Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Busy Day

Today was a busy day - 5 projects finished up.

No, I did not do all of these projects today - some just needed the finishing touches.

I am really happy about how each of these projects turned out.

They were inspired by a book Nicole of My Garden Diaries mentioned here.

The title of the book by Amanda Thomsen is Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You.

I loved the thought "tailored to you" and so, although I am "copying" ideas from Pinterest, they are tailored to me.

I started the globe project several days ago in an attempt to alter a globe like this one I pinned from My Blessings Unlimited.

I bought a cheap, damaged globe and tried to mimic the altered globe.

I had it mostly finished when I thought back to those words, "tailored to me" and I immediately took everything off to start fresh.

I cut out words from a magazine to create a "found poem" - my students loved making found poems.

Embellishments were added in the form of a travel quote and a metal tag from Tim Holtz.

My globe . . . my way.

I love the dresser I pinned several years ago from Tiny White Daisies

Yesterday I was working in the garden and I saw that Steve had put an old easel on the wood pile to be chopped up and burned in the fire pit.

And, it hit me - I didn't need to find a dresser - I needed to create a piece that was "tailored" to my garden.

Once I got the idea, I gathered things from the garden and garage to create my display -

the old easel has a new life

a wire basket stolen from the patio got some new flowers this morning

a red heart was borrowed from another display and now holds a yellow sap bucket

3 blue boxes I found in the the garage were screwed onto the easel and planted with flowers

an old wooden goose sits on the bottom of the easel.

And, the best part - one more old easel waiting for a new life.

I thought I might paint my bench to look like this gorgeous bench, but my bench is old and broken down.

Instead, I moved it under the bird of paradise tree, put rocks beneath it and created a bit of a trail to the bench.

I planted Birch's Bellflower between the stones because the sign read "great ground cover for pavers and crevices" - can't wait to see how it fills in.

The photo with the mason jar full of tea and a book is totally staged - if I had taken the time to sit and read, I would not have finished the last two projects of the day.

I love the blue door I pinned from Tiny White Daisies and the white door that Kris, of Junk Chic Cottage, has in her entry.

The only problem is, I live in a working art gallery and there is absolutely no space for me to put a door.

Instead of buying a door, I bought a window at American Home & Garden and created a vignette in our "garden room". 

I love that I finally have a window to decorate and since we use our outdoor room about 10 months of the year, it will be fun to decorate for different seasons.

I had given up finding the floral dishes on my list because they are discontinued - a good reason to buy things when you see them and not wait.

But, serendipity led me to my new plates.

Another antique shop recently opened right next door to American Home & Garden.

I was in the car ready to drive away when I saw it was open and I decided there was no time like the present to check it out.

There were my plates . . . a simple floral design . . . vintage English china . . . much BETTER than the melamine floral plates I had pinned.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself - 5 projects off my list.

The zipper for my window seat cushion and materials for the baby quilt were just waiting for me when I heard Steve yell for me.

My window had fallen in the wind, the glass table top had broken and pieces were all over the place.

I realized that the tall window was not going to work on the table unless I wired it some how so the window was moved to the ground.

Without the window on the table, the height of the vignette seemed off.

Fortunately, when I was at American Home & Garden, I had also purchased an old screen.

The screen and a bucket of flowers add some height and the table top was turned so the broken corner doesn't show.

I need to find a weathered piece of wood for a new top now that the sewing machine base is on the patio.

All's well that ends well.

 Enough projects for the day - the window seat cushion can wait.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Wow, everything is terrific. Congratulations on all your finished projects. I know you must feel great.
    Have a great holiday.

  2. I cannot wait for the moment to come when you finished this project and.........
    there will be that moment ....... you get the idea of ....and NOW ?
    I mean ......I know you are in the process of noet "working "anymore ......
    no more job I mean ...... and now this whole new life is waiting for YOU
    WHO are you without the job and all that came along with the job ?
    That is the present to open now ...... What's inside ? WHO's inside .....
    I am so happy you share all of this with me ( us )
    Have a wonderful time !

  3. You are doing it! I think you're going to make it, and you're making it so beautifully, so creatively, so awesomely!!! Keep up the great work!


  4. Oh my you have been busy. Love all your cute projects. Sorry to hear about the window and all that glass you had to pick up.

  5. Dear, dear Carol!

    I am loving this series of yours as you share your projects! I wish I could send you some things that I have that I am unable to use in my d├ęcor since I've exhausted my space! HEY! I'm in Southern California right now, visiting family. I see you came by my blog and yes, I just posted only because of the change with Google Reader, I wanted my readers to know they could still follow me via another feed.

    But poetry class is going well, and summer is HERE!

    Enjoy each day you create. Anita

  6. Carol,
    Oh my I feel like I need a nap after seeing all you are doing!!!! You really inspire me with all your energy. I love the globe that is so creative and so you. The window just now has more character without the glass!!!! Thanks for showing my entry way door. There is always room for an old chippy door. I know someday you will have one even if you put it out in the garden. Have a Happy 4th. Enjoy the sun and fun of the day.

  7. Everything looks lovely! Happy 4th to you and be blessed, Patti

  8. Wow, more neat projects Carol! I really want to alter a globe too. I have seen how people have sprayed them with chalkboard paint. I hadn't seen one like yours though. You make me want to have a Pinterest challenge too. Maybe someday. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. It's such a treat to come by and see what you're up to!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE your globe -
    Love everything you do actually :)

  10. wow...these are some awesome projects that you are doing great with. Sorry about the glass.
    Over from Mrs. Olson

  11. Carol I just love coming here and seeing all your projects. I absolutely love that globe idea, and now I'm curious about that book. And what a great idea to move your bench under the tree and to surround it with rocks. It looks SO charming with that banner! I love your taste.

  12. I think tailoring to you is fantastic! And boy do you do it ever so wonderfully! The globe rocks! What a fantastic idea! And I am loving what you did with that easel! I dig the height, color and the whimsy of that piece! A great addition to your garden! And speaking of your garden I like how you placed the rocks to form a path to your bench! Way to go friend!!!!!

  13. Wonderful projects the globe is my favourite! What a shame that the window broke, but as always you can come up with a great alternative! Where do you store all your treasures that are waiting for a make over?
    Sarah x

  14. Love your globe!What a cool idea!Your dishes are a great find too!Always enjoy seeing your lovely garden <3

  15. Way cool finding the dishes. I love the globe project and the re-worked table vignette. You put the rest of us to shame with your productivity!

  16. Pinterest is my downfall...I spend too much time over there and not enough doing, but you seemed to have found the perfect balance. Super projects, and I really love your plates...they are so pretty!

    Happy Fourth!

  17. Wow, beautiful things happening at your house. I can totally understand the window story. I put little votive holders with battery candles in my outdoor chandelier. When it is very windy, the hammock swing blows against the chandelier and knocks them out. Now I only put them out when I will be outside.

  18. You know, you get so many creative things done at your house, that I think you need a break. You need a trip to the suburbs of Chicago so you can be artsy with found stuff at a certain someone's house. ;-) Love how you altered the globe. And how you managed to save and transform that easel - amazing. I loved how you had the window on top of the table; sorry it fell off and broke. What a nice mess to clean up! :-(

  19. Very impressive! I love all your projects! You did a great job, if I could finish 5 projects in a day it would be cause for celebration!

  20. i love the found poem idea!
    looks like you're enjoying all the time you have in retirement.

  21. Oh, I so love visiting you! You always have superb eye candy and you did a fantastic job with your projects!

  22. I love the part about making them you!! Not just a copy, but putting your own spin on them. Perfect for you. I enjoyed seeing these projects this week.


  23. I love everything. What a creative person you are. I hate it that the window fell. But you make everything look great.

  24. So many fun projects, Carol! I love the way you personalized your globe and the colors are so "you". I feel your pain from the broken glass, but the wood screen looks fabulous in place of the window. Happy 4th!

  25. What wonderful ideas! I love the plates, and I'm sorry about the broken window!

    The easel is a great idea - if we ever have an old easel, I am going to do this too!

  26. The globe is birlliant and the vignette you created with the window is fun and very balanced. I bet you've never been so busy!

  27. Dear Carol ,
    Thank you SO MUCH for visiting me and take time to write to me .
    It is a blessing to have angels who care and share .....
    I may have not give the right impression on my blog
    you write about life after the children leave the nest and
    the job is behind us ......and taking care of ourselves has not been priority number 1
    and looking for who we are .....
    That is all right and it is comforting to know there are so many of us
    and not only that ..... It is just a part of life ......
    I am in this part for two years now and I have discouvered SO SO SO MANY WONDERFUL THINGS
    about myself ......
    That is all a wonderful gift and
    also being a grandmother of two-year-old EVA ...
    All I was and have been and have done as a mother and a teacher COMES BACK TO ME when I watch her .
    I am .... as a person ..... doing better than ever ....
    What's so hard is health back and my legs are in constant PAIN .
    wHY AM i SO HAPPY with who I have become and now dealing with pain all day.
    I cannot do what I wished to do .
    I can hardly take care of myself anymore .
    I was like you always enjoying my house and doing things and finding things
    I have all in my house I see it all every day
    all is waiting for me ....and I cannot do it .
    THAT is the hard part .
    I try to GET IT .
    In dutch we have this quote
    I'm sure I am not tranlating this the right way but I hope you know what I mean .
    It looks like I am swimming the wrong way .
    I am not sitting in a corner OH NO
    I am doing things matter what .....
    It takes more time but it still makes me happy .
    and I think I am getting there mission ........
    but I tell about that later .
    I am very glad I have found you and visit your wonderful colorful blog .
    Happy weekend Carol

  28. O.M.G.
    I shall never be so long again .........

  29. Wow! You've been busy! I love the globe project and the way you changed up the sewing machine vignette once the window didn't work up there. (I love the window too!)

    Great work!

  30. A mentor's motto, "It's what we do with what we have." She lived it well. Her memorial service was standing room only at a museum.

    Her home, garden, life, spirit all flowed.

    She's been too many years gone.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  31. Wow, you are a real inspiration! I love your versions of what you've been pinning. That globe is very clever and I love what you did with the easel...good thing it was rescued from the chopping block.

  32. I love the easel project and I'm pretty sure that I pinned the vignette with the broken window from pinterest. I love it.

  33. Wow. I love all five of your projects. I am very tempted to do my own globe. I was looking Pinterest at all the different things you can do. I was leaning towards a chalk board globe, but I really like your personal bright pretty globe! Love the found poem...about travelling :) So true! Sorry about the mishap with the window! Darn! The screen looks great though too!

  34. I'm not quite sure HOW I found you but I love your blog. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar. I need to come back when I have more time to read some of your older posts. Diana

  35. Carol, you are amazing. I can't get over all the things you do! It's always so fun to look through your photos and see what you're up to. I love the globe idea! Sorry about your glass table, but glad your window was spared. Everything looks so happy and pretty over there!


  36. Carol!

    I love what you did with the hanging flower arrangements, especially those cute blue boxes!! And....sorry, still gasping from those pretty floral plates...they are TOO adorable!

    Happy Sunday!


  37. Oh, look at all these projects! This globe is something else, how clever! I just saw one of these globes that have the sayings on them while I was out shopping. Jess would love your globe too, as she is the traveler. The plate with the blue flowers is so pretty. It looks like you have been very busy this summer. It has been hot here, and just trying to stay cool. Enjoy the weekend.


  38. Just wanted to mention to you that I love your cheerful blog, and always leave here with a smile on my face. Thank you for that.


  39. Wow! You are on a roll girl! Everything turned out adorable. Sorry about the broken tabletop, but it turned out fine. Love the screen. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


  40. You are one busy girl!!! What great ideas. So inspirational. LOVE the globe!!!

  41. Oh, I love all of your projects-fantastic! And 'tailoring' them to fit you, well, what a great message! :)

  42. Wow, you have been very many great projects! I love your bench under the bird of paradise tree. It looks like just the perfect spot to relax :o) Have a great week!

  43. Oh, my heavens! I am so very impressed with your ingenuity and perseverance! That's the beauty of seeing an image.. it can trigger so many ways to create it with your own slant on it. And that you have done! Ok.. so now you need to come over and help me with the mile long list of to-do projects. Or perhaps we should just sit outside with a glass of tea and enjoy a peaceful moment or two!! LOL

  44. I love it your way Carol! Everything is so creatively you. Darn, about the window. Hate it when that happens. The screen is pretty darn cute though. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  45. My pinterest is full of projects for me to try one day. One day

  46. Thanks for keeping us updated - it looks like an exciting and engrossing project!