Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Beans . . . Little Pillow . . . Little Giveaway

In January, I participated in the Grow Your Blog party at 2 Bags Full.

We were encouraged to do a giveaway and in the end I chose four names in my giveaway.

The third and fourth prizes were mailed off right away.

First and second place were customized for the winners and I just finished them last weekend.

Second place was a hand painted pillow.

The pillow was won by Nicole of My Garden Diaries.

Steve stretches his own canvases so I always have a stash of canvas scraps.

For all the pillows pictured above I used canvas, but for Nicole's I used a painter's drop cloth from Lowe's.

I really like the feel and color of the drop cloth.

I thought for a long time about what to paint on the pillow, scoured Nicole's blog for the color, and finally settled on green for the stripes.

I love reading her blog as she talks about gardening and life with her "little beans".

I painted "LITTLE BEANS" on the pillow

because she is the only person I have ever heard call her children that.

This morning I received this e-mail from Nicole. 

OHHH Carol!!!  I just received the pillow today!!!  WE LOVE it!!!  It is fantastic!!!  I mean it is the cutest thing anyone has ever made for me!!  I will cherish it!!!  You are one creative lady and I can not thank you enough.  I have nothing in my home that has "little beans" on it!  Thank you for capturing something about me in a creative way!  How wonderful!  I hope you are doing well and that your husband is feeling a bit better. And I hope you are having fun creating and working in the garden!  We still have snow so we aren't doing anything like that here yet,,,just making igloos and snowmen!  You take care!  Thanks again and all the best!  Nicole

I read Nicole's sweet e-mail before heading out for our morning walk and

as we were walking and I told Steve how Nicole's reaction made me feel.

Her love of the pillow made me feel very good.

So good, that I have decided to do another pillow Giveaway.

If you would like to win a custom pillow, leave a comment about what you would like.

I am not an artist, so you are limited to stripes and words.

I can do hearts and stars and probably checks.

Life is totally hectic this week -

I am taking 90 students to a UCLA basketball game ALL DAY tomorrow


my yearbook deadline is March 4.

So, I will leave the Giveaway open until Tuesday, March 5.


You can find me partying at

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  1. Wow! I can see why Nicole is to the moon and back over her pillow! That is the true meaning of a thoughtful gift.

  2. Love your pillows!
    and this little beans pillow is so sweet...she sure liked it.

    have a good one, Pat

  3. it's like good karma isn't it? the pillow is so sweet!
    i'd like to try painting blue stripes on pillows and if i was lucky enough to win one i'd like blue stripes.
    good luck with the 90 at the basketball.. sounds like a handful.. i'm a former teacher.

    1. Congratulations! Your name was one of 4 I drew for a hand painted pillow. It is raining here in southern California so if my volleyball team doesn't have to play in a tournament this weekend, I hope to be painting blue stripes. When I am finished, I will contact you for your address.

  4. wow what a handful at the basketball game-but I bet you will have a very fun day. What a clever idea using drop cloths to make your pillows I love that. It is so rewarding to give a personal gift. If I should win one of your pillows, I would like simple and earthy colors cause I live in the woods, or perhaps kathyinozarks written on the pillow. have fun at the game Kathy

  5. What a lovely give away for Nicole and so thoughtful the words that mean so much to her. Hope you aren't exhausted after your visit to the basketball that seems a huge number to take with you!
    Sarah x

  6. What a lovely gift, it sounds like she will treasure it always:) What a nice feeling you must have. I hope you and hubby were on your morning walk, if so sounds like he is getting along nicely:)

  7. Lovely pillows! I would love one with a big black A on it for my last name! I enjoy giveaways, receiving and giving! I love seeing other's handiwork. Hope you have fun at the game.

    1. Congratulations! I drew 4 names for pillows so it looks like I will have to find some black paint for a great big A. I hope to paint the pillows this weekend. I will let you know when I finish so I can get your address.

  8. How thoughtful!...and personal....You are one courageous lady to take 90 students to the UCLA game...Hope your day is fun as well as hectic....
    Blessings, Becky

  9. The bean pillow is adorable! We refer quite often to the "Bean Theory" in our household. When you plant beans, you get.....beans! (Sort of like A Chip off the Old Block.) If I won, I'd like the same pillow with red lettering and stripes to place on a child's rocking chair near our fireplace. No matter who wins, they will be thrilled to have an original "Carol" pillow. Thanks for offering another giveaway and have a great week!

    :@ Vickie

  10. My heart is smiling! My kids had so much fun showing their grandparents the pillow at dinner last night!! You are great lady!!!

  11. Your a sweetie pie..and blessing others like that . LOVE that you did that. ...and what treasures too . I LOVE those pillows LOVE LOVE LOVE .. Hope that your having fun on your outing with all the students.. Blessings, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  12. What a wonderful prize and so exciting to hear how much she liked it. I can imagine how wonderful that made you feel. That's so great! I think it's so cute that she calls her kids little beans. I like that. What a special gift that I'm sure she'll treasure for a very long time.

    I just remembered this last week that I'd promised another give-away for February. I need to figure out what my prize will be and post about it. I can't believe the month is almost over already.

    Have fun at UCLA and have a fabulous week!

  13. Carol, your pillows are so adorable. I am as impressed with your ability to come up with what to put on one as I am with your super designing skills. I always draw a blank. I do like all the ones you did. Beach in and aqua color could be good, or a big scrolly letter L in a raspberry color, or a surprise!
    Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  14. I've always loved the pillows you make, especially the striped ones. The one you made for Nicole is so adorable!!
    Mary Alice

  15. What a wonderful prize, I would love to be entered into your next pillow givaway would love a blue star and would leave the word choice up to you, you did so well with little beans, it would be lovely to have something from your cottage by the sea in this little cottage by the sea :-)
    Annie x

  16. What a great pillow. Love the stripes and the "beans".
    How is your husband doing.
    Great view.
    Did you like your hearts?
    I'd like a pillow that would say Grammy's petals.

  17. That pillow is so impressive and the manner in which you figured out to personalize it. WOW!

  18. I am so glad you popped by my blog! You have a lovely blog....and these pillows are the cutest thing I've ever seen! I think I am torn if I would do "Reach" which is my motto for 2013, or Prince Snow Farm, which is what we call our little "place" in this world. You know, a reader complimented my garden yesterday, said it was "inspiring" I know EXACTLY the feelings you experienced after you got the note . It is so satisfying.

    1. Congratulations! I drew 4 names for pillows and will be painting up a storm this weekend. I need to know 3 things from you:
      1. color
      2. Will it be REACH or Prince Snow Farm
      3. Your address

  19. What a sweet note from Nicole! You took the time and effort to make something truly special and meaningful for her, which just shows how thoughtful you are!

    If I had a pillow, I would want it to say "Team Rohrbacher", because that's a nickname we give our family! But that's an awful lot of letters. Or maybe one with olive or sage green and maroon stripes (the colors in our living room).

    Or maybe one with "Est. 1982", the year we were married!

    I hope I win!

  20. Carol, you are such a dear to create something of such special individual value for Nicole! I, too, really enjoy Nicole's blog (and yours!). The pillow is so beautiful and I love that you took the time to get to know her and make it perfect for her family.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a pillow from you. If I were the winner, I would probably like one that says "The White House", but it would be even more fun to see what you came up with yourself!

    Thanks for linking this special creation up at A New Creation!

  21. Oh, March 5th...that's my birthday...maybe because it's my birthday I'll have a greater chance of winning? Keeping my fingers crossed. What a great giveaway. Love those pillows, it is no surprise Nicole loved it so much.


  22. Little Beans is so cute. I can see why she would love her pillow. Made especially for her. Thanks for the chance to win one. You are so talented. I love the look and feel of drop cloth. Red or aqua would be my choice of stripes. Thanks for this fun give away. Best of luck with the 90 students!

  23. That's one heartwarming post. Your blog has the most beautiful pictures--it's dreary and wet and cold here in Ohio. If I were lucky enough to win, I would love some red stars. My pillow project has been languishing in a pile for, um, years. You've inspired me to get going on that again. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. That is adorable. I love your pillows. Very inspirational.

    If I were lucky enough to win, red stripes with something beachy.

  25. Oh, I love your pillows!! I love the stripes and initial pillow. You did a job. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. Have a great weekend. :)

  26. I can't believe I missed this post! The pillows are amazing, no wonder you have plenty of wondeful feedbacks on them. The "beach" one is my favourite I think, I guess you know why!

  27. I can't believe I missed this post...also! Those really are adorable. I love that you are using scraps from your husbands art, good girl.
    I love the red stripes and would love to put one in my 1969 vintage Shasta trailer.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Very generous.

  28. Isn't Nicole a darling? I love her sweet blog. And I would love a pillow. I am moving soon and changing my lifestyle after a lifetime of dreaming. I have no idea what should go on a pillow-maybe something about new beginnings or a safe haven or finding my true self??? Love your attitude too. Making and sharing is a beautiful thing to do.