Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I lost my creative mojo . . .

When KC told us she was interviewing for a job in Ventura, I put my decorating on hold.

There were so many unanswered questions -

Would she get the job?
Would she stay with us for awhile and, how long?
Would she take any of my furniture?
Would she bring back any furniture?

For the months of September and October, I kayaked, cycled, swam, walked, and gardened, but I did no decorating.

I felt like I had lost my decorating mojo.

We have answers to the questions -

Yes, she got the job.
No, she is not staying with us, but lives 4 houses away.
Yes, she took some furniture.
Yes, she brought back some furniture.

This week, things are back to normal - I'm shaking up things all over the house.

In August, I decorated our bedroom in a soft pastel color palette, but then decided to switch from this smaller bedroom to the larger bedroom.

In the switch, I painted this bench a soft yellow (KC stole the bench for her house) and then did nothing else in the room until last week.

This red, yellow and blue cabinet was the problem for me - the pastel quilt didn't work with the primary colored cabinet and I wasn't ready to paint it.

When KC returned this green nightstand to me I knew just what to do with the bedroom.

As you can see, this room is right next to Steve's studio which is why we moved to the smaller bedroom years ago.

And the art will be constantly changing as pieces sell, go to shows or are replaced with newer paintings.

I found a white quilt and shams at Home Goods.

The yellow shams were up in the attic, I made a blue pillow case from some left over fabric and bought the red and white checked shams at IKEA last week.

I want to replace the blue pillow with embroidered Good Morning and Good Night pillows like the sweet pillows I saw at Manuela's blog,  A Cultivated Nest.

The armoire purchased 10 years ago for craft storage now holds my clothes because there was no way Steve was going to move such a heavy piece of furniture.

The IKEA Expedit was also purchased for crafts, but it became a storage place for Steve's clothes by adding doors and pull out baskets.

I had fun filling the rest of the cubes on the Expedit with baskets

and books organized by color.

I found matching lamps at IKEA that I want to fill with sea glass or shells.

Someone commented when I went with the pastel color palette that they didn't think it would last long.

And they were right.

I think Steve liked the fact that there were no big projects these last 2 months, but my mojo is back and I'm on a roll.

I am predicting a November full of painting, moving furniture and sewing at our house.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I always like what you do Carol to your home. Now that KC is settled in you can start your decorating. I like the bedroom when you have colors in there, but that is my preference. I am sure no matter what you do it will be terrific. So glad that you have your mojo back.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I just don't want to accept that October is gone! It sounds like your "no mojo" two months was filled with wonderful things too, though. The bedroom looks darling! I really like the white quilt with all your more colorful things. It has snowed here the last couple of days. I think I need a new quilt, too!
    I'm glad you feel like you're back in the decorating swing of things. It was fun to see we have some of the same books : )

  3. Oh, do I UNDERSTAND when we lose that creative mojo. Mine is in writing. Decorating for me is a constant.....I move this here, that there....but writing? I have to sit regularly and read regularly, and when other important things like work GET IN THE WAY (teehee), it frustrates me. I want to read and produce. But then, it comes back. We are never left in the dark for long, just long enough to see the next project.

    Your cottage, no matter what palate, is perfect to me dearest. Anita

  4. Everything looks really great! I am so in love with all the wire baskets, I have always had a love for them. Have a blessed day! :-)

  5. That was a huge and wonderful change having KC move back. Now you can get back to your projects. Love your bedroom and I like the idea of filling the lamps with shells.

  6. I always love whatever you do and do like the primary colors best in your home. I so wish I could look through all Steve's paintings, I always love what he does.

  7. Wow! Big changes, you definitely made up for lost time! I go through that uninspired phase sometimes. Then one day you wake up and want to move everything! I am doing that right now! Paint, paint, paint!

  8. I love the colors that you chose. I also envy you so much with having a painter in the family. I just love the paintings in your room. I really like the one with the people walking along the beach. Maybe on one of your future posts you can show us all of Hubbys paintings in your home.

  9. I'm confused as to which is new and what is old, but I like what I see. I especially was taken with your book organization by color. It looks fantastic! I do that with clothes but never thought about color.

  10. I'd like to make a big pot of coffee and find a comfy spot (I know there are plenty) to browse through all your color coordinated decorating books! Maybe then I'd know what to do in my living room. I'm glad your mojo came back. :)

  11. Happy to hear your mojo is back and I am looking forward to watching what you come up with next!

  12. Girl you still have your mojo and it's working fine. I like the things you have done. I know your daughter must appreciate all you have done. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Wow, what a beautiful space. I don't think you ever lost your mojo!! Love the way you have your books organized by color.

  14. I adore those rusty baskets for storage. And that yellow! Have you shared the color before? If not, would you mind sharing it with your readers? I have yellow rooms in my home and have been thinking of repainting a little guest room that is a yellow in a dark yellow for my goddaughter. It is "her" room, and she loves color!



  15. Carol, I think my creative mojo goes in cycles - I can go at it for a while then I have to back off and take a deep breath. I have been taking deep breaths for almost a month now and am feeling the need to redo my kitchen - every time I walk in there.... that's a lot of times in one day, lol.... Guess it will be my project this weekend...... love all the color you use, it is so inspiring and your bedroom is lovely.... Cathy

  16. You go girl! I could sit and look at your house all day long. I just love the colors and your fun playful style. Of course, all that art that your husband does is amazing too!

  17. I am loving the primary colors in your bedroom. So nice and warm for the cooler months! Love the Expedit, one of IKEA's best pieces ever. Great idea with the lamps. I may have to make an IKEA trip and check out their pillows and lamps.

  18. I like the colors so much better than the pastel bed covers. The bed looks great with the white cover and colorful pillows! I like how you sorted the books by color. They look great that way. I like the new lamps too. So many great things! You're so lucky to have an IKEA near you (I'm assuming it's nearby since you're able to go often). I'll be looking forward to more decorating and crafting. Have fun!

  19. As soon as I saw the glass lamps I said in my head, oh yes! can't wait to see them filled with colored glass and sea shells. You have one of the most delightful blogs in blogville.

  20. Ha Ha Carol it is like when I try to do color nope does not stay. You my dear are full of color and need that in your home so I knew you would always be happy with your primary colors. I love seeing what you do and live vicariously through you for color!
    I am on a roll too with painting and redoing rooms too!

  21. Its all good! Can't wait to see what comes next ~

  22. I love happy colors... and It all makes me HAPPY sister . HUGS

  23. I love it! It's so me :)

    Look for an email from me.

  24. Hi Carol

    I love popping by your blog, the highlands is drenched in low cloud and lots of rain just now, I have had to take some holiday to look after the pooch, not getting much done. So love popping by to sea your bright and cheery space. I love the good night embroidered pillow and your books in colour there's a thought.

    Annie x

  25. Aside from the things in your rooms, I love the yellow walls and crisp white trim. Of course, I just happen to have a lot of yellow walls and the trim is white!

  26. Mojo...smojo!! You NEVER lost it Carol, you simply misplaced it!:) You took it over to KC's for a while, but now it's back, BIG TIME, as are our PRIMARIES!! They're lovely all over your house and are just the perfect complement to Steve's beautiful paintings. Your colour coordinated books are very tempting; I see two that we share!


  27. Your whole house is simply dreamy...As my mother-in-law says..."Es un dulce." (It's a candy) It is as sweet as it can be. Love how colorful and cozy it looks. Bedroom looks great. Happy to hear you got your decorating mojo back. Now can you spare a little? I've had decorator's block for a while :-)


  28. You really have gotten your mojo back in a big way! Love the changes, and your new bedding is sooo inviting!
    Great to be four doors down, I can see a lot of furniture swapping in your future!

  29. The pastel was pretty, but I love the new look. Your mojo is definitely back. I love the white quilt with the different colors and patterns of shams. I just love everything about the room. My favorite pieces are all the metal baskets though! You have such a nice collection of them. Have a wonderful Friday and happy decorating!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  30. I like pastels, but I do like the primary color palette better, especially in your house! Your colorful changes are beautiful.

  31. A change is as good as a vacation, and your cute house is nice and breezy.


  32. Ha ha! I had the same thought when I saw the pastels - Lovely but I don't think it's her pallet. Lovely beachy inviting . So glad t ovisit from SYC and see what you've been up to!

  33. I love the look of your bed with your new pillows lady!!! And the color coordinated books are awesome! I need to do that in my family room! I am so glad your mojo is back (though you never lost it!) because I love following along with you as you move and create in your sweet cottage! Since my garden is gone I have begun to move inside with a to do list...I need to pace myself! What a beautiful space Carol! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  34. Oh dear you can't fool me. I know that you would never lose your creativity! It's in your blood. lol! I saw the Good Morning Good Night pillows on her blog too. I want to make them so badly!! Do you know where to find the pattern? Thanks for sharing with SYC. Everything is looking fabulous as usual.

  35. Maybe you needed that little decorating break :) I love the white with the primary colors. Looks lovely and bright. Your home always seems so sunny.
    I have a book and CD with redwork. I think there is a way to transfer the patterns so I can use my embroidery machine with them. I love red and white.

  36. Carol....I love it when you decorate with color or with softer colors. Love your is so pretty!!

  37. I love the idea of filling the lamps with shells and/or seaglass! It'll be so beach cottage!

  38. Ohmygosh .... absolutely lovely! How talented you are! Everything is calming, pretty and easy to live with. I love how you mix fabrics, furniture, colors and overall design. The hanging pictures scapes are wonderful. I am a big fan of the beach pic! So nice.

    Thanks for sharing.


  39. Lovely to see your decorating mojo has returned!
    Sarah x

  40. Both bedrooms are so light and peaceful, I think that could be an improvement at our house too. I like the armoir and how you painted it.

  41. here's 2 ur mojo return!!! ( ;
    can't wait 2 c what u do next. so fun!

  42. Ahhh - Carol is back! I love the way you move stuff around so seamlessly. You must have the most organized home in the US.

  43. This room does seem so much more YOU than the pastel bedroom, but it's fun to change things round.
    I don't think you lost your mojo, you just needed to have fun in the sun. Who wouldn't if they lived in a gorgeous place like you do !

  44. So glad she got the job! The room looks marvelous - such glorious colors - a very happy room! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  45. I love your bedroom decorated with quilts. I love that look and will probably decorate with my old quilts in our guest bedroom.

  46. You have done a great job! Everything is so bright and pretty.

  47. I love what you did to the bedroom. You know it is okay not to create every single day and now look your mojo is back and there's no telling what you'll create now