Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Caved

It is finally summer on our little part of the California coast - warm sunny days on the beach - and I have held out against putting up fall decor.

But, I was looking at tons of blogs yesterday morning (I get the 5:30 a.m. shift with Little Lulu) and visited aka Design.


I looked at a tutorial on how to make these little Cinderella pumpkins and thought they were so cute and definitely within my skill range.

I gathered supplies, attached Lulu's leash to a tether so she could roam around the garage while I worked and looked about for round containers for templates.

I was surprised at how tiny the pumpkin from the yellow and red bowl turned out and even how small the pumpkin from the big hat box turned out.

Once they were finished, I had to decide where to put them - not ready to change the mantel yet.

Judith at Botanic Bleu commented on my alphabet tablecloth recently and I thought it would be perfect for a fall table.

I finally found a use for a Tic-Tac-Toe board I bought at Big Lots on an after 4th of July sale.

With my table set for fall, I was motivated to add more fall color to the room so I put some dried hydrangeas in a metal pail.

And headed out to Jo-Ann's to look for more fall decor.

I have totally caved in and am decorating for fall even though our walks

are just beginning to look like summer days.

. . . . . . . . .

If you get a chance, Brenda at Cozy Little House has an amazing Giveaway going on.

I shouldn't tell you about it, because I have been wanting a set of Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet dishes for years and I want to win the Giveaway.

Kohl's carries the Pistoulet series of dishes based on the book Secrets of Pistoulet - also a favorite of mine.

. . . . . . .

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  1. Your pumpkins turned out so cute!
    Everything looks like fall here. The trees have been eaten of the leaves. The grass is brown and withered up...
    It looks like fall. But when you step outside... it feels like Hell...sorry, it is just so blasted HOT!
    It is hard to get into the fall mood, when the temps don't depict it. It is almost 11:30 at night and it is 78°...warm by most people's idea...but to me... HECK... who am I kidding, it is still hot... it's 11:30 for crying outloud!
    Alright, I made some of these pumpkins a few years back... I need to get them out and decorate with them and then maybe I'll feel like fall. :)
    Sorry, about the rant...did I mention it's hot here?
    ...he he he -Pat

  2. PS-
    I just came back to say... I love your table...the tic-tac-toe board is adorable and I pinned your pail with the FALL banner.
    I do want one of those!
    :) Pat

  3. Love your sweet pumpkins and they look perfect with that tic-tac-toe board for a base. Headed over to Brendas but I hope you win- xo Diana

  4. Oh boy. I know what you mean, if I was next to that beach with all that glorious sunshine I'd have a hard time decorating for Fall too. But I'm glad you decided to make your pumpkins because they came out SO well! Very cool looking I'll have to try this.
    But that photo of Lulu is still my favorite. She makes my heart melt, she's just too cute sitting there looking all well-behaved. :)

  5. Your pumpkins turned out so cute! We have had very cool wet weather here the last few days and a few leaves beginning to turn. Our beach days seem so long ago and I haven't even managed to unpack my suitcase yet! haha
    I'm going to work on a few fall things this week, though. Love your tablecloth, too!


  6. Love your pumpkins...they are so cute! I'm slowly putting out my Fall stuff, but it sure still feels like summer here. The last few has been in the low 90's!!

  7. Love your pumpkins - they looks so good on your tic tac toe board. I haven't made any pumpkins yet but will have to try my hand at it.
    I did start with the fall decorations so will continue on. I found this amazing mum plant at Cosco Tusday - it was HUGH for $14.00 so that really put me in the mood. Looks good on patio.
    Your beach looks so good and inviting.
    Have a great day. Hello to Little Lulu.

  8. Your pumpkins are so cute! I will be ready to bring out the Fall decor when I return home!

  9. Cute pun'kins! I love fall decorating using my wooden bread bowl - I will have to try this. I have some of those very realistic fake pumpkins from Joanne's - they are even carvable. I use apples as well for my fall decor, along with some faux autumn leaves. It is definitely autumn here - the weather has turned into rain, rain, rain. When I feel better (bad cold), I will get out my autumn stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. have your hands full, and not just with crafts..but MISS LULU!!!!!!!

    Oh my friend, we too, here in MINNESOTA - we are sweltering! No fall décor for us yet. I am going to wait until it's cold, because my flowers are doing better than ever with this heat! Oh how I love these pumpkins, and in burlap! YES!

    Wishing you a beautiful to teach seniors then the middle school. FUN! Anita

  11. Carol,
    Cute pumpkins! It's hard for me to even think about decorating for Fall. Today's high is suppose to be 97 degrees.
    Yesterday, I was digging stuff out to give to the Women's Shelter and ran across a sweater that I thought would be perfect for making a sweater pumpkin with. They were a big hit last Fall, altho I never made one. Seeing your little pumpkins give me inspiration to get them done.

  12. The pumpkins look awesome! I could use some fall around here....I guess....~signs~ just seems to quick to me....LOL Thanks for sharing and have a great day! :-)

  13. Cute pumpkins and I am trying to bring in a little fall. Hot hot here, but cooling down this weekend.

  14. You get so much done in a day! Your pumpkins are adorable...I want to try that. The sea view is astonishing. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to look out and see that regularly. Good for your soul, I'm sure.

    Hope you win the dishes. :)

  15. I have not started my fall decorating yet.....still too warm for me. I also found some cute pumpkins that I am making it of fabric that I have all the supplies for. Hopefully will make them over the weekend, nave a great day!

  16. I've been wanting to make some velvet pumpkins for Fall. I love all of the colors and our favorite blogs are truly an inspiration. Enjoy your summer time temps! It's beautiful here in Florida now, too! Sweet hugs!

  17. Very cute pumpkins! I like how you arranged them on the tic-tac-toe board. In Michigan we are cooling off so the feeling of fall is starting. I've been resistent to decorate for fall but I'm caving in too!

  18. Those look very cute and it's a nice centerpiece on the table. Here ( Western PA ) right now is hot and humid though it is to cool off in a day or so.

    It's still all about tomatoes and flowers here for me, ( and canning or freezing tomatoes ) and while a few leaves are getting grungy and yellow that's mostly on flowering plants. No trees or anything yet. I don't decorate for fall until the trees say fall...though something like these pumpkins would work since they are neutral. All my fall stuff is so ORANGE and fall-ish, lol..I have no choice : ) I am going to check out that little pumpkin tutorial though! :)

  19. Ah, your pumpkins are adorable! Love your beach too. I just shared photos of our beaches here on the Island. Have a lovely day.

  20. I can certainly understand your reluctance to put Fall décor up - we too are having very warm temps in SC and the trees are barely showing any signs whatsoever of fall... The flowers are dying but that's from the heat now.... I have been working on some things but nothing is done and I am not pushing... I love your little pumpkins and have been looking at something similar to make this year myself... The table is perfect with the tic-tac-toe board and I love that bucket with the FALL banner.... Guess I'll go see what I can find to make it more fallish here.... have a great day....

  21. OMGoodness, Carol!

    Now it is YOU, that has made ME cave! I was going to "go Fall" last weekend, but I just couldn't do it! It was 90 degrees up here in the Pacific Northwest yesterday!
    Your pumpkins turned out adorable! I LOVE that your transition into Fall table has your signature color and style!

    I, like Judith, also LOVE your table cloths with letters and numbers.

    I was contemplating a letters and number theme for Christmas this year, to intrigue my small grand children! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME SO!

    Now, look at you, inspiring me all the way to Christmas!


    Hugs to you and sweet LuLu!

  22. Carol,
    Your pumpkins are ADORABLE!!! I knew you'd cave sooner or later and get on the Fall band wagon. :-))
    Mary Alice

  23. What AH-dorable little pumpkins! I *heart* them.

    I feel just like you do about autumn, though....Summer finally arrived here last week! But I did put together a fall transitional table yesterday in the breakfast room.

    I hope you win the giveaway! *fingers crossed*


  24. Those Cinderella Pumpkins are just adorable! I have been seeing lots of cloth pumpkins this year and have tried my hand at a few -- they are so cute!

  25. Carol,
    I love your Cinderella Pumpkins. They are adorable. I think those dishes would be so great in your home. I am going over to the giveaway to enter. They would not go in my home but I want you to have another chance at winning them. They would be perfect for you. Have a great day.

  26. What cute little pumpkins you made and the perfect look for Autumn.
    Lovely that you still have summer beach days there.


  27. Your pumpkins are the sweetest! I love the dried hydrangeas in the little galvanized bucket and that apple bucket is adorable too. Thanks for all your fall inspiration. I haven't done a thing yet.

  28. Those pumpkins are so cute! You are always up to something. Love it!

  29. Oh yes, your pumpkins came out better than the original and placed on the black board is perfecto. I have wanted those dishes for a long time too - love them. Thank you for the beach photos that are so relaxing to look at.

  30. I love how you see creative projects online and know you can just whip one up - you're amazing! I'm just now beginning to put out a few fall items, too. I'm still hung up on summer. :-)

  31. Carol,

    How is it possible that you can have a casual, little look at a tutorial and then in a blink of an eye, whip up these little lovelies and all the other crafts you have shared?!! And all this while tending to Lulu and, I imagine, other pressing domestic duties! So glad you have your still summer walks along that beautiful coastline. It was 88 here, on the island today!


  32. Very pretty pumpkins, Carol! I love your FALL bucket!

  33. So cute, Carol. I saw these somewhere else but the directions seem easier for this one. Think I might try one or two. Your little fall bucket is really sweet..Happy Thursday..Judy

  34. The pumpkins turned out great Carol! I may just have to make a few of those...:) I love that metal pail with the hydrangeas. Are those tiles on the front spelling out Fall? I love the way it looks. Your tic-tac-toe board is really awesome and makes a great base to decorate on! Little Lulu looks so sweet sitting there watching everything....she is so adorable! Have a blessed Friday!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  35. Love those little pumpkins! Like many other who posted, I love that you see an idea and just do it. I rarely make anything anymore unless it's in a class, but these I'm going to try. It was a cooler-than-usual summer here, and now that it's September it's sweltering. We're headed for a week at the beach soon, and I'll be ready for fall and those sweet pumpkins when we return! Sending hugs to Little Lulu!

  36. I'm in love with everything on this post! The pumpkins, the tic-tac-toe board, the pales... it's a great! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  37. Your little pumpkins are soooo cute! Your tablecloth is fabulous, and I love anything metal used for displaying things. I've really got to get some fall projects done too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Your little pumpkins are soooo cute! Your tablecloth is fabulous, and I love anything metal used for displaying things. I've really got to get some fall projects done too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. I love how you decorated for fall yet kept the summer feel in it all. The pumpkins are perfect! I hate to see summer leave. :(

  40. Hi Carol, Your beach looks so inviting but equally those pumpkins you made look so good too and the other decorating you have done to welcome in the autumn.
    Sarah x

  41. I want to make some of those pumpkins in velvet. You inspired me. I can't believe your deserting me and moving on to fall...

  42. Oh goodness, Carol, your pumpkins are precious! Love all of your fall touches. I'm thinkin' red, girl.

  43. Your pumpkins look amazing! I love them, especially on that cute little board. The rest of your fall decor looks good too. I haven't even begun to think about fall decor. Our weather is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  44. Ha! Yes you caved! Those pumpkins rock!!! I have some flannel pumpkins that I am obsessed with though I can't say that I made them! I love love love the metal pail!!! I can not believe you were able to just whip those up! Im glad you caved! I just love fall and seeing all of the creativity that surrounds it!! I'm done with the hot weather so bring it on!!! Have a great weekend friend!!!!

  45. Carol,
    Oh, yes, the red alphabet tablecloth is perfect with your fall decor. Your pumpkins turned out great, especially sitting on your tic tac toe board. Wild and squiggly natural touches like your stems make me smile every time.

    Thanks for the shout-out! It was quite a surprise, and a nice one at that, to see my blog link in your fantastic fall post.


  46. I think your pumpkins are the nicest I've seen so far. I like their slightly loose look and the deepness of the grooves.
    Our house is still in summer mode as I've not found my autumn vibe yet. No doubt it'll pop up sometime.
    Enjoy your beach walks ☆♡☆

  47. No more summer overhere in Holland
    lots and lots and lots of rain
    and it starts to get dark earlier and earlier ....
    time to look for my little lights and candles .....
    I am working on a little surprise for you to send in the mail.
    Your blog always makes me very happy

  48. I love your table. The pumpkins are perfect on that tic tac toe board!

  49. Your blog is so bright and happy, I love it! You have a beautiful home. I love your porch and your fall decor is perfect! Thank you for stopping by and visiting me :)

  50. They're really cute Carol, I'm enjoying seeing all the fall décor as we don't decorate for fall over here, and I could never create anything half as cute at that time in the morning. Luckily my dog isn't young and is just as lazy as me, and doesn't get up till I do !

  51. I love your fall decor, especially those little pumpkins on your table!

  52. Carol, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment on my fall decor. I love what you've done! I had my eye on the tin apple bucket for awhile but decided against it because my mantel is full. Love the color of your dried hydrangea

  53. I wanted to invite you to the Friday Flash Blog Party, the best linky in town! I hope you'll join us and link up. Who knows. You may just get highlighted!

    The party goes on through Monday.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  54. What pretty pumpkins! And I LOVE your tick tack toe as a centerpiece with your pumpkin! So cleaver!

  55. your pumpkins are so adorable. I have been toying with the idea of making some out of canvas and then painting them. I have tons of canvas laying around. We had temps of 90 on friday but today it is 60 and windy and cloudy and more typical of fall here. I am hoping it will warm up again but am gearing up to putting fall decor around the house. I love visiting your blog.

  56. Hi Carol, it's not hard to cave when you see all of the fabulous Fall in blogland. Love your Cinderella pumpkins! I also adore your tablecloth. Good luck with winning the dishes! Thanks for sharing with SYC.