Sunday, August 25, 2013

Burlap Basket

I have been slow to join the "Burlap Bandwagon".

I love all the projects I see, but the neutral color of burlap just doesn't fit with my primary color scheme.

Yesterday, I had no ideas for a new project so I went out to my creative space (sounds so much nicer than garage) and looked around.

For the month of August, I have not allowed myself to buy supplies and have challenged myself to "use what I have".

In April, I purchased this piece of burlap because I love anything with the alphabet and it just sat in a box.

I went to my Pinterest boards for inspiration and came up with these bags- the first bag is called a Flower Girl Basket.

Once I decided on the project, it was relatively easy:

1.  An oval container was used to form the basket

2.  The fabric was wrapped around the container and the edges were pinned

3.  After sewing the seam, a bowl was placed inside to hold the shape

4.  The bottom edges were pinned down

5. The bottom down was sewn down

6.  A liner made from a drop cloth remnant was sewn in when the top edge was hemmed

7.  A rectangle of cardboard makes the bottom stiff

8.  The basket is an outdoor plant container so I simply folded down the lining without finishing it off

9.  A burlap flower from Paper Source was attached with wire after holes were punched with an awl

10.  A cute little paper sticker covered the center of the flower

11.  Realizing that the paper would deteriorate quickly outside, I replaced the paper with a Tim Holtz metal tag

12.  A trip to Home Depot provided flowers

1 hour of my time . . . no money spent . . . a new container for plants.

But, I couldn't stop there - I made a quick little heart banner.

Little hearts cut out with pinking shears and filled with batting, colorful buttons were used to attach the layers and the garden window is refreshened.

I finally snapped a photo of Little Lulu - she is usually full of steam in the garden and too hard to capture.

The inspiration on the the left . . . my rendition on the right.

As I mentioned in this post

inspiration gets you started, but ultimately, it is about tailoring projects to who we are and how we live.

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  1. Love the container you made. Great job.


  2. Your burlap bag is darling, Carol!!! I love it with the alphabet on it.
    Mary Alice

  3. What a darling project! Being a first grade teacher in a former life, anything with the alphabet makes me smile. Even after all these years!

  4. cute ideas.. the fourth last photo is fantastic!

  5. That is a great project. It turned out so cute. I've been thinking about getting some burlap for awhile now.

    The banner is so cute, too. Great projects.

  6. Yep, another super cute project. Would you mind stopping by my place and getting some projects done? LOL

  7. Carol, your basket is perfect! You know I love the numbers also. Did you find the fabric at Hobby Lobby? I have been in the crafting mood and have made a few Fall projects.

  8. Hi Carol,

    Your creativity continues to amaze and impress me - you always come up with the cutest things to create and sew. I love - love what you created with burlap and it looks great with your primary colors. I have also started adding a little burlap with my primary colors and really like the combination.
    Lulu is adorable and Bentley sends her a big tail wag.
    Blessings, Erin

  9. I like your version much better! I love it, but can't work with burlap. Makes me sneeze.

  10. Love, love, love the alphabet bag!! And the heart garland is precious ~

  11. Ah...Get out! Your basket is too crazy awesome! I prefer yours because it has visual interest with the print!!! How gorgeous is that!!! And your hearts are super sweet!! I will be mentioning you in my next post because you have inspired me friend! Have a great week!!

  12. I love the burlap with the numbers on it and now you have made the cutest basket! Great job!

  13. WOW. what a great job you did on your basket. I have not got on the burlap bandwagon either because it does not go with my decor.
    Only purchased some burlap wire ribbon for a wreath project.
    Cute picture of Little Lulu.
    Have a great week.

  14. Your project turned out great! Looks beautiful

  15. Well done! I love the fabric and your creativity with it.

    Have a great day.

  16. Yours is so cute! The burlap fabric with alphabet is fitting for you.

  17. Your burlap project came out great! They do have burlap in colors now. The red is very nice.

  18. Oh I so agree your burlap bag turned out looking awesome!!

  19. Love your burlap bag and I love that alphabet burlap - great job!

  20. Love. The print reminds me of the keys of a typewriter.

    I've hadn't tried the burlap either.

  21. Oh my, such a pretty post! I love love love your alphabet burlap truly have done a beautiful job with it! Just love how it looks filled with flowers...perfect for fall decor! And the heart banner is super cute! Thanks for sharing your lovely projects with us:) Have a great week ahead! hugs, Poppy

  22. I love it! I have had my eyes peeled for that burlap since I first saw it. I really want some of it....although I don't have any specific plans for it yet. Your heart banner is very sweet....just what the window needed! I just love both projects! Lulu looks like she is heading out for a run around the yard! Have a blessed week.....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  23. I'm not a huge fan of burlap either. I like other people's projects but I think it smells funny, makes me sneeze, and it's kind of messy. That being said I love the patterned burlap and LOVE that alphabet print. Might have to change my mind and do something with it. It's definitely a fall texture. Thanks for your comment on my post. I read a study about how people react to their trials and tribulations. Those who let things roll and didn't get too uptight, lived way longer than those who complained and fussed about situations not in their control. Sounds like you've had a fabulous week. :) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...Mimi

  24. Your burlap basket is adorable and so perfect for fall!!

  25. Carol,
    I love your burlap basket. I think it is so much cuter than the inspiration. Great job. LuLu is getting so big.

  26. I do like your version of the basket better. The flower button you attached is to pretty.

  27. I love your basket with the alphabet! And Little Lulu looks so cute: I can see by her paws, she's still a puppy!

  28. Carol ....thank you for being there/here for me .....
    I love to visit you and find your colorful blog healing and inspiring .
    I will follow your advice
    and try to dream of the future .....
    I love to see your LULU !
    One of the very few things I am able to do these days is make snailmail ...
    I would love to surprise you with my handwritten mail ....
    Can you give me your adress
    My email is
    Have a happy new week

  29. You inspire me so, Carol, with your projects. Love your burlap container with the letters on it. And the heart banner looks great on the window. Speaking of hearts, Lulu looks pretty comfortable and happy in her new home. :) She's adorable!

  30. Oh my...I am missing your posts here in a big way! I was on the computer for a long time yesterday, and did NOT see your new post come up!

    BURLAP IS IT! And your rendition on that bag my friend is just perfect. The extra pattern on the fabric is especially wonderful! I am loving your new banner, and Miss Lulu is ON THE SCENE NOW! teeheee.....

    Well my dear, I go in today for what will be the beginning of a week of meetings at the middle school! I'll be working one class at the high school, one at the middle school. I'm used to elementary, but I'm ready for a new format here; think of me!


  31. I love your version with the typewriter keys printed on the burlap!

  32. How clever to use a round container for the shape of the basket! I love that technique! And I love how you took photos of each step of the basket making process! Looks so cute!

  33. This is such and awesome flower basket Carol. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions too!!! I LOVE IT! and your little heart banner. Isn't it interesting how once we get started creating we just want to keep on going? You have been a busy girl :)
    sending hugs...

  34. Really love the burlap with the alphabet! Your project turned out adorable and I especially love the little flower embellishment!

  35. Your project is much better than the inspiration. I love the alphabet print and the rosette on the front!


  36. I love the rosette and can't imagine making it in 1 hour - wowza!!

  37. Beautiful job! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIYers.

  38. I love this burlap creation, it reminds me to pull out my sewing machine again. I think I could do a simple seam :)

  39. That turned out so cute! I love the little letters all over the burlap. You're so lucky you know how to sew like that.

  40. I love that! And I've been slow to appreciate the burlap craze. Maybe because I hated the feel of it in my father's garden center when I was young? Just could not imagine using it on purpose in a home! But this is really uptown! I've got to point my daughter-in-law your way. She is an artist in many mediums and loves crafting. Began learning to sew when my granddaughter was only weeks old, toting her and the sewing machine to classes. It thrills me to see her making clothes for the baby as my mother sewed beautifully for 4 daughters. It's wonderful to see so many young women turning back to sewing and canning, etc.

  41. Wow you did a great job!! I adore the fabric and I love the way you used it. I found you over at the Give me the Goods link party. Your basket immediately caught my eye as I am a burlap and pottery barn lover and this looks like both! I hope you'll stop over to see what we've been up to at

  42. Love the pattern on the burlap - great use of your time to create something so cute. It would have taken me hours!

  43. Your bag turned out SO cute!! I still love anything burlap :)

  44. As always, this post is adorable. What a great idea and I have certainly never seen burlap with something printed on it. I do not even allow myself to look at fabric anymore - my sewing machine has been broken for a while and I am afraid if I find a fabric that I love, it will also cost me a new sewing machine!

  45. Wonderful. I've always loved burlap. I have seen it in red and a white as well.

  46. love the printed burlap:) adorable project, carol! and the little hearts are too cute...just like lulu:)

  47. The burlap bag is great...I think yours is even cuter than the Pinterest one! And I love your little hearts banner - you could drape something like that across just about anything. I so admire how you just "whip things up". So talented!

  48. I love the bag you made. You're so creative and I love visiting here. I checked out your giveaway and I would love to win the napkins and all. They're so very pretty.

  49. What a happy little corner! Lulu is adorable. :)

  50. That is just so pretty! Love it, and the picture of Little Lulu.

  51. You make a sewing project look effortless. I love your burlap bag with the cute detail, and the whole vignette is very pretty.
    The switch round with the header photos looks great too !

  52. I love that! It turned out great. What a fun and unusual piece of burlap. I'm a sucker for typography myself!

  53. I had "lost" your blog for awhile but now I've found it and what a good day to read. Such a beautiful thing you have created, complete with the little strand of hearts. I hope retirement is going well!

  54. Wow! It turned out even more beautiful. I've never seen the printed burlap! Great find. And now I want to make a little heart banner! Sweet hugs!

  55. Your rendition is far better than the inspiration and of course the heart cut outs steal the scene. Loved seeing Lulu and look forward to more.

  56. So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  57. Love these projects! Thanks for sharing on the Creative Home & Garden Hop! Hope to see you again today...

  58. The other bag was nice but yours is really cute with that alphabet burlap and the yellow lantana finishes it.