Friday, August 9, 2013

Why I blog . . .

As we walked on the beach this morning, a neighbor (I featured his garden here) asked me why I write a blog.

I thought about my reasons as we continued our walk, as we kayaked in the ocean (finally a perfect sunny day) and as I worked in the garden.

I finally came up with the answer - I blog to be creative.

If I didn't have a blog to write, then I might just sit on the beach and read, but I need topics to write about so I paint furniture, tweak the house, sew . . .

Today I finished up several projects that I began earlier in the week.

After redoing my bedroom, the red lampshade was just not working so I looked on Pinterest  and Google images for lampshade ideas.

I found a lampshade I really liked at Cottage Charm Creations.

I went looking for material in the attic to try my hand at making a lampshade (something I have never attempted) and found one curtain panel.

I love the design on the curtain so I wrapped it around to see if it would work and it fit perfectly around the bottom edge.

It was a lot easier than I expected - 3 simple steps:

1.  paint the red lampshade white

2. sew the curtain together at the sides, cut it to size and hem the top to form a "dress"

3.  slip the dress over the lampshade, ruffle the top and secure it with a white ribbon

I always read the words "easy peasy" on blogs and this project definitely merits the adjectives.

With the lamp back on the table, I grabbed a white tray I found in the attic - yes, there is still stuff up there for projects!

I looked for ideas on Pinterest for painted trays, but I didn't want words or stripes.

I found something that I liked - a cute polka dot tray at Organize Your Stuff Now.

The tray became another "easy peasy" project.

I simply put sticky dots on the tray and painted the entire tray with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor's Silk.

We eat lunch in the garden almost every afternoon and today I was able to carry it out on my little tray - yes I ate more than just cherries.

The tray is sitting on the butcher block now waiting to be used for tomorrow's lunch.

In my search for tray ideas on Pinterest, I came across a great idea at Just A Smidgen.

An old drawer from my creative space, one of my mother's vintage tablecloths, flowers from the garden and "easy peasy" - a new centerpiece for the dining room table.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the galvanized bucket - birdbath or planter?

Little projects - something to blog about.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I blog for the same reason. I love seeing what others do and it has inspired me to do the same in my home and life. I especially like coming to your blog because it is so colorful and uplifting.

  2. I just discovered your blog and it is like visiting one of my favorite magazines...colorful. creative, and simple beauty. I am thankful that you blog.

  3. Hi Carol,

    How CUTE is that lampshade and I love the open shelving in your kitchen with the 'new' red tray (that carries more than cherries!;)) Wonderful repurposing and reusing with flare!


  4. After having to deal with recalcitrant teenagers all day, I blog to try to keep my sanity.

  5. Love all you are doing, and my vote is still for birdbath with some bright shiny pebbles in the water.

  6. I wish the technology existed that would allow others to just put on a device, hook up to another person, then FEEL the emotions they feel when they experience something you have created. Carol, if only you could FEEL the surge of joy that I do when I see what you do. The colors, the sunshine, the ideas you share and the home you live in take me to a certain emotion I felt as a child, then re-experience again here.

    That tray with the dots.....OH DEAR, what a genius idea to use the dot stickers to obtain the result. I know a blogging pal who is going to love that tray, as I do.

    Why do I blog? To create as well. To create compositions of words and to use those words to connect with people like you.


  7. Once again....great projects!I have thought about that same question before and I decided I blog for the same reason. I like sharing things, but blogging about them keeps me accountable in making sure I have things to share. It keeps me searching for ideas! Thanks for sharing your sweet projects! Have a blessed Friday.....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. Loving your creativity, and glad you blog!

  9. Thanks for stopping by to see Leonardo..:))I think most of us blog for the same reasons. I LOVE blogging...everything about it.
    Also love all your projects...especially lovin that tray. :)

  10. Your creativity and friendship are why I visit Art and Sand. The polka dot tray idea is so clever, and the tray looks so cheerful. It's perfect for lunch in the garden and just sitting pretty on the butcher block. Love the red and white touches and that wonderful vintage cloth.
    I blog for the same reasons. It's a creative outlet for me, and as "the chef" says, it gives me an audience since I'm no longer teaching. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  11. Me again! ~ Love the birdcage in your header! It reminds me of one I have hanging in a tree right off the terrace. Just for looks!

  12. It all looks wonderful! I love the idea of the sticky dots to make polka dots. I saw an add for Frog Tape that comes with shaped edges - think of the possibilities!

  13. Hi Carol,
    I am so glad you blog. I love all the inspiration and seeing your beautiful cottage near the beach. You are Steve make your home so inviting and colorful. Love it.

  14. I love that you blog! I enjoy seeing all of your wonderful projects in your cute and cozy home and hearing stories of life by the sea. Your newest projects are wonderful! I don't think I can even pick a favorite this time. I love them all!

    Blogging does the same for helps me be more creative and drives me to accomplish more projects and it's a great way to meet wonderful and talented people like you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I am so glad you blog to be creative because you inspire me!! I love your projects and you make me feel like "I can do that"!! Thanks for being so great about sharing all your creativity!


  16. You sure got LOTS done in one day!! Awesome and inspiring. LOVE that little polka dot tray- xo Diana

  17. All hail the queen of recycling/re-using!! You are an inspiration ~
    I love your new centerpiece!

  18. So true Carol! If it wasn't for the world of blogs, I still wouldn't have known that I was creative :-)


  19. Blogging keeps me on my toes and creatively inspired. Love the drawer centerpiece with the different small spaces.

  20. I haven't had an attic since we moved from Oregon, almost 30 years ago. I really doubt I would ever find such wonderful treasures in an attic even if I had one. Now I really want to go snooping in yours! I really like your lampshade makeover, and that little polka dot tray is just way too cute.

    Thanks so much for popping in to see my blog. Here in AZ, our summer generally starts with a bang by mid-May, so by August, I am totally cooked and done!

  21. So glad you decided to blog because I love your projects...even though you run circles around me!!!
    Mary Alice

  22. Carol, your lamp turned out so cute. Anything easy peasy is a good thing. I have one more lamp shade that need a redo. I will keep this in mind. The dotty tray is darling! Right up my alley. So glad that you do blog because I love visiting you! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. As always, loving all your creative projects. That lamp is too darn cute!

  24. Great reason to blog! Love that drawer!!

  25. I love why you blog and many of us do it for the same reason. Some of us do it for the talk or chatter to clear the mind and some do it for the photography of it all. Either way, there are so many wonderful blogs yet undiscovered. I look forward to reading them all. Hugs. Tammy

  26. I started blogging as a way to advertise my vintage book business, but it quickly became so much more. Now - I blog to ‘chat’ with friends, to share ideas and to (hopefully) bring out my creative side.
    I love everything about this post but the thing that really pulls at my heart strings is your new table centre – it’s just so pretty!

  27. I love that lampshade. It's really a great idea. And I have a tray and I want polka dots on it, I bought the sticky dots month ago, but I haven't found time to complete that "easy peasy" project!

  28. You are the poster child for Pinterest! :-) You should host crafty parties with your wonderful creativity and talent. I love that I found your blog!

  29. It's a creative outlet for me too - the writing bit. I don't fool myself that there's anything literary going on, but I enjoy the writing and the interaction and connection with other bloggers.
    The drawer-centrepiece is a great idea!

  30. Keep on doing what your doing! I love what you did with the lampshade and the polka dot tray.

  31. I am crazy about the red tray and the cubby hole tray on the table.

  32. Lots of pretty projects here..:) That bucket would work nicely for either : )

  33. Such cute projects! I love the tray! I got a nice big wooden tray at Goodwill last month and have been trying to think of what to do with it but haven't seen anything I really liked until yours! The lamp shade is just darling too!

  34. I agree, I blog to be creative. There is so much inspiration in blogland, people thinking outside the box and people like you Carol, who never stop creating. I love the connections I've made and talking with like-minded people but I LOVE being inspired.
    One of your wonderful creations in this post has gone into my mental log-book, to be stored and used sometime in the future !
    Your blog is great to visit because it is not only inspirational, but it also brings the sunshine !

  35. I missed this post the day you wrote it. But I love to see what colorful ideas you come up with. I think that's why most of us blog, to keep us being active and creative. I also blog to have somewhere to put my photos and it is my writing outlet, which I need.

  36. Blogging certainly does motivate me. I also love to meet other people from around the world. I think we have so much more in common with people. It's kind of like having lots of grown up pen pals. Mimi

  37. The way you made the dotted tray is ingenious. I love the way it turned out! You are so inspiring with the things you do! I am glad you are blogging. My reason is the same, as a creative outlet and to connect with neat people like you!

  38. LOVE the lampshade you made! LOVE your red and white tray!!! I blog because I am creative and there are creative people on blogs! I don't really have anyone close by interested in what I am interested in. We share other interests, but not creative.

  39. Your projects are so precious and oh that polka dot still my heart! Thank you so much for sharing and sending tons of hugs!

  40. Love the table centerpiece idea!
    I blog for so many reason but mainly for girl friends in my all boy world! ♥

  41. Cutest little tray ever! Stopping by from The Cottage Market to tell you I love it! :)

  42. What cute easy lamp shade! I start blogging to share with family and friends that don't live near then it turned in all friends and sometimes I get creative. LOL