Monday, September 2, 2013

How We Think

I enjoy looking at how our brains work.


I used to show this photo to my students and talk about the right and left sides of our brain explaining that we need to use both sides.

Don't you love the right side with all the color and creativity going on?

And then, there is the compartmentalized left side- heads down, doing what needs to be done, and probably on time!

The students always noticed the the people leaping from gray to color, but usually missed the couple walking together across the bridge to the left side.

I spend most of my day on the color side, but Tuula from The Thrifty Rebel and Jana from Transformations From the Heart got me over to the left side after reading about each of them recently starting up Etsy shops.

I have long been "dreaming" of an Etsy shop, but I have not done much of the practical thinking such as what exactly I will sell, how will I set up the shop, how long does it take me to make things . . .

I spent my first month of retirement completing my personal 30 Days of Pinterest Challenge.

I spent July creating and playing with no agenda.

My challenge for August was to use only supplies I had on hand.

And now, a challenge for September - create the inventory to open an Etsy shop.

Oh my, that is in writing . . . in blogland . . . for people to read.

Off to Michael's I went, with no particular plans in mind and I came home with these goodies.

Suzan of Simply Vintageous by Suzan, who wrote a beautiful post on Friday, was instrumental for a portion of the purchase.

 I made a felt heart garland for Suzan and I thought maybe I would make a few more heart garlands and maybe some Halloween garlands out of the felt.

I have seen some fun projects made from wool felt so I threw a small piece into my basket and could not resist the flowers made from colorful little felt balls.

At the end of the felt aisle, there were all these ceramic embellishments on sale for $.99.

I am not sure what to do with them, but they are too cute and cheap so they also went into the basket.

Wire for the embellishments and some organizing for floss are necessities if I am going to actually produce more than one of something.

I bought the yellow divided crate at Big Lots, right next door to Michael's.

The woman behind me in line asked me what I planned to do with it and I told her I had no idea.

It is an atrocious shade of yellow/green, but for now, it is used to organize supplies so the color isn't important.

I also bought this basket at Big Lots and it is now holding all my new felt.

 September has arrived, but we have company so I am getting no creative time.

But come Wednesday morning, September 4, it is time to get "down and dirty", be creative and meet my goal of having an Etsy shop up and running by October 1.

I have a few things made and the wool felt is cut out waiting to be sewn into a little coin purse and heart.

The bloggers at Revisionary Life and Kluless  have already sent encouraging messages.

The question is, am I ready for the challenge?

. . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Oh you're ready Carol - you were BORN ready for this !!!
    The best of luck to you girlfriend - but I really don't think you need any luck at all - you're beautiful creations will be in big demand - I'm sure of it!

  2. Your monthly goals are amazing! Good Luck with your shop; you have plenty of creative talent.


  3. How much fun - I bet you can come up with some really cute ideas with all those items... Have fun creating ... Can't wait to see... Cathy

  4. I've always thought you could have a great shop!! I won't wish you luck, because I don't think you'll need it ~ you do such beautiful work, things will fly off your shelf!!!
    Hugs ~

  5. I glad that you buy stuff and bring it home not sure what to do with it, I do the same I often buy bits just because I like them, it does start the thinking process.

  6. Your news is exciting for ALL of us! You really have a talent for making things unique and your own style! And we all love your you should do great with an Etsy shop. I'm happy for you! KUDOS to you my friend!

  7. I admire you! Love your goals too. I bet you'll do great!

  8. Can't wait to see what you create!! You are always inspiring!!

  9. Yay, so glad you're opening an Etsy shop, I opened mine last week and people actually bought some things :) I didn't know whether to expect that. Your items are so cute, they'll sell quickly, I'm sure of it.


  10. You, my friend, are most definitely ready! You are one of the most creative people ever! You will do great and I can't wait to see all the things you create! I have been toying with the idea of an ETSY shop forever and have tons of vintage items to resell, but I really want to craft and make items too. I am hoping to get mine up and going some day! Have fun creating!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  11. I guess I manage okay using both sides of my brain-left side was a requirement with my job as a nurse. Right side is happily creating scrapbook pages and a dress for the youngest grand.

    I love Michaels. I had a coupon in there te other day. On the phone. Do you have a Droid and have you heard of retail me not an app that you type in a store name and if you are lucky they have a coupon available. I got some things on sale. The little flowers and other things are so cute.

    Good luck with the Etsy shop.

  12. Oh Carol,
    I am so excited for you. This will be great. Your creations are so pretty and now that you have the time I am so glad you are going for it. I loved the heart garland you made for Suzan. Suzan and I have become pretty good bloggie friends and I know how excited she was to get your special gift. They are adorable. Good luck I know this is a new adventure for you and you will do well.

  13. Oh now you have told us about your self imposed deadline, oh the pressure. Ha ha, just relax and have fun creating.

  14. I am excited about the thought of you opening an Etsy shop and sharing your talents with us! Yay!

  15. Good for you!!! I suspected you would try this, because you are filled with creativity!

  16. Of course you can do it. As short as it's been since I've been visiting your blog, I know that the creativity and stick-to-itiveness is there!

  17. Carol, Wa-hooooo! An Etsy shop by October 1, 2013. Way to go, girl. I love your blog header.

    As a former Gifted and Talented Coordinator for a large Texas school district, I love your photo of the two sides of the brain. Most of my left side gets a workout all the time. Only now in retirement do I have time to nourish the right side.

    You should include the alphabet tablecloth as an Etsy item. I think elementary teachers and homeschool moms would especially like to have one.


  18. i think it's such a wise idea to explore first
    This is the month .....
    I think it's very wise to use and work with materials that are light ....and so easy to send by mail.
    to start with .....
    I love how you are always so free to let you inspire by things
    Not knowing yet and be inspired and surprised.
    I love the idea of using both brain-parts ......... When you will get some money you can buy new materials ....

    I asked you if you would like it when I would send you some oldfashioned mail ...
    I love mail ..... making and sending and surprising someone far far away .....
    I gave my emailadress but I did not see a mail from you
    Do you not want it or did you not find it ?
    Happy september !

  19. Hooray Carol! I will be there! wWith bells on my friend!!!! Go for it!!!And as for the brain? I am soooooo right sided. That's why I am struggling so much with the more and more left--sided job I have. Off to work! Happy day!

  20. All it takes is that first step. I started book selling on eBay years and years ago and now have two websites of my own selling just the things I love! It's hard work but also fun! Go for it!!!Barbara

  21. YAY!!! I'm so excited for you Carol!! You can do it!! I am constantly balancing the right and left sides, but would so prefer to spend most of my time on the right. I just want to play and create, but the bills still need to be paid. lol. There's a lot to learn about Etsy, and I'm still learning myself, but if I can help in any way please just let me know.

  22. I've been thinking how others would love the adorable wire ornament that is now gracing my studio bulletin board. Etsy shoppers, get ready for a treat! Have fun!

  23. What a great idea! Everything you create is so pretty.

  24. We will have fun watching you stock your inventory ! :)

  25. Can't wait to see what you make with the felt for Halloween!


  26. It sounds like you are ready for the challenge! Good luck! I remember well how daunting it can seem to put your stuff online to sell {and hoping someone will buy it!}. Love the sectioned box you found. I'm sure that will come in handy for your supplies. I'm hoping to give myself a Pinterest challenge this month. Making things I keep pinning but haven't done anything about yet. : )

  27. You're definitely ready, you're so creative and prolific and I'm sure you'll achieve your goal of opening a shop by the end of a month.

  28. Good luck......I have been wanting to do the same thing for over two years. Opened up the account and never did anything else. You have a good start and will do just fine. I can't wait to see what you do.

  29. Best of luck with your Etsy shop! They make it very easy. The hardest part is the left brain paperwork-for-taxes part. : )

    Looking forward to your shop full of creations!

  30. You're absolutely ready, and you're going to do great!

  31. Oh how exciting for you. Can't wait to see what you create and offer up.
    Good Luck