Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Feminine Look

The guest room is the one room in the house where I indulge my femininity.

The color palette is essentially red and blue, but in softer tones.

In January I posted about my 2018 goals and painting the white door was on the list.

This door shared by Maria of @dreamywhiteslifestyle had me dreaming of a blue door.

In that post, 2018 Goals, I said I was going to use either Louis Blue or Provence,

instead I combined Pure White and Provence 

to create my own color.

I found the chalkboard shelf in the attic and kept the decor simple with dried roses in vases and paper flowers on top.

I have been choosing colorful roses lately because they dry so beautifully.

The orange roses in this pic are now dried and they look just as pretty as they do here.

I restyled the shelves in this cabinet using clock faces both real and faux.

I'm debating on replacing the ladder with a chair, but I do like using the ladder as a bookshelf.

I used dried roses and eucalyptus to decorate one of my wire wreaths

and hung it on the tall cabinet next to the bed.

In my post, Panoply, I showed the cute hankie my friend Rita of the blog Panoply had sent- it is almost a perfect match with the blue cabinet.

and it looks so cute made into a pillow and sitting on the bed.

I'm happy with the new look in the guest room

from each view.

The best part of the project is that when a holiday comes that calls for a white door, I can just turn the door around.

I can't wait to have Miss Violet visit for two weeks next month - I hope she likes the feminine changes in the guest room.

Although Lulu isn't so excited - Miss Violet happens to be little chihuahua!


  1. Oh.....It would be a dream come true to be a guest in that lovely room!!!!

  2. So beautiful, such a relaxing space. The hankie pillow is delightful.

  3. TEEEEHEEEEE.....Lulu reminds me of a nice, large chocolate MUFFIN!!!!!!!

    Wow Carol...every detail of this room whispers the love you have for each single day of your retirement by the sea. Oh the love...

  4. What a lovely guestroom, so soothing, pretty and feminine. I love the wire heart wreath with the entwined roses.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a lovely room to be a guest in. It's so inviting and appealing. The pin tucked pillows are so sweet and feminine! I think they're my favorite part of the room.

  6. I love the guest room. So pretty and soft with the blues whites and pinks. I could live there!

  7. You have such wonderful collections. Everything is so welcoming and relaxing. I would be staying a while.

    Lulu looks very comfy.


  8. Your bedroom is so dreamy and gorgeous. Lulu doesn't look excited at the news of a friend coming to visit! LOL


  9. Your guest room looks so calm and relaxing! I'd be a happy visitor.


  10. What a lovely space! Great choices, love the touches of blue. xox

  11. Such a pretty guest room. Lucky guests who get to stay there. Love the white and the feminine touches. The door is a great colour.

  12. That ladder has had me enchanted since the first time I saw it on your blog and if I could find a wooden ladder I would copy it in a nano-second! Love, love, love that wire wreath which I assume you created. . .may have to copy that as well. Keep the inspiration coming!!

  13. Love your guest room and all of the pretty updates!

  14. OMG, I am in love with the color of your door that you mixed up yourself. It is like a heart that is in love. The whole room is fit for the front cover of Romantic Homes.

  15. The room is beautiful and so restful. I wish I had a door like that. I never have dried roses. Any tips?

  16. Dainty and dreamy, Carol. Enjoy it!

  17. So pretty Carol! I love the softer shades of blue and red. the door is great to be able to be used two ways. I love your heart wreaths!! I need to try and make me one. The pillow is perfect!

  18. Love the color you chose, and that the door is two sided! (lol)

  19. So you're going to be dog sitting!!! :D

    I love the color you mixed. It is beautiful! LOVE it!

  20. That room is so beautiful! Like I've said, if I were a guest there, I'd never want to leave. :-)

  21. Carol you have created such a relaxing room . . . it is so pretty and I love your wire wreath with the dried roses. You are remarkable :)

  22. I love this room! It looks absolutely dreamy. A vision of vintage perfection.

  23. Oh my goodness, this is just so pretty! I love every little detail but most especially what you've done with your door. We have a door in our guest room too and it needs some love. Thanks for the sweet inspiration. :)

  24. Carol,
    This is such lovey and charming room!! The vintage typewriter really caught my eye!!
    That is your home that is in the July Issue of Country Sampler, isn't it?

  25. Hi Carol, I just received my copy of Country Sampler, Congratulations!!! Looking at those photos and then now seeing all the changes you have made . . . well you have been one busy girl. Both looks are wonderful, but I know what it is like to always be making changes. Your little cottage has become one famous little abode, how many magazines have you been published in? Like I've always said you have that magic touch . . . your home is spilling over with charm :)
    Have a happy day, wish I was there to walk the beach with you.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  26. What a lovely charming space, Carol! I love how the hankie pillow turned out!

  27. OOO, that is such a gorgeous bedroom. I am about to redo our/my guest room and you have given me such pretty inspiration. Did you make your wire heart ?? Maybe I can do that...I have lots of dried roses to use, too. I like the pinks that dry so well.
    Thanks for all your beauty here...hope my room will come even close to yours. When I get it finished, I would like to borrow some of your photos with a link back to you. Then I could show where my inspiration came from. :) It will be while as I have to locate some cuteness for the room.

  28. I love this beautiful room Carole and the delicious colours...and your wonderful styling of course. I used to dry bunches of roses by hanging them up too....must do some again! Thanks for lots of lovely pictures to enjoy! xox

  29. What a serene retreat! I adore the sweet hankie pillow you made.

    Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

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