Friday, September 1, 2017

Blowing Away the Cobwebs

 The other night Steve pointed out to me how long it's been since I have written a blog post.

I welcomed the motivation and decided to "blow away the cobwebs" and get myself into a blogging groove.

I spent much of my summer in the garden.

This is the first summer in years that I've been able to water my garden and watch it bloom.

Canna lilies popped up all over the garden 

and are still blooming.

One small cosmos plant went crazy 

and has taken over the yard.

I too went crazy planting seeds, buying nearly every plant at the nursery

and tucking them all over the yard.

Actually, they start out on the front yard bench for a week or two and then they get planted.

The flowers beneath the living room window grew so tall that I had to move the old red chair so it could be seen.

Steve likes riding his cruiser to check the surf so I put the flowers in a basket that he can quickly remove before he takes off.

I have taken time to stop and smell the flowers

and stretch out on a chaise reading.

I blame this little guy for my lack of blogging or creating - he and his mama were with us for nearly a week.

But, I did make new chaise covers in white.

I had the big red pillows, but I made the little pillows from fun tea towels.

I chose the white background so I can change up the pillows through the seasons - Halloween pillows will be next.

And now, that I am refreshed

you'll be seeing my comments as I get back to reading blogs and the plan is to post weekly.

That might be difficult because September was ushered in today with a perfect weather and there will be more to come, but I'm up to the challenge!

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  1. What a beautiful Garden my God my Garden this year was so bad to much rain and to hot
    There no Spring for me this year but I enjoy stop at your blog and enjoy your lovely flower around you Home
    have blessing long weekend

  2. Carolo, It's beautiful around your house, inside and out. I did not you had a new baby wonder you could not blog...too busy kissing on that sweetie.:):) I love that your Steve rides his cruiser to the surf. Then replaces the lovely flowers upon his return home. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm happy for you that your garden flowers performed beautifully this summer. It certainly looks gorgeous and lush in your yard! Your grandson is just adorable. I love that little grin. Blessings. Pam

  4. Wish we had your weather. My flowers are pretty much burned up. I somehow missed the grandchild being born. What's his name? I noticed you'd been gone from Blog Land awhile!

  5. Carol, your flowers are stunning, wish mine looked like as good as yours. It's been way to hot here for them. We had 105 up to 110 degrees. T is so hot that I don't even go out.

    Your little grandson is darling and I know you enjoyed him so much.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Your garden is like something out of a dream! I love the cosmos especially! Your little grandson is a Gerber baby! Now I can understand why you've been MIA! ;P

    Lovely post of your beautiful garden!


  7. Glad to see you're back, but I admit your new beau is a charmer. Hope your weather stays wonderful.

  8. Carol, I am so glad you had a great summer. Grandchildren do need attention. Welcome back and look forward to your posts as you get to them. Sylvia D.

  9. Blogging for me, especially this circle of friends who I love to visit, has been a saving grace. Before I started to blog, I had no idea where to gather my ideas and with whom I could share them. Blogging grew into a passion, but the reality of dropping visitors (due to busy lives, I'm sure) happened, then I found Instagram. I also shared a blog post recently, but because my comment section won't show up, I have no idea if anyone even comes by to read. But, blogging and NOT BLOGGING have taught me so much about creativity and what to do with it, how to manage my self worth as a person with a passion to write and create, but most of all, blogging has brought me some life-long friends.

    It's so good to see you dearest Carol. The house and garden look as fresh and beautiful as ever!

  10. Good reasons for being distracted - beautiful, engaging baby and perfect CA weather. Your garden looks very healthy! Pam over at Everyday Living is hosting her final garden link party, you should bring your garden to her readers! (since the cobwebs are gone) ;)

  11. Your garden is stunning!... those morning glories(?) incredible.

  12. Carol, what a beautiful garden! Love the calla lilies...the chaise looks perfect! Being a new grandmother is the best! Please share your garden on the last Gardens Galore link up on Monday, September 4 at 8 am central! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  13. Dear Carol ~ so good to see a new lovely post from you. It is always an inspiring delight to visit your blog. Your flowers are all beautiful. My favorites are the morning glories and that luscious pink cosmos.

    What a sweetie you had visiting you for a week!

    Have a nice holiday weekend ~ FlowerLady

  14. Wow - your gardens are lovely!! And that cute lil baby would be enough to distract me form the computer, too! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  15. I envy your gorgeous garden! Oh and that Grandbaby...precious! Glad to see you back to blogging! Hugs!

  16. Glad your husband jogged your memory! I've missed your posts and look forward to September's weekly posting goal.

  17. Thank Steve for me; I needed this! A visit to your blog is always a treat and a relaxing moment in my day. Your morning glories are amazing. Mine are growing like crazy, but not many blooms. My eye caught that little bluebird weather-vane sitting on the bench and my heart skipped a beat . . . that is a wonderful find. Welcome back to blog-land, you have been missed.
    Connie :)

  18. I always love your blog posts... and to see a little peek of the seashore. Our weather in central Oregon has been one big HOT mess! My flowers have survived due to watering once or twice a day, every day... so they flourish, but are now starting to dry up with the continued heat... even though I keep watering. Your gardens and whimsy are wonderful.. and love those white chaise covers.... and the pillows.... so sweet. The bucket of flowers in the frothy water is so fun... I miss the ocean and want so much to take a trip to our beaches and smell the fresh air, mist and fog and get out of this heat! I'm glad you got to water this year and enjoy all of the abundance and beauty that a garden brings us. Take care... Marilyn

  19. I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself! Lovely garden.

    Have a happy weekend! xoxox

  20. That is some garden, Carol. You have quite a green thumb and a very delicious baby to boot! 😉

  21. Carol, I'm always in awe of the beautiful blooms that you have in a CA garden. Everything is so fresh and colorful. That little guy is adorable. He doesn't look like a new born.

  22. You have beautiful outdoor rooms, as I call them, around your charming cottage, Carol. Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  23. It looks like your gardening and watering paid off with abundant beauty! And with a little charmer like that visiting, how could one even think of blogging? Enjoy your extended summer!

  24. Your garden is just beautiful. I love the pail of flowers in the water. Such a great capture. The highlight of your post however is that cute little grandson. He is soooooo adorable. I bet you really enjoyed your time with your daughter and him. Happy Holiday.

  25. Hi Carol, wow your flowers are gorgeous and your garden looks so lush and healthy. The star of the show is your darling grandson. He is adorable and I know you enjoyed spending time with him and your daughter. Wishing you a Happy Labor Day. So great seeing you each day on IG too. xo

  26. No wonder you have not been blogging, that little guy is adorable and must be terribly distracting! Your garden is stunning with all the blooms. I would love to spend an afternoon in you Eden.

  27. I'm not surprised you have had a blogging break with such a handsome fellow to entertain! Your garden looks wonderful with some many colourful blooms. Sarah x

  28. Your garden is beautiful. No wonder this little one is keeping you away from your blog, he's way cuter than we are!

  29. Oh that little guy ! SO adorable! :)

    You flowers and garden certainly florished this year and I smiled to see your cosmos...I have them here as well and when I was a little girl, they were the first flowers that my grandmother had me plant with her :)

  30. I loved seeing your comment on my blog today, and at first I thought-oh gosh, I've been bad! Summer does keep us busy as evidenced by your post, but I did like getting caught up with you. The colors are exploding in your garden and I love the new chaise cover you made.

    I love cosmos so much and I have to remember to plant them next year. I saw a mailbox on the lake road today that had sunflowers growing next to it...that's on my list for next spring as well.

    Take care. What is fall like in your beautiful area?

    Jane x

  31. Your garden is so lovely. Like you, we haven't been able to water much until this year, hooray! Yours looks heavenly, the perfect place to spend lots of time in with family and friends, or alone, too. And then there is that darling little one. What a joy! xo Lidy

  32. Oh my! The burst of color here is wonderful! So nice to see your garden again. Once a week to post seems pretty doable. but even that has been a challenge to me! Your new chaise cover is wonderful, but the last one was so cheery too! We definitely did not get enough beach time this summer. Cheerio dearie!

  33. Oh wonder you have not blogged, that garden is amazing, beautiful. And then of course that little sweetie takes a lot of time so blogging can always come later.

  34. Oh my goodness, your photos make your place look so very inviting this summer! You make me just want to come for a visit. ~smile~ Actually, it's been quite awhile since I've come for a visit. I do apologize. It's been an unusual summer for me—quite a few doctor visits and such.

    Anyhow, I was looking back at one of my old thrifty week posts and saw your comment.

    I immediately wanted to come and see you! I'm so glad I did.
    I don't want to lose touch again!
    Be blessed!

  35. Carol,
    With your beautiful garden, the ocean just steps away, and your darling grandson, blogging definitely is far down the list of how to spend your time. This summer in Texas has had some very nice days (not 100°), and I've spent many hours lounging on the chaise lounge on the porch enjoying the day. We have had a run of days in which the high temperature for the day was in the 80s... just perfect.

    Love seeing your garden, and catching up with you...