Sunday, August 13, 2017

Faking It

In my 5 years of blogging, I have been asked to write a sponsored post a few times, but never for something that I felt was authentic for me or my style.

When I was contacted by a representative of  PermaLeaf®, I was definitely interested in reviewing their products.

I never thought I would be interested in faux products because I have a garden full of flowers and greenery to use year round.

But, through blogging, I have learned to appreciate the ease of using florals and greenery with no upkeep.

Faux flowers hanging on the front door don't need to be watered

and faux flowers on my old door mean I don't have to sweep up falling leaves and buds daily.

The timing was perfect because I had been thinking about buying a topiary and I found a double topiary.

The leaves fooled Steve into thinking they were real.

I chose topiaries that came in a set of two.

I like the red clay posts they came in, but I can never leave well enough alone.

I slapped on some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Lulu is wondering why I felt the need to add words.

And I have to say, "just for fun!"

The best thing about these topiaries is that I don't have to worry about them dying while we are away

and we are traveling a lot to visit Andrew, the new love of our life.

So, if you need to "fake it" like me, I suggest looking into PermaLeaf® for the wide variety of faux greenery and silk product.

..  ..  ..  .. ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .. 

I received the topiaries in exchange for my honest review of the products.

If you are interested in reviewing a PermaLeaf® product, please comment and I will direct you to the representative.


  1. I posted a comment over on Bloglovin' but I wanted you to know that I think Little Andrew is AH-dorable! I think your priorities are spot-on, and as you travel to perform your grandmotherly duties, you won't worry about the little topiaries biting the dust. They look real, and I love what you did with the pots!


  2. Andrew is so cute!!! I wish Max would leave fake stuff alone and then I would be able to have plants and flowers in the house again. Max, being Max, will not... Sigh...

  3. Love those topiaries!! They do look real! Oh Your sweet Grand is adorable. They take your heart don't they! Hugs!

  4. What a sweetie. Lucky you to have a little one to hold and hug. I really miss the little ones as ours are all out of diapers now and no more to come.

  5. You did a wonderful job with your first sponsored post and I can see it is a terrific product to endorse - the topiaries are lovely and very real looking!

  6. Carol, I love that you can never leave good enough alone! :) That's when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and so totally you!! Some faux flowers look so real now days. I would love to be recommended for a review. Your little guy is a doll! Isn't being a grandma the greatest?

  7. Carol,
    The topiaries look good. I have the same concern about real plants dying when we travel. Maybe I will look into some faux.


  8. Good morning Carol AND Lulu! I see Lulu is watching every move you make to insure HER cottage is well appointed!

    I think artificial greens as in topiaries is a good idea. I do prefer real flowers, but greenery is definitely one item that you can "fake."

    Your home looks wonderful Carol. ENJOY!

  9. You might ask your Permaleaf folks if they have outlets in Greece. . .hard to find such things there!

  10. Little Andrew is a good reason to be gone from home. The topiaries look great on your table!

  11. Awwww sweet little Andrew is adorable. I use faux flowers inside the house and the new ones look so real.
    Love seeing LuLu. That sweet face is too adorable too. Happy New Week Carol. Have a great one.

  12. Congratulations on the birth of the new little love of your life!! He's precious!

  13. Andrew is adorable . . . what a little cutie. Is that the quilt that you made for him? I am sure that the folks at PermaLeaf are delighted with your lovely post. Their products are very life-like, I like that! If you see green plants in my home they are always silk. I have a green thumb for outdoors, but the minute that I come inside the house it turns black. I know that I can not be the only one with this problem :)
    Have a lovely trip.
    Connie :)

  14. Congratulations on your little Andrew. He is adorable. Welcome to the world of grandmotherhood :)

    The faux greeenery and flowers look great.

  15. OH my goodness, he is the sweetest!! Congratulations, enjoy the trip and those topiaries. They are lovely...

  16. Hi!

    I accidentally responded to your post by email. I love your topiaries, and I love the words - adding your personal touch! Your grandchild is precious! Enjoy your visit!


  17. Hi Carol, your sweet grandson is adorable. I know you have fallin in love with him!! Love the topiaries. Sometime giving mother nature a little help works perfectly. Love what you did to the pots. Have a great week.

  18. Oh that Andrew is just darling and you are going to have so much fun with him.

    Love your topiaries they look terrific and I like how you painted the pots. Lulu wanted to help you. She is such a sweet girl.

    Enjoy your visit with little Andrew.


  19. Congratulation Andrew looks so cute! That was good timing to do this review. Have a wonderful time with your special new boy. Sarah x

  20. I love the faux flowers hanging on the door with Lulu peering over the half door.
    Those flowers looked real.
    I hope Steve don't get jealous of your new love. He's adorable.

  21. I usually don't like faux greenery, but Andrew is so worth every sacrifice, look at this adorable baby!

  22. Carol, this review is especially helpful for those of us with cats in the house who can't have any live plants or cut flowers because cats will try and eat them. The ones you chose are very pretty.

  23. As beautiful as I find your blog nothing can compare to Little Andrew. :) Congrats on that new love in your lives. Oh the joy to be had in Grand-Parenting.

  24. I am in love with Baby Andrew!!!! ooooh I don't blame you Carol for wanting to visit him so much, there's so much incredible change everyday in those early months. I'm so happy for you.

  25. Andrew is adorable! He'd be the love of my life too, but my sister in law and brother just had a baby in May and I'm head over heels over her. Have fun with the baby.

  26. What a lovely post...I just love every picture!
    Warm hug,

  27. Congratulations! Baby Andrew looks like a precious boy. Enjoy him, and your new care-free foliage.

  28. The topiaries are lovely and I love what you did with the pots, too!
    Little Andrew is adorable!

  29. Those are gorgeous and they look so pretty and real that yes, I would review! Thanks! Love the pictures.

  30. those look amazing!!! cute little one too :)

  31. Good Afternoon Carol, Oh your little grandson is adorable.
    Do you know something, I would not have known that the pots of topiary were not real as they look so amazing.
    The faux flowers hanging on your door look so pretty and as you say, no watering and no messy leaves to pick up. I would say that is a win, win situation.
    Best Wishes to you.

  32. That lil guy is just precious! Love the topiaries - i have a lot of artificial plants and I love 'em!!

  33. They look real, and I love what you did with the pots!


  34. I always thought your flowers were they look pretty natural.
    I was wondering if you were grandparents yet. ANDREW IS blesses are the three of you.....with grandparents like is an amazing beautiful journey.