Saturday, November 11, 2017

One Holiday At a Time

I love decorating for Christmas, but I always like to give Thanksgiving its due.

The cabinet in the entry has been cleaned out and organized

just in case someone opens it during the holidays.

When we designed the plate racks for the dining room, the large yellow platter was the measurement for the height - it was my mother's and I love seeing it on display.

I laugh because I don't think she ever used the platter - it simply sat on the top of the refrigerator for my entire childhood.

We're still waiting to hear if the guest room will be occupied at Thanksgiving,

but it is ready.

I could not bear to put away the Halloween cat I purchased on sale last week so she's waiting to greet any guests.

I got in the Thanksgiving mood by making a pie.

I have been seeing gorgeous pies on Instagram so I gave it a try.

I am responsible for pies on Thanksgiving and I like how my version turned out - fortunately the neighbors helped us eat it.

And now, for a dose of reality - this is what the guest room often looks like since it doubles as my creative space.

I hand quilted 3 stockings for KC's family and today I need to embroider the names because I'm running out of time.

I hope you are enjoying the lead up to Thanksgiving.

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  1. I also try not to jump the holidays! I love Thanksgiving but since I'm going to be gone for the holiday I'm tempted to put out a little Christmas to come home too! We will see! Love your Thankful letters on the typewriter!

  2. I love your vignette with the door. I used to bake pies, but haven't in a long time. I love those old typewriters, but doubt I'd have room for one. Won't keep me for keeping my eye out for one though!

  3. I put up Fall decorations the first of September, then closer to Halloween I add those decorations. After Halloween I take those down and leave up the Fall until about a week before Thanksgiving and start with my Christmas decorating.

    I am not going to be here for Thanksgiving, going up to my son's and his girl friend is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 25. I will be meeting her family for the first time. Could this be getting serious????? I sure hope so, she is a lovely woman.

    Love all your decorations and especially that yellow platter. It really catches your eye. Your cottage always looks wonderful. MY spare room get a lot of things in there that shouldn't be LOL.

    Hopefully you will be with that beautiful little guy. He is so cute.

    The pie looks terrific - great job.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Carol, your home is how I envision cottage style, and to perfection. You are a master of mixing color (yes, I see those primaries - yay!), and those dish vignettes are killer. I'd leave that cabinet open for passersby to see all that gorgeous white too. I'm glad you're giving TGVG its due and not rushing the Christmas holiday. We have to do it at the antique mall, but I don't like rushing at home. That pie is gorgeous! KC will be excited for hand-quilted stockings. I know I would be!

  5. Your pie is just so beautiful I think I'd hate to cut it! I'm vowing to be a better cook this coming year so maybe I'll finally learn to make my own pie dough.

  6. Hi Carol,
    That pie is a piece of art. So beautiful and I bet so yummy. Love that you have your mom's yellow platter on your plate rack. It looks great. I hope you have some company filling your guest room this Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend.

  7. I love Thanksgiving too, the food, camaraderie.

    That pie looks fabulous and my mouth is watering looking at it.

    As always your home is lovely, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, it is cheerful and comforting.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  8. Good morning Carol! I had so much grading to do but I got it done yesterday morning, so I hope I can enjoy some holiday decorating time soon. Your cottage is perfect with everything well-placed. Enjoy, my friend!

  9. Lovely! And that cat is adorable - not surprised you want to keep it out!! Have a wonderful week! xoxox

  10. Carol, how warm and beautiful. I completely agree about not jumping ahead. Just yesterday, I was wondering when Christmas started coming so early. I remember visiting Williamsburg in 1984, early December, and it was too soon for the live decorations. Your pie looks scrumptious!

  11. I so enjoyed seeing every single photo! You have one of THE most charming homes I've ever seen! Unique, inviting and I sense a feeling of comfort in every single picture.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  12. Carol, Love the eatable art. Your home is so sweet. I did laugh about the yellow mom used to save back her"good" things..till we started telling her , if anything happened to her daddy's "new Wife" would certainly use the good stuff.LOL We children teased her so much. She started use her good things every occasion. :):) We may as well use and enjoy everything we own. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  13. All the YES to celebrating one holiday at a time! I can't believe how many people on IG are already decorating for Christmas, including having trees up. Seems so weird to be celebrating Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations in the background, lol. Your pie is beautiful. And I bet it was delicious, too.

  14. I am still in fall/Thanksgiving mode myself, Carol. No tree until the after the pie! 😉 Yours look amazing, btw! I have always wanted to try the fancy crusts and maybe this year, I will. Your cat is darling and so is that typewriter. Super sweet letters...

  15. It must be quite hard work having two celebrations so close together. Your thanks giivng pie looks fantastic! Sarah x

  16. Hey! Your feature at Shabby Art Boutique is wonderful! So cheery! You sure have the knack. We share the same issues with the guest room/busy room. But that's cottagey living! We start our first Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday. Then travel. Enjoy your peeps!

  17. As always your post has me thinking I need to decorate but then America's Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Greece ;-) so I'm going to enjoy it through your report! A bouquet of olive branches and a couple of autumn colored table covers are the best I could do! hugs and happy Thanksgiving!!

  18. I love the yellow I'm seeing in your space, especially in the dining room. I love's so cheerful, and I think it's a great color to decorate with for Thanksgiving. I think you and I are two of the few who decorated for Thanksgiving this year! ;P

  19. Your home is looking gorgeous Carol. And the pie looks delicious! Yes, one celebration at a time is best. Xox

  20. Carol, I always enjoy your beautiful home! I am still so in love with those plate racks. Wish I had somewhere to build one. :) fun story about the yellow platter. Don't blame you for keeping out the cat. He's a cutie! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. So cute as always. That pie is down right gorgeous!

  22. What kind and lucky neighbors you have! What a gorgeous pie (and house). I always want to decorate for Christmas early. I want the longest Christmas season possible but the other side of me fights decorating before Thanksgiving.


  23. Those are the pretties pies I'v seen
    Love the old typewriter and i'm looking for one
    Your home is so pretty

  24. Lovely pictures. I have and old cloth bag with ticking stripes on it and put some silk orange flowers in it and hung it on the front door for my fall "wreath" this year. I packed away my Halloween and fall things the other day. But do have my favorite metal pumpkins on the table.

    I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put my trees and decorations out but my hubby is out of town right now so it was perfect timing. He hates the mess I make with boxes everywhere for a couple days. I must have 25 totes full of tree parts, my Christmas village, ornaments and other decorations. I have tall those boxes under the stairs and have to drag them all out. Just 2 boxes stay in the garage. So I've been putting up trees. They are not decorated yet. I haven't put the village out in a couple years but thought this was a good time to. My youngest granddaughter will love it. I'm going to leave some little things out for her to place in the village.

  25. Plenty of inspiration and beautiful pictures! Love picture nr 2 :)
    Have a great and calm day...
    Love from Titti

  26. Boy Carol, do I wish I could bake a pie that pretty! I don't think I could have cut into that masterpiece! Your Thanksgiving home is absolutely lovely! But I bet you are getting your pixies out and ready for the Christmas season about now. Can't wait to see them all!

  27. I agree about decorating for Thanksgiving. I can’t really get in the mood for Christmas until after Turkey Day.

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  29. I adore your blog and the way the photos are displayed! What a lovely cottage. and the art work is so good! Great being with you in this home tour.

  30. I am so excited to be on this tour with you. I looked at your post today and got even more excited about Christmas and decided to add some more garland in my own house. Thank you so much for sharing. I know with everything y'all are going through, it is super tough. Still praying!