Saturday, June 6, 2020

Maintaining My Sanity

On March 25, I posted the pic on the left in my Instagram stories feeling like the world had turned upside down.

And now I'm not even sure which way is up.

I'm maintaining my sanity by being creative.

Yesterday I made a tote bag from a remnant of fabric- while I quietly worked, I got my thoughts in order.

Walking on the beach soothes my soul

as does looking for heart rocks.

I start each morning walking around the garden 

to see what has popped up.

I spotted these flowers sticking out of the school yard fence and snapped off a few.

Arranging flowers quiets my busy brain.

I'm making sense of what's happening by reading White Fragility

and feeling positive that we will see change, for the better, in our country.


  1. You and I both my friend. In happy times, I have to be creative. I difficult times, I have to be creative. In all seasons, the self-expression of dreams that can possibly result in something unexpected and good is necessary. Now is the time however, for all of us to be creative with how we express what we've seen that we know must change. I have hope that if every one of us is honest with ourselves, the creative ways we can deal with the pain can result in change.

  2. I pray that things will change for the best and all will be peaceful in the future. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Madeline

  3. I agree. I'm also reading the same book. Just started but so so interesting and disturbing. Hang in there Carol and keep being creative!

  4. Hi , I have missed visiting your blog. I hope you are all well. I love the pictures. I pray for our world. We need to pray for one another. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Being creative and puttering is good for the brain and soul, isn't it? That book you're reading looks like a good one. I'll have to look it up on Amazon. I'm in the middle of reading that book about the snail that you showed me. ;-)

  6. I hope we will see the change in my lifetime. The real, more permanent change. It feels a little different this time and I'm more hopeful.

    I love your totebag and the beautiful flower arrangements. It does help calm and put things in order. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  7. Sounds like you are being very creative during these hard times. I love the tote you sewed and the flowers inside so pretty. We are living in very challenging times so I hope for new norms ahead and we can all feel free and happy again. Love the heart rocks you found.

  8. I love that concrete cat. I so wish I could walk on the beach with you. My patio garden is burning up in the horrific heat. Over 100 every day. Just a waste for all those beautiful flowers and veggies and vines. I can't stop the heat. I just keep moving them around hoping for the best. Hope you're doing much, much better.

  9. The news just seems to get worse by the day and being creative is a good way to keep calm. Prayers that our world heals soon.

  10. Love tge tote you made, so pretty. Love it filled with pretty flowers.

    I'm hoping things settle down.


  11. I hear you, Carol. It's important to have a distraction during these tumultuous times, but at the same time, remain highly alert. It's a tough balancing act. My distraction is taking pictures. Using the creative side of my brain seems to help maintain my sanity. Praying for change......positive change.

  12. Creativity is a blessing, yes.
    Your creations are wonderful🌸
    Beautiful beach..
    Take care,

    Love, Ida

  13. Such wonderful creativity you have too dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Just keep on creating, friend. I don't know which way is up anymore either but we shall keep hope.

  15. You have a beautiful environment to maintain your sanity. I am helping a brother purge and clean out a garage, and that helps me satisfy my sense of organization. Cooking and baking also keep me busy, and all of these activities, along with walking every day, help me sleep well at night! Let's keep keeping on!

  16. It is hard right now for many people. Beautiful pictures.