Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Permission To Simply "BE"

I am a "doer".

I constantly make lists and I'm always on the go with just 2 speeds - On & Off.

A couple of  things occurred lately that really make me question my need to always be "doing".

First, I took a felting class on Saturday and loved it,

the Scaredy Cat on the far left is the sample and the cat in the middle is mine

but my by right hand hurt like the dickens on Sunday.

I thought about all the crafts that I can't do right now, but then I asked myself, "do you really have to be making something all the time?

The second occurrence was something my daughter wrote - "I can be really hard on myself about being lazy and doing nothing on a weekend. I have a history of trying to cram a ton of activities into 2 days which usually leaves me no time for rest and relaxation".

I felt a little guilty because KC said she learned her "always on the go" lifestyle from me.

As I was taking pictures yesterday for an Instagram post, I looked out at my garden and asked myself why I rarely ever just kick back and relax on the chaise.

 The answer is that I am forever tweaking things around the house

and coming up with projects

like the new latitude/longitude sign I convinced Steve to make for the entry.

Yesterday I posted this picture of my garden on Instagram

with this comment.

So, I greeted the morning with no list, no deadlines and gave myself permission to slow down and simply BE.

We took Lulu to the park

and slowly walked along the dunes to Soter Point.

After lunch, I made peanut butter cookies and headed out to the garden to read.

I looked around the garden feeling restless although I had vowed to sit and relax, - I really am a "doer" and I needed to do something.

I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures

and then I decided to set the table for dinner -

it's still warm enough to be eating outdoors each night.

As I stood back to look at the table, I noticed that I was in the garden and I was relaxed despite the fact that I was busy.

When I began writing my post last night, I gave it the title of "Permission To Simply Be", but as my day developed, I accepted that, like Popeye, "I am what I am".

Instead, I am giving myself permission to simply be ME.


  1. Great post Carol. I was a lot like you when I had to retire and it took me 5 years to realize that I didn't have to go at break neck speed to get everything accomplished. That is because we worked and to get everything done that we wanted to we NEVER relaxed. Now I get up when I want to, and ease into the day. I do make lists because I have always done that. But, I sure carry things over from day to day. You are a type A personality and that's the way your roll. So take time to smell the flowers and enjoy every minute of the day.

    You take amazing pictures and have a lovely home. Enjoy your reading, walking with Lulu and relaxing in your beautiful yard.

    So sorry that your hand is still bothering you. Enjoy the weekend.


  2. Dear Carol ~ I'm sorry that your hand is still bothering you. Sometimes we do have to step back and just 'be'. It is NOT always easy to do, but it's for our health and peace of mind.

    Everything about your home and gardens is just lovely and neat and orderly. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

    Do take more time to being a relaxed you in your wonderful surroundings.

    Love & hugs and Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  3. I have a hard time just 'being' too, Carol. A list maker for as long as I can remember, even when I lay down to rest, sleep eludes me for the mental lists I am making. I like this post, love the fork/charm reminder. In acknowledging ourselves and how we are, my husband and I often say that phrase (just like the man himself), "I yam what I yam".

  4. Tudo tão lindo por aqui.Beijo.Valéria.

  5. I think that is a problem with me too...a lot. I'm at the computer, my eye wanders to the window, I'm up looking out, I remember the laundry, sit at the computer, I should make cookies, I need to add something to my grocery list before I do that, check FBook, that recipe looks good, add ingredients to shopping list, make cookies, finish laundry, should sit on the deck, weed the garden, deadhead annuals, take pictures of flowers, load pics to computer, check Fbook, visit some blogs.... Ai yi! I think I have senior ADHD. LOL I hope you can "be" yourself more. Lovely photos. Enjoy your garden and chaise. Now I must finish my finger nails. :)

  6. Love this post! I've learned I have to slow down and rest some or I will fall down in many ways and that isn't good. But you also have to be yourself. Enjoy the tweaking and the home you live in, it's very you. Love the little felted cat, it is so so cute, but I hate that your hand hurts. It's hard to accept some limitations as our bodies tell us what we can and can't do sometimes.
    We are having another rainy day in Georgia!

  7. Great post for us doers. Your pictures are beautiful. I can really relate to this post.

  8. It is a great post, and I also could relate. We should simply BE! I struggle with it but know its worth the fight. I do not slow down in summer since it's so short span in my neck of the woods. so I slow down in winter, when the days and nights are low in sunshine and seem endless. I so could relate! I sent you an email, did you get it?

  9. The felted cat is adorable. Great post-I do think each and every one is different, and some can just relax, and to others doing something all the time is their way of relaxing. Lovely pic's.

  10. I remember you saying you wanted to learn felting ~ YAY for you; your kitty is adorable!

    Love your "being me" philosophy ~ so true for all of us!

    I'm so sorry about your hand hurting ~ a little too much concentrated activity? I hope it feels better soon.

    Hugs ~

  11. Oh the guilt I feel when I'm not making! I've had lazy afternoon today but I am suffering from a horrible chest infection and cold so I really shouldn' t worry that I've been sat down should I? ;) Your house and garden are so pretty. I'd love to eat my evening meal at that gorgeous table and chairs!
    Jess xx

  12. I believe you had a lightbulb moment! you've probably been too hard on yourself thinking you should be a "certain way". But to be busy is "your way". Some people are like that and some are not. That's just your personality. If it feels too difficult to make yourself rest then you shouldn't. Have you ever noticed that some people go on vacation to do activities and others go to just "chill out"? I think whatever you like to do on vacation is a sign of who you really are.

  13. Oh, does this ever sound like me! When my kids were growing up, I never took a break. I HAD to be doing something all the time. I could never understand some of my friends who would get together and spend the entire morning drinking tea. I joined them a few times but ended up feeling like I was wasting a lot of time. I think there is a balance. When I was in my late thirties, I developed a serious health issue and that has taken care of the 'taking a break' issue. My hubby still teases me however about not being able to sit still for very long. The beach is actually the only place where I can sit still. It is my place for relaxing. Pity I only get to do that in the summertime though. I think we Type A personalities are hardest on ourselves. By the way, your 'always doing' is paying off because your home is absolutely fabulous and cozy! :)


  14. Gorgeous photos. I love the outdoor dining table.

  15. I love the little kitties. They are so cute. I was that way years ago. I was non stop with working, taking care of the kids, and taking care of my Mom at her home. Just too much and I got so burned out I quit my job to take care of everyone and smell the roses. Life is too short to be constantly busy.

  16. I couldn't see that you would just "Simply Be" all day! Simply Me seems a much better idea! Sarah x

  17. I love your little felted kitty. And I agree, just be you and do what you love.

  18. Great post!! Love your photos. Some days I can simply be and do much of nothing...then there are other days that I feel the need to be busy. I recently hit my hand on the corner of our wood table. I got lucky and did not break it, but am having a hard with the not using it...so that my hand can heal.

  19. I love it! This is perfect and after following you for a couple of years now, I can't imagine a day without a photo "hello" from you showing that you are up to something. Enjoy being YOU.

  20. Three little words.......LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing not only your thoughts and gorgeous photos with all of us, but also your heart! Have a lovely Thursday just being you!

  21. I am a lot like you, Carol. I find it very hard to relax. I always have to be doing something. I am definitely a doer. But sometimes that's not good, is it? I think that's just one of the reasons I love yoga. It forces me to focus on myself and my breathing...and then total relaxation (savasana) at the end. Total bliss.

  22. PS - Sorry, I hit send too soon. Meant to also say that I love the felted kitty that you made. Sorry your hand hurt though. Guess it's too soon after your surgery?

  23. Huston...we have lift-off! Yay!

    Like you, I can't sit still for very long, unless I'm blogging, which makes me feel like I'm moving, since I get to visit so many beautiful places and speak with so many wonderful people - like you! Having said that, my favourite pic is of Lulu in the park, with all that green grass to run on, and the ocean behind her, with all that water for you to swim in, and you know how much I would love to just sit your beach cottage, so THAT says it all!

    Hope your hand is healing!


  24. Very sweet post Carol all looks inviting and warm with your constant tweeking that makes you happy and free to just be. Love the outdoor iron table and chairs, your gardens looks amazing, you have a magical way with flowers. I hope LuLu is leaving them alone now that she's a little more grown up.
    Now let's talk about your totally adorable cute felted Black cat, soooo cute! I have been told that felting is very hard on the wrists. Was the sweet pumpkin part of the felting class? Look in your email for a photo of a Halloween witch felt that may inspire you.

  25. Carol,
    Adore your felted black cat! Your chaise lounge is calling my name. Your garden is a beautiful place and would be a wonderful spot to BE. I've been working at letting go and BEing for the past 5 years. Some habits die hard, but I don't feel guilty for resting anymore. See my little blog that often goes a long time between posts. Like others, I love the you are.


  26. Perfect! Learning how to be Who we are created to be and loving who that is, Perfectly, hard work! However, you do it well! Many blessings to you! Cindy

  27. Yup, just being yourself is important Carol! I too am busy, but I certainly do find the time to relax. I especially love enjoying God's creations. You are a doer and always will be. Nothing wrong with that girl! As long as it doesn't stress you and you don't burn yourself out. I say, you go girl! Yup, let me comment. Yahoo!

  28. Dear, dear friend.

    I am the same was as you. I often feel guilty, or as if I am not LEARNING if I am just being idle. Maybe because we are TEACHERS and are always on the run with our imaginations and creative selves being in high gear all the time?

    This summer, I was simply ME as well. But one particular day, I did NOTHING. Then I smiled at the end of that day and said to myself, "I MET MYSELF TODAY." Now with this crazy school schedule, I miss myself. I really do.


  29. I thought about your hand when you mentioned in a previous post you were taking a felting class. Hope it is feeling better. It's hard somethings to deal with limitations. Hope it's just a temporary set back.
    Your felt kitty is adorable.
    Your PBC are exactly how my mom makes them.
    Pinned everything.
    Angels to you.

  30. Love this post! It's me! If I am sitting trying to relax I am either noticing all that needs to be done or thinking about it! Your house and garden are perfect because you are you and it shows the love you put in it....that takes a lot of doing!

  31. You sound like many of us and I think your conclusion is the right one. Great post!

  32. Great post! You take amazing pictures and have a lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I totally get it, Carol. I am a go, go, go person, as well. My girlfriends talk about napping and relaxing. That's not me. My mom and sisters are like that, too. I even married a guy like that...

  34. What a fun post, loved it, and all of your photos, too. And the felted cat looks like you are a pro at felting. Your garden is beautiful, and I would love to sit out there for dinner. (or for a peanut butter cookie)
    Bonnie in WI

  35. LOVE the little felted cats. Some of us can relax easier than others. But sometimes our bodies determine that it's time to rest whether we want it or not!

    Lovely post, and I love the new sign Steve made for you. So cute.

  36. Oh- I could have written this post, Carol (maybe not as great as this one-lol). I am so like you- I have a hard time just "being". If I am not doing something/anything I feel guilty. Not sure why that it is but I am happiest when I am the busiest, if that makes sense. I get pleasure out of accomplishing and making something new or better than it was. Your garden is so pretty and I am glad that you are able to be out there enjoying it. xo Diana

  37. Hi get it Carol. I am the same way I am a doer and do not like to sit idle for long. I think though you need to take a little time in the day to really enjoy your garden. That chaise alone is so inviting. Glad you get to eat outside and enjoy that pretty garden.

  38. It must be frustrating not being able to do all that you want but sometimes a slow down is just what we need. Speaking from my own experience as well!

  39. Love this post, Carol. I'm the same way, I ALWAYS feel the need to be "doing" and rarely allow myself to take any downtime. I'm so impressed with your sweet felted creation, but try not to work your fingers to the bone!

  40. Hi Carol, Oh what a great post and as I was reading I was seeing myself and how I never plan to relax along with all the doing that goes on in my life.
    Purely you wrote this for yourself, but it moved me so much and made me think
    how I do not want to miss out on the simply times because I stay so busy!!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and bringing great thought to so many of us!! Have a great weekend. cm
    p.s. hope you find some time to just be and relax.
    love your darling felt cat too.

  41. Thanks for this, I'm the same way. I get anxious because while I'm sewing I feel like I should be cleaning, while I'm dusting, I remember I really need to load the dishwasher. On and on and on it goes, right? My brother has always said, "Mary has two speeds: fast and loud." :) Well at 62, I'm finding my fast and loud are both losing ground. Now if I can get my mind to sync with the rest of me, I think I'll be okay.

    Question #1: What camera do you use?
    Question #2: What photo tweaking site do you use e.g. Picmonkey or what?

    I got a nice new camera thinking it would instantly cause gorgeous pics but they look about the same as ones my old camera took. I think I have a lot to learn, which see sentence above starting with"Well at 62 ..." lol


  42. Great post Carol ... but isn't it lovely to spend time outside too!

    I love all your photo's thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely busily restful weekend - but more importantly just be you!

    All the best Jan

  43. Loved reading and seeing your photos Carol-I am a bit like you in that I too have a hard time being still and doing something! The one time I can just sit and really not do anything is if I have gotten into a really good book and I get se engrossed I forgot about time. Happy Saturday!

  44. Hey, you can't help it! You are a Busy "Be" ! Me, too! Create ON:) Laura

  45. And now I believe we are kindred spirits. :) Great post!

  46. This is a very inspiring post... I always feel the need to say I did this and this and sometimes I forget that saying I spent some time in an armchair reading is not anything to be ashamed of!

  47. My mother was definitely a "doer" ~ never still for a minute! I always wished that she would just sit down and "be" with me. I was terribly busy when my kids were small and I always wish I had slowed down and played more. I did that with the grands and miss those times!

    I've always been a list maker! I don't panic if everything isn't crossed off now. Since retiring from an incredibly stressful job, I love sleeping in, have my coffee, walking my dog and just doing what I want. Heaven! :)


  48. I can totally relate to this post! I'm a doer, too, and rarely just "be." I wonder if I'll regret that someday, but right now, it makes me happy to "do." so I'm glad that you decided to be "you." It makes me feel better about being me!

  49. Oh Carol you must stop and smell the roses. You have beautiful garden. I think I could sit out there for hours watching nature. I might even have to test the ole eyelids for pin holes. LOL
    Allow yourself some time to relax. Those lists will still be there. Lulu would love it. ;o)

  50. Weekends are like that, busy trying to achieve it all. And, I/we love you how you are so very much.

  51. i don't have any trouble relaxing!!! your place is just adorable!!!!

  52. Sounds like the story of my life...Hee, hee, hee. I am not one to sit with idle hands.


  53. Your cottage is always so lovely to look at and you must smile each time you walk around the rooms and outside. I am also a Type A and have to be doing all the time. Since I started my new medicine I have had to slow down and take more naps.
    But there are days I feel good and spend the entire time doing what I love to do and that relaxes me. So do what you do because that is what makes you happy. That makes for a lot less stress.