Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sun, Sea, Sand & Wildflowers

We walk every single day and we try to "shake it up" a little by walking on different beaches.

Today we headed north to Summerland where there is a large expanse of sand for Lulu to run her little heart out.

But, you can see the effects of El NiƱo on the beach.

Up and down the coast, boulders long hidden by sand are laid bare.

We began our walk north, but boulders hindered our walking so we turned back south.

What do you think, would you want to spend the weekend at this house on the edge of the cliff?

Now this one is another story.

Can you see the four adirondack chairs lined up ready to watch the sunset?

 I can't see the house, but that arched window is amazing and I imagine that it has a fabulous view.

There are few houses on the bluff, but each one has a spectacular view of the ocean

and it was a gorgeous day after 3 days of rain.

I have shown pictures of buoys hanging on our gate

and we find all of our buoys on the beach, but we left this one behind because it was covered with tar.

We never know what we'll see on Summerland Beach, this pic is from last year, but today was uneventful.

We did find some great sea glass - lately we have been finding aqua glass and I'm always looking for heart shapes.

I had fun taking pictures, but my new camera is too heavy for long walks 

so these were all taken with my small Canon Power Shot D10 underwater camera.

It was a great day - sun, sea, sand and wildflowers!


  1. Carol,
    Wonderful pictures of a fantastic place to walk... Point and shoot digital cameras take excellent photos, also.

    We're getting some much-needed rain now with more forecast for later this week.


  2. What a great walk you had! I always look for hearts too! :-)

    Lovely photos and thank you for sharing your walk here.


  3. AND for me, HORSES! YES YES YES! Goodness, I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw that picture of the man reining in such horsepower!!!!

    Any day, rain or shine on the beach is to me, a magical moment. Oh Carol, HAVE FUN!!

  4. So gorgeous!! What a beautiful place to walk and relax. xo

  5. Such beautiful photos, ,Carol. You are a lucky lady to be able to take walks like these. For most of us we could only do that on a vacation. I love taking walks with you at home.

  6. Sigh....your eternal vacation continues.

    We walk in our neighborhood amidst construction trucks. We love it here too though.

  7. With the rains past you can enjoy your little bit of paradise in sunshine!
    No, I wouldn't like a house on a sandy bluff. Nice to look at but surely a bit of a worry with the power of the storms that come with El Nino.

  8. Beautiful! You live in the loveliest of places and there is so much bounty. Buoys and beach glass....wonderful! I may see an occasional piece of driftwood and some nice shells, but that's it. If I go about 50 miles south, there is an island that has tons of sand dollars. It's been years, since I've been there. Maybe it's time for a day trip. Love going on your walks with you, Carol.

  9. Walking alone the beach each day and breathing in that wonderful salt air . . . You live the the perfect place for retirement . . . or for anytime in life, for that matter. I'm sure that I would not even be able to pay the insurance on that house on the edge of the cliff. It doesn't look like it has long to live here. I'm sure that when ocean storms come up, those people find a hotel.

  10. Oh how I'd love to walk along a nice beach on a warm sunny day! It looks gorgeous. It is amazing how nature changes the coastline every season isn't it. I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to live in that first house over the beach! How safe is that anyway?! The others are beautiful, what we can see, and I'm sure the owners enjoy spectacular sunsets from their windows. We are getting freezing rain here this morning changing to rain this afternoon. Everything is covered in ice and I'm longing for warmer sunny days. Have a beautiful day!

  11. Your pictures are great with either camera. I do understand about the other camera being heavy and bulky to carry when walking.
    That one house looked like it would take much more before it fell over the cliff.

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful beach walk. That one home is a little too close to edge for me, but I'd love to spend time gazing at the ocean view from the others.

  13. Your beautiful post brings back so many memories of a little north of you ~
    Thanks for the smiles!

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful beach pictures with us! Especially for those of us stuck in the Midwest. Sure, I'd gladly spend a weekend on that house on the cliff!
    Love your beach glass finds. So beautiful. If you know someone who is a jewelry maker, you could have a favorite piece wire-wrapped and made into a necklace. :-)

  15. Carol, So many pretty things. Love those homes. I like all your glass finds. Glad you can get out and about. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. I've never found sea glass on a beach - so envious! It's interesting to find out the effects of El Nino in different parts of the continent.

    Happy Spring!

  17. Yes, please, a seat to watch the sunset from the house on the hill!! That one reminds me of the type of homes we have in my neck of the woods. Lovely!

  18. Beautiful photos. You always make me miss Calif.

  19. A wonderful walk along the beach with blue skies and wildflowers too! Sorry that you have also been affected by landslides. I love those buoys such a different shape to ours! Sarah x

  20. I enjoyed your photos, especially the first one. I can almost catch the scent of the sea. How wonderful you can work there each day.

  21. Carol all your photos made me feel like I was along side of you on your coastline walk. Wow to the boulders, the events of Mother Nature.
    I imagine your daily walks are like meditation for the soul - wandering with a mission towards appreciating beauty and collecting beach glass.
    You inspire us with your embracing retirement and discovering everyday simple beauty.

  22. Those horses on the beach !
    That used to be something I always tried to do on Caribbean vacations !
    Such gorgeous photos as always Carol

  23. I'd love to be on that house at the edge of the cliff, yes, as long as I trusted the cliff! :)

  24. The Seattle sky is gray, the wind is whipping up and the rain continues to fall. . .we are all getting very testy about the weather - time for it to dry up a bit. But what a lovely bit of sunshine you shared with me today on your walk on the beach! Thanks - I needed that ~

  25. Thanks so much for taking us along with you for a walk on the beach. It's so beautiful. WOW El Nino really did a number on the beach with all those boulders. I think you had a lot more rain than we did. Looking forward to the rain on Friday. My flowers are dancing up a storm with all the wonderful rain water.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Hi Carol, what gorgeous scenery when you walk! Don't know how I missed this post. I would have added it to SYC. I hopped over last night, but somehow didn't see it. I love the buoys on your gate. Fun that you are finding some pretty beach glass!

  27. Beautiful day. I haven't found any sea glass on our beaches in years! Too bad the buoy had tar on it. I love your buoys on the gate.

  28. What a beautiful place to walk.

  29. I knew what beach that was as soon as I saw the first picture. I spent nearly every single summer day at that beach when I was a teenager into my 20s, because we lived in Santa Ynez at the time. My friends and I would sneak down between houses, which I'm sure you can't do anymore. They used to have a hot dog stand nearby that was great too. Thank you for the great memories, Carol :)


  30. Interesting how El Nino has exposed the rocks and boulders and loved seeing the houses on the hills above the beach. It's always a nice day of sun, sand and beaches on Art and Sand.