Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Passing on the "Blog Love"

I have been doing little in the way of "blog worthy" activities lately.

I did some fluffing on my kitchen shelves,

moved my front porch furniture around 

and spruced up the side of the garage, but nothing that merits a full blog post.

When I received this Home Goods gift card in the mail, it reminded me that I have never posted about the lovely gifts I received from sweet blogging friends.

I was the winner of the giveaway from Dagmara of Glamista Home and I can't wait to make the drive to nearest Home Goods; maybe I will buy some Halloween decor because I promised Steve I would stop buying dishes.

Earlier this summer, my friend Bobbie of Cottleston Pie sent me a fun package

lovingly wrapped in handmade tissue paper.

Inside was the cutest little magnetic mousetrap decorated with our sweet Lulu and a beautiful handmade card now hanging on my bicycle wheel.

And then, there was a great piece of fabric in my primary colors - still waiting to be made into a table runner.

Not long after I received Bobbie's gift, a blog friend I have actually met sent me a surprise package.

Patty of Patty's Pretty Things loves to use her Silhouette to make all sorts of things and she chose gorgeous gold speckled paper to make the tags.

Another item Patty made using her Silhouette is a little book with a great vintage seaside picture - that cute little outfit might have been worn by my mother when she was growing up in Ocean Park.

Just like Bobbie remembering Little Lulu, Patty threw in a pair of poodle socks that won't be worn for a couple more months if our warm weather holds.

Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson sent me the cutest framed vintage cloth

that found a home on my nightstand.

And last, but not least, Monica of Prince Snow Farm sent me some lovely home grown lavender.

My blog post written, I headed to bed, but I felt like something was missing from in the post - through the night, I realized that what was missing was my personal take on all of the sweet gifts so I got up this morning determined to do be creative.

The piece of fabric from Bobbie was torn in half (lazy me), sewn together and fringed (more laziness) to become a table runner.

Patty's sailor girl and Jann's sailor boy ended up in a shell display - it's still summer here!

Monica's lavender now holds a prominent spot in the living room in an old metal pitcher.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

And now, it is time to pass on the "blog love".

I made "boo" sachets pillows to thank Monica for the lavender and a few other things she sent me - I won't show them until they are embellished.

I will draw the names of 3 winners who may request whatever words they would like on the sachets.

obviously no one wants a S U M M E R banner now, but it was all I had to show a sample

Or, the winners can opt for a banner with the letters of their choice.

To participate, just leave a comment telling me what letters you would like if your name is drawn and whether you would like sachet pillows or a banner - length is no problem because I have plenty of drop cloth fabric.

 Names will be drawn on October 1.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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  1. Oh what sweet gifts that you have received.
    Summer has faded away here this past week. My piggies are cold......I could use those socks, hah.
    I'd love to win......jeez what letters..........how about H O M E .
    Have a great week.

  2. Hey lucky lady, not only lucky but loved too. Thanks for the shout out. Wish I could spend another afternoon with you. I love the create banner you made for me.

  3. Carol,
    Lovely from the heart post. You always sprinkle magic in your blog with your appreciation for life. Carol if I should be lucky enough to win your giveaway, I'd like sachets that spell out star in a midnight blue. Philadelphia is still in the mid 70's and end of week it will be back to the 80's. Summer is reluctant to leave but truthfully I'm enjoying our Indian Summer.

  4. Carol, love how displayed all of your sweet gifts with your special touch! You are such a sweet gal and that's why everyone loves you! Sweet and creative I might add. Love the little sachets and if I was lucky enough to win I would love the words Garden. Thanks so much for the shout out and the wonderful gift you sent me!

  5. Thanks so much for coming by!
    I'm so excited for your upcoming trip to HomeGoods. Oh there are so many fun treasures there! Can't wait to see what you pick.
    I enjoyed seeing all the treasures you received from your blog friends. Looks like you found the perfect place for EVERYTHING!
    Your cottage is so bright and cheery!
    Thanks for sharing with us :0)
    Have a great week,

  6. Carol, you received so many lovely gifts. There are so many thoughtful ladies out there for sure! Your banners are beautiful, I think I would like MERRY on a banner...Christmas is my favorite! :)

  7. I knew you would do it proud!!

    If I'm eligible, I would love a banner saying... Umm ~ can I get back to you on that?!?!

  8. I love the banner. How about dream for the wording? Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  9. So much happy mail! How fun...:) I like the little tweaks you have been making around your cottage. Sweet giveaway roo...if I win, I would want a banner that spells blessed. Have a wonderful evening...Vicky

  10. What wonderful little gifts and thoughtfulness on your part Carol. THANKFUL is the word that comes to mind - of friendships born through this wonderfully huge penpal ring of blogs.
    BTW, speaking of your promise not to buy dishes (I don't make promises I can't keep), I was walking with hubs this am, & had forgotten to turn on the dishwasher & questioned if I should go back. Hubs said we could NOT do dishes for a very long time and still have dishes to feed an army, lol.
    Have a great week, Carol.

  11. Lovely gifts...so many wonderful friends!
    I love your banners...I would choose the word "joy."
    Mary Alice

  12. Hi Carol, Goodness I am just getting caught up on your blog and loved seeing the lovely homes that you feature. Your cottage is my very favorite and I love seeing your creative work as well as all of your primary colors. Thank you for sharing the adorable gifts you won. Love your banners - I would choose the word cottage! I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

  13. Hello Carol, what a fun post. I love all the little details around your home. One of my favorite is the yellow pitcher with the lavender. Yellow just makes me happy, it's such a fun color. Glad you received the card. I totally understand your addiction to dishes, I can't never have enough, there are so many cute ones. Have a great rest of the week!

  14. Carol, I love the way you did this post...going back and doing something with all those sweet gifts. I really love the mouse trap holding the picture of your pup...that was SO thoughtful and creative.

    I love banners...and would really appreciate one that simply spells out HOME. Thank you for paying it forward, you are a dear.

    Jane xx

  15. Carol, I love how the gifts are such a sweet part of your home. I always enjoy seeing the changes in your home, even the small one's. If I were to win I would love the word JOY on a banner. Thanks for always adding a little joy to my world with your posts!
    hugs, Linda

  16. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady! Your creative spirit inspires us all Carol. I enjoy following your blog as well as Instagram.

    My sachets would read Blessed.

  17. You have received some beautiful gifts - and rightfully so! I love your little sachet pillows. If I won, I would choose the word cozy.

  18. You are one of the LEAST lazy bloggers ever! Beautiful gifts! xoxo Jen

  19. You are so sweet. I love your blog. I think I would like a banner that says Quilting. Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. How fabulous!! I love the things you were sent. So gorgeous. I'd love a banner with the word "create".

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!


  21. Love the pretty gifts that you received!! So sweet of you to have a giveaway. If I was to win your drawing...I would love a banner with the word Blessed.

  22. Wow!!!!! There are soooo many good suggestion in your comments. So hard to choose. What a fun give-a-way. I think I would like a banner to say "I love you more". Whoever wins, the banner will be beautiful and inspirational.

  23. Love the banner --- I would choose 'Autumn'.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  24. I always love seeing your home - it is always so bright and cheerful! Thanks for the giveaway - my favorite would be a banner that said "Believe". Thanks for the chance.


  25. I'm so excited to know that YOU will be receiving another little gift in the mail sometime in the next several days :) You are a blessing to so many!!!

  26. Even what you consider to be unproductive weeks are wildly productive in my opinion! What nice gifts you received, and they all fit so well in your home. Should I be lucky enough to win your giveaway, I'd love a BOO banner, with the same colors as the photo in your post. Cute!

  27. Your lovely post reminded me of a sweet friend made via the Internet. Like you, she is very creative she also sends pretty surprises packages. I send surprises back, but I’m not all creative so everything I send is shop bought. I would love to send her something more personal, and one of your gorgeous banners with the word friends would be perfect.

  28. What lovely friends you have to send you so much wonderful stuff! I guess I wouldn't know what letters to have if I won. LOL!

  29. LindaLee at Love'N My StitchesSeptember 17, 2014 at 2:47 AM

    Always love stopping in and seeing what's new on your happy place blog. I love it!

    It's so good to be back into blogging and all again. I spent 44 days in the hospital this summer and it's good to catch up with all my dear friends and followers.

  30. CAROL!

    I am so late, but you know how it goes when you're teaching.....DRIVE, TEACH, DRIVE, COOK, EAT, SLEEP. That's all I'm doing these days and it will take me a while to get used to this after having such a relaxing summer.

    Your arrangements are glorious. The gifts, a TREASURE, and your cottage, always so colorful and welcoming. Thank you for this invitation to linger and enjoy.


  31. I would love a banner for the mirror in my Fall vignette. I even blogged about it here:


  32. I have felt the same way, Carol. You received some lovely gifts. I have a post to do myself about a gift I received from a fellow blogger. It is overdue and I need to get my butt in gear to thank her publicly.

  33. You are so blessed to get such sweet gift! :-) Loved seeing what you did with them, thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  34. Carol, I love all your tweaking you have been doing and as always they bring a smile. I love hous you personalized your gifts to fit into your decor. So very pretty. Cathy

  35. Bloggers are some of the most thoughtful and generous people I've ever met (even though I haven't met most of them)! Those gifts are lovely.
    I love the bright colors you use in your home and am going to follow you so I don't miss any posts! Hope you have a cheerful day!

  36. Isn't wonderful to have such sweet giving friends? The giving is so contagious. If I was to be picked I would love a banner with fall harvest. Thank you for passing it on and making everyone smile.

  37. Love all of your great gifts. That yellow pitcher with lavender are perfect together. I would love a banner that says PEACEFUL, great giveaway.


  38. I love the tours through your home. They brighten my days and leave me with all kinds of ideas. This is my third year of fighting lymphoma (cancer); the first two years I underwent radiation and now this year it is chemo - UGH! If chosen, I would love to have the letters FAITH on a banner. Faith and peace are what we all need at all times but especially when we are battling an unseen enemy that wants to control our lives. Thank you for the opportunity for a banner and thank you SO much for sharing your genius in decorating!

    Cate <><

  39. Doing little rearrangements are so pleasurable. I call it titivating-not sure where the word comes from. If I'm eligble (in Canada) I'd love a banner to say THRIVE.

  40. Oh what wonderful gifts you have received Carol. I like how you have displayed them in your lovely cottage.
    I would love a banner that said Believe.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  41. So many sweet gifts. And I love how you've displayed them!

  42. Visiting you is always a happy treat, so much warmth, color, kindness and good will!
    Have a super Wednesday,

  43. What lovely gifts. The lavender looks perfect in the pitcher and I love the setting for the sailor. If you draw my name I would like the sachets spelling PEACE. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures.

  44. i love your stars ... awesome!!

    hope you are well. i've been away ... glad to be back & catching up with ya!! have a great week!! ( :

  45. What wonderful gifts from sweet blogging friends! I've always wanted a banner that says 'nest'! :)

  46. Hi Carol,
    What wonderful gifts for a really wonderful you. With how sweet you are to always do so much for other bloggers it is nice to see you get treated. Blog world is a wonderful place to find some of the sweetest and kindest peeps.

    I would love a banner if I won. I would love the words LOVE. Thanks for a chance in your lovely giveaway.

  47. You have certainly received some gorgeous gifts, it only goes to show what a wonderful blogger you are!

  48. You are so lucky to receive such wonderful gifts from blog friends. It kind of made me sad, since I've never received a gift. Oh well, is anyone deserves it you do. We don't need to post "blog worthly" posts, just sharing a day is a good thing. Sorry I've been missing for the last two weeks.. Mr. C and I are knee keep in a garage sale we are having starting tomorrow. One thing I learned...I will never do this again. Have a great day!

  49. What a beautiful post! How wonderful that all of these gifts made there way to your door! That makes me happy as you are such a gift to so many friend. And as for the giveaway...thank you for thinking of us! I would be happy with anything you made! Wishing you a good end to your week Carol....Nicole xoxo

  50. Wow! You have some wonderful friends. Such thoughtful gifts! If I won, I'd like Home on a banner... then I could enjoy it all year long. You're so sweet to do this. Have a great afternoon.

  51. Hi Carol, your gifts are treasures.
    Your giveaway is fabulous and so generous. I would love to enter and if I won, I would love anything you created!!

    Thanks for stopping by. It is hot here too and I am watching each day for fall to share with us some cooler temps. Somehow I have caught the fall decorating bug but not sure how with the weather still like summer. Maybe that's why I am preferring less is more this year!


  52. Lovely treasures... We're blessed with wonderful summer-like weather here in Brittany this September, so you're "summer" banner wouldn't be out of place!

  53. I love visiting your blog. It always cheers me up. So colorful and happy. I think if I won I would chose the banner with the word HOME. My favorite place to be is Home. Hope your day is wonderful. Hugs, Karie

  54. oh! what a sweet post!

    your home is so charming! your goodies are so sweet and gosh, i love the colorful banner. what would i have it say? hmmm. i know: cottage!

    so nice to connect on IG and then follow you here!


  55. All of your sweet gifts are so appropriate for your awesome home! I love what you've done with all of them!
    Your banner idea is wonderful!

  56. I so enjoyed seeing all these pictures, you have such a lovely home filled with things I love! Your have received so many sweet and well deserved gifts, and I loved seeing how you styled them around your house.
    Your giveaway is a gorgeous idea...I would love a banner saying Home if I was a lucky winner.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox

  57. You are sooooooooo loved and your home is soooooooooooo beautiful. You are blessed!

  58. Such sweet gifts to further brighten your beautiful cottage by the sea! Are those my beloved freesia in that little red vase?


  59. Hi Carol
    Your cottage is looking a picture as always - full of colour and charm.
    Such beautiful gifts received from your sweet friends - bloggers are such generous souls!
    I spied a couple of lovely mags Cottage Style under the old pitcher of lavender on the night stand - so homely!
    Enjoy your weekend and the warm weather!

  60. I always love the way your front door looks! Blogging is so much fun. Your sachets and banners are so cute. xoxox

  61. "S M I L E" the word just makes me happy, Love seeing all your beautiful photos.

  62. Oh what sweet friends and such pretty gifts. How can I get in on the giveaway??? I could really get excited about . I have done very little decor for Fall although it is my favorite time of year. A Fall Banner would be great or the sachets with Boo. Either I think are fabulous!


  63. I love all the bright and cheery colors in your home and how lucky you are to receive such thoughtful gifts from your blogger friends. They are all very sweet. Have fun shopping at Home Goods.

    Wishing you a blessed week,


  64. What thoughtful and creative gifts you've been so blessed to receive. Those poodle socks are so adorable. Thanks you Carol for your generous offer. I'd love a banner that says WELCOME, I think it would be perfect in my guest room.

  65. So many lovely little blessings to brighten up your days!

  66. So many lovely little blessings to brighten up your days!

  67. How sweet of you! It looks like you've had some anonymous comments come through. They have been driving me CRAZY! But I wouldn't want that on a banner! haha! I would love Lavender Dreams. How pretty that would be in my creative area! Thanks! Sweet hugs Diane

  68. Whew! I almost missed this! I would like S A M sachets presuming I win that is! Ha!Ha! I love your decorating and how you used the lovely gifts you received.

  69. When we moved into our current house the living rooms were all white. We gradually changed them over the years. Tomorrow when we move, we have a whole house painted in white and we are looking forward to the extra options it will bring us. Sarah x

  70. How generous of you. In some ways I think my instagram and blog friends are more like my family than some of my own. Meaning I am in contact daily with them all and hear less from my busy family. I love the word believe. Banners are cool but so are the sachets.

  71. Beautiful gifts, and beautiful pictures!