Monday, January 16, 2017

Beading Frenzy

I've been on a purging and organizing kick for months now (almost finished) and I came across 2 boxes of colorful wooden beads.

I don't even remember why I bought them, but I decided to use them for a garland for the guest room bed.

As you can see, they didn't end up on the headboard - metal stars won out!

After the garland, I still had lots of beads left so I went a little crazy stringing more - I see them on IG and they seem to be labeled as "jewelry for your home".

This is all I have left after stringing up 6 pieces of "jewelry" and the garland.

2 have been mailed off to friends, 1 is claimed and I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest.

I was having such fun stringing beads while we watched movies at night (I have to do something with my hands or I fall asleep) so I ordered large wooden beads to go along with small beads I already had.

This is the end result.

Now I was really on a roll using up any beads I could find in my craft space - who knew I had so many!

No, they are not all on display in the house at the same time,

but I had fun taking pictures and now I have things to grab when I want to add just a little touch to vignettes.

These beads were all from a French General Notions Kit my sister bought me years ago (they have been in several different locations since then) and this garland has been mailed off to a friend.

This string of beads will probably be draped over various items from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Beads like these were my original inspiration and I had everything on hand to create them.

I love these blue and white beads and need to find more to make a longer strand.

These are my favorite - you saw "Little Man" in my last post, but now the vignette is finished off with fun wooden and clay beads.

I didn't make the beaded heart on wire, but I might have to create my own.

I haven't strung beads for at least 20 years when I found these fun block beads and spelled out my teaching nickname (you can find me on Words With Friends as Mscookie16), but it's relaxing, easy and doesn't bother my hands.

I guess the "beading frenzy" will continue - when I looked up the name of the French General kit, I came across this fun outing and I'm signing up for it - anyone want to join me?

If you read this post earlier, I told people to let me know if they were interested in the colorful beaded "jewelry", but I had to delete that sentence because they were quickly snapped up and will be headed soon to new homes.

Just to show you that I haven't gone completely nuts with beads,

these are my last 3 posts on Instagram and there isn't a bead in sight!

So, what has you in a frenzy these days?


  1. Love the beads. They look great in all the different places.

    My craft room is such a mess again, mostly from all the Christmas stuff I pulled out. So today I have been trying to straighten up in there.

    No frenzy for anything lately. We were out of town for a couple days and then the grands were here for a night. I need to find something fun to do after all the laundry today.

  2. These beaded garlands are so bright and cheery, and I love the unadorned ones, too. I'm coveting them all, but especially the plainspoken, understated bead garlands, which speak to me of quiet peace. If you're willing to part with any, I'd love to talk with you about that.

    (And I so love your photography! I take my camera on field trips, here and there and everywhere, but I'd like to learn how to create beautiful vignettes.)

  3. Carol, your beads about the house are fun. I love the cute polka dot beads. Clever the way you used the multi colored string and tied the tassels at the ends. Clever girl! I'd love to add these to my Valentine or Easter vignettes.
    The French General outing sounds fun. Wish I lived near by for this one.
    Keep on beading, my friend. You are on a roll! '-)

  4. FUN!!!

    If you really don't want the plain ones, I'll take them!!!

    The French General outing sounds like a blast ~ wish I was still there!

  5. Your beadwork adds so much to each photo. I'm impressed. Any that want to travel down to LA would be more than welcome.

  6. How fun!
    I love the idea of hanging beads around the house!!

  7. I would LOVE to get some silly house jewelry LOL - I can see it hanging in my studio even as I type. Plus I need the pop of colour..hugs from a very cold mid Michigan...

  8. Hi Carol Looks like you had lots of fun with the beads. They are all great, but of course, the blue and white are my favorite 💙 I like the ways you've displayed them too.

  9. I love how you find things you have stashed away and are able to set the creative wheels spinning! Right now my house is in such disarray from the contractors, that I can't even think of how I would use a string of beads. My brain is pretty muddled right now. ;-)

  10. It looks like you are having great fun and making jewelry for the home! I love it! Such cuteness and I would never have thought of using them like that. Makes me want some beads for my cute Mailegs!! Glad it doesn't hurt your hands. Oh and I like the part where you said you fall asleep watching tv if your hands aren't busy...that's me!! Hugs.

  11. What fun!!! I took a whole box full of craft stuff to school that I figured I would never use. I have also donated a bunch of fabric (that I have no use for) to the senior center and they will make quilts for the shelter. It just feels so good to use (or donate) things, doesn't it? Your beaded articles are all just darling. Love the bright colored ones- they are perfect for your bright, happy home. xo Diana

  12. I'm the same as you when it comes to watching tv. If I'm not knitting or crocheting, I'm nodding off. Years ago my sister and I used to make zig zag patterned beaded bracelets with tiny beads and elastic thread. I'd completely forgotten about them until I read your post! The polka dot garland is adorable and adds a festive flair to your home. Have fun on your outing, Carol!

  13. Loved this post. Great beading fun ! X

  14. I'm not a beader but I do like what you have done with yours. A long garland adds a nice touch to the guest room.

    Enjoy your outing...I look forward to seeing what you bring home.

  15. I wish I could go to French General with much fun! I love the beads in your vignettes, especially the wooden ones. So pretty and clever! :)

    Please post about what you uncover on your field trip. (hint, hint)

  16. Wow you have a lot of beads and they all are so pretty. Love that little Man where did you get him. He just makes me smile.
    xoxo Have a great new week ahead.

  17. I have been wanting to try beading and you are just adding to the desire. They add so much to a vignette. Every style is fun!!

    Wish I could go with you on that outing. It sounds like so much fun.

  18. Love the pops of colour your beads create...and I love the neutral coloured ones too. The outing sounds like a really fun idea!
    Have a great week Carol.
    Helen xox

  19. Love little man! I have a jumbo rosary, blessed, made from wooden beads that I pickled white, I love the way it occupy's a presence that is both textural and spiritual ... it's the only beads I display in our house. I am smiling that you have gone bead happy and the fun look it's added to your vignettes.

  20. So, I tell myself that if I stayed home and didn't travel, I too, would create such fun things. The reality is: I wouldn't but you sure inspire me to consider the possibility with each post you do. Love this one ~

  21. oh I love beads...I am a bead hoarder...and a yarn hoarder. Such great colors and shapes and sizes.

  22. Love your beads - they looks terrific. I was hoarding buttons for my Santa's when I was making them. I ended up giving them away.

    You certainly made some beautiful stings of beads. Love the poka dot ones.

    Have a great time on your trip into LA.

    Enjoy out rain coming....


  23. string some for next years' Christmas tree :)

    For some reason this reminded me of when I was younger and raising the boys and one year I strung popcorn for the tree. Sprayed it with hairspray and it lasted for several more Christmases.

    Looks like you have been having a blast with these :)

  24. So fun to find those beads and find so many places to accent with them around the house. I love the variety of them. Great project!

  25. Hi Carol, These are great, thinking I should make some beaded necklaces for my antique bottles. The beaded wire heart is so cute too. Lovely bright pictures all over your house makes me hopeful for Spring here in Upstate NY.

  26. Good morning Carol!

    What a great color frenzy you have created in your all white cottage! Everything looks so fresh and ready for spring! And seeing that little pink building (The French General) so reminds me of my little house in Los wonderful. Well, here we are, almost at the end of January and we only have a few more months to go until we start to see some garden color!

    What's my frenzy lately? A new lens for my camera that has the potential to give me more out of my photos, but the frenzy is that I have NO MODELS or even any flowers to photograph. I can't wait to find a willing model to help!

  27. I'm a sucker for any kind of garland, Carol, and your beaded pretties have really caught my eye. They look like fun to make and the finished product is darling...enjoy!!

  28. I can always count on seeing projects being down at your beautiful home! It sounds like you had loads of fun with the beads and the results are really pretty. Happy hunting!


  29. The bead garlands are so fun. I like the colourful ones as well as the natural wood ones.

  30. I haven't gotten into the beads for the home thing yet, but after seeing your vignettes, I am going to! They are so happy and pretty.

  31. I just come across your blog and enjoyed your post on beads immensely!

  32. It's great that you found a creative outlet that doesn't bother your hands. The beads are fun.

  33. I love those blue and white beads!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  34. Love seeing where all you displayed your beads. What a nice addition to your vignettes. I too have to do something with my hands at night, but sometimes I pause for a moment, and there I go, nodding off! Hope you're having a good week!

  35. You did have lots of beads,I love the way you have used them to decorate your home. I too will fall asleep infront of the TV the evening unless I am on the computer! Sarah x

  36. What fun! Love the happy colours! Great idea...
    Have a lovely weekend now, take care.

  37. I would love to join you on the fun outing event, but I am too far away. :( I will look forward to seeing your photos of your day and your finds.


  38. It's fun to look back AND seeing what is going on now : ) Enjoying your beading 'frenzy' and creative results :)

  39. Wow, you did have a ton of beads! That's something I don't have much of. I love those French General ones! I have a small quilt made out of French General fabrics. Love how you've staged them throughout your home. I'm sure your friends are going to love them!