Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Whatever caught my eye . . .

I am not an organized blogger.

I do not usually have a schedule of blog posts, but right now I have several blog posts in the works -

a post for June 14, which would be my mother's 100th birthday if she was still with us,

an upcoming photo shoot and blog post at my friend Leslie's house,

a photo shoot and upcoming post at my friend Lisa's house,

ideas for the tea party I will be hosting in my garden later this month for

the Mad Tea Party at A Fanciful Twist on July 12 and

organizing my creative space for 

With all those future projects, I had not thought about a post for this week.

So, for today, I am just showing random pics of whatever caught my eye and made me happy.

Using my imagination to spot a sweet dolphin and a whale in beach rocks and

seeing hearts spread across the sand.

Marveling at the symmetry found in nature and the beauty in each little grain of sand.

Smiling at the few flowers that are thriving in my garden despite the drought.

Loving the cute little anchor plates I found at Tuesday Morning.

Reading and viewing beautiful blogs has changed the way I look at things and I love it when my eye stops at something simple, but pretty

like a second round of California poppies in my little front garden.

The very best thing that has caught my eye lately is Steve on the tennis court - it's taken 18 months and surgery on both shoulders, but, "He's Back"!

What has caught your eye lately?

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  1. Hi Carol - sounds like you are one busy blogger with so many fun posts coming up. Looking forward to reading about the photo shoots.

    Yeah for Steve for completing his successful surgeries.

    Hugs to Lulu,

  2. Carol, you sound very busy and quite organized with what you want to post about. They sound like 'big' projects to me. I enjoyed all your photos and especially the shaped rocks which are so neat to find. I'm happy that your husband is back to playing tennis. I hope you have some rain to help with the drought soon. Pam

  3. Wow, your mom is going to be 100 years young! That is awesome!!

  4. I enjoyed all your photos. The rocks were something wonderful. Hope you are able to have the fun tea party. xoxo,Susie

  5. I love the whale and dolphin rocks ~ and the shiny white teapot with the dried roses in it ~ such a beautiful and striking contrast! Thanks for all the eye candy!

  6. You sound very organized to me, Carol, when it comes to planning ahead on your blog. Looks like you have some fun and interesting blog plans coming up.
    I know you're thrilled to see Steve back on the tennis court. What a physical accomplishment!
    Mary Alice

  7. It sounds like you are, in fact, an organized blogger, given you have so many posts on the go at once. Fresh blooms in the garden are what are catching my eye, these days. Given our growing season, it's a good idea to pay attention while it's here!

    I enjoyed seeing the bits of nature that you found and how your imagination comes into play when spotting them.


  8. You always have such pretties to share with us. Can't wait to see your friends homes. I love that flag. Happy Birthday to your Mama in heaven. Wow, 100.

  9. Go Steve!!!!! That is just wonderful that he is back at it! And I laughed when I read your first sentence...I am not an organized blogger! Ha! Nor am I!!!! I am very excited for all the wonderful pieces you have in the works for the months to come and I may just join in with you! Your photos of the beauty in your world are just wonderful! And can I have some of those poppies please! Goodness are those rocking! The colors that you use in your environment really create an amazing contrast with your blooms and I love that! Have a great day tomorrow lady and thanks for the suggestion on the scavenger hunt! My Josie loves taking photographs as she took all of the photos for my last post! She would really get a kick out of it! Nicole xoxoxox

  10. I'm looking forward to all of those posts and more of your creativity. What has caught my eye lately? Beautiful flowers in my yard, cute summer clothes, lots of moving boxes for my parents. :)

  11. Well I can say that I certainly look at things differently since I've started reading / following your blog Carol.

    You found some very nice things to photograph and share today.

    I look forward to all of those wonderful posts you have planned.

  12. Carol,
    Seems to me that you are indeed a very organized blogger. All your future posts sound exciting and I'm looking forward to them. Your photography is looking very professional ... Always enjoy what you capture. Nice assortment of things that have caught your eye lately. Cute whale and dolphin and I love the heart rocks.

    What's caught my eye or interest lately? People walking! I've noticed couples who walk arm in arm or hand in hand will catch your eye and give you a smile. Seems that little bit of contact makes couples much happier. In such a busy, hectic pace world, walking slower and showing kindness promotes positive energy. John and I have always walked hand in hand.
    Some how I know you and Steve do too. Weird but that's what caught my eye lately, simple affection.

    Steve sure looks happy on the tennis court :-)

  13. I like your heart rocks, those are great finds.

  14. I can't wait to see all the post that you have planned to share with all of us. Love the rocks that look like hearts.

  15. Carol - I love your random photos and thoughts! Looks like a lot of fun things to look forward to.


  16. Carol, I'm impressed that you have posted planed so far in advance. I'm such a spur of the moment poster. I want to be more organized like you!!!
    Love your idea and all the photos of things that caught your eye.
    What caught my eye recently…….guess that would be flags displayed in our hood. '-)

  17. Yeah! Your hubby is back in action after a long recovery. He must be elated to be able to do the things he loves, too.

    Great photos, Carol! I love the heart shaped rocks.

  18. I believe one of the most fascinating things to look at are grains of sand. It amazes me to see the colors, shapes and sizes with never one looking like the next. Great photos today!

  19. YOUR post caught my eye!!! It is full of wonderful little glimpses of everyday life and I love it! You have some gorgeous photos here. Glad hubby is back on the courts again- xo Diana

  20. You always have such marvelous images and I love to look at them. Love your sense of colour too!
    I'm so last-minute that I sometimes write until minutes before I have to be somewhere. I'd love to be as organised as you are.

  21. Good morning my friend. I think what you've done here is what poetry is like. You just start writing about whatever catches your eye, your mind. I am a very organized person, and I've had to "loosen up" a little to get into the poetry exercises that give a writer a chance to dig deeper and darker than one would likely go....and it takes dumping that organized thought out the window for the moment, and that's hard for me! Like you, I get an idea and I start to organized my photos and words. But it is liberating to step back and just allow the muse to take over. To enjoy the symmetry of sea shells, to marvel at the beauty of others, that is art.

    I am officially DONE with school and meetings. My first year of secondary is over, and on to another year with more experience under my belt! I have one pilot class in French language proficiency at the middle school and two French classes at the high school. THIS IS FUN!

    Enjoy a fabulous day at the beach, and BRAVO to Steve for his recovery! Anita

  22. Isn't it nice to put a post together with things you love? Great photos and meaningful things:) Everything is beautiful like always!!

  23. Your photos are making me smile this morning! I'm not an organized blogger, wither, with the exception of Fridays, LOL!


  24. Hi Carol, you have a busy season ahead and I can relate to this. For some reason the next 3 months are busier then usual for me too. Love your pics of what caught your eye. Glad for your hubby to be back on the tennis courts.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. Carol, I woke up this morning feeling kinda "eh"... but, after reading your post and looking at your wonderful pictures I am inspired to get at it and get something done... thank you for all your great inspiration that spurs me on.... Cathy

  26. we blog the way we blog...

    hooray for your husband!

  27. Carol, love your post with lots of photos! My garden's been catching most of my attention lately, but I love summer sunroom and yard reading - I have so many magazines backlogged due to spending so much time on blog reading! It's great, though, to read it while it's happening, instead of waiting for print.
    It's nice having some posts ready - I usually get spontaneous inspiration and run with it, but occasionally have a few planned.
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. These kinds of posts are some of my favorites! I am a photo junkie, so this hits the spot!

  29. What do you mean you're not organized? Sounds like a plan to me.
    I love your pictures and so glad Steve is back on his game! I hope the surgeries do the trick and he stays healthy and able to enjoy life.

  30. I enjoyed this non post and the photos and hearing what is coming down the road. Loved seeing the baby shower photos--what an amazing event you all put on! Lots of great ideas.

  31. Even though you say you're not an organized blogger, you sure sound like one with these planned upcoming posts! I don't normally plan mine either. Whatever is happening around here, that's what I post about. Sometimes I'm lucky if I get out one post a week, and other times I can easily post several times a week. I find that as I get older, I find the beauty in things around me often. I think when we're younger, we're too self-absorbed. Glad to see Steve back on the tennis courts! Shoulder rehab and recovery takes a *long* time.

  32. I love all your inspiration. I've been in a similar mode.

  33. Wow! 100 years old - that's wonderful! My husband says he shooting for triple digits :)

    Looking forward to seeing your friends houses!

  34. Carol,
    I cannot wait so see each and every post. Wooo Hooo you have been busy. Glad Steve is getting back to his normal activity. Love all the rocks and the formation of each one. That is really neat. Have a great day my friend.

  35. Hi Carol,
    Your pictures are so bright and cheerful! You sound like you're a busy gal. I have cut waaay back on my blogging because I have been really tired. I think the past year has caught up with me. At least I'm still blogging whereas I see many bloggers on my Readers List are no longer blogging and I can't remove them either. The Readers List doesn't work three-quarters of the time.
    I took a peek at your baby shower post too and what a wonderful party! Love the yellow polka dot teapot! Have a wonderful weekend.


  36. Just loving those anchor plates Carol!

  37. I like the anchor plates too. Yea! Steve is up and about. I always have to pin your photos. You do an amazing job on the framing and presenting of them.

  38. I think you have to be pretty organised to get as much done as you do.
    One day I would like a garden as pretty as yours, but what catches my eye at the moment is my gorgeous geraniums, I just can't get over the colours.
    I love the whale and dolphin rocks and I'm glad Steve is able to live life the way he did before the operations.

  39. Beautiful photos and bravo to you for taking time to notice them all!

  40. There's lots going on in your world these days. Looking forward to reading more on the blog as you find time to post.
    Such pretty things in your world. The two halves of seashell on the beach is a lovely photo.
    Enjoy all your activity - congrats to Steve for getting out onto the tennis court again.

  41. My word, Carol!
    I am like a dried up sponge when I come to your blog and by the time I leave I am dripping with inspiration. Thank you for refreshing my day :)
    You Rock!
    Connie :)

  42. Sounds like you have been busy with lots going on. Have a great weekend.

  43. Dear friend, yes, I am almost pinching myself now, just reveling in the glory of sunshine and some warmth and loving my time off. Not only am I reading voraciously as I dream of, but I'm rearranging things in my home and it makes one happy, no?

    PEACE and beauty to you. Thank you for coming and you will enjoy the TRUE story of The Waiting. Anita

  44. What has caught my eye LATELY...Well, COLOR, many, and how they have been so kind to me, inspiring me to go on dreaming.

    What has caught my eye TODAY?...The simplicity of your post and the response.

    Keep enjoying the details, life's made of that good stuff. Happy that Steve is back to himself.

  45. Can't wait to see all of these upcoming posts. Birds and flowers catch my eye lately.

  46. Hi Carol, I could have written the first part of this post. I always just snap photos, write up the post, and then publish. Do not plan ahead either. However this week I took pics of my garden rooms and thought, "why not get a couple ready?" I love your hearts in the sand and your new anchor plates! Can't wait to see what you have to share. I am heading to a garden tour, but I will be back to check out the baby shower. I have a friend that asked me if I wanted to photo shoot her garden for my blog. Funny thing is I thought about it and thought she would think I was crazy. Isn't life funny? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  47. That IS a whale and a dolphin !!

    Love them! :)

    It's not have drought and we've had rain for three days now. As in showers, pouring down rain, storm rain with torrential downpours, blowing sideways drenching rain...I've had enough rain! :)

    You have alot going on with your photo shoots and upcoming things yet today's post was just delightful :)

  48. oh thank you carol for reminding me about the blog parties....It hasn't been on my radar because I haven't been online for over a month!! I needed to see those! I am so happy to see Steve back in action and can empathize with the multiple surgeries/time/rehab. I love your heart objects---I have them all over the house and out when possible.
    can't wait for future posts.

  49. Love this post Carol. I always like seeing little bits of this and that. The whale and dolphin rocks were amazing. I'm going to show that to my daughter. Heart rocks always catch my eye, too! I have a small collection of them at home that I like to keep with some of our California shells. My kids know I like them, so they've become pretty good at spotting them too :) So glad for Steve's recovery!

  50. I don't have a schedule either. I just post as I can. Love your photos. I've noticed the dust in my house telling me it's time to clean it up.

  51. I don't post on a regular basis either. I post when I have time and enough to write. Good or bad. ;o)
    But you always seem like an organized blogger.
    Enjoyed the post as always

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