Friday, February 2, 2018

flowers . . . flowers . . . flowers . . .

One goal for 2018 that I did not put in writing is to work on my photography.

I would love to take a photography class at the local college, but the courses last 18 weeks and as a new grandmother, I hope to be out of town several days a month visiting this little munchkin.

So, I am simply playing around with my camera and flowers seem to be my focus.

Just as I prefer color in my decorating, I am always looking for something colorful to photograph.

 I love this post in the garden and if I stood at the right angle, the rose bush appeared to be right in front of it.

I zoomed in and to my surprise, when I edited the photo, I noticed a delicate cobweb.

I've been trying my hand with floral arranging and then playing around with different shots.

I had a lot of fun creating this arrangement in a cute little teacup and really like how the shot turned out,

but Steve said the teacup on that stump was the winner.

 As I was leaving a shop that I visit way too much, my eye caught this brick wall in the parking lot for the first time.

A few days later I bought some Trader Joe's flowers and went back to take a photo with that great wall.

And on that visit, I spotted this cute little house right across the street from the shop - I'm a sucker for picket fences.

January felt like spring and February is shaping up the same way so we've been spending lots of time outside with the flowers.

 Saturday you will find me in the garden because I went a little crazy with the flowers at the nursery.


  1. Good morning Carol!

    Like you, I've been working on my photography now for about 3 years. I remember that I started seriously taking photos when we went to Carmel. There is so many facets to good photography, and like anything else, it takes TIME. One thing I've learned is that the light and shadow are the stars of the show in a photo. Yeah sure, the subject is important, and the subject serves as the object that BENDS and shapes the light. HAVE FUN!

  2. Your photos are lovely. It is always neat to see surprises in our photos when we go to edit them.

    Enjoy your flowers, picture taking and your sweet little grandbaby.


  3. omigosh what a cute little face!!! Beautiful flowers, too. Can't wait for spring :) xox

  4. Love seeing your flowers! While we have above normal temperatures right now, no flowers for us ~ so this post was a breath of fresh air!
    And your shop you visit too much ~ is it one I've been in?

  5. It's on my bucket list to further my photography skills, too. Tim gave me his old DSLR camera years ago and I started to use it, and then stopped when I got a new phone and started taking all my pictures using a phone. Lazy! I do have an excellent book that was recommended somewhere online where it's supposedly easy to follow and goes through all the steps of using your DSLR camera. But have I cracked that open? Of course not!

    Anyway, your grandson is so darn adorable that I would be taking hundreds of pictures every time I saw him! The flowers are chopped liver. ;-)

    I'm a sucker for picket fences, too. I would love one in front of my well as some bushes (for privacy).

  6. I think your photos are improving all the time. You have a good eye and I can see you enjoy it. I've not painted in weeks and I must get back to it. Recovery taking longer then I anticipated but I'm on the mend!

  7. Thank you for the gorgeous colorful flower photos which those of us in cold climes desperately needed to see ;) I agree with Steve on the stump shot, I'd frame it. And your grandbaby! adorable! Have a great weekend, your photography is great.

  8. Carol your photographs are lovely and that little tea cup filled with flowers is adorable. I always have such a sweet visit when I click on your blog. Better than buying a cottage or gardening magazine :)
    You Rock!
    Connie :)

  9. I've always thought your photos are wonderful and I always appreciate all at the color. You will find much photo material when you visit your grandson! You, like me, find one photo leads to another and I like your journey in this post!

  10. Beautiful as usual my dear. You live such a lovely life.
    You really seem to find joy in what you do.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. Your photos are lovely and your compositions tell little stories. I, too, spot small unnoticed things in my zoom photos, but most of the time it is dust particles and cat hairs. HaHa. I end up airbrushing them out of the photos.


  12. Beautiful photos on your blog always. I loved the brick wall and the spider web barely showing on the rose bush. Of course, your wee little grandson is the best photo of all.

  13. Your grandson is darling and I know you want to spend as much time as you can with him.

    Your pictures are beautiful and you do a great job.

    isn't our weather just wonderful, I love it.

    Have a great week.


  14. Carol your pictures are beautiful. I do not think you need a photography class. Spend time with that sweet new grandbaby.
    What kind of camera are you using you always have such beautiful pictures.
    Enjoy that beautiful weather.

  15. Enjoying your California spring weather vicariously, as well as all the beautiful color you zoom in on, Carol! Your grand is all that! ♥

  16. Hi Carol!

    Your photography is stunning! I love that brick wall! The flowers in the tea cup are gorgeous. I saw that photo on Instagram the other day and loved it. I too would love to take a photography course. Like you the time isn't right for me yet, but it will be soon.

    Have a wonderful day!

  17. I do love the floral photography. I think you heave a very good eye! I love the mortar smear (or paint) on the brick wall. Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. Well you know I'm happy to help you with your photography and basically right around the corner! Trying to figure out which store and where that brick wall is? I think I might know!! The grand baby is so sweet and your garden is looking lovely!!

  19. i like the one on the stump, too.

  20. Hi Carol,
    I just realized I had not seen a post from you in a while. I read from my sidebar so somehow along the way your blog dropped off. I lost several blogs when I tried to 'fix' things and, apparently, yours was one of them.

    I LOVE the shots you took and NO camera class can match the time spent with that grandbaby who, by the by, is as cute as can be!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday night- xo Diana

  21. I think that your photos are fabulous, Carol. Your flowers are very pretty, but that little darling steals the show! I can't believe how big he is already. Boy, it goes fast...

  22. Love all your gorgeous flower photos! And your adorable little grandson...such a cutie! Enjoy your February days Carol, and thank you for all the beauty and colour you share. xox

  23. I love your photography! Gorgeous blog post my friend!

  24. I’m Nance @nance_endless_summer on instagram. Love your blog! Fabulous photography!

  25. That looks fun experimenting with your camera and creating lovely flower arrangements. Your munchkin looks so cute too! Sarah x

  26. I need to improve my photography skills too. I'm eternally on "manual" sssshhhh don't tell anyone! I love that brick wall and your photo looks lovely in front of it. It would be really hard not to see munchkin every day!

  27. Oh I love your posts no matter what the topic you choose to feature. You are a day-brightener!

  28. Carol, Love all your photos. But I have to say the baby is the cutest picture by far. :) Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  29. Your photos are beautiful! I can't tell you how happy it made me this morning to see all those pretty colorful flowers when that's all I see outside my window is white, white & more white. I can't wait for Winter to be over!

  30. Well I enjoy your photos. My fav is the roses with the spider web and post in the back. I agree with Steve, the tea cup on the stump is the best. Love that brick wall with the peeling paint too.
    Nice job.