Monday, May 30, 2016

It's a red, white & blue kind of week . . .

I love decorating with red, white & blue for summer

It helps that we live in a blue and white house

with a red door.

This adriondack chair sits on the front porch all the time, but a change of pillows gives it a patriotic look.

It was easy for the back porch to get a summer update

by simply changing the flowers to red and white -

 flags and a wooden soldier finish off the look.

With no blue flowers in the garden, I had to get creative with my floral arrangements - lavender is combined with red asters and white alyssum.

A few colorful pieces added to the shelves give the kitchen a fresh summery look.

The dining room is always dressed in red, white & blue.

Setting a patriotic table

just requires flags and colorful dishes.

A few flags in the entry

and the guest room finish off the red, white & blue theme for the week.

What about you - do you decorate with red, white & blue this time of year?


  1. Love the primary colors of your house! So easy as you say to make it patriotic. Hope you're having a good memorial day.

  2. Oh- It is all just perfect. Yep- You live in a patriotic house without doing a thing. Two houses ago (lol) I had a red/white/blue house, too. It was always fun for the summer holidays- xo Diana

  3. I love it. I copied your red tool box tray idea. I am decorating with red white and blue too. Come by on Wed. to see it.

  4. Nope, but I do love your stylings!

  5. I used to have that same blue and white bowl in your first pic. I recall it was quite heavy!

  6. I don't do much with red, white, and blue anymore after I overdid on it years ago with the Americana look ;) But I do love looking at yours, yours pics are always awesome!


  7. Love your colors! I have red, white & blue annual flowers in my front beds each year. Just got mine in last week, in time for the holiday. :)

  8. Love your colors! I have red, white & blue annual flowers in my front beds each year. Just got mine in last week, in time for the holiday. :)

  9. Love to decorate with red, white and blue. You little red bowl is adorable and would fit so nicely with my little red bowl collection! Love your light and airy kitchen changes. Everything is so crisp and clean! Love it all! Blessings for a great week, Cindy xo

  10. I don't have any blue - or much. And all my red is in one room. Actually I'll end up with a lot of red in the back yard once I get everything finished out there. But it will never match the charm that you've got going on!

  11. I don't have any blue - or much. And all my red is in one room. Actually I'll end up with a lot of red in the back yard once I get everything finished out there. But it will never match the charm that you've got going on!

  12. I love decorating with Red white and blue. I also like throwing in a dash of yellow here and there which I see you do too. Have a safe and blessed week.

  13. Love all your beautiful red, white and blue decor. I should put my red, white and blue decor out tomorrow.

  14. Good morning, Carol!!!!!!!

    I had such a fun weekend, and I was away from the computer but here I am, loving your décor. What color takes your breath away? What color makes your heart beat faster? For me, it's blue. And your blue tea pot is doing just that right now for me.

    You know how I feel about white. It is crisp and clean and allows any other color you choose as an accent to pop out even more. I am currently decorating with my aquas, but soon will be adding light, dusty pink. YES, PINK. Not usually a pink lady here, but with all the peonies around town, I've been bitten by the pink love bug.

    Oh my friend, ENJOY!

  15. Oh Carol, I love all of your red, white and blue decor. It is so festive and patriotic. I do have a bit of R,W&B but I wasn't able to find it in time for Memorial Day. I dropped the ball I guess and gave up looking since we have our hands in too many projects around here. Is a house ever finished?
    Thanks for sharing your home and blessings,

  16. So pretty Carol!

    I just bet you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.
    Ours was pleasant with Birthday parties and rain showers-needless to say it is very humid here.

  17. O MY! Be still my heart!!
    LOVE all your Red, White and Blue but especially your Red!! I LOVE red and you have some wonderful reds in this post! Love your baker's rack. I have one too but mine is painted hot pink!! I so enjoy seeing your yard and all your beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to always stop by!!


  18. Carol, your red, white, and blue vignettes are charming...summer always needs these patriotic colors! I love using them! Have a beautiful week! Pam @ Everyday Living

  19. You have a way with red, white and blue!!

  20. Oh how you welcome Summer!
    Our home is mostly neutrals. I play with color in our white kitchen. Carol, your home is filled with so much creativity and cheerful inspiration. I hope a magazine finds you one day. In the meantime,I am quite certain that I speak for all of your followers, when I say, we are grateful that your gift by the sea is for our eyes only!

  21. Our Greek home is pretty much white and blue on the inside and stone on the outside so I do try and perk up the gray with touches of red and blue here and there. Again, your post is beautiful (as is your decorating!)

  22. Hi Carol, everything is absolutely gorgeous, but we have come to expect that from you and you never let us down :). I love all the creative ways you use your old typewriter. I had one like that many years ago and got rid of it, so sad :(
    Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  23. Love, love love the red door. I had to smile at the typewriter photo. Actually borrowed one just like that to type a term paper when I was in high school and it was vintage then.

  24. Hi Carol, I just love your cottage, you just make it so darling. It's so fresh and inviting. I hope you are feeling okay. xx Jo

  25. Carol,
    Your house is always fun to visit to see your latest arrangements. No blue flowers in the garden? For me, there are no red flowers. Have a trade... some of my blue flowers for some of your red flowers?


  26. My favorite colors!!! Your home looks so pretty, open and lots of sunlight!!!

  27. You do it so well, Carol! Your colorful displays are always fun to look at and I know them immediately in my Instagram feed. You have a unique style that I adore!

  28. Everything looks so HAPPY! I notice more white in your home and the colors pop. I think I saw somewhere you had a post on using more whites so I'll look that up. Love all of the vignettes inside and out. You have the best imagination.

    Toned down the patio this year, I went for colorful and whimsical and hated it. More subdued this year.

  29. Lovely! So fresh! My kitchen is blue and white with touches of red, year round!

  30. LOVE the red white and blue decor in your cute cottage! I haven't done much decorating lately due to my surgery, but this post is certainly motivating me!

    I decorate with red and white year round, and I do enjoy adding blue accents this time of year.


  31. I just love your style, Carol! Your cottage has such a casual, fun, colorful charm to it, that just so appeals to me.
    Also, your post on places for tea in LA...I want to go!!! Loved your sweet gifts and seeing the pic of you pretty ladies! Fun!

  32. Love the patriotic color scheme.

  33. You house is beautiful, and I looooooooove the colors! I'm not an American, but blue and white are our colors, and red is my favorite color LOL

  34. Hi Carol. Loving your patriotic update. I have given up posting on my blog while I am in the writing phase of a year long course. Cutting back on visiting my favorite bloggers is not so easy. Have a happy, healthy summer. Cheers!

  35. I love the combination of red, white and blue. We seem to be surrounded this weekend with these colours with celebrations for the Queen's 90th birthday! Sarah x

  36. Amazing red, blue and white décor. Really loved it. The pillows are really giving a patriotic look. Really appreciate your work. Will have slightly similar décor for my tea party at one of local venues in NYC. It will look great that day.