Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Cottage in the Garden

I live in a cottage.

I love cottages.

One of my Pinterest boards is titled, "Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace".

And, I love browsing through my copy of , Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways.

So, the day I first set eyes on my friend Lisa's little garden cottage, I went nuts - serious cottage envy.

This is a photo of the cottage in the process of being installed.

 photos via Little Mansions

After purchasing her cottage from Little Mansions, the company shipped everything to her home and then Schaun Carpenter, the designer, arrived to build the cottage himself.

Lisa chose a style with lots of windows.

and you can see that the windows open outward.

The skinny little windows on each side of the French doors don't open, but from inside the cottage they provide a lovely view of the patio.

Lisa originally purchased the cottage as a home for her harp -

what a gorgeous view she would have had while she played her harp.

 Instead, she chose to turn the cottage into an office saying, "if you have to pay bills, you should have a beautiful place to do so."

Lisa's fun style shows through in the cottage with a painting done on one of the windows,

 an essential romantic chandelier,

and a welcoming front entry

with a really fun scrappy banner.

 I would love to have a sweet garden cottage like Lisa's.

But alas, I have no space in my garden so I just have to enjoy Lisa's cottage.

Lisa's home provided me with a wealth of photos for blog posts.

I showed you the front yard and porch here.

The interior of the house was shown here.

Earlier this week you got a view of the gardens here.

So I imagine you think the tour of Lisa's home is over.

There will be one more post, in a week or two - we will be on vacation for 10 days and I don't know if I will have any blogging time.

 But, I still have to show you Lisa's Airstream trailer.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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  1. A cottage too. Amazing! These little cottages remind me of playhouses :) As in, where a grown up woman can have a wee little play house to still play in, decorate, escape to, etc. Always brings a smile thinking about it :)

  2. I love cottages too. I remember my Uncle made one of his chicken sheds into a little cottage for people to stay in when they visit. I still cannot believe how he made it look like a real house, minus a bathroom. I wished I had pictures of it.

  3. Good gracious Carol, you have made my heart jump out of my little chest here at I can see even more, what YOU SAW and you know what I'm doing today other than putting the finishing details on my European link post? I'm running out to get some muslin and making a banner for my enclosed deck (for photo shoots) and seeing how I can incorporate more magic in my garden. WOW, she's got it down to a "T" and I so agree with you that better to be happy in a little cottage than to have misery in a palace....enjoy your day dear friend. Anita

  4. What an adorable cottage--and playing a harp in a cottage sounds like complete perfection!

  5. It was worth the's adorable! What a fun little office space. Love all the little details she added to make it even more perfect! Have fun on vacation!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. wow gorgeous!!! I love it too!!!

  7. It's my dream to have a cottage by the ocean! Have fun on your vacation! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Thanks for taking us on this tour -- how I would love such a little place at my house!

  9. I love those cottage photos!! I don't live in a cottage, but I've always liked them and like to look at books with cottage plans and cottage decor. So charming and cozy!

  10. Oh Carol!!!!!!!!!!! Jaw dropping for me. I need one of those sweet cottages. How absolutely wonderful is that cottage. Lisa lives in heaven. I would never want to leave her property. Gorgeous is an understatement. I am so coming to visit you and you will have to take me to LIsa's. I will never want to leave. An airstream and a cottage oh my on top of that beautiful home!!!!!

  11. What a fantastic post!! LOVED every single bit of it!!


  12. The girl has cottage style down to a T and it is on everything she touches! How gorgeous!

    We go on a garden tour every year and there's one house that has a garden house made completely from old windows. It reminds me of this one. How girly and fun!!

  13. I love cottages too and like to "think" that I live in one, although I really don't! I just live in a little, bitty, houze, therefore, cottage! :)

    Love these photos!
    Lee from Little Bitty Damn Houze!

  14. I love cottages and I like to pretend my brick rancher is a cottage! lol! I'm trying to talk the hubby into putting up a section of picket-type fence in the front and planting flowers on either side to "cottage it up". I love Lisa's beautiful home, gardens and little cottage. Wonderful post!

  15. This little cottage shed is adorable. I'd love to have one! I'd want to use it for crafting--clearing out my middle bedroom,for sure.We bought a shed back in May that is being used for a work shop for The Honey-- and of course I have a vintage Camper waiting in the wings to be made over... so many plans, all of them Pinned!
    Thanks for the fantastic tours!
    Enjoy your vacation, be safe, and see you when you get back!

  16. Carol,
    We should all be fortunate to dwell where our hearts sing and our soul thrives. I love your cottage by the sea. It's vibrant colors, it's relaxed patina feel, the art Steve brilliantly creates and the crafts you lovingly design. It invites us to see your life, your talent. I always leave with a smile and always hope your post will contain a photo of Lulu.

    It's been an enjoyable photo essay and continuing series of posts with Lisa's ranch and small cottage. I look forward to your last post on this adventurous woman Lisa who isn't afraid to create her dreams.

  17. That is the most charming little cottage building. I didn't even know there was a company selling those. It looks like a custom built piece on her property. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  18. OOOHHH I love the painted window. Can't wait to see the Airstream.

  19. Thank your for the tour. How fun. :-)
    I am excited for the Airstream. :-)

  20. a darling cottage!! and i can tell the camper will be just as amazing:) tfs, carol!

  21. Such a charming little cottage. It would make one smile just to be there while writing the cheques for the bills.

  22. Oh Carol, what a charming cottage. Have a wonderful vacation.

  23. This is all sooo lovely!<3 I look forward to more, when you return. Have a wonderful and safe vacation!;)

  24. That looks like Magnolia Pearl's airstream trailer - could it be??? I can hardly wait to see it!

    xo Danielle

  25. I don't know how she leaves that sweet cottage, but then again, her entire home and garden is just as nice. Thanks for sharing this little slice of heaven.

  26. That cottage is seriously adorable. Now I want one to live in!! Amazing.

  27. Wow-oh-WoW!!!!!

    Serious drool going on here ~ I can't wait to see that camper!

  28. What a perfect place to dream and create. I am taking down so many notes from your blog, Carol. Mr G and I hope to move out of our transitional home and into a cottage, probably in a year or so. Waiting for our children to graduate from college next year. In the meantime, do expect to be stalked. ;)

  29. What a delightful spot to "pay bills". Lisa has the right idea! I love the walls of windows. Happy you are sharing the fun and whimsy of Lisa's home and garden. Looking forward to seeing the Airstream.
    Enjoy your trip!

  30. It's been so fun to see all your photos of Lisa's home and garden. So much charm and inspiration!
    Mary Alice

  31. I can see why you would want a cute little cottage like the one your friend has. Have a great weekend.

  32. Love Lisa's little's so sweet!! Can't wait to see the airstream. Have a great vacation.

  33. I so want one of these!!!!! Maybe one day I can replace the old shed for something like this!! Beautiful!!! You have a fantastic trip friend!! Enjoy every second!! Nicole xoxo. Ps.....we made it with only one small meltdown on the plane!

  34. It's absolutely adorable, from walls and windows to charming chandeliers and desks! A cheery, colourful space; a petite and pretty place!


  35. Oh wow, these cottages are adorable..The decorations are so pretty, I love the banner hanging outside too. Awesome photos and post. Thanks for sharing, happy Friday!

  36. Simply Amazing Cottage and so much inspiration in every photo you captured. Love the lace rag banner and the striped chair is beautiful.
    The color on the chandy is gorgeous. What a talent Lisa is. I would love a cottage like this but have no room in my garden for it. Nice to dream though~~
    Have a great vacation!

  37. Oh, a little garden cottage like that would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing all the photos, Carol!

  38. Oh my gosh Carol, Lisa's cottage is to die for! It is the perfect size for up on my hill. I am going to the site right now and check this baby out. Thanks so much for providing the info. Have a fun and safe trip! We leave in the morning for Napa Valley. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
    p.s. You may not have room for another cottage, but the one you live in is precious!

  39. So Lisa has an airstream? I think I hate her.

  40. I'm in love. I told Hubby that I didn't have it in me to build another building - we've built four. But oh how I would love to have a little upcycled greenhouse.

    Lisa's little office is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us, Carol.


  41. The little garden office is simply adorable and an AIRSTREAM, too!! Can't wait to see it. Have fun on your vacation!

  42. Hi Carol, oh, I have a thing for Airsteam trailers and I can not wait for your next post. Now, your friend's little cottage office is amazing. I would be praying for bills to arrive in the mailbox, just to have more time to spend out there, LOL.
    Watch out, with these great posts you may get an offer to work for Cottage Style or Better Homes and Gardens . . . fantastic posts!
    Have a fun vacation.
    Connie :)

  43. Wow! I'm just catching up, but I'm in love with Lisa's cottage! Gorgeous :)

  44. Wow, it looks like Lisa is livin' the dream, Carol! : ) Her house is gorgeous, her new little garden cottage is perfection, and I can see her little trailer is going to be just as wonderful.

    What a fantastic cottage in her garden, especially with all the windows. It makes it a structure that doesn't seem to take up much visual space with all those windows. I have to go check out your Cottage Pinterest board, too.

  45. Oh how adorable, I'd love to sit and work in there, looking out over the garden.
    Even if it was just to pay the bills !

  46. Hi Carol,

    Love all the little cottages - would like one of these myself in my garden.
    Enjoy your holiday

  47. Lovely garden cottage. Wouldn't that make a wonderful sewing room?

  48. So cute! Now, I want a little cottage in my backyard!

  49. Just the best, sweetest, most wonderful whimsical backyard cottage I have ever seen. It made my day today. Have fun relaxing on vacation.

  50. I love how the shed is full of window. A nice place to pay the bills!