Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fortunately . . . Unfortunately

If you are familiar with the childrens' book, Fortunately Unfortunately by Remy Charlip, you will understand my life lately.

There has been a series of good things,

bad things,

good things . . .

Fortunately, we will be having some family members stay with us off and on over the next few months . . .

Unfortunately, that means I have to dissolve my creative space . . .

Fortunately, I can move it back to the garage . . .

Unfortunately, I am not finished with organizing the space . . .

Fortunately, we had a painter in to update the room and he painted the entry and dining room at the same time . . .

Unfortunately, the fumes from the paint triggered an asthmatic reaction in me so not a lot of work got done while I struggled with breathing . . .

Fortunately, I am on meds, feeling better, and got out of the house to visit a few of my favorite shops yesterday.

And, fortunately, I found a bunch of fun things.

Light blue tapers and a small olive green candle finished off a new mantel display with Steve's latest painting, Sentinels.

I didn't need the #2 jar, but it looks right at home with my glass bottle display in the entry way.

I didn't get around to planting the sweet peas so they are just grouped with some roses on the patio table and hopefully I will get to the planting today.

I have no idea what the big yellow dried flowers are, but I like the touch of color they add to the olive bucket display.

The patina on the blue ball is wonderful, but  I think I need to go back and pick up the red and green balls today.

The zinc hearts, numbers and Days of the Week clothes pins will end up in the Advent Calendar I am planning in my head - can't believe I am thinking about Christmas.

And, fortunately, I was able to turn lemons into lemonade to use my down time with asthma

to create 3 books on Shutterfly for Steve & me, KC & boyfriend and JP & girlfriend.

Fortunately, the rest of the living room is coming together and

the garage is organized enough that I was able to make a couple of banners for friends.

And now, I am headed to the beach because fortunately, it is a gorgeous day.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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  1. Fortunately, it seems that fortunate wins over unfortunate. I hope you are feeling better after your asthma attack.

  2. i have never heard of that book, but i love how you laid out your post. what a creative idea. so fun!! i am happy you found the positive in all points. ( :

    enjoy your days!!

  3. Paint fumes are the worst.

  4. Wow ~ so many changes!!

    First & foremost though ~ I have it on good authority that breathing is the #1 most important thing you can do for your health... please make sure you give it priority!
    {I'll send you my bill }

    Love all your shopping buys ~ especially the embroidered piece.

    How frustrating to lose your crafting space, but how nice to have family to visit.

  5. Oh Carol so sorry you had that reaction to the paint fumes. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I love the white walls you will be able to have all your colorful things pop now. It will be nice to have family coming to visit. Enjoy.

  6. Too funny except for the asthma attack but loved the fortunate/unfortunate...isn't that life? A series of fortunate and unfortunate events almost like the book by the same name. I loved all your "treasures" and bummer about having to move to the garage with your other treasures and art supplies. I hope your guests are worth it! LOL! (I'm sure they are!)
    The beach is beautiful...enjoy!
    P.S. I also thought it was pretty funny that 2 artists had to hire a painter! LOL! I know....different kind of painting. I can paint a wall but not a picture. Ha! Ha! Different strokes for different folks...literally!

  7. I do love all your decorating ideas. The picture above the red drawers dresser Is very nice. Blessings, take care, xoxo,Susie

  8. Fortunately, your fortunatelys far outweigh your unfortunatelys!

  9. Wow, lots going on but sounds like the good is getting ahead of the bad. I'm feeling very behind in everything lately!


  10. Fortunately I am here to be able to read your wonderful posts and enjoy them. I hope the family living situation works out. I know that it can be disruptive even when you all love and enjoy each other. We did that with my oldest son 2 years ago next week. He lived with us for a year and a half...and it was good but I was glad to get "my space" back when he moved out into his own place again. Blessings- xo Diana

    ps. I just love all the color and joy in your pictures of your home.

  11. Fun post to read! I'm glad everything is working out. That must have been some strong paint. Yikes! I've been splurging on no or low VOC paint the past few years to avoid that. Otherwise, I can end up pretty sick too...horrible headaches. Nice you had those great shops to visit while you recovered. You found some fun things! That's amazing that you were able to create three books so quickly. I really need to give that a try soon! Good luck with all the changes! :-)

  12. Life's ups and downs can really throw us off, but it sounds like you have everything under control. I'm so sorry to hear about your asthma reaction, hope you're feeling much better now.

  13. love all the cheerful colors of your home. sorry for the unfortunate turn of your health and hoping you'll feel better soon.

  14. Hope those hours at the beach were restorative after your asthma. I'm glad the good won out over the bad. I like the fresh paint in the new guest room but I think you miss your creative space. Hopefully you can do it over again someday.

  15. Oh my goodness, glad to hear your asthma is under control and you're feeling better. Fortunately, it doesn't hinder you and your creativity. You've been a busy woman. Hope you enjoyed the beach. It was in the 60's here today and although I spent much of the day in the car, I sure did enjoy cooler temps.

  16. I'm sorry to hear of your bad reaction to the paint. Breathing that wonderful salty sea air is just the right cure I hope! At one time, I put my craft room together like a puzzle, every little thing fit perfectly into our tiny second bedroom, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Then my daughter moved back home, and I had to move it all back out. To the shed, and the basement, and the attic and.... Isn't it wonderful to be so resilient? :) I always thought your craft room in your garage was super!

  17. So sorry that you had a asthma attack. i know what that is all about. Take care of yourself. You will love the paint color as you can add the colorful accessories that you love.
    Have fun with your company.

  18. Fortunately for us you posted today. Fortunately for your family you are having them stay with you. That's very kind of you. Sure hope your asthma gets better. Our son Spencer has asthma but luckily as an adult it has gotten so much better. When he was a kid there were many tricky scary times.

  19. Good golly, it sounds like you have a lot to cope with lately but happy to hear you are making lemonade in your typical style! Good luck with having the extra folks in the house. I know how tough that can be!

  20. I used to teach elementary school and read this book all the time. I had forgotten about it until today and your sweet post. The kids loved the pattern, I loved the way it showed a balance in life. It's there, even in the most difficult times if you look for it. Glad you were able to find so many "fortunatelies" and I hope you are feeling much better soon! :)

  21. well first of all, I'm so sorry you had such a reaction to the paint. that's scary, and thank goodness you're feeling better. But I love the way you summarized your life these days, isn't that the way it seems? There's always something right? Anyway, I can SO relate. I need to read over your blog and find out about your visitors though. When is that happening? When things settle down, we'll have to meet.

  22. Carol,
    Yikes you sure have had a few unfortunates! I send you loving, healing wishes and hope the asthma is under control. Having unexpected visitors sometimes can be a huge adjustment, sometimes a blessing and pleasure. Hope yours turns into a blessing.
    Wow white painted walls ... your colors will pop, very cool. Steve's artwork Sentinels looks amazing, would love to see a larger photo of it.
    Your studio/creative space will be sprinkled with your magic and turn out to be the perfect space.

  23. Sorry to hear that you had asthma attack. Hope you have a good time with your visitors that will be staying with you.

  24. It seems the ups outweigh the downs, so that's a good thing! I can relate to the paint fumes, because I had to get out of our house and close the bedroom up after the nasty stain incident! I hope you're feeling better after a walk on the beach, Carol!

  25. What a lovely read this morning, Carol. So poetic with the repetition of FORTUNATELY and UNFORTUNATELY....and your ending, so perfect.

    I cannot tolerate paint fumes. My husband seems to be alright with that odor, but I have to be outside and get my fresh air. SO SORRY to hear you had difficulties! But fortunately, you are back to your creative self.

    Wishing you a most splendid time with your loved ones! Anita

  26. I love Remy Charlip. "Hand in Hand" is my favorite! A medical excuse to shop? I think you might be on to something!

  27. Fortunately, you have a beautiful blog and we can peek inside all the unfortunate mess right now, which for us, just translates int brilliant colour, pattern and whimsy!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  28. Hi Carol, so sorry you had an asthma attack but glad you felt better enough to visit your favorite shops. Your picked up so wonderful treasures. Love the number 2 jar and the cobalt distressed ball is fabulous!
    Your home is lovely and looks like your fortunately is far better then the unfortunate.
    Enjoy the beach!!

  29. Gosh, I wish I could join you on that beautiful beach! Do you KNOW how lucky you are to live that close to something that beautiful???? Hope things transition well for everyone while your relatives stay with you. At least you got a nice paint job out of it!

  30. Wow! I LOVE that last picture! I'd like to make some really cute comment about fortunately vs. unfortunately, but unfortunately I'm not too clever today. But I'm alive. Fortunately.

  31. Awww, my daughter quoted that book to me last year and it was so cute. It looks like you have had a lot of changes here recently. Your craft space was looking fabulous there but I am sure you have some good times with your family in the future. Hope your breathing stays in check. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. Take care ~ Stacy

  32. The house looks wonderful and I am hoping you are feeling better. Loving that white little hutch and #2 jar. Of course you needed it! :)
    Happy Day,

  33. I want to cry about your creative space's so pretty / oh well I guess you'll enjoy putting it all back together later but sheesh ...couldn't you put those people in a TENT outside??? :) :) :)

    Sorry about the breathing issues and troubles / you've had a busy time of it all there!!

  34. What a shame to hear about your creative space. I hope you are feeling better and enjoyed the beach! Sarah x

  35. I'm so sorry about your asthma... I'm allergic to many things, but don't get any reaction when I use Farrow & Ball paints... Their primer still triggers awful headaches like the one I have today (I primed something yesterday).

  36. Hope you feel better soon pal. I didn't know you had son is going through an episode right now and it is awful! The fresh paint and all of your lovely vignettes are perfect!! The mantle with those tapers is so pretty!! And I love that framed wire piece for hanging things! It rocks!! Glad you were able to get to the beach! Take care you!! Nicole xo

  37. Sounds like a busy time. Sorry you were sick but glad you are feeling better. One of my little great nephews ended up in PICU with asthma last month.

    Have fun with the visitors.

    And keep enjoying that beach.

  38. Oh have been busy! Sorry to hear about the asthma attack...hope you are feeling better. You found some great items on your shopping spree! Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend.

  39. Paint fumes are a killer and so sorry you had an asthma attach. Sad you have to give up your creative space, but happy, or at least I hope you are, having guests. You found some great items and wish I was heading to the beach with you!!!! Have a great week! Feel better, stay out of the house and spend more money thrifting!

  40. Fortunately, I came by to catch up on your blog...
    Unfortunately, I've never read the book you mentioned...
    Fortunately, I'm a quick study and caught the jist of it...
    Unfortunately... I was jealously distracted by all of your organizing, painted foyer, redecorating and room shuffling...
    Fortunately, I have my own rooms to fiddle with and satisfy my urges...
    Unfortunately... I'll have to say so long and get to crackin'...
    Oh...unfortunate, asthma!
    Fortunate, you have meds and are feeling better. opened up a can of worms with this unfortunate/fortunate business...
    Fortunately you can away!

  41. I'm sure that trip to the beach made you feel much better. It's a lot of work to entertain company but I'm sure it will all be worth it when they are with you~Enjoy them! Blessings from AZ, Cindy

  42. Good fortune indeed to be able to head for the beach but very unfortunate to have an asthma attack. Glad you are feeling better. Your post is beautifully colourful as they always are, thank you for sharing these little glimpses of your life. Barbara.

  43. I'm so sorry that you have to give up your creative space for now, but how kind of you and Steve to let family stay with you! Yes, good on the painting but sorry that it triggered your asthma. I love your jars and all your candlesticks...gorgeous. I have three of those exact tall yellow dried flower thingys! I bought them last fall. I don't know what they are either, but they're pretty cool.

  44. This was such a fun post. Except for the part about your asthma. I'm sorry the paint fumes got to you. Hope you're feeling much better.

  45. Wow, it sounds like 'life' has been in your home. I'm sorry that you had such a bad asthma attack. Happy to read that you're recovering and finding happiness in your days. I hope that home life is smooth during your transitions . . .
    Sending happy thoughts your way!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  46. There is a lot going on in your life and in your house .
    I hope you are feeling better !
    Big hug from Holland

  47. Hope you're feeling better and enjoy your time with family!

  48. Ah to escape to the beach. Sorry you have to give up your creative space.

  49. Wow!!! I had better take my vitamins before reading your posts . . . you're like that Timex commercial . . . you keep going, and going, and going. I wish that I had your energy:) Maybe it's the asthma medicine,LOL.

  50. Dang girl you've got to be careful with all those fumes. Don't need to repeat trip down asthma lane.
    You are so good though at organizing and reorganizing your rooms. I'm impressed. My stuff would still be in boxes. ;o)

    Take it easy.