Monday, June 30, 2014

random pictures . . . because I am too tired to think

After weeks of preparing for my Mad Tea Party, it is over and I am exhausted.

I am relaxing - after baking last night night until 1:30 a.m. and making tea sandwiches at 6:00 a.m. this morning - by looking at and editing photos that I have taken over the last few days . . .

 a lovely orchid, a gift from my neighbor Steffie, in the bathroom . . . 

 a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers from my friend Lanette . . . 

a simple can holding a mini rose bush . . . 

a quilt that had been hiding in the attic softening a bench in the garden . . .

a patriotic display for the upcoming holiday . . . 

a plant from Trader Joe's - don't know the name, but I love the sweet flowers . . . 

dried lavender also from Trader Joe's . . .

Meyers lemons and veggies hand delivered from Sandy & Manny's garden . . .

an alphabet plate I finally made after reading about the method on my friend Leslie's blog, Gwen Moss . . .

a clean house and nothing I have to do tomorrow . . .

I said I was too tired to think, but as I scrolled through my photos and previewed my post, I noticed something -

nearly every photo I chose to edit tonight has flowers in it.

Okay, that's enough thinking for one night!

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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  1. Beautiful images! Planning a party can be exhausting!

  2. Hope all your hard work for your Mad tea party was worth it . I'm sure with all that planning and arranging all those lovey plants and flowers will have all been worth while. That little blue flower you said you didn't what it was , is Campanula there are many types but it looks like the one I have in my rockery garden, I also put it in my hanging baskets, it will spread and grow any where.

  3. Your colourful cottage, is clean and crisp, and ready for a Mad tea party...the calm before the storm(of fabulous fun, I'm sure!). LOVE your views, both inside and out!


  4. So many fresh, pretty pics. Sound as though you have earned a rest! M x

  5. I love random pictures posts--I enjoyed them! I am glad I am not the only tired one--I must be getting old ;) Have a good day and get some rest!

  6. Lovely flowers, lovely clean home, and lovely Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt! :)

  7. i love the sunflowers & those purple blooms. wow, i wonder what they are? they are so cheerful & happy. i love Trader Joe's ... such a great place for blooms & other must have groceries. ( :

    have a great week.

  8. And that one thought my friend, is loaded. Great poetry or prose need not always be verbose. Your open doors and flowers (that's campanula, I believe, from Trader's) say an abundance. Ocean breezes come in and allow me to smell the salt air without you even saying it. The flower arrangements strewn about the cottage tell me you love nature. Enough.

    Go to sleep and dream. Anita

  9. Your place is looking fantastic, Carol. I hope the tea party turns out beautifully; no doubt it will!


  10. I'm glad to hear your party went well. Now that the hard work & fun are over, you can relax for a bit. Have a great 4th!

  11. Party planning is exhausting, but I know yours had to be fabulous! I can't wait to hear about it and see photos! Your flowers are all lovely...I especially love the purple one from Trader Joe's. Get some rest...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  12. It looks like you're ready for the party, Carol! The flowers look lovely, but I hope you got some sleep!

  13. Great pics! Hope your party was a success.

  14. Lovely. I just had a fantastic should write a book about life in your cottage. I'm very serious about this! Your cottage is special and you could do it!

  15. i can't imagine doing all that work, in this weather, especially. but you are a *youngin'* and have more stamina. :-)

    hope it was all worth it.


  16. I adore your pictures, you cottage is charming and filled with color and all those flowers are lovely! I hope you put your feet up and enjoy your surroundings today! :)

  17. Can't wait to see the tea party photos. These random photos are gorgeous!

  18. Get someone to rub your feet have done a fabulous job of getting your house so pretty. I love all the flowers. I can see your windows are that. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  19. So much beauty in one post Carol - I love the fork in the plant with the charm " dream " what a brilliant idea!
    And that first photo?
    That could be anywhere in Greece with the white stucco and the curves and the ocean ( that I know is just beyond that photo )
    Have a happy July 4th girlfriend!

  20. Lovely photos and I wish my house was clean!LOL!

  21. I love flowers in every room! Your home looks so cottagey and charming. So glad that you can finally rest up. You stay so busy.

  22. You are so ready for your Mad Tea Party. Everything looks so good with all the pretty flowers in every room. Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself.
    The pictures were great!

  23. Carol mon amie ... with more energy than most- you always - ALwaYS delight me with a visit to the cottage of Art and Sand. I too am drained and since I certainly do not have over abundance of energy as do you, I am creating, writing and painting in the calm of my uncluttered day.

    I had for days and days in glorious love and reunion my brother staying with us. Much, much to do, a final send off to Mom and Dad's planning, a cousins reunion and days of letting go and embracing our now tiny (only us) who remains in our immediate family.

    My next blog posting is delayed, my creativity peaked and realization of my new found blog land friends more appreciated.

    I envy that in CA you have constant growing season and the flowers in your home reflect that. But I guess the trade off is in Philadelphia I have the pulse of the old world city and history to appreciate and enjoy. Before the 4th we will pay a visit to the Betsy Ross museum, enjoy fireworks displays in the city of brotherly love and listen to the very annoying setting off fireworks displays of neighbors which will terrorize my poor cats beyond belief and I pray no one will loss digits!!!

    Carol I truly adore the energy and effort you put into your blog posts and delight in each of them. I look forward to your post on the Mad Hatter's tea party and know we all will share in a magical moment of time on a Monday evening of a party hosted by charming, sweet, energetic and creative Carol.

    I send you my appreciation and admiration on this Tuesday.

  24. The photos say it all, and everything looks fresh and pretty. I think it's campanula too.

  25. Every one of your pictures made me smile. I hope you enjoyed your day of leisure today.

  26. And beautiful flowers they were!!


  27. Oh, it all looks just perfect! I hope there are tea party pictures to follow!

  28. It's always a lot more work than we think to have company and/or a party! I hope that on your "have nothing to do" day, that you actually get some R&R. Perhaps get lost in a good book on that beautiful patio of yours.

  29. Love all of your random photos!! Your flowers are very pretty? All it has done here is storm and my flowers are now getting too much water.

  30. Love all of your flower photos & your cozy home! Blessings, Cecilia

  31. Oh Carol, with photos that lovely who needs words? You have a beautiful post... as usual.

    Now, take off to the sand, breathe in the salt air and re-energize!

  32. Such lovely pictures Carol. Makes me wonder why I don't have beautiful fresh flowers more often around our home. Love how fragment lavender is.


  33. Looks like that will be one successful Mad tea party. Your home is looking Spick and span. Ready for another party. The flowers are perfect addition to every corners.
    Enjoy 4th of July.


  34. That is ah so gorgeous place, I closed my eyes & imagined myself sitting in the first chair gazing out.. It felt wonderful!

  35. Ahhhh...pretty. My son said that a million times the first time we ever went to look at Christmas lights. Except he said it more like ahhhhhhh....pre---eeee. I think of this every time I see your pictures!

  36. Oh my your place looks lovely and I love all the flowers. I hope your party was lots of fun.


  37. Hi Carol, your home is gorgeous. You sure have accomplished a lot and the party had to be wonderful.
    Love all your pics!!
    Happy 4th of July!

  38. As far as I can see there's nothing wrong with having flowers in every photo! Your home is so pretty and loving all the color, Hope you had a fun party, and now you can relax! Have a great 4th!

  39. Clean home...nothing planned for tomorrow (but I guess that was today now!)...sounds perfect! Oh, and you're by the ocean??

    Nuf' said ;)

  40. Carol,
    Love love all the pictures from around the house. What a lovely hand delivered gift from Sandy and Manny's garden. Hope the tea party was a success.
    Happy 4th.

  41. Beautiful. Sometimes it is good to just not think. Have a relaxing week. Karie

  42. Dear Carol, even when you are tired, you come up with a lovely post. I love that quilt and I'm happy that you freed it from a life in the attic :) So many flowers and all of them are beautiful, my favorite is the sunflowers. I'm a sucker for daisies, zinnias and sunflowers. :)
    Happy Fourth of July!
    Connie :)

  43. Goodness were you busy lady!!! Now I am glad you have time to rest! Your blooms are just so pretty! I loved that rosebush in that tin! So perfect! Wishing you an outstanding 4th...hope it is relaxing!!! Nicole xo

  44. flowers are good for the soul...especially after such a busy busy time getting ready for your tea party.

  45. Lovely pictures! I so wish I had a clean cottage like yours... ENjoy your weekend!

  46. Hehehe...I know the feeling! Gorgeous photos! xoxo Jen

  47. The Planning the prep and then the party. So so very exhausting. But I bet everyone loved it.
    Nothing to do means you hopefully put your feet up and just relaxed and smelled the ocean breeze.