Saturday, June 28, 2014

More dishes ?

I found these cute anchor dishes at Tuesday Morning and debated with myself about buying them - love won out over need.

I didn't argue with myself over these little square dessert plates because I will be using them at my Mad Tea Party.

But, it is difficult to justify the purchase of more plates when our limited cupboard space is taken up with rarely used dishes.

The winning argument of "silly self" over "practical self" was that the anchor dishes are perfect for a beach house and if I passed them up, I would never find them again.

Last week, I did a simple red, white & blue table setting and used the square blue plates for our dessert.

This week I stopped in at Paper Source (never a cheap move) and spotted this anchor stamp.

My thought was, "how cute would anchor napkins be with those anchor dishes!" so I brought the stamp home, made napkins and stamped a couple little bags.

From one Friday to the next, the table setting changed considerably even though the same dishes were used.

I frequently use dish towels for place mats and like the horizontal stripes on these towels.

Of course the wine bottle doesn't exactly go with the anchor dishes so red napkins were used to hide the graphics.

I usually have flowers as the centerpiece, but yesterday I went for a sea theme.

Starfish candle sticks came out of the cupboard, bits and pieces of my shell collection filled up some fish containers I just purchased for my upcoming tea party and the base was another dish towel with horizontal stripes and no graphic.

You might be asking, what about the anchor stamp and the napkins?

Well, the ink on the napkins was the wrong color and the bags just didn't work, but

I just found these cute sailboat dishes (which I couldn't pass up)

and some new pasta bowls so I know the anchor napkins will be used soon.

 I had a lot of fun playing house yesterday.

Once the table was set, I began moving things around the house.

Pitchers from the entry way ended up on the dining room shelf and

wire baskets from the dining room ended up on the entry way cabinet.

The dining room is definitely sporting a blue and white motif and

the entire house is looking ready for summer.

Yes, this little seaside cottage is definitely ready for a Mad Tea Party on Monday.

And, as I sit at the dining room table putting the finishing touches on this blog post, I am struck by the message on the dining room table -

"if you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you're lucky enough" - and yes, I am lucky enough.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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  1. Those are too cute. They would have come home with me, too.

  2. I think you made a wise purchase, Carol, and I can see how much you're enjoying your new dishes already! Your house looks charming as usual.

  3. Those are so beautiful! Hugs from Portugal, Manuela

  4. I love those dishes - cornflower/cobalt blue is my fave colour (you'd never know it with all the aqua I keep using!!)

    Love the sand dollars too, wish we could get them here...

    Have a great weekend xoxo

  5. My son told me that he and his wife received another set of dishes for their wedding. He couldn't understand why his wife put the old set in the basement because he said you only need one set of dishes. I couldn't look at him and he said okay Mom how many sets. I told him 7 and he just shook his head. I told him when I die he could curse me but until then I would enjoy them. Enjoy all of your dishes!!!

  6. Life is short - buy the dishes! Why, I just bought few more today myself, at auction, and I need dishes like I need a hole in my head. Your table really is cute and I like how you say silly self won out over practical self. Just buy some under bed storage containers you can roll in and out to store those bad boys, lol. I love your beach cottage, Carol.

  7. you did ask if i would like a cookie or two. please. & thank yoU!! those look so yummy with the strawberry too. drool!!

    love the sailboat plates as well. ( :

  8. Carol,
    These are so cute. I agree you could not walk away from those. They were made for you. My motto is you can never have enough dishes! Have fun at the Mad Hatter Tea. I wish I lived closer. Enjoy.

  9. These all look great! I wouldn't have been able to leave the dishes in the store either if I'd spotted them. Clever you! And I love the anchor stamp. Thanks for sharing. I am now inspired! :) xoxox

  10. Cute dishes. I have problems passing up dishes too. It's a real weakness for me and I probably would have got them too. They are darling and if you love them, you will use them. Enjoy them.

  11. Good evening, Carol! How refreshing to see you post tonight! I love, absolutely LOVE that little sail boat plate! And indeed the cottage is ready for some serious FUN entertaining this summer! But it is scary to think that our June is almost over...NO NO NO! Love your primary color schemes that always connote happiness and beachy charm.

    Thanks a bunch for coming over; I was debating whether I should even try having this link party with everyone going away on REAL vacations, but like you said, "Love won out" and I truly miss everyone. Even if a few people participate, it can still be wonderful. Let me know however, if you do decide. I'd love to see what you'd come up with for ITALIA!!!!!! LOve, Anita

  12. Not obsessed or anything, are you ?!?!


    I think you were perfectly right to buy those plates & bowls... as you said, you would never have seen the likes of them again!

    I have always loved that quote ~ an OH! how I miss it!!

  13. From one dishaholic to another--Love everything about your pretty seaside table! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. Carol,
    I think your new plate purchases are real smile makers and will be enjoyed for many years. I think all your changes and color choices are sporting an exciting theme for Summer. Gosh I wish I could attend that tea party. I hope to see lots of photos of the Mad Hatter Tea party with you hosting, its going to be a much talked about event! Bravo for your energy and creative mind posting fun and sharing your life with all of us in blog Land.

  15. Love your new blue and white anchor dishes AND your blue-striped dish towel used as a table runner. Where did you find It? My dish towels are looking pretty sad right now...faded, with holes, from bleaching. I need some new ones.


  16. I do break a lot, wet plates seem to fall on the floor a lot so I need lots, well that's what I tell everyone.

  17. Love those anchor dishes - I saw them at Tuesday Morning also! So cute! Love all of your table settings.


  18. That quote says it all! How fantastic is that! And those dishes are Awesome! I love the anchors and that stamp! LOVE! Yes...every time I walk into the paper source I am in trouble!!!! Your table is gorgeous Carol and I have taken some of your practices under my belt..moving things around here to freshen up the space for summer! Happy making! Nicole xoxo

  19. I love the dishes. I am going to have to go to Tuesday mornings to see if I can find some. Where do you find the stripe dish towels? I have some material I found at a rummage sale which have the red stripe. Would like blue ones too.

  20. Love the dishes!! The are perfect for your home and very pretty on your table. Great find!

  21. Carol, I'm not lucky enough to live at the beach, but those cute anchor dishes make me want to dash over to Tuesday Morning. I find them so charming. I'm glad you didn't leave them behind. They are perfect for your home.

  22. oh my I love those anchor dishes as well as the sail boat ones....can't wait to see how your tea party is set up. Still trying to think up ours here when five of the grand daughters will be here.....

  23. Of course you couldn't pass them up / it's all so cute ! :)

    Just change the name to Art and Sand and DISHES and you can justify any purchase forevermore, ha ha :)

  24. Those dishes are so unique and fun! Your tablescapes are always amazing! Have fun at your party :)

  25. Hi Carol, oh I love that saying. I would have to change beach to pool and it would work for me here in this house. LOL

    Simply love your sailboat dishes and the napkins you stamped. Your table setting is so inviting. Your posts are always an inspiration to me.
    Have a great Sunday!

  26. I adore watching the way you switch things around and would love to sit down to those beautiful table scapes.

  27. Of course you couldn't pass those dishes up, they fit perfectly into your homes decor. Great purchase.

  28. God you're good! I'm having a vision (as I'm trying to figure out where you keep all of your dishes) of a very tall shallow shelf with at least 10 shelves where you keep all of your dishes as beautiful decor.

  29. The plates are too perfect for you and I'm so glad you bought them. Love the table setting and the blue and white is just so cool looking in this summer heat! I think I'll get out some blue dishes for the summer myself!

  30. I love the dishes, your tablescape and your "ready for summer" cottage.

  31. Such a great tablescape! I would have had to scoop those dishes up too! I have always had a soft spot for all things nautical.

  32. You do set a pretty table, Carol! The anchor theme is a fun and suitable one for your beautiful beach cottage.


  33. The cutest dishes for the seaside. I can see why you fell in love with them. I like all the other things too, the starfish candle sticks the fish shaped wee bowl. Blessings, xoxo,Susie.

  34. Great finds, all perfect for your adorable cottage by the sea. You are truly, "Lucky Enough".

  35. Beautiful sea tablescape and decor. Those items would work well on the east coast also :)

    I love the anchor so I look forward to seeing how you incorporate the stamped napkins later.

    I also look forward to tomorrow's tea party.

  36. Great dishes! I really like how you incorporated your seashells into the decorating theme, too.

  37. So many pretty things, I really like the plate with sailing boat on it, it reminds me of dad's boat.

  38. It would have been impossible for me to pass those up as well if I lived in your adorable little cottage! They are perfect! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Blessings, Vicky

  39. Lovely tablescape and lovely new blue and white dishes.
    You truly are ready for the Mad party.

    Enjoy your week.


  40. absolutely perfect for your home! love them

  41. I love your new dishes. They are just perfect for your home. I can see why you couldn't pass them up! I love the idea of using a stamp on your napkins too. I get so many great ideas from you!

  42. I love those dishes, and I think they will be useful! xoxo

  43. Mad about your dishes, each and every pretty one!


  44. I think if you love something enough, why not buy it. I test myself by asking how I'd feel if I walked away, then went back and found that the thing I really wanted had gone. It always works.
    All the blue and whites are so pretty and I love your centrepiece with the perfect quote.

  45. Oh my goodness, I truly don't know where to begin, except to say how lovely everything is! I loved each tablescape and adore all the blue and white, but adding a touch of red really was a perfect touch. All of your flowers are just gorgeous!

  46. I am loving those anchor dishes! Hands down, I would have brought them home with me too! they look so nice on your table!