Monday, July 1, 2013

Time is running out . . .

The days are flying by, but I still hope to finish my 30 Days of Pinterest project by July 7.

Finding a yellow and white striped pitcher (that wasn't a ridiculous price) proved to be harder than I imagined.

When I was visiting my sister, we went into a favorite shop in Claremont, Barbara Cheatley, and there it was - not a pitcher, but a canister - and it was a great price.

Yellow . . . stripes - how can you go wrong!

I imagine it will do duty in vignettes all over the house and might even be drafted into use as a vase on occasion.

I have mentioned before that I love all the linens that Jacqueline at Cabin & Cottage uses to set the loveliest tables and create perfect vignettes.

I found crisp white cocktail napkins at Bumblebee Linens, but I don't really need a dozen small napkins.  

Searching vintage shops did not provide anything I felt like spending money on, so I created my own "lovely linens".

In April I was looking for white placemats and couldn't find anything I liked so I made my own with quilted fabric and a quick crocheted edge.

For napkins, I bought a yard of white fabric, cut out squares, curved the corners and started crocheting - none of the placemats or the napkins have the same edging.

I create my pattern as I go along which I am sure would shock all the wonderful crocheters out there, but they are my pieces and I can do what I want with them.

It has been HOT at the beach - not the norm - so I set the table for al fresco dining.

I profess to being a "color" girl, but I am loving this soft white look.

The stripes and checks and polka dots are the look I was going for - red, or yellow or blue - I'm not picky, but I love the patterns.

I pinned the red bistro cutlery from Posh Chicago, over 2 years ago and obviously should have purchased them at the time.

Today when you click Bistro cutlery on the Posh Chicago website, red and blue are the only choices.

I already had the red utensils purchased from a local store and found the green there last week.

My mix and match - green and red bistro cutlery, blue handles from Home Goods and polka dot Sabre flatware- is not quite as cute as the red patterns.

The Sabre flatware come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the cost is prohibitive.

The bistro cutlery is $14.95 a place setting - the Sabre is $79.50 a place setting.

I will be content with the few colors I own until I win the lottery and I can buy the Sabre in dots, stripes, checks, flowers . . . 

My next task is to find white duck fabric in the attic to make a new cushion cover for my window seat . . . .  . and finish 7 other projects!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Hi Carol.
    I love all your pictures
    Makes me HAPPY !
    You make me look at YELLOW in a new way .....
    You ask about the pictures in my sidebar
    well ....just pinterest
    but choosen by ME because I LOVE THOSE 1
    I wish I could make a picture of my own things
    but I am not good in that ( YET )
    Happy summer Carol

  2. I love a pop of color too but that table outside with the white linens just screams summer! It's beautiful :)

  3. Love all your colourful cutlery. Thanks for the idea of edging some white cotton with lace.

  4. I love the idea of making your own linens with crocheted edging! I'd love some of the patterned flatware, too. Cute!

  5. Good morning Carol! YOU ARE SMOKIN'! You're getting your goals accomplished and look at the results. Those striped pitchers are so glorious, aren't they? And you are reminding me to go out and get a white tablecloth for my new patio table. KEEP GOING, we're rooting for ya! Anita

  6. The cutlery is stunningly beautiful. You are having so much fun and we love to see what you are up to. Would love to sit out back with you at that pretty table.

  7. I just love all your color and the way you put it all together.

  8. I love that your napkin edgings are all different; same for the cutlery! Reminds me of our favorite restaurant in Morro Bay ~ a little hole-in-the-wall place where nothing matches, but the food is 5 star!
    Congratulations on getting so much of your plan accomplished; I know you'll make your goal!

  9. You're just blowing me away with how much you have been accomplishing! You're very inspirational! I love all your finds and your beautiful new linens with the crochet edges. How fun! :-D

  10. I love the yellow! I have a whole bunch of National Geographics if you want to replicate the look!

  11. I sent you a link a while ago for where you could get some of that cutlery at a better price. Did you not get it?

    LOVE the yellow striped cannister! I totally love that the napkins and placemats have different crochet edging!

  12. Carol,
    It is all tooo cute!!!! I love that you did the table in white with all the surrounding color of your garden. Eating out in the garden heavenly!!!!!

  13. Good luck with it...:)

  14. Beautiful! I love the bright colours you always choose.

  15. Once again, I love all your finds/projects! That yellow and white striped canister is adorable and looks like it was made to be displayed in your home! Pretty cutlery and linens too. I love the white table! You have inspired me to do something similar to this challenge myself when I return from Pennsylvania. I'll have about 4 weeks of summer left before I have to return to work....even though I will have 6 days of training in those 4 weeks. have inspired me!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. more thing! I went on a cutlery quest for you and was able to find a service for four of red and white polka dot on Amazon....
      Thought you might be interested...:)


  16. I so love the table of all white! How absolutely stunning is that! And your linens are beautiful! We are experiencing some cooler days here...I actually had the beans in sweatshirts today! Keep up the hard work is all coming together so nicely!!!

  17. You're making me tired. But you're getting a lot done. Love the mix and match of the cutlery. Hope you can finish out those 30 days. Mimi

  18. What a beautiful site you have!!!! Thanks so for stopping by " seaview cottage" !!! Love to hear from new people!!!!
    What a beautiful table you've set....makes me want to have a garden party!!!
    I love the napkin idea....think I may try that .....a nice project to have on hand!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  19. Oh my! The yellow and white makes my heart go pitter-patter! And the green cutlery! And the dots! You know how dotty I am.

  20. Good Afternoon Carol, Whenever I visit you blog I always feel happy, as it is filled with so much colour. As you know I love colour as well, but I really like the cool white table setting... it is so lovely.
    Have a wonderful 4th July holiday tomorrow.
    Best Wishes

  21. I am just so full of admiration for you! Your new napkins are just darling! And such an honor to be mentioned on your pretty blog! I just did a little catching up on your fun projects and my favorite is that embroidered bunting. So, so cute! Love all that colorful flatware too. Happy days!

  22. I love all your mix-and-match of colors and patterns-so vibrant and fun! (of course I'm drawn to that white tablescape, too-gorgeous! :)

  23. I'm very impressed with all your Pinterest ideas & the fact that you crocheted your own trim on those napkins!
    That red bistro cutlery is just DARLING! Wish we both could have found it.
    Lots of happy colors & great ideas here.

  24. Hi Carol,

    You are on a mission and right on course! I love your al fresco patio, all done up for an evening of ambient dinner atmosphere! Your patterned cutlery is so happy; love the mix and match of it all! Hope you have a fun Fourth of July!


  25. I'm really enjoying your series and I was suprised how good you were at setting a white table. It makes the other colour in the background stand and it's really lovely.