Friday, September 14, 2018

When life gets in the way of blogging . . .

A series of events, both good and bad, have kept me from my computer,

The first event occurred on August 15, when we moved to this house on Seahorse Avenue, just half a mile from our house.

Not a permanent move,

simply a great landing place while this was happening in our only bathroom.

Our son's in-laws left for Europe on our Demo Day and we took over their house.

Event #2 was a visit from two of our favorite people

We don't get to see Andy very often

so we stayed off social media when we were with him.

Event #3 was very sketchy internet at the Seahorse house which would work sometimes in some rooms and then go out completely - once was in the middle of a call with Apple dealing with Event #4.

Event #4 involves this picture and unfortunately many others - I edit pics in PicMonkey, pop them in my photos file on my MacBook Pro, click on them and watch as they disappear right in front of my eyes.

The photos only disappear when I put them into photos and only on my computer (not Steve's or my Apple caseworkers') - I'm now 4 rungs up the ladder in seniority of trying to solve an issue they have never seen and I have spent countless hours on the phone as we try out different solutions to the problem.

We are back home now and Lulu is quite happy - the toilet is installed, but we still shower on Seahorse.

I snapped this pic 2 days ago and so much has happened since- today the tile man finished, the shower was installed, the electrician finished installing the lights and all repairs were made to the walls.

Tomorrow morning our pedestal sink (the only thing we are reusing) will be installed and we will be one day closer to a 21st century bathroom.

And I will be sharing my fall decor -

that is unless random pictures continue to disappear.


  1. Yikes!!! I'm so glad for you that it is not a permanent move away!!!
    Sending thoughts for patience and comfort ~

  2. Dearest Carol, good morning! Well, thank goodness you had Seahorse House available to you during this work! What a lovely name for a seaside cottage! And your new subway tile shower looks FABULOUS! Little Andy is so precious, and again, your daughter is your TWIN!

    Well my friend, I've missed you. Good to have you back, and I hope the internet is good to you. I was supposed to get certified on-line yesterday for a reading assessment program I need to use like, ASAP.....the site was DOWN and another day went by that I could not proceed to test all 54 kids on their reading, so I have to enter into the site this weekend from my house. I hope I can get in!

  3. I hope everything goes better with you...Your pics are always beautiful!Precious family!Hugs!

  4. Carol, So nice that you could use the sea horse house. I loved seeing the baby pictures. So cute. Hooray for the new bathroom. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. What a lovely new bathroom. Hope you get your computer woes behind you soon.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. After all the disruption you will enjoy your new bathroom and being resettled at home. Andy has sure grown into a little boy with lots of sweet curls! I had tons of problems with my photos after a computer upgrade and Apple was so good to spend hours on the phone with me as well. They moved me up the level to one of their top problem solvers and he too was stumped but did research and didn't give up and we finally got it right after many late night chats (he was out your way.) I was most impressed with their time and persistence. Hope your pics stay where they should for you as we do enjoy them all!

  7. Hope you get your internet problems behind you. Enjoyed this post great photos. Enjoy that new bathroom. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  8. A new and improved bathroom is always wonderful! Glad you are back home. The photos disappearing is very strange and I hope that gets fixed. I'm loving this amazing Cali weather at my daughters. I'll be going to the beach in Monday and can't wait! Hugs!

  9. The bathroom is looking great, Carol. I'm sorry that you're having computer problems, what a pain. I hope the issue disappears as mysteriously as it showed up. I do the same as you..PicMonkey to MacBook Pro. So far so good...but who knows. Enjoy the weekend and hold on tight to those pictures of Andy. What a face!!

  10. Hi Carol,
    The tiles look so pretty in the new bathroom. Wow about your computer. It is so weird some of this stuff that happens. I hope you can get it to work again. Your pics are always so pretty. Love seeing little Andy. So happy you got to spend some time with him. Good luck as the remodel goes on.

  11. This is a problem I've never heard of...hope it gets fixed soon...I so love all your pretty pics...
    Little Andy is adorable...and I love your new shower....

  12. Carol,
    Nothing more frustrating than dealing with technology woes! Fingers crossed all is resolved shortly... good news to hear Apple keeps referring your problem to others with more experience. I use a MacBook Pro also, so I am very happy to hear of Apple's service to you.

    Dealing with more than one issue at a time seems to cause my frustrations to multiply exponentially. I deal better with one issue at a time. Linear thinking... is not always a good thing.

    Your photos are always so cheery... love seeing them. Once your bathroom is fully functioning again, you will be thrilled with it.


  13. If I die as result of a heart attack it will be brought on while trying to solve some technology issue! I have just spent the morning on technology and my blood pressure is up and steam is coming out of my nose. So glad you've salvaged some photos and turned them into this beautiful post. Looking forward to seeing your completed bathroom!

  14. Oh man, I feel your pain! That picture of the sink in the bedroom brings back some bad flashbacks! I also feel just a tinge of your pleasure in seeing that fantastic shot of Andy, your daughter and Steve. What a great picture!
    So sorry for the computer woes, which can drive a person insane.

  15. That looks like a big combination of hectic and fun! Your bathroom is going to be amazing just like the rest of your cottage. Your family pics are perfect and I don't blame you one bit for staying off social media. :)

  16. Hi Carol!
    I hope all is well with your photos now. Your pictures are always so gorgeous! The bathroom is looking great! House renovations are always so overwhelming, but so worth it when they are finished. Your grandson is adorable!
    Good luck!

  17. Wow, you have been going through adventures for sure. Your grandson has a beautiful head of curly locks. I love all your photos so I hope the problem with them gets resolved. Happy New Bathroom too.

  18. Sorry about your computer problems. I just got another new laptop (HP) a month ago. Seems I go through them every year or so. Love the pics/grandson! My Andrew is on his way here with his mom for lunch.

  19. That is so weird about your photos. I hope you get that problem resolved with Apple very soon! Your family members are the cutest. I know you enjoyed your time with them! I look forward to seeing pretty photos of your modern bath and autumn decor!


  20. I feel your pain about computer issues. I seem to always be wishing I had someone to help me with photos. Since iphoto had to merge with photos I can't find so many photos.
    Your pics on this post look great. Glad your bathroom is almost done. I will tune in to see your reveal and your autumn decor.

  21. Life is that way----likes to kick you around, and then smile on you with Grands....! Lovely post and I bet the bathroom will be fab!

  22. If I didn't know any better I would think you are my neighbor! They moved into their home a couple of weeks ago and the shower wasn't finished. My Shug said her husband finally got it finished. They were taking showers in the neighbors pole barn bathroom. What pictures you did get to download are beautiful!


  23. And PS. Andy is adorable. I think it's great you stay off of the internet when you have him! If only all families would do that how much more valuable the kids would feel!

  24. ...just back by to see if your picture problem had been solved. Sure hope so...

  25. I can imagine how happy you are to be getting an almost done bathroom and how unhappy you are with losing your photos! Hoping all goes well for you with both issues.

  26. Time with family is precious. It is totally understandable that you were not posting. What I can see of the bathroom looks great. I look forward to seeing the rest.

  27. Gosh Carol, losing pictures is not good. Your little grand is so darn cute. Love his curly hair! Family is important and worth stepping away from the computer. Your bathroom looks wonderful and love your snippets of fall!

  28. How lucky to have someone else to go when your bathroom was being done, the finished work looks wonderful. Those are fantastic pictures of Andy, he has grown so fast! Sarah x