Friday, August 16, 2013

On Little Lulu Time

Each morning, at 2:30 a.m., Steve and I question our sanity.

As Little Lulu whimpers to go out, and we flip to see who has to get up, we look at each other and say, "what were we thinking?"

For now, we are housebound, until Lulu can be on the beach, at the park or with other dogs - October 1.

Watching, in essence a toddler, is time consuming so my hangout for much of the day is the garden.

Each day I gather the necessary supplies so I can be creative while watching Lulu tear through the garden with an even shorter attention span than me.

Yesterday's project was to crochet an edge around a rectangle of fabric (an attic find) to make a little tablecloth.

If you notice, the pillow on the chair in the next photo is the same fabric.

The pillows matched my old window seat and the fabric for the table cloth is a remnant from making the window seat cushion

I drew the early shift when Lulu decided she needed to go out and thought it would be fun to stay and play - in the dark - so there I was at 5:30 a.m. doing my hula hoop while Lulu played tug-of-war with a rope.

At 6:00 a.m. it was light enough for me to read while Lulu settled down and played with her toys.

On and off throughout the day, when I needed to be outside, I worked on a "heart" project.

Sitting quietly (me, not Lulu) allowed me time to look around and enjoy the flowers.

A neighbor brought by some sunflowers and I managed to find time to arrange them on a table in the dining room and take photographs.

I finished the heart garland I made for Suzan of Simply Vintageous and actually found time to run to the mail center to send it off.

Lulu is in bed, I was able to edit all my photos, and write a blog post.

Each day is a little easier - who knows what I will accomplish tomorrow?

I do know it will have to be something I can work on in the garden.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. This is a nice and creative post. Life is about adjustments and you did a good job. You may miss the garden when puppy grows up. xo Jenny

  2. For having a little puppy, I think you are getting quite a bit accomplished! I don't really miss 2am wake up calls with my babies at all but I would do it again if I was given the chance.

  3. I LOVE the heart garland! I have to make one now!

  4. Little Lulu grows more adorable with every passing day. Your projects are all beautiful and just think how much good all that fresh air is doing you!

  5. It is saturday morning overhere in Holland and the sun is shining bright .I have a large coffee in
    my new mug . Present from my daughter Anna from France . She has been there for three weeks !
    My door is wide open to my garden .
    Which is by far not yet a GARDEN . It's an outside space now waiting for me to fill it in .
    I am NOT doing wel and everything in and around the house is waiting ....for me......
    I am also waiting ....for a miracle ?
    Next wednesday I will hear the results from the MRI ......
    I do want to do so so many things because I am like you I love to be creative .......
    Pain is the worst enemy .......
    In the morning I think OKAY today I will be doing SOMETHING I take the pain and do it .
    Never works out ....... Yet
    I keep hoping .........
    Mean while backyard has become a workspace for my son
    He is making the most beautiful new bed for his two-year-old daughter
    So a lot of movement all around .
    I now I am blessed with my children and all the happiness They bring along !
    I try to get a grip on my life as it is ......
    You wrote a post about why you blog ...
    I loved to read that .
    It made me think about why I blog .....
    For now I congratulate you with your newest SURPRISE called LULU
    I know you are so happy to have LULU around .
    Happy weekend

  6. My husband keeps telling me that we need to get a dog NOW. I want one,but I KNOW that our lives will change, and he better be ready for it! teeheheheheee

    Little Lulu will soon be BIG GIRL LULU and she will be romping on the beach, dragging in the sand but giving you so much joy. To see you create at home dearest Carol, OH the joy! And I have my lovely book right here with me, in my writing room.

    KEEP CREATING! Your work, your home is so magical. Anita

  7. I love hearing about your new adventure with sweet little Lulu! She is so adorable...:) Your new tablecloth turned out beautifully and that garland you made for Suzan is just precious! I may need to make one of those some day! I actually just came from Suzan's blog and she was featuring a sweet little gift she received in the mail....looks like she will be getting another one...:)The sunflowers and your flowers are all so pretty...nothing like a vase (or pitcher) full of fresh flowers to brighten up a room! Enjoy the puppy time....she will grow up so fast (just like our children) and you will miss these days. My son is supposed to be bringing home a puppy soon and I can't wait!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. Love your table cloth, is the fabric pieced or was it a panel that looked pieced? Sounds like that dog is getting the royal treatment, just like a new born. LOL

  9. OMG OMG OMG - that's for me!!!
    I LOVE it so much Carol - OMG!
    Look at what you can accomplish even with little Lulu by your side ( she's really too precious Carol )
    Going to hang out at the front door now for a couple of days :)
    Can't wait for the mailman!
    You are simply the best

  10. I love your home and garden and sweet little LuLu! Your post made me smile today....thanks!!

  11. I have two dogs but they are older. However this reminds me of my situation when I babysit the grandkids. Early in the summer I made sure to have some hand-work...either a quilted piece or some embroidery to work on when I would be out in the yard with them while they were playing in the sandbox.

  12. Ou managed to accomplish quite a bit while puppy sitting! My school district has begun teacher in service so I am back to being gone all day with little time for my creative pursuits. Lulu is adorable!

  13. Babies of any kind are meant for the young! Hang in there! I love the heart sweet!

  14. Carol,
    You are getting a lot done even with having LuLu in tow!!!! Love the garland you made for Suzan she will love it. Love seeing your beautiful garden.

  15. Hang in there! I remember those puppy days so well. It IS like having a baby around again. Waking up in the middle of the night. Making sure there aren't any small things on the floor that might cause choking. Relief when puppy is sleeping so you can get some things done. But take lots of photos because it goes by so quickly and soon you'll be looking back at this stage with a smile. Hug Lulu for me, wish we were closer I'd babysit for you. :)

  16. I love your pup, so cute! I have 2 small dogs over 14 years old each. I know they'll be gone in a few years but i'm not sure I want to go through a puppy stage again. My Pumpkin was an older rescue and love her so much and no puppy training! Enjoy!

  17. Sweet Little Lulu is so darn cute. Soon she will be out of that stage and romping on the beach.
    Your table cloth is really pretty and I love your heart garland.
    How nice of your neighbor to bring you flowers and it looks so bright and cheerful.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs to Little Lulu if I were close would puppy sit for you.

  18. I love your tablecloth and love cute LULU. They are like babies aren't they? What a wonderful neighbor you have to bring you such pretty sunflowers.

  19. I see what you mean about Lulu playing IN the flowers!!
    Beautiful tablecloth!

  20. But she's so darn cute! I wish I knew how to crochet an edge on pillows. I just love that look. Just wait. In a few months you'll wonder what on earth you did without your Lulu.

  21. She is adorable!!! Hang in there, we just added another kitty (#3) to our crazy household so I know what you going through.
    Finally decided to relocate all indoor plants, after I had to fish him out of them every 5 minutes. But he keeps us entertained and smiling!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Well Steve and Google Translate were on the money! SPOT ON!!!!!!

    Oh Carol, how about that tent? I don't care how old I am; I would use that in a hot minute in my yard, or better yet, ON THE BEACH!!!! Dream....and maybe MAKE ONE! Oh, now there's a project for ya!

    Blessings dear friends. Anita

  23. I must have missed a post. I didn't know about LuLu. So excited for you. I know those puppy hours are bad but oh how much fun that puppy will be. Is she a golden doodle. SO cute. Love all your projects. It wouldn't be too bad to have to stay home when you are near the beach. Is it because of the puppy's age and because the immunizations won't be effective? We got our sweet springer at the pound. We found him as soon as he was brought there. We had to wait 4 days to see if he was claimed. When I picked him up I noticed his cage was just covered with poo. I commented on it. The workers just looked at each other. Well, a couple of weeks later he had parvo. The vet I took him to had two other dogs admitted there with parvo from the pound. The vet gave me a can of dog food and said good luck. He wasn't very comforting. I made up my mind I wasn't going to loose this dog. I pulled him through it. So long story the waiting period. Have fun.

  24. You just described one of the many reasons why I do not ever want to have a puppy, lol! I'm too "old" and worn out to be up in the middle of the night or even very early because of a dog. My mom's dog wakes her up every morning at 5:30. I'm not a morning person at all, so this would kill me! I know that "this too shall pass" and your sweet pup will outgrow the puppy stage and will soon let you and Steve sleep. :-)

  25. I love, love, love the little heart garland/bunting. I'm curious about the crocheted edging on the cloth. Do you punch wee holes with an awl or other tool to start the crochet?

  26. You with your with Buster.
    I've had to readjust my schedule and make way for puppy this summer as well.
    The most recent developement...
    His natural instinct to KILL.
    I'm having to watch him much more closely. The Pup I thought would be a defender of the yard a wolf in sheep's clothing. (not as bad as I make it sound) After all, it is his nature.
    We are rethinking the 'free range' chickens and the Pup. He is just about 24 weeks old... still a baby--- I am smitten with him completely.
    But...the Honey is losing patience. :/
    Hope your Lulu is taking her new home and training in strides.

  27. Hi Carol,

    The crochet edging is absolutely adorable!! Wish I could crochet and sew. Even though we took two years of sewing in Home Ec class in junior high, I just didn't excel in this fine art!! Beautiful fabrics, all of them, so very Souleiado French!


  28. I'm glad you are still able to fit your project around Lulu even if it means being up at 5.30 am. It sounds a long time until she is allowed on the beach!
    Sarah x

  29. The heart garland is adorable. I know how furry baby can be time consuling, but they are worth it! And life is much easier later when you give them love and attention when they are young.

  30. How lucky is Suzan! That garland is AH- DOR-A- BLE!

    I don't know how I missed this post earlier. Lulu is a sweety, but I can imagine how tired you must feel! It's like taking care of a baby, but luckily there won't be any college tuition. ;)

  31. Yup my friend, you have a baby. lol! A cute one I might add. Just like real babies, it will get easier. In the mean time, look what you've accomplished. And actually took time to enjoy your lovely garden. Suzan will love the garland! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. I'm just shaking my head and the vision of someone (you) doing a hula hoop at 5:30 in the morning is too much. ;o)
    Having a puppy is just like having a baby. LOL but wow that picture of her looks like she's grown a lot already.

    Have a great day!