Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I must have flowers . . .

Like Monet, I must have flowers, but it can get expensive buying fresh flowers every week 

and it is time consuming fluffing the bouquets each day as flowers wilt.

More important, I need to be spending my time taming the jungle.

So, I was really excited when I came across a variety of great paper flowers

 and sweet dried flowers at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago.

I took time away from the garden to style the flowers - 

mostly in the guest room.

Maybe I should call it the Flower Room.

I'm using the old hospital cart as a desk these days.

The baskets have been around forever, but only used for storage - I like them on the old door filled with flowers and books.

I have lots of real plants on the porch and remember to water them because I walk past them multiple times every day.

On the other hand, I would put fresh flowers next to the guest room bed and forget about them so a bouquet of faux flowers is perfect.

Paper flowers are fun in the old typewriter

because I don't have to change them as they wilt.

I had no idea how many faux flowers I have until I started switching out for spring.

For now they are all sitting on a chair in my shed - it's nice to know I have a fallback when I can't get to Trader Joe's for flowers or my garden is depleted.

And now it's time to get back to garden.


  1. Carol, the photos of your home and garden just make me swoon. You are a great photographer and everything about your home is so lovely.
    The flower shops must love you, LOL.
    I also fell head over heals in love with the bedspread in your guest room. Be careful, you'll be getting company that won't ever leave.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  2. Faux or not, they are all gorgeous!

  3. Love everything you do!


  4. OOO, I, too, love a pretty faux flower..they have such gorgeous ones now that you almost have to touch to see if it's real or not.
    All yours look so pretty in your sweet cottage by the sea.
    I am knee deep in love with your little green baskets...love the baskets and love their color....and I had to giggle on IG when you said "forget the coffee, give me a gum ball"...and I remembered you don't like coffee...and to me, it's one of the best tasting drinks on the planet....:)

  5. I must have flowers too! Yours are all beautiful. Love the typewriter flowers and saying.
    Happy New Week.

  6. Beautiful!!! I shall have to look at Tuesday morning to see if I can find some! Love Trader Joe's flowers but I know what you mean about keeping them freshened up.
    I dearly love that chenille bedspread in your guest room!

  7. Good morning Carol!

    I too must have some element of nature in my home. For the same reasons as you, I simply can't have fresh flowers on hand all the time, but when I do have them, they make such a difference. These looks wonderful!

  8. Love them regardless of whether they are real or not! So, so pretty Carol. Love all the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Hi Carol! All of your flowers are beautiful! I too have been switching to more faux plants and flowers in the house. Especially in places where the cat gets to them. Your guest room is so inviting!

  10. Wow Carol! It looks so cheerful. All of your flowers are lovely and that green that you have used on your wooden boxes and the basket is just so pretty. I need to brighten up my home and that color is so happy. Your typewriter with it's whimsical paper flowers falling all around is charming. It seems a very good idea to collect silk and paper flowers for your home decorating. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and happy gardening.


  11. Carol, I simply love your photography. I especially love the messages and the charm that your old typewrite always conveys. I have a fall wreath made out of paper flowers that is so pretty as all of your's are..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  12. Hi Carol,
    I've been inspired by your beach house over on IG and am happy to discover your blog! Just signed up so I don't miss anything. I'm going to enjoy going through your archives. Loved this one with all your gorgeous flowers!

  13. You call it the Flower Room and I call you the Flower Lady!

  14. Very nice photos of all the different flowers. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. This morning I was late to work, but I just had to stop to take a picture of the first spring flower in our new yard. I really miss all of my blooms from the Cape of Dreams. What would life be without flowers?

  16. Your home is a beautiful place and you style each corner so well. I'm trying to minimize plastic and polyester so I don't have any faux flowers in my house just now, but paper ones would interest me. I'll keep my eye out for them. I do love Monet's quote! Hope you're enjoying the time in your garden.

  17. What a day brightener a trip to and through your cottage is for me. We are just starting a major project of scraping mold (yes, disgusting as it sounds) mold from our interior walls (a reality with stone houses that haven't been properly sealed) so it is a joy to see a put-together beautiful place instead of one that looks as though a tornado had struck! xx Happy weekend! J.

  18. Carol, I always love your beautiful and clever displays. I adore the old bedspread. Took me back in time. I want to sit in your garden. LOL. Blessings to you, Steve and your family, xoxo, Susie

  19. What a Happy post... outdoor Spring cleaning is quite a job ... but worth the work for the floral harvest...YES, buying flowers is getting pretty expensive... I like your paper flower idea...because like Monet, I just can't live without flowers in my life either...infact Monet is my favorite artist.( love the quote)...We still awaiting Spring... and just had a freak snowstorm so your posting was a delightful read... Thanks ...Hugs

  20. I love Tuesday Morning. They always have the most unique finds.

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