Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chipping away at the list . . .

Due to Easter weekend, I accomplished nothing on Saturday or Sunday.

But, yesterday morning I was determined to make my pillows.

Actually, first I planned to paint my record cabinet white.

I was pulling it out from the wall when Steve walked through the living room and asked,
"what are you up to now?"

He has been reeling with all of my changes this week.

He commented to everyone at Easter dinner that he never knows what the living room will look like from day to day.

JP's comment was, "the one constant in this house is change!"

Anyway, when I told Steve that I was going to paint the cabinet, he put his foot down.

It seems he loves the cabinet just as it is.

He never made a comment on it when I painted it the three colors and he rarely makes any comments regarding his opinions about the decorating.

It's his house too, so the cabinet stays red, yellow and blue.

With the cabinet off the list, I got out my sewing machine and started the pillows.

Like most of my projects, the vision and the reality are quite different.

The plan was to make two yellow pillows and three red polka dot pillows.

I already had some smaller yellow pillows in the same color and I like them.

Instead of making large yellow pillows, I made large white pillows.

With only two floral pillows, the look is less "busy".

And the floral incorporates all my favorite colors.

I can always change the white out with a check or stripe if I want.

When I bought the chair, there were two large pillows, but it was actually uncomfortable with the two large pillows so I just have one large and one smaller pillow.

 #1 is finished.

A fresh new look on the sofa

and on the chair.

A list that is almost complete.

I will finish the dresser tomorrow.

And Steve would say, "enough already".

But, there are so many ideas running around in my head.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Wow! You are on a ROLL! The new pillows look wonderful -- and you work fast. Have fun painting today!

  2. such a cute room.. i love the windows and the view to the garden.
    pillows look great too.

  3. Love the choice for pillows on your sofa and chair. Perfect! Isn't it funny (well, maybe not so funny) how we hear our husbands' opinions when something is going to change...but not a peep out of them beforehand. I had to laugh, because we have a gate leg table I would love to sell, but if I ever bring it up I get a definite "NO!"
    Mary Alice

  4. I love the pillows! I like the white pillows..They anchor the pillows and the couch together.
    I think it is funny how the Artist is instructing 'the artist'. All the changes you've been making in your home to co-ordinate everything is VERY ARTISTIC TO ME!

  5. P.S.~ Oh, and the polka dot fabric with the solid yellow/ MY favorite! I love pillows and I love YELLOW...so the little accents in the polka dot are sweet!

  6. Love the new pillow covers, isn't it amazing what a little fabric can do! I just love your living room, it's so inviting. Have fun painting the dresser, it's going to look fabulous. So proud of you for getting all your projects done!

  7. Carol,
    The new pillows look great. So comfy and inviting on that sofa and chair. I can't wait to see the dresser.

  8. Good Afternoon Carol, I have just returned from my holiday in India and find you as busy as ever! I think maybe I need to do as you do and make lists of things I want to achieve. I am looking forward to seeing your dresser as for the first time in many years I am thinking of painting some furniture and I fancy the Swedish look in our bedroom, so I am interested to see how you do it. I'm looking for inspiration as painting techniques have changed so much in the past few years.
    It's been lovely to catch up with you.
    Best Wishes

  9. It's so difficult to have so many plans and not always be able to apply them....but your place is looking great. Love the new pillows and as always, everything looks fab...as you know, I love the art work. Way to go, hubby!

  10. I really like the cushions. And I agree that the cabinet is just fine the way it is!

  11. Looking good! I love all the pops of happy color in your home. I'm excited to see your dresser transformation. Have fun!

  12. I love your place... I was even talking about it with my mom about a new friends blog and your look at your place.. Just happy !!! love love love the pops of color and the white cover.. Just beautiful. Have a blessed week my friend, Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  13. Yep...once we get ideas rolling around in our heads, it's hard to stop. I have to stop and think about this house being Mr. Sweet's house, too....so when he says he likes something the way it is, I don't change it, either. It took me 22 years to convince him the dark paneling we had would be awesome painted a creamy white. I finally JUST DID IT...and he loves it to this day. hahhaaa....MEN !!
    Over from Lavender.....linking to follow you.

  14. HA! I was laughing just picturing him walking in and saying that because that is exactly what my hubs says! He knows that if I am looking around or staring at something for too long that I am up to something! I can so relate! Your sofa is awesome! The pillows are perfect and perfect!! Great job on them! I like how the colors give it life and the white gives it balance!!! Can't wait to see more!

  15. You have such a lovely, cheerful home! And the fact that you live near the beach just puts it over the top in my book! Lucky you!

  16. Oh my : You said THIS : Due to Easter weekend, I accomplished nothing on Saturday or Sunday.

    yet it sounds as if you hosted a family easter dinner

    I am commenting because you sound like me and what runs through my brain. If I don't do something EXTRA on the weekends after working full time I say the same thing to myself. LOL ! I am my worst enemy :) I clean, cook, shop, babysit, cook for the family, do other household chores and on and on and ON but if I didn't sew or do something special then I count it as all lost.