Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Am I Doing?

Those of you who are on Instagram are most likely familiar with the hashtag #widn which stands for What I'm Doing Now.

I am not working on any projects, but I am keeping busy.

Every single day I post one photo on Instagram.

I have begun to bring fall into my decor

now that it is officially the season.

My rain boots haven't been out of the closet in years and I hope that setting them out with flowers might actually entice rain.

I met a new friend, Renee of Joy in Every Season, for lunch

and she brought me a gorgeous vintage tablecloth.

Do you think it works with my color palette?

Vicky of Life of Willie Mae Lane posted about a book of her Instagram pics she made on Chatbooks 

so I made one for myself.

It was fun, easy and an inexpensive

method of printing some of my favorite pictures.

This Saturday, I am taking a felting class and I wanted to make something for each of my classmates.

I thought a little bag (filled with chocolate for sustenance) would be nice for taking home our creations - assuming that they are small.

I brought some of my fall decor down from the attic,

but this is all I had time to set out before it just got too hot and we had to run down to the ocean to cool off.

Well, that's what I have been doing- what are you up to?

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  1. My gosh, Carol.....your Fall decor couldn't get any cuter! I especially love the wheat and pumpkin one. I've have been extremely busy. I'll share that whole thing a little later. I've got about another week to go. Hope you have a great weekend and maybe your rain boots will bring good luck.

  2. Love, love, love all your flowers...

    I've been on a card making jag... making super simple but cute (I hope!) cards for the last 3 weeks. I've been thinking about fall decorating, but that is hard to do when it is going to be 90 * here tomorrow!!!

  3. Well, I can't do Instagram, so I'm far out of the loop. I'm so glad you got to dine with a blog buddy!

  4. You are having such a wonderful time. Love the vignettes and seeing what you shared on Instagram.

    1. I have fun with Instagram because I just do 1 pic a day and to like you just tap the picture so there isn't much typing!

  5. That little book is a wonderful idea! I should post some more beautiful photos and make one myself. You are so very kind to think of your 'classmates' for your felting class, what a 'sweet' gift! Enjoy your beautiful weather! Blessings, Cindy

  6. It is always fun to meet up with a blogging friend. Love the pictures of your Fall vignettes!!

    1. I met 2 blog/Instagram friends this week and will meet a couple of more in the felting class.

  7. Love seeing what you are doing now!! Great fall style. So much fun to meet up with a fellow blogger. The table cloth is awesome. What a special gift. Happy Fall. cm

  8. Just popped in to see what you are up to and imagine my surprise to see my name here...:) My book should be here any day now! I can't wait. Such a great deal! Love your new vintage tablecloth. It is perfect for you! Everything looks just lovely. Have a great Friday and weekend and try to stay cool! Oh...have fun at the felting class!

  9. I love that tablecloth. The colors are stunning and perfect for fall.

  10. Like you, even if I'm not working on some projects (which I should be doing!), I'm always busy doing "something". I hadn't heard of those chatbooks. I can't believe they're only $6! I'm definitely going to order a few. I hope you enjoy your felting class. How sweet you are to make those little bags for your classmates! Have a great weekend.

  11. Good morning Carol! OK, that CHATBOOK is of great interest to me for some of my better Instagram pics! I don't know if you remember me announcing I wanted to self-publish my blog as a book? I wonder if this would be a better route for me? We must chat about it.

    What have I been up to? Running around from school to school on adrenaline! I so miss you all in blogging, but these days I hardly have time for myself to even think. I love your festive new tablecloth; the colors are JUST RIGHT for you! I have a few pumpkins on a table, I don't dare put these beauties out to give the squirrels a free lunch!

    My friend, I miss you. I need to email you soon. Much love, Anita

  12. Your flowers are great, photos wonderful as always, you're meeting blogging friends, a lovely new vintage table cloth, life is good.

    I was bummed about the chat book, as I don't do instagram and don't have a phone to do such things with.

    The bags that you are making for the ladies in your felting class are so pretty, I know they will enjoy them and the chocolates. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  13. Look at your making gifts for your classmates! You are so thoughtful...always.

    I bet you had so much fun meeting a blog friend. We are working on a meet up here in the Dallas area soon. Can't wait!

    Everything looks so pretty at your house. I need to post one Instagram pic a day. That's a great idea.

  14. Love your Fall touches and your photos are beautiful!! Love that pretty vintage tablecloth too...what a sweet gift!

  15. What a lovely gift to receive from your friend.
    I do instagram and like you I post one pic a day. Do drop by!

  16. I'm not on Instagram but I'm sure your photos are lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!! xox

  17. Sucj sweet days. Love your pic a day idea. Have fun felting!

  18. I so love your blog as you keep me enthused for life - whether 'doing anything' or not! Hugs, J.

  19. Love your fall decor and I think the tablecloth fits in beautifully! What a neat book idea too.
    x Sally

  20. Love your fall decor and I think the tablecloth fits in beautifully! What a neat book idea too.
    x Sally

  21. Carol,
    I love all your fall decor especially the garden boots. So sweet. So fun you got to meet up with another blogger. Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  22. Carol whatever you do or create it is always an expression of your warm heart. I love all your Fall touches in your home. I absolutely love the book you assembled, they would make ideal family gifts. I envy the lucky bloggers who were able to meet up with you in person, hopefully one day we will look at each other while sharing conversation.
    You asked what your followers are doing, well I'm happy to say I'm envolved with a new creative project and I will show everyone my idea next post. Carol I linger in your photography and enjoy your shares.

  23. Your home is looking so fresh and fallish! Love the little bags you made for your classmates. I think felting is interesting so I hope you enjoy the class! I'm going to get out some pumpkins this weekend!


  24. Lovely touches of autumn in your home and garden. The chat book looks wonderful too! Have a great weekend. Sarah x

  25. Love your photos on IG, and such a treat to see oodles grouped up here in this post! So nice to see some fall sunshine too :-) Bwg ~~~

  26. I am so going to be a copy cat and take MY rain boots out of the closet!! Texas is still hot and dry......

  27. Carol, who is who in the photo? '-)
    Eager to see what you create in the felting class. I would like to learn how to do felting. I must look for a class here.
    Happy times!

  28. For not being busy you have changed up your decor and as always it looks great for fall. Your chapbook looks interesting!

  29. Well, I think you've been quite busy!
    I love your fall decor, great colours

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan

  30. I love that instagram book! What a neat idea. Sorry to hear that it has been so hot and dry there. i guess we really do live on opposite coasts. it has been chilly and wet here. I would gladly send you some of my weather if I could. Love the vintage tablecloth your friend brought you. It looks perfect for your home!

  31. That tablecloth is perfect for your colors there, yes! :)

  32. That tablecloth is perfect for your colors there, yes! :)

  33. Love all of your beautiful photos Carol!! I've been really busy on the Everything Home Magazine, but wanted you to know I'm still checking in on you Sweets. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog:)

  34. Love your Fall decor! You might think you are doing nothing but you are putting me to shame!!

  35. I'm with Kathy your Fall decor! Also love the old vintage many do you have? And those little books y'all made are SO NEAT!!

  36. Carol,
    The tablecloth is perfect for your home. I agree that the chatbook would make a great present for family members. A hard life... having to take a break to cool off IN THE OCEAN!

    Judith (Botanic Bleu)... having to publish this comment anonymously since I'm not signed into Blogger.

  37. You have been busy! Chatbooks for IG photos is a great idea...not sure how I missed Vicky's post so I'll have to track it down.

    The table cloth is SO YOU! It goes very well with your decor.

  38. So many things on your post where I was saying 'what a good idea', 'I didn't know that'. So, I'll start using the hashtag from now on and what a great way to keep photos and so cheap! I don't know how I missed Vicky's post. Have a great week xx

  39. The house looks so nice all decorated for the season! I like everything. And the little gift bags are so cute - I'm sure your classmates were moved by your kindness.

  40. Dear Carol , it"s hard to find words to express how I feel because finally I got myself a new ( used ) laptop and so it"so much more easy to blog again . I must get used to this laptop akay but here I am . I am a "left-overs-kind-of-girl" .
    When something is broken there is always coming a solution my way . I never buy something new and in the store . And I got used to that way of living . When my laptop gave up I asked my son for advise . He took the laptop with him and that was that He is young , has his own business a wife and a daugther so....... a busy life and I guess my laptop was not his priority .
    With many things I could manage wirh my Ipad and Iphone ( how lucky I am to have those ..) but blogging was a disaster......
    I also started on Instagram but to me that"s different because I have never been a photographer and I was content searching for images on pinterest . ( content with left-overs but very good in finding just what I meant )
    Instead of blogging my time filled up with facebook , instagram and pinterest .
    But .....blogging was my very first journey when I got my first laptop in 2008 . A friend showed me the way and my small world transformed in the-world-was-in-my-house !
    I learned to blog in another language , to express myself in another language . At first with my dictionary in my hand .......
    I was amazed by the fact that I found women far away who felt like soul-mates .
    So the magic from blogging stole my heart .
    I told my son I was realy missing that and asked him to be honest with me about my laptop .
    The very next day he brougth me the one I am using now . An old one from my son .....but working !
    I do not mind as long as I can do my thing ..... So you asked what I was doing........ I am getting used to.........
    my new life ever since I got my two new hips and me no longer being a teacher and no longer a mother with children in the house ......
    I was allowed to recover from hardly able to walk to stand on my own TWO feet again .
    from being a single mom of four always worrying about how to survive to enjoying how blessed I am now .
    from working fulltime at school to having all the time of the world ......
    and that brougth me a whole new journey to who I was before all that happened transformed into who I have become through the years ..... I know .....sounds complicated but to me it"s all a blessing .
    Like you I am always finding things I kept and they tell me about the me I was and the miracle is those moments are a healing process . I now can see with loving eyes how I survived but so much better than I could see by than.....
    I always thougth I was "just" adjusting and making the best of it ..... NOW I can see I always was myself in how I survived .
    All the things I am finding in my house now are SIGNS and also healing miracles . Notes and cards and letters , little presents
    but also unexpected encounters ..... I am SO counting my blessings ........ And I have a new friend , me , myself and I am getting to know her and she is fun to be around with .
    that"s what I am doing dear Carol . Thanks for being here ! Have a wonderful last_days_of_september week .

  41. That book is a great idea! I might do one myself :)

    I love the new tablecloth. What a sweet thing for her to bring and how nice that you got to visit with her.

    Me? I've been in and out of my house for three weeks and haven't gotten anything done around here, but I've finally gotten to a point where I don't have any distractions, so I'm getting back to painting. Finally!


  42. Well Carol - that would be my kind of Fall - where you decorate and then get so hot you have to jump in the ocean LOL !!!
    Such beautiful images - love your vintage table cloth and that photo where your gorgeous blue window is open behind it - perfection !
    If I were a better photographer - I'd join instagram - that book is beautiful !!!

  43. Beautiful pictures! I love your new tablecloth!! Your ready for fall!!


  44. Beautiful pictures! I love your new tablecloth!! Your ready for fall!!


  45. That tablecloth is so you....what a thoughtful friend! :)

  46. Love the tablecloth, Carol. So glad you had a fun lunch. I have a difficult time remembering Instagram, with the blog and FB and Etsy shop...Your photos are great! Look forward to seeing what you made in class.

  47. Love the book idea, and yes the tablecloth is so pretty and goes well with your theme. Glad you enjoyed your lunch too. I've been busy with Minnie, we've headed out with her for the last 4 weekends. We're leaving again Thursday and three weekends after that. We've been playing now since we worked so hard during summer. Gosh it's good to play!

  48. Love your touches of fall.
    I don't do instagram yet. It's one more thing for me to look at and not get what I want done like some quilting. LOL
    Love your pictures

  49. Your up toos are so lovely compared to our big projects... it's just that there are so many tools and parts laying around that I give up on making a pretty presentation... It's worth it to me to be doing these makeovers, but gets kind of depressing seeing hammers on the kitchen counter and ripping over rulers and baseboard, etc.-LOL :)

  50. Your cottage looks great. Love the Instagram book idea.