Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cozy At Christmas

Welcome to the Cozy at Christmas blog tour

hosted by Katie of Let's Add Sprinkles.

Thanks for dropping by our little beach cottage.

It's a beautiful day in Southern California, the Dutch door is open so come on in.

Our cottage is small and our entry is the perfect spot to add a tree without feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, that tree needs to be tall & skinny so a pencil tree works best.

Weeds from the garden look festive adorned with berries and ribbon.

I'm using red all through the house this Christmas.

The clocks have been on the shelf in the dining room for months, but they look Christmasy with the simple addition of greenery and gingham.

One of the few purchases I made for Christmas decorating this year was the green metal basket on the table.

I spotted it in a favorite shop and knew it would be perfect for holding my glass ornaments.

I warned you that there would be a lot of red!

I went through my cupboards to find anything red & white

and discovered many long forgotten items.

White slipcovers make holiday decorating easy - I just swapped the white pillows on the sofa with red pillows that used to be on the dining room window seat.

Adding greenery and a few ornaments quickly gives an existing vignette holiday flair.

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without my first Maileg pixie Olaf -he's the one who started my Maileg addiction.

As you can see,

my childish side comes out at Christmas

and fortunately Steve puts up with my silliness.

The mint green of my old pie safe is perfect for Christmas decor

and I had spent way too much time styling it with a spool of cloth ribbon I found the other day.

I replaced an aqua bench with a bright green one for Christmas in the guest room.

and added the polka dot quilt.

It's amazing the difference in the room just by changing the accents from aqua to red.

I have always used this metal Christmas tree outside, but this year it's in the guest room.

I had no idea where I was going with my decorations on the old door in the guest room, but I love how it turned out.

I had a lot fun and used my creativity in decorating the guest room.

  I printed sheet music from the internet and attached it to an old clipboard.

I found a roll of narrow butcher paper (left over from my mother in-law's art supplies) in the garage and used it to create a banner for an old wooden spool.

After painting a yellow metal pitcher white, I realized I was all out of greenery so I cut branches from a neighbor's tree that hangs over into our yard.

I got creative with our bedroom as well.

Last night I gathered together all the little bells I could find and watched a movie while I strung them to make a garland.

The boss has already spoken to me about how impractical it is to have the garland across the doors, but who needs to be practical!

When Steve made me the headboard a few months ago, my first thought was how fun it would be to decorate for Christmas.

 I wonder what his reaction would be if I hung the bells on the headboard.

Stars and hearts made last Christmas out of drop cloth are quiet and don't bother anyone sleeping.

You would think that after 12 days of decorating, I would be finished, but I still have to decorate the garden.

 I guess you'll have to come back next week when I am joining Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson for the Creating Christmas Link Party - start working on your post so you can join in.

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  1. How pretty your place looks all decked out for Christmas, I love it all.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. I've got my bags packed. I'm moving in!

    I love it all, Carol!! Thanks so much for sharing your home with us today.

  3. Your complete tour absolutely delighted me Carol! I think you should string bells are the headboard. ;) The fact that you also made weeds look good is so charming. I'll be back to visit soon.

  4. Hi Carol, LOVE this tour and all your special touches throughout. You have truly inspired me with all your wonderful ideas. I simply love it all. Actually I must go back and see it all again. Thank you for sharing in our tour. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. xo

  5. You are SO creative! Love that basket!!! and I really love the NOEL with your kitchen scale - so cute! The colours pop so fabulously well against all the white. Well done my friend!!

  6. Boy your creativity really kicked in! The cottage looks absolutely inviting, fun and festive.

  7. Everything looks so lovely..our cottages are at their best at Christmas time. You have a knack for decorating.

  8. Carol I am loving every inch of your pretty sea cottage decorated for Christmas. All your touches of red against the white is stunning. Loving it all. Happy Holidays my friend.

  9. You are the queen of detail . . . every little thing is perfect. I just can't figure out where you store all the stuff you bring out seasonally. Carol, you make Martha Stewart (Christmas) green with envy :)
    Happy Holidays!
    Connie :)

  10. I just don't even know where to start because I love it all, Carol! I love all the red. Red and white is my very favorite color combination. Everything looks so sweet and festive! Your guest bedroom is amazing. And I like your skinny tree in the foyer. Super job, My Friend! I can't way to see what you do in the garden.


  11. I knew your house would be great decorated for Christmas and I was not dissappointed. I love your red vignettes though out the house. Especially your window seat in the kitchen and your guest room. My mind is swirling with ideas. Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  12. You've made it the perfect Christmas cottage! And I love seeing your sweet pixies! Holiday hugs, Diane

  13. I absolutely ADORE your 'cottage!' I bet it is so much fun to live there!!
    Your decorations are simply PERFECT!!!

  14. OOO, I just knew your Christmas cottage by the sea would be magical...and I was right. Everything is wonderful...so soft and cuddly and warm...I wish we had Scratch and Sniff for posts...I just can close my eyes and smell the home-sweet-home scents of your Christmas home. A wonderful tour.....

  15. Oh Carol, I just love your childlike, whimsical self, and how your decorate!! Your cozy, beach cottage is so bright, cheery and fun. Having white as your background certainly lets you change everything out for the seasons. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  16. Hi Carol. I love all the bits of red everywhere, and your Mailegs ...they are adorable! Everything is so crisp and fresh and cheerful ❤️❤️

  17. Your home is so charming all Christmased up! Your bedroom is so pretty and your kitchen cabinets with all of the red looks so wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. If I could copy anyone's style it would be yours! I love all the red and white. I'm ready to add some more Christmas to my home now!!

  19. polka dots, red, and more red! Yes please! I love it as I am a huge fan of red! It definitely looks warm and cozy and speaks Christmas to me! I'd be more than happy to spend time in your pretty guest room. And we could all learn to be more childlike! Love your playful style. Christmas blessings,

  20. Your cottage may be small, but it is filled with charm, creativity and enchanting whimsey! Every nook and cranny gives the visitor a visual gift. Thank you for this memorable cozy Christmas tour, I enjoyed every moment.

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Eilis@MyHeartLivesHereDecember 6, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Oh my goodness! I can see why you've been working on it for 12 days. Every detail is absolutely charming. I'm going back to pin everything now...

  22. Carol, your home is SO cozy and charming decked out in its Christmas decor. I smiled many times at your whimsical and magical vignettes. You are incredibly talented and creative. What a joy! Happy Holidays!

  23. I absolutely love all your Christmas decorations. So many cute pieces and the light in your cottage is enviable. Stunning job of making every nook and cranny a perfect spot. Happy to be introduced to you.

  24. Yea for red! Love all your holiday pretties. Where did you get your little pixie dolls? You call them Maileg I think? I can't go back and check your spelling...

  25. Carol, Thank you so much for the exciting Christmas tour of your home. I loved every bit of it. You are so very clever with so many things. I like the clipping from the neighbor's tree.:):) I also love the new header and the word in the old typewriter. Perfect. Blessings to you and Steve. xoxo, Susie

  26. I love it all, Carol, but I think the sheet music is my favorite!! How fun...I can hear the music from here.

  27. I never tire of looking at your precious cottage! For a small home it sure leaves a big impact. I absolutely adore everything...as always. Have a lovely week!

  28. Oh Carol, I am always amazed at how wonderful your cottage looks. I love it, everything is perfect.

    Love all the red accents and your vignettes.

    Have a wonderful week.


  29. Your home really shows off the red decor against the white walls. It feels so fresh and clean. I'm tipping over toward the white walls theme after seeing how it allows the decorations in the room to shine while keeping the look uncluttered. The clocks are so unique and adding the greens makes them blend right in with the other decor. I'm loving the whole look of your home.

  30. What a treat! I just love your home! It is so festive and beautiful!! I just adore all the red and white! Your decorated ladder is the coolest thing! So creative! I just love your red metal chairs too!

  31. Carol,
    All your red says, "Christmas." It is amazing how one color can transform a room to one filled with holiday cheer. I loved seeing all your decorating with all the white backgrounds. There is the cutest Santa sitting in front of your white door in the guest bedroom. He's holding a star. Love your JOY banner made using book pages. I made some NOEL banners using pages from a paperback with French words scattered in the text.

    Joyeux Noël,

  32. Oh Carol what a delightful holiday tour... you have decked your halls with merriment and cheer. Love how your have changed the background to a white canvas to color in your cottage happy! The red just adds the perfect pop of color to be home for the holidays.

  33. Carol, I knew your cottage would be adorable dressed for the holidays. The red theme is perfect, and I admire the way you added whimsical touches of red with the greens to the white that is throughout the cottage. Well done!

  34. You are always such an inspiration! Love your decorations. I guess I have the red, just need to add the Christmas!

  35. I could hardly wait to see what whimsical magic you would come up with this year Carol. I must admit, you did not disappoint! It's all just fabulous!! I hear you about being practical. One year I put twigs hanging over the tops of my cupboards and hung little bells all over the branches. Now and then when I opened a cupboard a bell got caught. Did I take them down? No way, I just lifted that branch up and smiled. :) Kids don't need to be practical, and who wants to grow up? lol! Excited for next week too!!

  36. My dear! How cute is all this. I'm thrilled this is a stop on our tour. Your collections are amazing. The little mice are just captivating. Those darling elves. I'm so tempted to run out and get me one of those. What a precious Christmas home. I love it all.

  37. Your home is always so pretty but it's especially beautiful decorated for Christmas. Just perfect! Kathy

  38. Absolute perfection! Your creativity knows no bounds. Bells on the headboard...ha ha ha!

  39. What a wonderful job you did Carol, I love the red and I've come back to it too. It just feels so cheery and christmasy. Steve's headboard looks great too!

  40. Everything looks wonderful! Love the music on clipboard! I am also using red this year...it is such a happy color. Christmas lets us have such fun with decorating. Your post should be in a magazine. Sheila

  41. Embrace your inner child - it totally works for you. Love your style as always. I just can't believe you've been decorating for so many days.

  42. Girl !!!!!!You have Decked The Halls !!!!! LOL
    It is all wonderful and love the RED
    I am so behind this year, I need to stay home and decorate instead of out tourning out houses LOL

    I love everything you showed us

    Merry Christmas

  43. I adore this post and everything in it! Red and white is my own favourite for Christmas decorating and has been for a few years so I really love everything here! And of course you take very beautiful photos of it all too :)
    Helen xox

  44. I love the fresh white with pops of red. It is all so pretty. It must be fun to walk through the house every day with all the pretty Christmasy feel in every room.

  45. Everything is so pretty!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  46. Carol, you have so many beautiful touches throughout the tour! Simple perfection! I love all of the red and white! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  47. Good Afternoon Carol,
    The kids have stepped out for a few hours, so I am catching up with this delightful Christmas Blog hop.
    Goodness gracious what a lovely delight this is, but of course I knew it would be!
    I so enjoy your whimsical and enchanting decorating style it delights me every time!
    Merry Christmas,

  48. Good morning Carol! I am following Jemma here on this trail of friends to come and wish you a Happy Christmas holiday! I am a bit behind on my visits, but it's fun to watch how everyone fixes up their little cottages, castles or happy homes. How I love your shift to white with bright pops of color! The red looks marvelous, an almost pomegranate red! LOVE IT ALL!

  49. I love all the red touches in your decor, they go so well in your Cottage and gives the spirit of Christmas with unity throughout your home.

  50. Your Christmas cottage looks wonderful. I'm not surprised it has taken you so many days to decorate, you have put my efforts to shame! Sarah x

  51. OMG so darn cute!!! I love your decorations. It is so whisical!

  52. What an absolute delight for the eyes and the heart touring your festive home has been. It is beautiful and so welcoming. How lucky are the folk who get to spend Christmas with you. Thank you and Happy Christmas 2018 from Marion in the UK.