty guest room. Love the old door in there. The drift wood garland is awesome. Love your vignettes. So pretty.

  19. Simply blue and absolutely beautiful, all of it!! did you attach the sea stars to the garland?

    Laguna Beach is my home turf, so to speak. I'd love to meet up with you for a photo shoot, maybe also some afternoon tea at the Montage? I'll bet you'd love the pirate tower at Victoria Beach. Sneak-peek, from my blog:

  20. Carol, I don't think a guest would ever leave that gorgeous room. I always look forward to your post. Have a beauty-filled weekend!

  21. I saw some of this on Instagram and fell in love. It's one of your best I think.

  22. Hi Carol, everything is beautiful and this room is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  23. I'm new to your blog and love all of your beautiful photos! I would be so happy to be a guest in your house! The guest room is so calm and relaxing and everything you've done to decorate it up is just "the cat's meow" as my aunt used to say! Love the big chippy door and the driftwood garland.. and the cute little dresser with the blue drawers. Sigh.... and the quilt on the bed.... double sigh. Love it all! Your room does make me think about the sea and how much I miss it. I'm about a 4 hour drive here in Oregon from the coast and I just love the ocean, the smells, the clouds, the mist, the wind, etc. Looking forward to your next post, and hope I can spend some time browsing what you've already posted. Marilyn

  24. I love what you did in the room. That garland is great.

  25. Such a lovely and serene room for your guests. Your photos are always so beautiful. I hope to someday find time to play around with my camera and get good at using it. Have a lovely weekend!

  26. I think anyone would LOVE to spend time in that room! I know I would. Wonderful use of the door.

    Lulu reminds me sooooo much of my granddog, who is a cockapoo. Is that what lulu is?

  27. I can see why Lulu loves it so much. What a dreamy space! It looks so inviting! I love the way you reworked the driftwood to make the door garland. Your photos are always so beautiful.

  28. Your guest bedroom looks so pretty and looks wonderful with Steve's fantastic picture. I had to smile at Lulu, like our pets they know where to find the most comfortable places in the house! Sarah x

  29. Carol,
    Yes, I do remember you and all your creativity. Your refreshed driftwood is a lovely garland... had to pin it to two of my Pinterest boards. Of course, you know I loved it since it was blue and white. Whenever I visit you, I always come away feeling serene.


  30. It doesn't matter at all how often you post! I think many of us are posting less than times gone is busy and yes, the photo editing does take time! Loving that driftwood...

  31. Oh, how I love your guest room! The color blue is so peaceful and I like what you did with the driftwood. The room looks light, airy and restful.

  32. LuLu knows what a sweet room this is.