Monday, June 20, 2016


I read a lovely post shared by Dotsie of Podso this morning titled More Bliss

and she talked about a luncheon she shared with a group of friends where she asked each woman to share how they found their bliss.

Dotsie found that each of her friends savored the days when they could just putter around the house.

I must agree with Dotsie and her friends that having time to putter is bliss to me.

Frequently the puttering is productive - Steve and I puttered together to create a new sign for the porch.

I messed up on the spacing of the letters, but Steve saved the day by suggesting that we add a starfish to solve the problem.

Steve is busy working on a commission so I had time to putter around in La Petite Maison.

It started simply by taking an old chair out of storage and adding a basket of flowers.

Then, I decided to organize the shelves so I could take photos of the fun items I received from Kathy of Kluless.

I had inquired about some cute tart tins Kathy posted on Instagram.

She sent me the tins and included the cutest wooden blocks - I wonder why she thought of me when she saw the blocks?

The shelves are organized,

like items are placed together

and there are only a few baskets on the floor.

You wouldn't think a space this small would hold much.

I really need to stop puttering,

but it's so much fun to pick flowers and play around with pictures.

What about you, is puttering your "bliss"?

However you find it, I wish you a blissful day.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Carol, I love the way your putter . That teaset up by the picnic basket..I love, love ,love it.Your sweet shed , adorable !! Blessings to you, xoxo Susie
    p.s. you and Steve are a good team.

  2. Happy summer Solstice!!

    Puttering is one of my most favorite things to do ~ I just finished 'dressing' the living room for summer...

    I really like your new sign ~ Steve is so clever with with the starfish!

    Hugs ~

  3. Of course I love this post, and love that you were inspired. I do think of you as one that loves to putter, and I think you and your husband make a great team around your house! Thanks for the mention, and I enjoyed your post and all the great photos, as usual! Happy Longest Day of the year!

  4. I also read Dotsie's post and I do love to putter about the house with decor now and then. I love the new sign you made - starfish and all. Happy summer to you!

  5. Dotsie's post had me longing for a day of puttering, too. Just one more week of exams and report cards! Your puttering resulted in lots of cuteness.

  6. Yes, Carol, puttering is bliss! I puttered inside today because it was ghastly hot and humid outside. I'm hoping it rains tonight so I don't feel compelled to 'work' in the garden tomorrow morning. Haha, my 'work''s just a different version of puttering. Love your petite maison and all the organized shelves. Steve's remedy for the sign looks totally planned - perfect!

  7. Loving all your beautiful abundant purple petunias. They are so full and lovely!

  8. You putter well my friend and your bliss shows. I find bliss in creating - be it painting, creating in clay or writing, also cooking as I find it just one more creative expression. Your garden is growing beautifully must be all the attention and love you give it. Putter on and live in bliss should be your next sign.

  9. This time of year I think my bliss is my back yard where I sit each morning surrounded by flowers and the woods beyond. This is where I feel God the closest. Thank you for sharing YOUR little piece of Heaven there on the beach!
    Hugs friend,

  10. Yes! I love having a day home to putter! There is always something to do and those days usually become busier than if I had errands to run...but I am home! Lots to putter in the yard too and it is finally nice outside...the 90's and humidity are gone. I LOVE your sign and I thought the starfish was part of the original is perfect!

  11. You know, next to reading and writing and photography, PUTTERING has to be my favorite summertime activity. As you well know, during the school year, it's difficult to putter, and what ends up happening during the cold months is to CLUTTER instead! I can tell you in detail so far that during these past 2 and a half weeks of being off from school that some of my most prized moments were while I was puttering either in the garden or the house. And once I decluttered my writing closet, my patio and kitchen, puttering about is more enjoyable. I think it allows space to dream and rearrange until the feeling is just right. Yes, it is BLISS!

  12. I love seeing all of your pretty things on your shelves. makes me want to be more creative...or have you come and help me! heehee! Enjoy your day sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  13. Cute sign! And I like the word "puttering." ;P
    I need to use it rather than "fluffing."


  14. That is one of my favorite things to do also. Just have fun 'playing' with my stuff! Taking photos, flowers, pottery and my things! Love the wood blocks, oh I 'wonder' why she thought of you.

  15. You sure had a happy puttering day! Love what you did with the cute trinkets Kathy sent to you. I'm going to do some puttering and pinning here:-)

  16. Love your puttering - everything always looks great. I think when we worked for so many years, we didn't have the time to putter - just worked to get our chores done. Now it's bliss to just putter the day away with no regrets.

    So glad that it has cooled off as I have been sick in bed for over a week with Asthmatic bronchitis and had to go back to the Dr yesterday. Of course the heat does not help, but feel a little better today.

    Enjoy your week and you little house looks so organized.


  17. I always enjoy seeing what you have created as you putter around your home and garden. I should find more time to putter! The sign you both made looks great and I like the starfish that was a great idea of Steve's! Sarah x

  18. Yes, puttering is my favorite too. I call it playing house sometimes. It's so nice to just be at home and not have to get in the car or go anywhere sometimes. :)

    Beautiful at your beach cottage...always!

  19. Hi Carol, Happy Summer!
    I don't know what a "Cut Plug" is, but I sure do like the can it came in, LOL. Also, the sign you made is perfect and I love how you made it look old and sun bleached. It looks like it has been there for years. This is the first time that I have seen your mail box . . . is it where your mail is delivered, or does it serve a creative propose?
    Keep puttering and enjoying it . . . you do it so well.
    Connie :)

  20. Puttering is one of my favorite things to do. So relaxing and mindful. In fact, I'm off to putter now! It's a gorgeous day and I need to get outside and sweep and deadhead flowers, etc. Tomorrow, we have a severe thunderstorm alert with hail and possible tornadoes, so I'll be hunkered inside. Though, it'll be a good time to putter indoors then, right?

  21. Like most of us, I love taking is always more fun when snapping our favorite things...
    Love puttering outside much better than inside....and love your new sign...

  22. Your little house is just the cutest. I love to see what you come up with when you putter around. Love the beach sign and the children's blocks-so great! Have a wonderful week!

  23. Yup Carol, puttering is definitely my bliss! Just playing and creating, in no hurry is certainly a little bit of heaven. Your gifts are wonderful and the shelves all look just darling! You certainly have the knack to putter my friend!

  24. Thank you for making me feel less guilty about my puttering! It's my favorite thing. Although I'm clearly not as productive a putterer as you, I do enjoy it and enjoy reading about other putterers!

  25. What a lovely little cute house, love it! Many nice things there much inspiration in a small house!
    Have a great week, take care.

  26. Carol,
    I so agree with finding your bliss puttering around the house. People ask me what will I do when I retire...I tell thatm than they must not know me because I will be so busy....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    I am having major issues with my Debbie-Dabble blog so I am posting over on my Christmas blog until I can get it resolved.
    By the way, I love how you styled your shelf!!

  27. Your sign came out great! I'll share the link in the comments.

  28. Yes, puttering is sheer bliss! I'd be quite content to spend every day puttering around. Looks like you had a productive and fun day!

  29. You definitely know hot to putter! Your house looks great :)
    It really amazes me as I don't usually don't produce nothing when I putter

  30. Oh my goodness, I would putter all day in that adorable space! I love how you have the shelves arranged. Your new sign is perfect too. It needed a starfish whether you planned on it or not.

  31. Your shelves are so full and pretty! I do love to putter! I had to give away so many of my things when I moved across the country but I am slowly adding back and enjoying organizing new books and collectibles on my shelves. I find so many wonderful rocks here--even petrified wood--so I take them home and play with them trying to best display them.

  32. I love a free day to putter, whether the outcome is productive or not. It is sheer bliss to go where your nose leads you on these days. I wish I had a little shed like you, just for my things, that would be another bliss. All of these hot days give me more days to putter……
    Happy Sunday.

  33. I love to putter inside my home. Yesterday...I puttered in kitchen and redid some decorating in there. Hope to post about it later today.

  34. Oh I want a She Shed so badly!!! What a fun space to putter around with all of your vibrant colors. Love your shelves filled with treasures but my favorite is that darling yellow chair!
    Enjoy your puttering!!!
    XO Barbara

  35. You putter around so much better than I. LOL I create messes when I putter not master pieces like you.
    I've had to do a few saves like your sign on a quilt. Whew. So great when it works. ;o)