Friday, August 10, 2012

Life in an Art Gallery

My house is ALWAYS neat.

It is not always clean.

We do our best, but a dog ( who believes the house is hers and we are her guests) and sand make it hard to maintain.

Steve's studio is in our home and that means a patron might drop in at any time.

Potential customers and limited space in our cottage require us to maintain order.

Last week 20 women from a Los Angeles art group dropped by with just a day's notice.

Today Steve had visitors stopping in to select 15 paintings for an art show at an investment bank.

I was at school getting my classroom ready while Steve was home prepping the studio and bringing out art that was tucked away in the attic and garage.

I came home to the table set with gifts.

Steve set out wine with his artwork for his visitors along with 

canvas bags from the Ventura Visitor's Center sporting one of his paintings.

He placed paintings on easels in the garden

and moved paintings around in the house.

The mantel had a painting of the beach when I left this morning

and now it has a painting of the mission.

A painting of the garden was over my chair

and now Father Serra presides.

In two weeks, it will all change again when 15 paintings leave the house and Steve changes the look in every room to fill in vacated spaces.

The cows in the dining room were just selected by one of the LA visitors so that wall will be changing soon.

Living in an art gallery is an adventure.

And, that is a good thing.

Because the house is always 'picked up', cleaning is quick and I have time for projects.

The wood cabinet next to the chair is tomorrow's project.

Next time you see the cabinet, it will be white.

And, most likely a different painting will hang over the chair.


  1. I my goodness! I never thought of your house as 'living in an art gallery'...but you do.
    How wonderful that must be; to come home to such surprises?!
    Steve sounds like a great guy. Setting new art work, setting out gifts for visitors...and I'm guessing with all the sand and visitors...he pushes a broom! Not a bad thing. I'm just saying, a lot of men here, where I live; seem to think a broom only comes in one size. That is to fit a womans hands. Not my Honey... he sweeps and does an occasional dish! While I may wash the car and mow the grass. LOL...
    ...we're so compatible that way,Pat

  2. ok... I know I make long comments. But I just had to come back. When I was closing out the tab, the painting above the chair caught my eye.
    I always wondered...where do artists get their inspiration, you know?
    Well, it seems like Steve more or less got this inspiration right in the backyard. I think the rock patio, and the red chairs in the painting seemed familiar to the photo of the paintings in the garden photos...#6 in your post!
    ...interesting,(she says slowly, and slightly touches her chin), Pat :)

  3. Another lovely glimpse into your daily world, which reminds me all our photo's and art are still in boxes :-(.
    Can't wait to see the cupboard done. Annie x

  4. steve's paintings are awesome:) i would love the constant changing of the paintings--the room would be fresh and new each time!

  5. What fun to have fabulous art around to give your home a change!
    Mary Alice

  6. Your Hubby is very the paintings...ooh and love your "Beach" and "Life is Beautiful" pillows. Enjoy the remaining days of summer. My, are they going by fast.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. How wonderful to have an ever changing gallery of your husbands fantastic artwork !

  8. I know I've made similar comments before, but it's so inspiring, and his work and your style work so well together !