Thursday, November 10, 2016

In a World of Flowers

All through the month of October, I saw this L. M. Montgomery quote on Instagram

and today I thought of the quote as I did my morning chores.

But, my wording would be, "I'm so glad I live in a place where I have fresh flowers all year long."

I love having colorful flowers

to brighten up our outdoor space

and add to the view through our windows.

 I am grateful that there are always flowers 

in the garden

to use in bouquets.

When colorful flowers are sparse

there is greenery

available to liven up my vignettes.

 I can always find flowers in local shops to fill the house with lovely scents - 

roses in the dining room,

hydrangeas and freesia in the entry,

and mini roses in the guest room.

I am as content with simple baby's breath

 as I am with spectacular roses

and when roses begin to fade,

they are dried so we can continue to enjoy them.

I have only lived in spots where flowers are plentiful so I'm curious -

are you able to enjoy fresh flowers year round?


  1. Awwwww little Lulu is just too adorable. That face!!! I am so jealous you can have beautiful fresh flowers year around. I am just thankful that our grocery store has beautiful fresh flowers for me to buy during our winter months. Happy Friday and have a wonderful week end.

  2. teeeheeeee, that LULU just makes me SMILE!

    I am glad I live in a world where:

    a few people really, really care about me.

    flowers of friends bloom even in the middle of winter.

    I can be who I really am.

  3. Pansies thrive in our winters, even if they get buried under snow for a time. When the temperature warms up a bit in the day, a small nosegay of them is nice to bring in the house --- otherwise it's grocery store blooms.

  4. South Florida enjoys fresh flowers year 'round. I need to bring more indoors like you.

  5. We do not have fresh flowers year round unless you go to a florist or grocery and then they are imported! I can't have fresh flowers in my house because of allergies, but I love to see how you use them all over!

  6. Hi Carol, always beauty to be inspired by with a visit to your cottage. Lulu is adorable! Yes, I do enjoy fresh flowers year round. If not from my garden, then in local shops. Have a nice weekend. xo

  7. Lovely pictures and in my world flowers is a MUST - every day!
    Have a beautiful weekend, take care...

  8. So many pretty flowers! We have flowers a lot of the year and always in the stores there are some to buy. My goal for 2017 is to enjoy flowers in my home much more often!

  9. I like fresh flowers at any time of year. I'm also fond of bringing anything from nature indoors - sticks, driftwood, rocks, greenery - natural elements add life to rooms. Your photos are gorgeous and bright, a welcome sight on this grey morning.

  10. That Lulu is just darling!!! No-Fresh flowers here are at a premium. Our farmer's markets don't start carrying flowers until well into June and by the early part of September they are all gone. Nothing grows here from September until mid-May. In May we get some spring flowers but no roses, etc. until June.
    You are lucky! Your pictures are lovely- xo Diana

  11. Indeed you are a lucky woman. Waves, flowers, wonderful weather...what more could you ask for from the environment you live in?

  12. No, actually I'm not in a place with beautiful flowers year round. You lucky girl you! Love that Lulu!

  13. This was an enjoyable post to see..just a few flowers holding on now here prior to winter really settling in :)

  14. Carol,
    Sweet Lulu, give her a hug for me. Sure for us that enjoy living with 4 seasons we can always enjoy beautiful flowers by way of the imports and homegrown in grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. But of course a visit to your posts lets us find inspiration in your arrangements from your garden. I will say there is great enjoyment watching a snowfall and having fresh flowers indoors.

  15. No more fresh flowers here - at least not free ones! I will have to rely on Trader Joes once again. Your arrangements are always so beautiful.

  16. No year-round flowers here... but that is part of why I loved Los Osos so much!

  17. Flowers certainly do make the world a prettier place! : )

  18. I enjoy fresh flowers year round, yes I do! I don' t think a home is very homey without them or houseplants. We planted some pansies last weekend.

    Your little vignettes are so pretty! I always enjoy seeing them around your adorable little cottage. They make me smile! I love the little mini roses in the guest bedroom. So sweet! You have such pretty little touches everywhere!

    Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday!


  19. As you know living in So CA we always have flowers. We are so lucky.
    My roses are blooming again and my paper whites are in bloom.
    Yes, we are so lucky.....
    Beautiful photos and that Lulu is adorable.

    Enjoy your week Carol.


  20. Lovely flower photos, Carol! In Minnesota we have to buy flowers or grow bulbs indoors for our long winter...but this year we haven't had a freeze yet...and there are still flowers around!

  21. Lovely photos. I remember the flowering hibiscus in our Rancho Santa Margarita yard that bloomed all year. I really miss them. We have to rely on the florists from now until spring here in Indiana.

  22. Carol, what a little cutie your furry friend is. Who needs flowers with that sweet face. When I lived on the coast we had flowers in the garden all year long, but in the mountains not so much in the winter but there is always a beautiful array at Costco..Happy Tuesday and thank you for your visit..Judy

  23. What an incredibly beautiful day brightener this post is!

  24. I guess it's true .... you get what you wish for ......Flowers for you !
    overhere in Holland are many many flowers . I have a garden and it's my dream to have flowers ....... I will get there !
    Happy birthday Carol I am looking forward to see and read what's coming your way in your new year !

  25. Love your wonderful flower pictures! Yes, I love to have flowers around me all the time, and always manage to find some somewhere here, even in the depths of winter!
    Helen xox

  26. I don't live in a tropical climate year round as you do, so during the winter months, I would have to buy flowers from a florist. But I am lucky that we have mild winters compared to some states so we usually have more warm months than cold. You have so many pretty flowers to choose from for your home. I think it would be wonderful to live near the ocean year round!

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