Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Change?

One area of my house that needs work is my entry.

It has gone through many changes over the last 15 years.

The biggest change was moving the washer/dryer and water heater to the garage.

The white cabinet was a good choice, but I like it now on the porch.

I love to sit in the wicker chair and talk to Steve while he cooks, but the area is really inefficient.

When you live in a small house, every piece of furniture has to serve a purpose and sometimes more than one purpose.

The shell display is fitting for our beach house, but not functional.

I need a place to store napkins, placemats, tablecloths, etc.

On Tuesday I decided to tackle the spot.

I swapped a tall cabinet from a closet with the red bookcase.

Without the red cabinet on the wall, it looked really bare.

 "Flowers and Rust" came out of the bedroom to grace the entryway.

Linens and pitchers are on display.

And the drawers keep napery handy for setting the table.

Wire baskets and an Anthropologie shelf hold keys, books, mementos, etc.

The cabinet needs a paint job.

I am favoring using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint -Old White.

I wouldn't mind using a color on the cabinet, but I need something that won't detract from the painting.

At first Steve's comment was, "another change?"

But, he loves that Flowers and Rust is in a prominent position instead of relegated to the bedroom.

And yes, there will be more changes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Your house always intrigues me with its bountiful colors. How about a soft gold on the cabinet you brought in?

  2. Carol,
    I love that painting Steve did of the watering can and flowers. Looks so good in that spot. Perfect welcome. Love it.

  3. It was fun to see the evolution of your room and I do love the painting! Wow, it's gorgeous! Do you have a tiny little table near your wicker chair for your cup of tea or coffee while you're watching Steve cook?

  4. Great changes! How about green? (Just putting in my opinion, take it or not!) Cindy

  5. I love your entry way now! What a beautiful cabinet and a perfect spot to sit and relax too!

  6. Wonderful change and great use of your space:)

  7. Hello Carol! I found you! Thank you for following me and I'm now following you. At first I couldn't tell if you had a blog until I went back to look again and clicked on something on the side of the emails. Can you tell I'm not too savvy with all this? However, I'm so glad to see your entry and the changes that have evolved there. It is so hard to find space for napkins. I hang tablecloths in my husband's closet, poor man, but have to keep napkins in some stacked picnic hampers in the family room. Your vintage tablecloths look great on the shelves. The Flowers and Rust painting is beautiful and deserves being seen by people who visit even casually. I'm terrible at "seeing" what a paint choice would be but I bet you'll solve the problem.

    So glad to have met you and tonight I'll have to explore more of your blog.

  8. love the new look! and yes, in a small house every piece of furnitere has to have a purpose...or two

  9. Perfect blissful corner. The painting is GORGEOUS, and the cabinet irresistible. I'm sure anything you do with it will be spectacular.
    I'm so glad you stopped by, Carol. I accidentally deleted my blogroll gadget and I've had to gather up my favorite storytellers again. I look forward to visiting.

  10. I love that you kept pictures of your entryway over the years! What a great way to look back at your life and home. The painting is beautiful!!

  11. Love it! The large painting makes the area seem bigger. Don't you think?

  12. I love every look you've had in there, with the exception of when it housed your washer/dryer. If I were painting the cabinet I think I would go with a very light sage, it's still light enough to have that beach-y feel, and would highlight the little bit of green in the painting (which is gorgeous!), just my opinion, looking forward to what you decide to do in there.

  13. I like seeing the progression in your entry way! It gets better and better!!! That painting is beautiful!!! What an amazing statement piece for the entry!!! I need a wire shelf like you have there for storage as well. I so get the small house everything must be functional thing!! Great work....I think old white is the way to go!!!

  14. How fun to have photos from all those years. I wish I had done that. I enjoyed seeing the different decorating transformations that your space has gone through. And I'm loving that piece of art there. Those are gorgeous colors! I vote you leave it like that for awhile. :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  15. I just love the changes you've made and now I'm telling myself that I need to get busy and make some changes here as well. I love the things you do.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  16. Good morning Carol!

    I thought your name looked familiar when I saw your comment this morning! Now this is a wonderful make-over here! I just did one last week in my dining room and I am so happy with it. I too used chalk paint to paint a large and dark French armoire. It is now in Paris Gray and lights up the room so nice.

    What you did here is so perfect. When space is at a minimum, you want to maximize the functionality, and your new cabinet is the absolute perfect piece there. The large painting is bright and hugs that wall now so lovely!

    Oh how fun it is to be creative! Thank you as well for coming to visit me, and I am glad that my post made you smile. I hope your bursitis goes away with the warmer weather coming. Enjoy your weekend; we had a little snow last night so who knows what today will bring! Anita

  17. Wow! That looks wonderful!

    I love the painting. Our husbands have to get together to talk about painting.

    I love the tile entryway in your house.

    1. To answer your question, Charles paints icons. He uses egg tempera and acrylics. He also does wood cut prints.

  18. Your home has gone through many changes over
    the years but then mine also. Every few years
    I get a color bug going and this past 4 years
    I've gone white.. literally, white! The Mr.
    thought I'd lost my mind when I got out the
    paint on our
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog
    and your sweet words...
    Happy Spring

  19. Oooh, I'm loving this new look, can't wait to see it all painted in Annie's paint!

  20. Oh I am just loving this statement of yours !! "When you live in a small house, every piece of furniture has to serve a purpose and sometimes more than one purpose."

    ( I live in a small house too and I think that your simple but perfect statement sums it up for all of us that do! )

  21. Wow, I love that you posted the progression of your entry. And I love that you made another change. The painting is gorgeous and that is the perfect place for it.

  22. Love the Painting! And I love the yellow polka dotted teapot on the stack of vintage tablecloths. Very whimsical. I found your post at Share your Cup Thursday.

  23. At first I thought no that little red cabinet is too cute there but understand the need for storage space. And then you showed the now photo. You made the new cabinet look awesome with the tea towels and tea pot. What if you painted it the color of the watering can or the flowers. Nah don't listen to me the person who can't decide on color in her own home.LOL

    Your home looks inviting and cheerful. I like it.

  24. I love Flowers and Rust! It needs to be out where everyone can see it. the cabinet fits there perfectly and what great storage. I love your sweet beach house! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  25. This transformation does look amazing and you've repurposed the spot to where it functions beautifully! Love the painting - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  26. Love the large pictures and it really makes that space look larger. The cabinet is great and I know you will choose the right color.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures